Blood Money Full Series 1 – 28

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By Anna Von Reitz

First, let’s review what actual money is.

Actual money has value in its own right meaning intrinsic value. Gold has value based on

what it is, so does silver. Coinage made of these metals has intrinsic value as a result, and that value can be determined and unitized based on how much of the metal is used to make the coin, the purity of the metal, and so on. This is called the bullion value.

There is also the face value, which is stamped on the coinage. The two things, bullion value and face value, may or may not be closely associated depending on market fluctuations, inflation, reputation of the issuing authority, and other less tangible factors.

A coin may also have numismatic value, which is its value as a collector’s item. These three values taken together establish the Market Value of a coin.

Any of the other things that we use “as” money, including paper notes and credit cards and bitcoin-type digital currencies, are not money. They are certificates representing actual gold or silver assets held in a repository, or they are notes amounting to “promises to pay” or other forms of Commercial Script. Paper has no significant intrinsic value, so must be “accepted” as having whatever face value is printed on it. The act of accepting it gives it value.

Understandably, people resist accepting “paper for gold” or oil, or silver, or any other actual commodity, and must usually be imposed upon by Legal Tender Laws before they will do so.

The classic example we have just used to describe actual money must be amended somewhat due to the advent of other asset-backed currencies, such as the “Petrodollar”.

The value of such currencies is also “pegged” and related to a unitized value of a specific commodity, such as one gallon of grade A crude oil. There is no theoretical end to the variety of such asset-backed currencies.

We could trade, to a limited extent, in Strawberry Dollars.

In addition to all these commodity-based currencies, there’s “blood money”.

Most Americans recognize this term as being related to bounty-hunting, where a reward is posted for the apprehension of an outlaw. The reward in this instance is called “blood money” as it involves exchanging money for a living (or sometimes dead) body.

Judas’s thirty pieces of silver represent blood money — a reward paid for the “service” of betraying Jesus to the authorities of the day.

These examples, however, may give you the wrong idea that blood money is restricted to these sorts of sordid and specific kinds of performance rewards. In fact, blood money is far more common in other contexts and represents the value of human life energy — that is, the value of your labor, your thoughts, your patents, copyrights, and trademarks, all those “intellectual properties” that are yours by nature — make up another whole trading sector and form of money.

This is because we not only trade money for goods, we trade money for services.

We unitize the value of services much as we unitize the value of gold. We establish hourly wages and minimum wage standards, which then peg in a very general sense, the value of labor being traded for money. A skilled laborer simply commands more of the “units” per hour.

Herr Hitler demonstrated how simple and arbitrary this is, when he famously defined the new post-World War I Deutsche Mark as being equal to either one hour of labor or one loaf of bread. This established the exchange rate of the DM in one stroke, for both commodity purposes (bread) and labor purposes (basic hourly wage).

To the amazement and chagrin of all the money snobs paying attention, it worked like a charm.

German productivity soared and the DM, set free of all the contrived manipulation of the European monetary regulators, soared also. If nothing else, this foray into simplified monetary policy proved that the value of a currency increases to a natural settling point and stabilizes by itself once it is properly defined.

People can have faith in it, because they know, for sure, the value of a Dollar — or a Deutsch Mark, both in terms of trading commodities and trading labor.

Beginning in the 19th century we began bumping into the ceiling of currency values on a worldwide basis. There simply wasn’t enough gold or silver in this world to backstop the burgeoning demand for currency needed to build industry and fuel the demand for infrastructure and government services. Even when they added the value of the blood money — the labor commodities — into the equations, there still wasn’t enough “basis” to issue enough currency.

This demand for money as a commodity coupled with the physical limits of both the trading value of commodities and labor (the “believability” factor) led to the demand for both: (1) extreme exercise of all assets to provide basis for currencies, and (2). credit. Lots of it.

Credit, unlike any form of money — either commodity-based or labor-based blood money — does not exist in the actual world. It has no basis but faith in a future ability to pay, and as we all know, the future does not exist in the present—sic., “good faith and credit”.

