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 By Anna Von Reitz

Many people have been asking and have been alarmed by what appears to have been a purposeful, organized attack on our international Land Recording Service (LRS). It has all the earmarks.   The timing of the event also indicates it was largely the brainchild of an insider— someone who manipulated this attack to occur within a very specific time frame.    We are about 25% done with the first round investigation and will report back when the effort is complete.  Meantime, rest assured that your recordings are perfectly safe, still valid, and still searchable.  There will be another International Land Recording System because there has to be one.  Anyone who thought the LRS was “evil” or being used for any bad purpose whatsoever is simply and forever wrong. Anyone who thought the LRS was competing against the LRO is equally wrong.  The actions of these misguided people have cost us dearly, have harmed Brett and his family for absolutely no reason, and have evidently been rooted in paranoia and a desire to control everything.  This is precisely what we are trying to get away from.  Unfortunately, some of us have “become” what they hate and given themselves over to the old habits of evil indoctrination—- right up to and including making mean-spirited, ugly, insulting, and grossly inappropriate calls and text messages celebrating the end of the LRS “as if” the LRS wasn’t even part of our effort.  I am here to tell you that it was part of our overall mission—- a valued and important part that is no longer alive and well because a few wrong-headed individuals took it upon themselves to destroy something they could never build.  Nonetheless, there will be a new version of LRS and it will not be controlled by the States and won’t work with the States until and unless those State Assemblies grow up and realize that we are nonetheless devoted to our States and our country when we recognize that we are part of a larger worldwide community, too.  Thousands of people worldwide had already used the LRS to record their claim to their own homes and land when these Perpetrators interfered.  There are millions upon millions more people still in desperate need of an inexpensive and accessible land recording service, and these have been deprived this much-needed service because we have people in our midst who are so small-minded that they have attacked and defamed the whole LRS team and effort.  Who would resist making this service available to people on a worldwide basis?  People who have the same need to do this as we do?  The only answer I can come up with is a daunting set of prospects: (A) People so hopelessly selfish and xenophobic that they couldn’t stand the thought of someone in another country having the ability to record their land claims; (B) Agents of a foreign government that stands to lose money every time another one of us records our property interests;  (C) Someone who saw the opportunity of providing this service as a Golden Goose and viewed the LRS as a competitor.  At the end of the day, you can’t cut off your toe without harming your foot.   This whole fiasco and the shameful witch hunt against the LRS has harmed our whole effort for over a year now.  I am sorry that it has ended like this, but am more determined than ever to launch a viable Land Recording Service.  Standby for results. 


Anna Maria