Additional Issues for The Court of International Justice — Blood Money 22 — The Great Reset and Old Dictionaries

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By Judge Anna von Reitz

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Observe the meaning of “re-set” as revealed by the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary:

RE’SETnoun In Scots law, the receiving and harboring of an outlaw or a criminal.

And then also observe the meaning of “Scots” —which has only a passing relationship with Scotland: 


Black’s 2nd 1910 tells us that a Scot is a TAX.  Therefore getting off Scot Free means that you aren’t being taxed.  

And a bit more digging reveals that a “Scot” is specifically the kind of tax mentioned in the Exclusion Clause of Lincoln’s National Banking Law.   

They can only be referring to the corporations being released from the debts that they have owed all of us since the Civil War.

So, quite apart from the common meaning of “reset” which everyone assumes, the more arcane meaning is that the tax outlaws (including certain generation skipping trusts) are being welcomed with open arms and allowed to profit from their ill-gotten gains — a free-for-all for the corporations, not for people, and amnesty for all the criminals who took our gold and our Cestui que Vie trusts offshore to expedite their pillaging of our resources. 

So are we in favor of The Great Reset?  

No, we are not.  We have specifically requested and required that our assets be removed from The Great Slush Pile and held harmless from The Great Reset.

We have also specifically requested and required— that as these guilty corporations have all been created in our names and we have been held accountable for their deceitful abuse of our credit through multiple prior bankruptcies, there can be no doubt that we own all of these corporations  — they must all stand under the Public Law of the Land, and failing that, they must all be dissolved. 

Any possible “misunderstanding” of which “Public Law” is being referenced, is exactly what is being clawed at by US SENATOR LISA MURKOWSKI and others as they desperately try to advance the idea that the Law of the Sea is what we mean when we demand that these corporations stand under the Public Law.  

No, what we mean is that all corporations operating in our names and under our charters must obey the Law of the Land while on the land and cannot be presumed to operate under the Law of the Sea while on the land.  No “Special Admiralty” allowed.  Finally, we also preclude the application of Municipal Law outside the environs of the District of Columbia and do not provide for the redefinition of the District of Columbia as any kind of “state” — Territorial or otherwise. 

All these semantic legal deceits must end and we must all come to our senses again.  

We have provided for a simple means for every corporation chartered under the US or USA to comply, and if they don’t comply, that is simply more proof that they are willful renegades engaged in criminal enterprises which are owed no quarter and no support from the Public.  

We do not stand as sureties and we will not act as Guarantors for any such organizations. 

The new Municipal Corporation doesn’t have a contract with us and it follows that none of its officers have contracts, either. This includes Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and all the other Actors. Whatever actions they take and whatever costs they incur are the responsibility of the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor and their application must be limited to their domain within the District of Columbia and applied only to actual Municipal citizens of the United States. These Principals also remain responsible for the proper functioning of all their operations.  

The Constitutions are in full force and effect for Americans and all limitations and obligations are also in full force and effect for Federal Government corporations and their employees. 

We regret that it is necessary for us to say so in public, in the forum of The International Court of Justice, and to thus air a great deal of dirty laundry, reveal mistaken identities, and settle questions that have too long been left unanswered, but over the course of the past decades, the spiderweb has grown to such enormous proportions and the criminality and corruption has spread to such an alarming extent, that we must admit the incompetence and/or criminality of our public employees and would-be representatives. 

It is under this unfortunate set of circumstances which we find ourselves compelled to address the rest of the world community and also to address The Court of International Justice regarding this criminal misadministration and misinterpretation of both our delegated powers and our standards of international law, respectively. 

It also falls to us to reveal that a similar cat-and-mouse-game has been played by the self-interested commercial corporations operated as governmental services organizations against the lawful governments of many other countries, too, all of which have been surreptitiously occupied by mercenaries operating under color of law, similar to the Raj in India. 

This outbreak of Corporate Feudalism, a social illness more to be feared than either Colonialism (which it imitates to a large degree) or Feudalism itself, can only be attributed to the Roman Curia, the Pope, the British Monarch, and the Lord Mayor of London, all operating in Breach of Trust and Contract. 

Please note: the Americans were deceived into thinking that the necessary Reconstruction of their American Government had already occurred, therefore, they never took action on a matter that they were told was concluded.  

Their purported lapse and lack of action was then used as the excuse to impose a Territorial Government in our purported “absence” — when in fact the actual Delegator of the several “powers” entrusted to the Federal Republic and the Territorial Government, too, has been here the entire time.   

This all set up a constructive fraud cloaked in secrecy, in which a Territorial (Military) Government was empowered to, in effect, occupy the land and soil of its employers under the terms of the Geneva Conventions, resulting in a perpetual “state of war” being engendered in this peaceful country, and in Americans being alternately mistaken for enemy combatants, POWs, or civilian wards of their own Territorial Government.  

A similar ruse and further semantic deceits were used to similarly occupy all the former Commonwealth countries.  

The end of the Commonwealth arrangement was very quietly announced, so that the people of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other former Commonwealth nations were deprived of their constitutions, but never made aware of their obligation to form new governments for themselves.  

The failure of the Australians, Canadians and other peoples to act upon this unknown opportunity then resulted in the British Territorial Government similarly occupying their land and soil under exactly similar provisions to what had already occurred in America. 

Thus, the free people of both America and the former British Commonwealth were enslaved by their own public servants and occupied by their own armed forces— and all via means of fraud and omission in breach of trust. 

The Queen still speaks of the “British Commonwealth Nations” but they are only “British” in the sense of ethnicity and the fact that the Pope’s Commonwealths are being administered by the military British Territorial Government (their own version of the Raj in India) while the civil government is administered by foreign corporate mercenaries in breach of trust. 

All this has occurred under the false front of the Geneva Conventions being applicable to the situation, when in fact, all those “foreign” occupation forces should have never been deployed, nor paid for using the victim’s funds; this is a Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Service Contract, with respect to all the populations being impacted. 

We could wish that this secretive encroachment upon the land jurisdiction by commercial corporations was isolated to fraud against Americans and Brits by their own public servants and international trustees, but no, it has not stopped there and has quietly usurped the positions of virtually all land jurisdiction governments, worldwide. 

This presents us, and The Court of International Justice, with a spectral world in which the creation — that is, corporations — are thought to be greater than the creators, in violation of common sense and Maxim of Law, both.  

We assert that those who issue corporate charters are greater than those receiving such charters by definition, and that those who guarantee and underwrite the operations of corporations are again, greater than any corporation thus protected can be—again, by definition, and, finally, those issuing the charter and acting as the Guarantor, are also more endowed with ownership interest in these corporations than any shareholder.  

So even though the Corporations Act of 1870 was fraud on the face of it, the various corporations chartered were chartered in our names, presumed to be placed under our authority, and paid for with our blood and our money, which provides us with the actual and factual ownership interest and right of possession. 

We have claimed ownership of all corporations, both US CORPORATIONS and USA Corporations, that have been chartered “in our names” since 1870; we have paid for them through multiple rounds of bankruptcy and they belong to us as chattel property.  As the owners and Guarantors in international jurisdiction, we insist that all these corporations abide by our published Law of the Land while conducting business, duties, or other operations in our country.  

All the complicit Boards of Directors of all US and USA incorporated entities are being served Notice through these public actions, together with their Principals: Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 

                                                  By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

                                                  The United States of America