This all results in a situation in which we have borrowed the assets of a projected future, including future labor assets, to pay for otherwise insupportable economic expansion today. This, combined with the money commodity rigging scheme known as the Economic Stabilization Fund (ESF) has allowed us to proceed without currency wars that would otherwise naturally erupt as each country battled to preserve its own living standards and more efficiently and completely sell-out future generations in exchange for more comforts and bigger welfare payments today.

It seemed innocent enough at the time. After all, it’s all “in the future” and the future isn’t actual. It’s theoretical. And once we begin dealing in such theory, we have left Earth behind and entered the Never-Never Land, where both Peter Pan and the Land of Oz exist.

This fundamental unreality and the “theoretical” consequence is what drives the increasing disconnection between fact and fiction.

In the construct concocted by Bretton Woods and more recently by the World Economic Forum, average people counted as “citizenry” of each country are born as the carriers of a completely insurmountable debt and exist only as debt slaves. This, while these same people are in fact the owners and possessors of everything of actual value on this planet, including the value of their labor.

The world of monetary theory and future indebtedness in the form of credit has created a head-on collision between fact and fiction, and everywhere you turn, you hear the whispered and horrified refrain, “Somebody’s got to pay for this!”

Let’s begin with the fact that you can’t in-debt something that doesn’t exist, but you can honor credit that is pre-paid.

Blood Money 2

By Anna Von Reitz

Think of it this way — you go to work and exchange your labor (energy and skills) for $2000. You take the $2000 symbolizing the value of the work you contributed to the electric company and deposit this in your account, after having already paid your bill for the month. This creates what? A pre-paid $2000 credit on the account, paid in blood money — your energy, your skills, your time on Earth. Pre-paid credit can be a very tempting thing for bankers. On one hand, it’s pre-paid. It’s standing there on the books as a credit. It has some of the same liability characteristics of any other kind of deposit for a banker, but because its credit the whole picture gets a little stranger and fuzzier.


Think of it this way — if someone deposits ten one-ounce gold Canadian Maple Leaf coins in a bank box in your bank, you are responsible for returning those same coins, unharmed, on demand. While in your “custody”, those coins are a liability for you. You have to keep them safe, provide a vault, a security system, etc., so, how are you to pay for this service?

It used to be that depositors simply agreed to pay a deposit fee — a service fee for the service of safe- keeping someone else’s gold, until the rats, acting under the demand for new sources of money and credit described in the first Blood Money article, began the practice of “fractional reserve banking”.

Under that system, the bank became the title owner of the assets deposited with the bank, and used those assets as the basis of investment capital. Your twenty silver dollars allowed the bank to loan out between 140 and 200 “silver dollars-worth” of credit.

When you add in the interest fees (usury) on the loan of this much credit issued in excess of the asset base, the bank is enabled to generate a very, very handsome profit for the bank on the basis of someone else’s assets —all without any actual risk of bank assets, and without cutting the actual owner of the silver dollars in on the deal.

Heck, that bumpkin, the original depositor, is on vacation in the Poconos and what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right? or so thinks Mr. Banker.

And only one element is needed to make this set up “legal” insurance.

So, the bank needs to insure the original depositor against loss of those silver dollars, and Mr. Banker hires and pays a willing insurance company to do that part of it, out of the profits he is raking in. He also starts insuring his loans for a small fee, to cover those loans that don’t “produce” the anticipated profit.

Okay, this is how all this corruption got started — bankers chiseling to use other people’s assets for their benefit, and “scraping the margins” in collusion with willing insurance brokerages.

And then, unavoidably, the bank regulatory “agencies” and politicians figured out what was going on, but instead of stopping it or regulating it or forcing any full disclosure, they shrugged and said, “Hey, what’s the harm? Dumb Bunny is insured. Where’s our share of the pot?”

The only difference between small banks and big banks in this system is the size of the insurance companies backing this con game and the source of the money they use to back it.

Private insurers have to come up with their own capital to gamble when they back small local banks, but when it comes to Big Business, private insurers can’t hack it, so Uncle Sam, in the form of the Territorial U.S. Congress comes to the rescue and says, “We’ll guarantee the bank’s deposits using Public Money!”

And where does that “public money” come from? Why, lo and behold, it comes from ole Dumb Bunny in the Poconos, who is the source of the asset backing all this loan activity in the first place, and now also paying to insure the banks from any losses resulting from their loan activities, too.

