By Anna Von Reitz First, the Gubmint steals your credit to bail out banks and insurance corporations.  Second, the banks and insurance companies steal your bank deposits to pay back the Gubmint.  Third, it all comes down to crooks bilking you in your own name.  Crooks who are pretending to “represent” you. Crooks who are impersonating you.  Brace for losing every cent you have deposited in commercial banks and in “equitable” consideration, you will be given shares in the bankrupt bank that stole your deposits.  How’s that for compensation?  You will get more shares based on the size of the deposits you lose.  And this has been advertised since 2010. Did you know you were buying shares in a bankrupt bank?  Did you know your deposits became bank property the moment you walked away with a receipt in your hand?  Did you know you were loaning the bank your home when they offered you a home loan?  All those IRS garnishments were the obligations of the bank? Not yours?  And what about all the investments made in your name?  What became of them?  Your “shares” again?  Naught into naught is naught.  Naught divided by naught is naught.  Every positive number is greater than every negative number.  Every debt creates an equal credit.  Fraud vitiates everything.  Don’t take any wooden nickels and I would not accept any bank shares, either, because the shareholders become responsible for the debts  of the bank.  


Ever heard of the Trojan Horse?  Gifts that kill are all too common to this day.