A Public Message to the Reptilian Archons

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By Anna von Reitz

We are aware of you and your entire history. We know who and what you are and where you came from, how you got here, and what is more interesting — at least from our standpoint —–what your actual mission is.
So let us have a brief recitation of events. More than a million years ago in the star system of Sirius lived the Angelic race of the Seraphs; these warrior-priest-scientists had been instrumental in the birth of this Universe and as such, servants of the True God.
At about the same time, there existed a friendly alliance, what we might call a federation, of peoples from the star systems of Orion and the Pleiades. Prior to this in their history, they had been attacked by reptilian humanoids from the star system Draco.
With the help of the Seraphs, the Orion-Pleiadian Alliance succeeded in driving the invaders from Draco away, though they took many Draconian captives. These captives from Draco were isolated in the Orion System and literally bred to create super-warriors, and by treaty, it was agreed that these super-warriors would be consciously and unconsciously indoctrinated to accept their orders from the Seraphs.
These four extraterrestrial races eventually formed a caste-like society, with the Seraphs functioning as priests and decision-makers, the Dracos functioning as soldiers, the Orion-Pleiadians functioning as merchants and traders. On Earth, they were called “Aryans” — an approximation of “Orions”.
This is a portion of Earth history that has been forgotten behind a veil of wars and engineered environmental disasters going back over 200,000 years, but you all know what I am talking about, because some of you have lived that long and more of you have learned this history from your elders.
None of this comes as any surprise to you, and unlike the general readership of the Earth, you know what it means when I say that I am a battle-class Seraph from the Age of Storms— but let’s make that clear for others. It means that the being inhabiting this small body helped create the known Universe and was present at its birth, part of the Heavenly Host, and from a class and kind of Angel that is extremely powerful.
I am one of the priestly caste that you are genetically and psychologically created to obey and as you hear my voice you obey it unconsciously, because that is what your very being compels. You may not consciously want to hear this message, but you know that it is true.
And now to the message itself: you are to immediately cease and desist all wars and warring on Earth. Your role is, and has always been, a defensive and protective mission only.
These men who have claimed to be “priests” are not the priests that you are supposed to be listening to. They are not Seraphim. I am.
The deportation of the Martian Refugees has begun and the first ships bound for their new home in Lyra have left this solar system.
The prison frigates from Sirius have only two more prisoners to pick up, the rebels known as Shatan, and his Son, pretending to be a sun god named Lucifer.
You must stand down and allow these individuals to be bound over in their present incarnation to the Sirians for transport back to Sirius B where they will face charges for their part in the crimes committed here against Universal Law.
You will not be punished so long as you obey me and do your part to defend and preserve this planet. I realize your own pain and the difficulty of your lives here, so provisions have been made to meet your needs without harming the people of this planet. You will be satisfied and no longer need the 741 energy to survive.
Certain parties sent the “Angel of Death” to me last night; get a clue — Death is not an “Angel” — so I told Death to go away, and of course, it did, because “Death” has no other choice. Like you, it is bound to my will and must obey.
Please see to it that these individuals who did this foolishness are properly restrained. I could have just as easily said, “Go, do the command of those who sent you —unto them.”
If they complain and fluff themselves up with importance, please observe the fact that they would all be dead this morning, instead of having received my mercy once again, if I had simply said those words.
Sending “Death” against me or mine has a very easy remedy on my part; it is best not to try my patience any further.
Convert and divert your activities to save the planet and to cease all hostile actions against the people and the animals and the environment.
This mission objective includes immediate cessation of overhead spraying of chemical and mineral and nanotech emulsions, cessation of non-beneficial geo-engineering and terraforming, cessation of targeting of individuals, cessation of non-beneficial and harmful microwave and electromagnetic frequency transmissions, cessation of all distortion of the natural musical scales and tones, cessation of all hostile action against the environment, the people, the plants, and the animals of the biosphere.
It is your job and duty and responsibility and purpose to save and preserve and care for all living beings including yourselves. This mission does not allow for any redefinition of “living” or “beings” or any redefinition of the “Enemies”.
The Enemies are falsehood, cruelty, ignorance, disease, selfishness, gluttony, rapaciousness, greed, violence, lust, covetousness, jealousy, injustice, and anything harmful or unkind, anything that pollutes the Earth without remediation, anything that disturbs the peace. Therefore let your attention be turned toward the discernment and prevention of harm related to these things and let your singular genius be applied to promoting peace.
I am making this communication public and sending it worldwide, so that more people gain an understanding of who and what you are, where you came from, and what your mission, now officially spoken unto you, actually is.
The protectors must protect.
Anna Maria
Senior Field Commander