It’s all win-win-win for the bankers and still, ole Dumb Bunny is smiling and trusting and taking it in the shorts, content that at least the assets he has on deposit are safe, and he’s getting a whole 2.3% interest on it.

The bankers are now in the Ultimate Sweet Spot, with the insurance companies and politicians all lined up behind them, milking Dumb Bunny both fore and aft, coming and going, day and night.

They are not only pulling off all this totally outrageous loan activity and the usury profit from it at no expense or risk to themselves but they are getting the depositors, whose assets they are leveraging to do all this in the first place, to pay for their insurance costs!

The bankers and their insurers are totally insulated from any kind of loss and just sitting in the middle of the web like spiders, raking in the profits from their insured ponzi loan scheme.

And where are the politicians we hired to protect ole Dumb Bunny, Joe Public, from this kind of exploitation? Where are all the “Regulatory Agencies” we hired –the SEC, the FBI, the Treasury Agents (Secret Service) and the State Banking Commissions?

All out enjoying a champagne brunch together, slapping each other on the backs, snorting cocaine, thinking that they are sooooo smart and everyone else is sooooo stupid and talking about the gigantic bonuses they will be paid this year for their performance in behalf of their shareholders.

Now, with this firmly in view, go back to our original situation, where you have “overpaid” your account at the electric company, creating a $2000 credit being a Dumb Bunny and having done something so novel as to try to protect yourself from future billings, that credit becomes a “deposit” on the books of the electric company.

And the same thing happens all over again, with this important difference. A credit is immaterial. There is no specific non-fungible deposit liability, just a pre-paid credit to be accounted for on a different ledger the electric company’s ledger.

This makes the Big Bank Rip Off even easier. The electric company banks your credit with their bank, their bank benefits from the fractional reserve system leverage just the same, but this time there is nothing specific to be returned or insured.

For the bank, there is more pure profit to be realized from a pre-paid credit deposit than any other kind of deposit, and balancing the books with pre-paid credit becomes ultimately attractive. So, how to up the number of people clueless and responsible enough to issue pre-paid credits?

Millions upon millions of Americans provide pre-paid credits to the IRS and Internal Revenue Service every year, as well as voluntarily donating a large percentage of their private earnings as a gift. It’s clear that most of them have no income from federal sources, and therefore owe no federal income taxes. There’s no Public Law requiring them to pay. What else could it be, but a gift?

And that is in fact how the IRS/Internal Revenue Service both account for all your non-resident alien contributions as gift and estate taxes.

Many insurance and utility and rental property management organizations do the same thing when they “pre-bill” for a month before providing the service, or insisting that you post a hefty down payment or service deposit see?

They even call it a “deposit” as in “bank deposit” — you simply aren’t thinking of it in those terms. These practices post a constant pre-paid credit on your account, which rolls over month to month to month, generating all sorts of yummy investment capital without any need to insure it for your protection.

And the worst that can happen to the banks, the utility corporations, and property management service companies gouging you? They have to honor your pre-paid credit and cancel out all or part of current billings, or do what the US, INC. recently did declare bankruptcy and throw your pre-payment into the pot along with their other liabilities for discharge.

It’s a good thing your Grandma was looking out for you, but now you have to start looking and thinking for yourselves. None of this is rocket science, but it does demand your attention and action going forward.

Paying for things you don’t owe, like paying for goods and services you haven’t received yet, creates massive uninsured pre-paid credit on your accounts. Counting future liabilities like pensions that won’t pay out for fifty years as current liabilities and deducting them “as if” they were current costs, creates more pre-paid credit. Paying escrows you don’t owe on house mortgages and property taxes you don’t owe, either, generates absolutely massive amounts of pre-paid credit that is all actually owed to you, but which is instead being used by the banks as their investment capital.

All you get is a snide wink and once in a while, someone will say, “Good ole Dumb Bunny we wouldn’t have all this without him.”

