A Right Versus a Privilege — the Trap of Incorporation

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By Anna Von Reitz

Many people are having a hard time recognizing the difference between a right and a privilege, and many corporations are having this same problem, because they abuse their “privileges” as employers to such an outrageous and criminal extent.

The roots of the problem go back to the foreign, for-profit, governmental services corporations that the Brits and the Roman Catholic Church have been running on our shores for so long that many people have mistaken these Subcontractors for our lawful government.

These foreign Principals and their corporations — both British Crown and Municipal — that owe us “good faith and service” have contrived to turn the tables not only around, but upside down.

First, they had their Undeclared Foreign Agents, the Bar Attorneys, advise everyone to incorporate everything. I don’t care if you were running a dog grooming business able to groom two dogs per day, their advice was always the same: incorporate, incorporate, incorporate. This was a purposeful, self-interested campaign.

These same Undeclared Foreign Agents explained the benefits of bankruptcy protection at public expense, they just forgot to explain that you were the “public” that would be paying for it. And that you probably didn’t need bankruptcy protection because you were already indemnified.

You were already underwriting them and all their businesses, so why would you need them to underwrite you? Think about it.

And they forgot to explain that by registering your business as a corporation your business was being “enfranchised” and you were voluntarily giving up your business assets and ownership control, for free, to these undisclosed foreign parent corporations.

All the rights that an independent unincorporated business enjoys were sacrificed “in the bargain” these Flim Flam Men offered, and those rights were unlawfully converted into privileges.

This is how they propose to take over and run every aspect of your life using corporation franchises. If they can’t claim that you are incorporated yourself, they will claim the existence of a corporation named after you that is incorporated as one of their franchises.

If that fails, they will target any incorporated employer or “servicer” to do their Dirty Work — “withhold” your earnings (otherwise called theft on possession), turn over your bank accounts (they aren’t yours so far as they are concerned), and tax you for foreign taxes you don’t owe.

Note the Federal Income Tax Laws as an example. Who is the actual target? The Employer. They make the Employers responsible for collecting the tax for them (peonage) and because the Employers are all presumed to be corporations in their scheme, they have unbridled regulatory power over their franchises.

They can fine and tax and harass and liquidate “their” franchises to wring money out of them, and that is exactly what they do. They can jail the unfortunate (former owner) for not doing whatever they demand.

Millions of independent American businesses have unwittingly lost control of their own destiny and fundamental rights and have subjected themselves to foreign regulatory powers — sold the farm — and didn’t even realize they were selling it.

They did the same thing with “Civil Rights” which are privileges. Not rights.

Yes, they pulled a fast one on the whole Civil Rights Movement, because “equal Civil Rights” are in fact privileges and they can never be equal to Natural and Unalienable Rights, because civil rights can be taken away upon the whim of the government granting such “rights”. All the Federal Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States are suffering the loss of their “equal” Civil Rights right now. Trump took them away and Biden hasn’t restored them.

So as it stands, millions of people have had their basic rights “suspended” by the captains of ships made of paper. And the whole thing is bunko from Day One.

How else does a man like Joe Biden gain the authority to “suspend the Constitution” or steal 30% of your earnings, or deny habeas corpus, or “suspend civil rights”? How else does he get to charge off his corporation’s debts to you as “mortgages” held against your home and your land and your businesses?

The Perpetrators will stand there and claim that you gave them permission to do this. These Fascists will steal your farm via non-disclosed contracts and leave you to bleed, work you to death and tax away all the profits you earn, until you are in your grave still wondering what went wrong? And they will say that they didn’t force you to incorporate your business. You did that all on your own. It was your decision.

Ask yourself — how could you make a good decision in your own self-interest, when the pertinent information about the pros and cons of incorporation were not disclosed to you, and the professionals you relied on (and paid) to help you, had a secret undisclosed agenda to entrap you and steal an inequitable “free” ownership interest in your business?

Ever wonder why Territorial Income Taxes are described as Gift and Estate Taxes? Because according to them, you voluntarily waived your birthright estate and donated it as a gift to them. They’ve been profiting handsomely off your estate, but you haven’t seen a dime of it. And you never knew that you “gifted” it to them, either.

Ever wonder why Municipal Income Tax is collected as a Capital Gains Tax on corporate income, when you don’t have or operate a corporation? Much less a foreign corporation?

You were cheated. You have been the victim of lies by omission. And chances are, even if you asked point-blank about the downsides of incorporating your unincorporated business, you never got an answer. I have gone into the offices of numerous attorneys and inquired about this exact subject, and never gotten a straight answer from any of them. Just a lot of worried looks.

They should be worried, because what they have done is highly unethical and insupportable inducement. They’ve encouraged millions of Americans to take an action that was (and is) directly detrimental to the victims’ interests and beneficial for the attorneys and their bosses.
This is more than a passive conflict of interest. This is a raw, brazen, in-your-face undeclared direct conflict of interest.

Your “agreement” to incorporate your business, like your “agreement” to waive your birthright estate, and your “agreement” to pay Federal Income Tax even though you probably don’t have a dollars-worth of Federal Income, and your “agreement” to pay property taxes and accept their “title” to your land (which they ginned up by driving past your house and assigning a name and street number to it) — it’s all self-interested bunko on their parts, and the benefit they claim is all predicated on adhesion contracts.

Adhesion contracts are both unlawful and illegal, but they have the force of law until and unless they are exposed for what they are.

At this point, you are probably wondering — object to whom? Who is left to object to? All the Authorities are in on the scheme. Even the U.S. Military is dirty as a pig. It’s like saying no to the Dukes of Hazzard. Or so it seems.

Say no just the same. Say it often, with gusto. You can un-incorporate your business and you can simplify your life and protect your assets — it’s called cancelling the registration, and in most states you can do it by yourself— without the “assistance” of an attorney.