A Contract for the living under Common Law of England

By Dick Yardley

Under the “Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act” 1901 or “The Constitution Act” the only two names you can call it. This is a Contract for the living under Common Law of England.

Under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, consisting of its Preamble, Clauses 1 to 9 and the Schedule. I use this long name as the Political Parties since the first Act 1973, don’t consolidate the Preamble and the first six Clauses.

By not consolidating the Preamble they removed “WHEREAS the people” all living not consolidated and “humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God” Therefore removed King James Bible and every right we ever had.

The first six Clauses =

Clause 1 Short title They the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act “Australian Constitution” 

“The Constitution together with the Australia Act 1986”

Clause 2 Act to extend to the Queen’s successors. Therefore no succession.

Clause 3 Proclamation of Commonwealth

The Proclamation on their Constitution is for their Commonwealth created by changing the Constitutional Definitions in 1973.

Clause 4 Commencement of Act

Their “Australian Constitution” “The Constitution together with the Australia Act 1986” has no Proclamation.

Clause 5 Operation of the Constitution and laws

By not consolidating the Operation of the Constitution and laws the Political Parties can do what they want as they are NOT accountable to the God or the people.

Clause 6 Definitions

Political Parties created their own “Australia” “Commonwealth” means their “Commonwealth of Australia” as a company now registered in Washington DC (District of Columbia).

Companies don’t hold Common Law of England which is clearly spelt out in In the High Court Decision Sons of Gwalia case, Gummow and Hayne JJ made the point that there is no common law of companies: the company is a statutory creature and the principles governing it must be derived from statute.

Chief Justice French, “The Judicial Function in an Age of Statutes, We do so against the backdrop of the supremacy of Parliament 

Since the 2nd February 1960 Proclamation the Governor-General and Commander-in-Chief belong and controlled by Political Parties. Political Parties created their own private Dollar outside the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act. All State Parliaments and Governors agreed to this.

In my opinion this was set up as the American Dollar went off the Gold standard in 1971 which allowed Quantitative easing.

Under this Dollar we the people have become statutory entities and your names changed from John Doe, Jane Doe to JOHN DOE, DOE JOHN, JANE DOE, DOE JANE and your Birth Certificate is a tradable commodity because the Dollar has no value.

Political Parties under their private company Commonwealth of Australia needed to trade, so your Birth Certificate is their security against their fiat Dollar.    Political Parties company, Status of their Commonwealth of Australia as a sovereign, independent and federal nation and the States joined this company in 1985 completing the Treason of their Counterfeit Australian Dollar.

Remember the State Parliaments and the Governors created Acts and agreed to the Dollar in 1965. Till this is fixed there will be no change.

Referendum 1999 removed Political Parties and their corruption.  

We are toooo Dumb know what we voted for.