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By Anna Von Reitz

The last couple days I have focused your attention on two worthy, but in some ways, dangerously misleading articles from other sources. The first is a very intelligent discussion from Family Guardian, otherwise known as FamGuard:


The second is from the TABU Blogspot (Toward A Better Understanding) and one of their blog articles entitled, “Who Founded and Owns Washington, DC?”

Who Founded and Owns Wash. D.C.?

Both of these two otherwise entirely respectable pieces of scholarship contain very valuable information and fine reasoning, but they are marred by a common error that renders much of our Patriot Literature incorrect and unreliable.

I discussed the fundamental reasons for this flaw in both articles: we don’t know the code used to write Federal Code, we weren’t taught our own history, and last, but not least, we confuse “the United States of America” (Incorporated) with The United States of America (unincorporated) and we confuse “the United States” (INCORPORATED) with The United States (unincorporated).

It helps to know that, except for the very early years prior to the adoption of the Constitutions, these look-alike entities calling themselves “the United States of America” and “the United States” are certainly the names of foreign businesses, and don’t refer to us or any business we own, at all.

Yes, you read that correctly. If you see a reference to “the United States of America” written after 1789, it refers — with certainty — to our British Territorial Subcontractors, not to us. If you see the words “the United States” written after 1790, it refers to the Municipal United States Government, not to us

These very similarly named foreign business entities were entrusted under contract (the Constitutions are service contracts) to provide us with certain enumerated services and we granted them specific “delegated powers” to enable them to provide those services.

Every school boy in the country knows that, and yet, an astonishing number of Americans can’t distinguish the fact that there is a difference between the Proper Name of our country doing business as a Nation, The United States, and the Improper Name of our Municipal Subcontractor, “the” United States.

In the same way, people mistake our British Territorial Subcontractor, doing business as “the” United States of America, for the Proper Name of our country in international jurisdiction: The United States of America.

And this leads to all sorts of confusion and wrong assumptions and ignorance.

Go back and read both of the articles cited above with the firm understanding that “the United States of America” isn’t us and that “the United States” isn’t us, but instead these names refer to our British Territorial and Municipal Subcontractors, respectively — and both of them are operating as commercial corporations in the business of providing us with “essential government services” — and all while fighting with each other in an interminable Mercenary Conflict on our shores.

Know that, because that is what these entities really are, and this is what is actually going on. Over the past decade, both these foreign corporations, the US, INC., and the USA, Inc., have gone bankrupt.

That doesn’t mean our country is bankrupt or that we are bankrupt. It means that two foreign commercial corporations doing business “in our names” are bankrupt.

This causes confusions, but doesn’t change the facts.

The bankruptcies of these foreign Federal Subcontractors and their relations with the British Monarch and the Pope are their business and have nothing to do with us, especially not now, when our American Government has been called back into Session and our States are seen to be populated and functioning in General Assembly.

Our ancestors went so far as to make a distinction between “those” United States and “these” United States, and between “thuh” United States of America — meaning our British Territorial Employees — and “thee” United States of America, meaning our American Government.

Once you have this firmly in mind and are no longer fooled into assuming that we, Americans, are the subject of the conversation, or are the natural Subjects of any Territorial or Municipal Congress, everything falls into place.

We no longer imagine that we are the “Enemies” being referenced the Trading With the Enemy Act, for example, and we look until we find our explicit exemption buried in the Appendix of that Act.

We understand why Mr. Obama referred to “the fifty-seven states of “our” Union” — because he was referring to the British Territorial United States, not America — and the British Territorial United States includes the “Seven Insular States” —- Puerto Rico and Guam and other “United States Possessions”.

We also understand why the Brit-affiliated Territorial U.S. is always prattling on about “our democracy” and never about “our” republican states of the Union” — It’s because they are talking about a different “union” and different “states” and a different system of government entirely. We aren’t them and they aren’t us, even though they continue to live here as “residents” among us.

We know why Rod Class couldn’t bring a deer rifle into the foreign capitol of Washington, DC, and why the January 6th Protestors have been so cruelly abused and misrepresented.

We understand that the “District Government” that stands between us and the “Municipal District Government” is run as a British Territorial Government “at war” with the Pope’s Municipal Government — even though, the Pope ultimately owns both corporations.

And we have the blessed comfort that none of this, absolutely none of this endless quagmire of deceit and war and fraud, has anything to do with us— except that we have often been the victims of it, and we have been treated as “collateral damage” — literally, by our own Employees.

Now that we know who is who, and we know what is what, we are prepared to stand up for ourselves and draw the line on our Employees and their presumptions about us, including their presumption that our American Government is “in interregnum”.

When more of the worthy Patriots in this country study a little harder and expand the scope of their inquiries they will inevitably come to the same conclusions we have, and in that day, they will stand with us, as Employers, ready, willing, and able to deal with any wrong-doing or rebellion foisted off on us by our Employees, who have been evading their constitutional obligations and abusing our delegated Powers.

Anyone born or naturalized in this country needs to go to: http://www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net

This is your country. Own it today.