About Public and International Notice — and Obama’s Activities

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Bu Anna von Reitz


When a President travels abroad there are public meetings and private meetings.  During Obama’s trip to Belgium featured in my recent release, the content of the private meeting was secretly recorded.  These are two different audiences.  One private meeting with predominantly Bar Association Members took place before the public meeting with the politicians and bureaucrats predominating. 
Mr. Obama was put in power by the Queen’s men.  His mission was and is to destroy the fiat currency.  His further mission is to promote monarchy as the only form of government and her son as the king of the world.  
Although I allow lots of room for speculation as to the “king’s” identity, and personally believe that it may prove to be the Lord Mayor or some other character besides Prince Charles, there is no doubt that pushing a system of oppressive monarchy has been the agenda of these cretins all along. 
See the Secret Treaty of Verona as an example.  The cronies that benefit from the feudal system of monarchy always want a king — and demand it, just as they demanded it of the prophet Samuel.   In this way, they succeed in substituting a man that they control in place of the True God. 
Mr. Obama, despite all the efforts to paper over the facts, is a Kenyan.  And there is no real reason that a Kenyan can’t serve as the “President” of a commercial corporation anywhere on Earth —- the necessity of creating a Hawaiian birth record for him was only for public appearances.  
So what they are doing is technically “legal” just as describing Abraham Lincoln as “President” of the United States of America, —-Incorporated, was technically legal.  They have made a lot of advances on such puerile deceptions, but it is time they were stopped. 
Having a private meeting at the same location and not filming it, and then holding a public meeting and filming it, is just more of the same. 
It’s time we all woke up.  
It’s time to realize that with them, the cure is always the killer.  And nothing is as it appears.