Answer WHO’s Bid and Object

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By Anna von Reitz

Right now, the World Health Organization (WHO) is pushing to put a Treaty in place that would allow the WHO to take over the government of all and any countries during a pandemic or other major “health emergency”. 
We have already seen how corrupt and useless the WHO is and how it would be misused for political ends and material pillaging if any such Treaty is allowed. 
Time to get rid of the WHO, not empower it further. 
Americans have never granted any office of government any say in our health issues, public or private.  All of the measures that have been imposed here have been imposed under color of law by renegade commercial corporations that need to be liquidated once and for all. 
So, Peeps, use your Power of the Pen to fully inform both the United Nations Secretary General and the International Court of Justice that this is the case and we won’t be allowing anyone to “represent” us in this matter and cannot be considered to be acquiescing to any action purportedly taken for us by any representatives as we have already spoken to the matter and denied them any authority related to our health as individuals or nation-states. 
Get out your little red marking pens and send Antonio Guterres a Nasty Note and carbon copy the International Court of Justice.  
Send these letters either First Class, or if you can afford it, send via Express Mail. 
The vote is to take place on March first.