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By Anna von Reitz

What do you think the Adams, both John and Samuel, were, if not “Boston Brahmins”?This is more too-little-brains and too-little-knowledge of history. All of the people in Boston suffered horribly for eight years, but the suffering of those “Boston Brahmins” who supported the Revolution was to grind on for another 20 years and for many, they never recovered. Shame on all those who supported the Brits then or now, but equal shame on those who refuse to admit the debts they owe as Free Men to the people of Boston, Brahmins included.And what rational basis do these fools have, for calling me and my husband “elitists”? The elitists in this story sided with King George. They didn’t freeze at Valley Forge. Or lead mule and ox teams through the Wilderness to bring guns from Fort Ticonderoga. Or run the British Naval Blockades to smuggle food and supplies to the besieged people of Boston.There was nothing “elitist” about it, from our side of the conflict.And if any of these idiots bothered to actually read what I have written on the subject of the Brits and the pernicious regularity of finding Brits “at the bottom of every dogpile” or even one of my scathing critiques of the Queen’s Government and the Government of the Lord Mayor, they would realize just how far off the mark they are.If they are “aiming for truth” they need their vision tested so they can see what they are aiming at, because all they are doing is spreading ungrateful, untrue, and unacceptable “guilt by association” garbage worthy of the Masters of Deceit.I don’t have any reason to think that younger Americans have actually studied American History, as it was removed from the Public School Curriculum beginning in 1976, but I do trust that most young people have sense enough to know that The Boston Massacre happened in Boston, and so did The Boston Tea Party.Those who care to look will see that my husband’s relatives were in the Continental Army and fought in the major battles of the Revolution. They will also see that they were neighbors and friends of John Adams.There’s a lot more along all those lines that these men, in their zeal to find someone to blame — other than themselves — seek to avoid, but the truth, the actual truth, will come out.Despite the snowstorm of bull crap coming out of their mouths about the actual people who started the Revolution, fought in the Revolution for eight long years, and who paid for the Revolution in blood and money, the truth still stands.The Belchers were there, in Boston, doing their part for decency and humanity and where, may I ask, were our critic’s relatives? Sunning on a nice flat rock, somewhere in the Mediterranean would be my guess.