Alex Tallon Doesn’t Know Who He Is Anymore

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By Anna von Reitz

It has come to our attention that a well-known fraud artist is again plying his wares and misleading various groups of people who either believe his story or who wish to promote his narrative because they believe they can make use of him to further their own agendas.
The crimes of impersonation and barratry have reached a fever pitch, as you will see, and must be addressed by the High Courts responsible for the administration of courts worldwide.
Alex Tallon Doesn’t Know Who He Is Anymore
We first met Alex Tallon in the aftermath of Ferdinand Marcos’ retreat to Hawaii. My memory is fuzzy because it’s a long time ago, about forty years by my reckoning, but if I remember the basics correctly, Alex was Ferdinand Marcos’s butler or driver or security guard or something of that sort, and after Marcos fled, Alex helped himself to a lot of documents left behind.
These were skillfully altered so that his copy of a document says what he wants it to say and so that his photo and thumbprint and signature appear; it all looks official enough.
However, those same documents were distributed all over the world, and his copies don’t match all the other copies, including the ones I have.
It turns out that Alex Tallon was not content with pretending to be Ferdinand Marcos’s son, Tiburcio Villamor Marcos, but, also tried to pass himself off as King Anthony Santiago Martin — another one of the multitudinous would-be heirs, some of them honest good people trying to help out in a bad situation, some outright charlatans scamming for Big Bucks.
My best guess is that Alex simply doesn’t know who he is anymore. Is he Chinese? Is he Filipino? Is he a New Yorker? A “Seven Star General” in some Buck Rogers drama? A U.S. Citizen? A Municipal UNITED STATES CITIZEN? Does he have a “Last Name” or just a nom de guerre? Or a trademark, like me? What the…. and who can blame him, if he is confused?
As crazy as all these con artists and fraudsters made the world, darn near everyone is confused. Sorting the imposters and the nut cases from the false identities and Legal Fiction Persons and LEGAL FICTION PERSONS and all the rest of it leaves the open question — who are you?
If everyone else has forgotten who they are, you can all come home to Grandma and I’ll do my best to tell you: you are all beloved children of the Living God — not the dead “god” of money, the Living God who orders every cell in your body, every element, every breath, in perfection and love from the moment you enter this world, until your physical death.
THAT is who you are.
You each have your own totally unique self, but names are just names — they are called “utilities” for a reason — and they are “gifts” as in “given names” and they are tools, like hammer or saw, that you can use to do certain things. But names are not you — never were and never will be until the time that your Creator names you.
THEN you will have a name that will last forever and be forever yours.
Until that time, honesty is the best policy and maintaining one identity is the true course of wisdom. When Alex Tallon tries to become Tiburcio Villamor Marcos and Anthony Santiago Martin and…..well, who else? — all he does is confuse things more. He doesn’t change the truth.
I am sorry to cause such discomfiture in so many areas of the world, but there is this much to be said for the Truth — in the end, the Truth is all that exists. It is the only firm bedrock we have. So even though it hurts sometimes, the truth is what we need. And the truth is that Ferdinand Marcos couldn’t give what he never had.
He was an attorney for the actual heir and comptroller of the Code FLAT accounts. He was, as President of the Philippines Government, the Trustee over the American gold that was transported there by the U.S. Navy “for safe-keeping”.
President Kennedy had to deal with Marcos as the Trustee and had to secure agreement from Marcos to be able to access our assets there, because Kennedy was operating as a British Territorial United States U.S. Citizen while holding the Office of Commander-in-Chief — not as an American.
Our Federation of States and our Fiduciary has no such disability, because we are the presumed Donors of the assets that were placed in trust. We can simply request an accounting from the Central Bank of the Philippines and dissolve the trust relationship without causing any damage or entering into any agreements about this with anyone.
The American assets both public and private are owed to the American States (Public Interest) and the American people (Private Interest) and they are claimed and due to be returned to the control of the actual American Government. That’s good news. That’s the way it should be.
We have already claimed over a million metric tons of American gold that was returned from the Philippines and more gold that was returned to from the Vatican and as we go, we will continue to sort out our far-flung assets and work on returning the assets of other countries to them, too.
We have also discovered a massive gold stockpile that belongs, apparently jointly, to the Kingdom of Prussia (which still exists) and to Russia, the country. We anticipate finding similar stashes of assets that belong to other countries and returning those resources to them for their benefit.
There are also very large quantities of pre-paid credit on the books, which can be safely deployed as pre-paid credit to pay any remaining public debts as we transition on a worldwide basis to a fully funded world economy.
What do I mean by that? I mean that there will be no need for taxation ever again. The entire apparatus of taxation can be safely dismantled and done away with. The income from government investments when applied to actual costs of government, are more than sufficient to pay for all government services and personnel and even expand the quantity and quality of such services without taxes of any kind.


So, there is no reason for anyone to pretend to be a Marcos relative or try to scam their way into a non-existent King of the World position. There is one king of this world, the Living God who created it and who sustains it. The sooner we all accept that and the sooner we embrace each other and stop the madness, the better.
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary                                         The United States of America