Obviously, the politicians you hired have failed you, the regulatory agencies you pay for are a joke, the banks owe you a heap of money and pre-paid credit, too and the insurance companies and securities brokerages that went along with and insured all of this graft deserve a legendary arse whupping. They aren’t going to discipline themselves, so, who is going to do it for them? Now, look at who is coming down the road? Hopping and snorting like a whirling dervish crossed with a fire engine? It’s ole Dumb Bunny, back from his vacation at last! Hello, Philadelphia! Good-bye, Poconos!

Blood Money 3

By Anna Von Reitz

The last couple of days we’ve been going over the different kinds of money and things that substitute for money; these include two forms of asset-backed money— (1) commodity backed money and (2) labor backed money, and commercial script — certificates, bonds, shares, promissory notes, etc.

We learned that in addition to the traditional commodity-backed money, like gold and silver coins, there is labor-backed money, also known as “blood money”, because it is assigned value based on the value of labor, energy, skills, and intellectual property belonging to living people.

Federal Reserve Notes are Blood Money. Millions of Americans misidentified as British Territorial U.S. Citizens have been bonded as indentured servants owned and operated by the British Crown. As part of their servitude, their labor assets and intellectual assets are “bonded”.

This basically means that bonds, known as Birth Certificate Bonds, are issued against the estimated value of their lifetime labor and intellectual property; and, in “equitable exchange”, Federal Reserve Notes equal to the value of these individual bonds are issued and the Serial Numbers on these Federal Reserve Notes are assigned under the name of the victim.

Of course, ole Dumb Bunny is never told a word about this.

Although this is lined out under Public Law 10: Chap. 48, 48 Stat. 112 formerly HJR 192 of June 5, 1933 of 31 U.S.C. 5118(d)(2), the Emergency Banking Relief Act of March 9, 1933, and Public Law 73-1, 48 Stat.1., telling us that all forms of currency are an individual’s credit per Public Policy, PL 73-10, it isn’t actually told to you in words that average people could understand.

It means that you own the currencies, lock, stock, and barrel, and it also means that all the corporations are in your debt.

So your labor and your intellectual assets, your Good Name, your copyrights, your patents, your trademarks, etc., have all been seized upon by the Brits, and sold into indentured servitude to back the Federal Reserve Notes and all other forms of currency– including coupons, stamps, tariffs, taxes, promissory notes, money orders, wire transfers, USD, FRN’s, traffic citations, court cases, digital currencies — you name it, and you are on the hook for it,

It’s your Blood Money that they are using to run their currency system and pay their payrolls, while they have conveniently cashiered away your gold and silver resources for “safe-keeping” in the Philippines and Indonesia and other Ports of Call and blocked your access to this alternative form of commodity-backed money.

They’ve forced you to slave away and bear the entire brunt of supporting their labor- backed currency issues, while blocking your access to your own gold and silver resources. Those resources could have been used to issue a commodity-backed currency, instead, as President Kennedy directed—but they killed him and pushed their filthy “petrodollar” instead. And jacked your energy costs skyhigh as your reward.

A singular labor-backed currency system lets the rats freely manipulate the value of commodities — everything from the value of gold and silver to sow bellies can be “fixed”, and as long as there is no parity or fixed standard for commodity values, it’s perfectly legal to engage in commodity price fixing, because, well, there is no way to determine a price for commodities. (Cough, cough, cough )

Remember what the Queen’s Uncle Adolph did in Germany with the Deutsche Mark? He set up the “commodity standard” and the “labor standard” in one simple stroke —

establishing an exchange rate of 1 DM per loaf of good bread or, alternatively, 1 DM per hour of labor. Both. At once.

What these Vermin have done, is to arbitrarily define and use only a labor standard, so they could put the entire burden of supporting the currency on you, while they artificially rigged the price of commodities everything from shoes to Bob Dole’s pineapple which, of course, has been used to gouge you at the gas station, the grocery store, the post office, and everywhere else.

There was really no need to use Blood Money to front the currencies. There was, instead, a desire to subject you to foreign law, undermine your actual currency the United States Silver Dollar, and pull another fraud scheme involving pre-planned bankruptcy of their Municipal Corporations, claims of abandonment against your actual government, and destructive inflation of fiat currencies attributed to you without your knowledge or consent, to reduce you, good ole Dumb Bunny, to homelessness, poverty and economic collapse.

