A Quick Note to Doctors, Lawyers, and Indian Chiefs

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By Anna von Reitz

You do not have to give up any professional licenses or tribal memberships to reclaim your American State National political status.  
As long as you have Federal clientele as a doctor or lawyer, you will owe Federal Income Tax on that portion of your practice.  
Most of our doctors and lawyers in private practice post a simple Service Disclaimer, saying that if you are a Federal citizen you are accepting service at your own risk.  This limits your liability. 
Most also add a question or two to their In-Take Forms for new patients, asking their citizenship or State National political status.  This may require a little discussion but is well-worth it, as you are spreading the word to other Americans, and ascertaining whether or not you need to pay Federal Taxes on receipts coming from them.  
American Indian Tribes are required to pay tribute to Rome in lieu of paying Federal Income Taxes.  The word “Tribe” means “those who pay Tribute”.  Tribute is loot paid to the Roman hierarchy for the privilege of getting welfare benefits from them.  It’s a kind of kickback scheme — you admit to being part of the Municipal citizenry, and they get to plunder the Public Trusts and other Utilities they have set up in your names.  
It stinks as a quid pro quo, but it is what it is.  
When you go to a foreign government and seek “benefits” from them, you accrue obligations in return.   By forming an incorporated Tribal Government and applying for Federal Block Grants and other funding of that sort, you acquire obligations to obey that foreign government.  When individual people apply for welfare benefits from that foreign government, they acquire citizenship obligations.  
Key to this concept is that “benefits” are unearned, but are not “gifts”.  They are receipts in terms of credit or services that you are eligible for dependent upon your political status choices. 
From this standpoint you can see that Federal grants aren’t really grants.  They come with unseen strings attached and are a form of payola in which you give up your sovereignty in exchange for their bowl of porridge.  
This results in a situation in which Tribal Governments are totally dependent sovereignties, and all Tribal Members are presumed to be obligated to obey their Benefactors.  
Right now, the Roman Municipal governments are being rolled up and retracted, because they never had any right to be putting their tentacles out into this country in the first place.  That is affording everyone a precious opportunity to leave that ugly system behind, but beware your own freedom to contract.  
Being released from the presumption of Municipal citizenship (acquired as described above) does not mean that you are free  or sovereign, so long as you are operating as an incorporated Tribal Government and lined up at the trough.  You can’t be dependent and independent at the same time. 
We hope that goodwill will prevail and that these conundrums can be sorted out without great harm to many innocent people.  In the meantime, we suggest that Native Americans reclaim their birthright political status as American State Nationals like everyone else, and thereby lock in the Constitutional Guarantees, including the Bill of Rights, that they are heir to and which many of them fought for as members of the U.S. Armed Services. 
You will still be dependent on the sovereignty of this country as a whole, but you will have the freedom guaranteed to all Americans and your natural property rights and assets will be restored.  
Otherwise, as the Roman Municipal Government is forced to withdraw back into its box in Washington, DC., or obliged to vacate our shores entirely, there is a danger that Native Americans will be considered “enemies” of the Territorial Government and “stateless” as well.  
Just sayin’ — this is a situation where we all need to close ranks and stand together as Americans, forget petty differences, and agree to protect each other and enforce the Constitutions.   If the country is lost, all the nations within it are lost.