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By Anna von Reitz

I was talking this morning with one of my Marine buddies and in his typical flat-footed way, he said something very profound: we are all victims.  He meant that the vast number of people who work for the government service providers and all the civilians who have suffered have all been victims of the Vermin.   It’s not like the government employees have had any better lot than the rest of us.  In many, many instances, it has been worse, especially for veterans.  It feels like the dark silent hours before dawn, and we were both feeling that.  The change that is coming has been a long time coming— the better part of 2,000 years.  And here we are.  “It may be midnight or midday, he’s never early, he’s never late…..”  In the days to come it will become apparent who has stood the test and who hasn’t.  For many, it will be a time of joyfulness on a scale they never imagined in their wildest dreams, and for others, it will be a moment of shame and public disgrace.   They were told, as we all were, that those who serve are greatest in the Kingdom of God. Those who have served themselves will be shown up for who they are and what they have done. Those who have served their country and their fellow man will also have their reward.   Last week I told everyone who was a veteran that they have an opportunity to sign up for their own bank and their own account at: USVETBANK.US — and they weren’t able to, because of technical problems still being worked on at the website.  Try again.   This is a unique bank for veterans and it is secure and apart from the rest of the banking system.  For anyone who is a veteran this is a gateway to a new level of security and many unique opportunities to serve your community as a civilian, as well as gain access to money and benefits that you are owed as part of the Recoupment Process that is ongoing.  This is part of a lifetime quest for me, and I am very happy that it is finally coming together. Godspeed and God bless each and every one of you.