A Brief Explanation to the World – The Donors, the Middlemen, and You

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By Anna von Reitz

The vast stores of gold, silver, other precious metals, land, minerals, water aquifers, and so on, are actually owned by only two major Family Trusts and 5,000 smaller family and institutional trusts.
The D’Avila Family Trust has been underwriting the governments for centuries, and The Saint Germain Family Trust has served the same purpose for The United States of America.
The actual Donors of these giant trusts are good people. They don’t live high on the hog. They place no great importance on money, other than as a tool to accomplish things. We, the Donors, agree that money should be a tool that everyone has access to, that usury is evil and unnecessary doing business man-to-man, that the health of the Earth and of people and animals is paramount. The Donors know how much actual money and gold, silver and other precious metals there are in the world, and know there is more than enough to go around.
But, we — like you — trusted the Experts, the Bureaucrats, the Government Big-Wigs, until we smelled a Rat. A very Big Rat, as it turns out.
This Rat is not a man, not even human. This Rat is called by various names, but it all ends up the same — Wall Street and Securitization. The temptation to claim the value of living people as “assets” was just too strong for these arrogant reprobates.
So they came up with a scheme to create a world in which there were no living people, just corporations and estates that could be abused and plundered at will, with no regard for people at all. They copyrighted your name, mischaracterized its meaning, trafficked your identity into foreign legal jurisdictions, saddled you down with unpaid citizenship obligations, and hired gangs of thugs to enforce their “rule” under color of law.
You have seen the results in millions of heartless evictions in which the actual creditors have been “mistaken” as tenants of their own property. You have seen it in courts that deliver injustice. You have experienced it as police brutality.
And you have seen it in wars for profit and endless criminality of all kinds being promoted on your television sets and in a culture that has been based on lies, lies, and more lies — and for what? Profit.
Securitization of living people results in a form of peonage and/or enslavement which is implemented by impersonating a living man as a corporation.
Securitization of living people is both illegal and unlawful, but the Vermin responsible have been getting away with this by acting in secrecy and under color of law.
In 2005, the governments of the world were supposed to settle their differences with The D’Avila Family Trust — and didn’t; a three-year extension was provided, but in 2008 there was no extension. They have been running wild ever since, not paying their bills, illegally creating credit out of thin air, making illegal and unlawful claims on the D’Avila Trust assets.
Yet, all these “governments” are not actually governments, either. In order to “transition” to their scheme of creating an unreal world populated only by corporations, the various governments all had to step down from their lawful status and enjoyment of State Immunity, to being nothing but glorified commercial corporations like JS STEAMWAY or McDonalds, Inc.
So when Joe Biden tells you that you have to get a vaccination as a condition of employment, he’d better be the one signing your paycheck. And if Donald Trump wants to act as Commander-in-Chief, he’d better think twice about what he is “Commander-in-Chief” of.
Seeing money — actual money, our gold and silver — used to oppress and lie to and impoverish people made the Donors sick and angry, but we didn’t immediately catch on and then, we didn’t know what to do. What do you do when Public Employees go rogue, and the ability to give them a Pink Slip is in the hands of Middlemen who don’t answer directly to you?
The Middlemen are the ones creating the problems, not the Donors. Our Will has been explicit and has been expressed by our trust indentures for centuries. And our trust indentures declare one thing — that the funds be used to free humanity, that they be used for good, and not for evil. Not for peonage. Not for ignorance. Not for enslavement.
Thus you see the actual evil is not at the top or at the bottom — it’s in the middle, where men and women who have been given positions of Public Trust have failed that trust and served themselves instead.
We don’t live in a world of corporations. We live in a world populated by living men and women who have family names, not “last names”. We live in a world where slavery and peonage are forbidden. And where securitization of living people is both illegal and unlawful. Our homes are estates, not real estates.
Now the out of control employees are trying to steal the Family Trust funds by making false claims and trying to impersonate the Donors, pretending that we knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily adopted the inferior status of things — corporations — instead of living our natural lives as people.
We ask, why would anyone adopt such an inferior status, if they were not paid well to do so?
We ask, how does anyone without a drop of D’Avila or Saint Germain blood in their veins attempt to steal The D’Avila Family Trust and The Saint Germain Family Trust and thousands of other family trusts, too?
The Bar Association Members under the direction of the Inner City of London have engineered and enforced this entire scheme since its inception. They have preyed upon the innocent by creating a fictitious world and entrapping others in it, using all manner of deceit — “legal terms and descriptions”, “titles” and “codes”. Our ancestors called them “Masters of Deceit” and refused to let them live in their communities.
Has it come to that, again? Apparently so. The members of the Bar Associations have cause to know the difference between Law and Statute.
We have all been horribly impacted by this outrageous criminality and it must come to an end. Those who have betrayed the Public Trust must be stopped and punished. They must be exposed for what they are: criminals acting in Breach of Trust and Service Contract.
The trusts must be collapsed and returned to the Donors— not to persons claiming to “represent” the Donors. It’s time for the unique, beautiful, free people of this planet to be set free to thrive, no longer treated like livestock or worse, by men unworthy of the name.
With love, with faith, with fortitude — join us to make a new world and put an end to institutions that exist merely to prey upon us, misrepresent us, use us, and abuse us.