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By Anna von Reitz

Date: 13 March 2022 To: UN Secretary General GuterresFrom: Anna Maria Riezinger– Fiduciary          The United States of America Dear Mr. Guterres:  You have been in receipt of numerous communications from this Office and from our Office of the Head of State for The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States.  While we are a Federation of independent and sovereign states, we are nonetheless present in international and global jurisdictions— and while we are not Signatories of the United Nations and not possessions of the UN Corporation, we keep abreast of the most obnoxious and repugnant actions of your organization and hereby lodge our objection and protest against another such mindless overreach of authority.  We refer to the attached United Nations Directive 001, The Start of the New World Order, etc. Let us make this explicit: the opinions of incorporated franchises of any corporation, however much that corporation and its franchises may be involved in providing governmental services, are not binding upon the people or the assets of any sovereign nation.  Period.  Ever.  At all.   This applies to decisions of the UN Security Council as much as it applies to opinions issued by the U.S. Supreme Court.   Please get this concept firmly in mind:  The opinions of the incorporated entities don’t count.  The opinons of the owners of those incorporated entities and the Treaties and Contracts governing those owners are what count.   The owners and employers of all those corporations are speaking to you now, so you can forget about what our misguided and misinformed employees have been doing behind our backs.  You can also forget about the misrepresentations of the Central Banks and the UN CORPORATION, which have colluded to create the idea that our countries are bankrupt and that our countries are deeply in debt.  Neither claim happens to be true.  In fact, no sovereign state is eligible for bankruptcy protection by definition.  None of our countries have ever been bankrupt.  None of our countries have ever been incorporated as franchises of any other country.  All our sovereign states enjoy state immunity and post indemnity bonds to cover our operations; the indemnity bonds are based on the debts already owed to us.  Thus, there is no profit to be made by bringing claims against sovereign entities and no other avenue available to resolve charges against sovereign entities.  Another common misunderstanding is the idea that our countries are in debt to the UN CORPORATION and to the Roman Catholic Church, a misunderstanding that has been promoted by funky bookkeeping on the part of the Central Banks.  These banks have kept track of the debt side of a ledger and have applied interest to the debt side of that ledger to promote the idea of “National Debt”, however, those same banks have failed to balance the books by applying the equal and opposite “National Credit”.  Their excuse has been that nobody with the authority to commit the National Credit resources has given the order.  I have been given the authority over the Code FLAT resources and hold the American US Trust Resources, both,  to straighten out this mess and I have informed the governments of the world that: (1) they don’t have a National Debt because they have equal National Credit that simply wasn’t applied; (2) we have given the necessary Order to clean up this little misunderstanding as the first step of transitioning out of the World Bank matrix and into the new Bilateral Banking System.   Because no country on this planet is actually in debt, does not mean that they automatically have credit in the new system — which will be properly monitored to prevent any more chicanery. To obtain their pre-paid credit and access the full spectrum of banking, financial, and currency services available in the new system, each country will need to resume operation of their Public Government and establish their own Bilateral Bank.  All Bilateral Banks exist under the same simple 12-page charter and connect to each other via a 1-page Bank Treaty.   Banking is no longer going to be a mystery nor is it going to be used to defraud and control the masses.  Private corporations in the business of providing governmental services will no longer be running wild and seizing upon authorities and exercising powers that don’t belong to them.  And you can be sure and you can tell your bosses and your United Nations members, that The United States of America will not be called “the former United States of America” nor will it be called “America Area 0002”.   The so-called service corporations have to drop this nonsense, or the United Nations and the UN CORPORATION will simply be called “Out of Business” and the persons involved will be serving lengthy jail terms or be facing execution for conspiracy against their own national interests.  As for the banks, all the central and commercial banks are already bankrupt and in receivership. You will shortly receive your copy of the second World Bank transition directive.                                                                                                                                               Sincerely,                                                                                                                                               Anna Maria Riezinger– Fiduciary                                                                                                                                             The United States of America