A Polite Reminder About Murder and Murderers

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By Anna von Reitz

A distraught friend of the Mother in the accompanying news story contacted me earlier today: 
As you can see, two little girls murdered by injection in Oregon at a local “health” clinic. This has been verified by numerous sources. This is just one of thousands of cases  that have been papered over. 
If I were this Mother, things would change — not tomorrow or next week or next month or next year or ten years down the road.  No, if I were this Mother, things would change today. 
The Mom in this news story could not possibly give informed consent.  Nobody has ever given informed consent to these injections.  Why?  Because the content of the injection is not disclosed and the effect — they claim — is not known.  
But this much is known: 
Murder by any means is still a capital crime in this country.  All it takes is a piece of rope and either: (1) a tribunal of three military officers (reserve and retired, too, so long as they retained their commission and did not formally return it); or (2) twelve unrelated civilians to determine the facts. 
And then the rest of the story goes like this: 
“Dr. Chin, you knowingly injected these trusting little girls with unknown substances that are, however, already known to be dangerous. Their Mother could not possibly give informed consent as the contents were not disclosed.  You committed murder and took their young lives.  You violated your oath to do no harm.  Now your own life is forfeit in return.”
Kick the horse. 
Apply the Public Law and this nightmare will end tomorrow.  No need to wait for military tribunals in the Havana Suburbs. 
Anna Maria