Meanwhile, they intended to take their “winnings” and repeat this same process in China, using our purloined wealth to buy their way into Beijing, convince the CCP to sell them the Chinese People for the same purposes, and….

The image of Jealousy in Ezekial 14 comes to mind.

It’s like having a leech attached to your back. You can’t see it, but it is sucking you dry nonetheless. And that is what your purported Trustees in international jurisdiction have been doing to you for the past 100 years.

Having been “discovered” and having the DTCC and within DTCC, Cede and Company, identified as the Issuer and Holder, respectively, of the Birth Certificate Bonds that have been used to obtain the Blood Money to do all this — the Holy See has been left holding the bag, and has recently offered to return all the Birth Certificate Bonds that are supporting all the various kinds of currency.

Isn’t that just ducky, Dumb Bunny? We get the paper that enslaves us returned— the instrumentality of the crime against each and every one of us, comes home to the actual American Government, and we, the Victims, are left to sort it out and deal with the situation.

It’s like being given a Pawn Shop Ticket to retrieve our own stolen goods.

And when we walk through the door to claim our stuff, there’s an even odds chance that the police will be there (and still contriving to mistake us for someone else) to claim that we are, somehow, the ones responsible for the Mess and all the abuse that we have suffered and even the theft of our own labor assets.

Color me cynical. Say that I’ve been to too many rodeos. Played too many card games with the Father of All Lies.

Over the years I’ve had many people miss the point in what I am telling them. It somehow sails right over their heads like a helium balloon.

They hear about these bonds and how these bonds have so much value and they immediately think that this is a good thing, and boy, howdy! We are rich! Rich beyond our wildest dreams! Lalalalalah but that’s not what a “bond” is and that’s not what a

bond on your labor implies.

A bond is debt. If it’s a labor bond, you have to work until you pay the debt off. All that “money”? That’s debt money. If you are holding a bond against your own labor worth $400 million, guess what?

On top of that, millions of Americans have been misidentified as British Territorial Citizens and bonded when they were innocent Third Parties not even “eligible” to be bonded in the first place. So all that bonded debt has to be offset and what happens when you do that?

Without the bonds backing the currency the currency loses value like a house on fire, the economies collapse, people starve, wars commence, and so on.

So here we are, victims of a crime, being given the knife that stabbed us. Like Atlas we have the choice of carrying the burden someone else created and laid on us, or, we can use it as a bowling ball, destroy everything, and give the enemies of Mankind what they want anyway.

One apparent step forward is to lean hard enough on the Queen’s Government and the Government of Westminster to secure access to our purloined gold and silver assets and to re-issue a commodity-backed money standard and currency to go with it. That takes pressure off the labor-backed currency and acts like a steam release valve on a pressure cooker.

Careful management of the bonds in a similar gradual release of indebtedness and Debt Relief owed, especially to Americans who never should have been roped into this scheme in the first place, is a second apparent step.

Another sore point and issue with the Queen’s Government and Westminster is the replacement of SERCO as both Paymaster of our Armed Forces and manager of our Patent Office. The US Patent Office has been criminally mismanaged for years, resulting in such travesties as granting Bill Gates a patent on living people used as wi- fi devices.

We suggest that Bill Gates, if he is still alive, be turned into an antenna at the earliest possible opportunity, and that he and the officials at SERCO who approved any such patent “in our names” all be bundled off to a nice padded cell.

Although these and other similar issues may not at first glance appear to address the issue of Blood Money and the ticking currency time bomb, a more careful consideration will prove that they well and truly do contribute to the miasma of enslavement, genocide, pollution, and all the other ills of the modern world.

Key to any permanent solution of the problem is the application of pre-paid credit to gradually discharge debt and to mitigate the harm done to living people and small businesses, the development of new currencies to convert debt-based currencies to credit-based currencies, to consolidate asset-backed monetary standards, to end the exploitive abuse of commodity controls for political purposes and unjust enrichment, and most of all, to finally teach the people of the world what money is, and is not.

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice – 10 April 2021 — Blood Money 4

By Anna Von Reitz

What happens when indentured servitude is not enough to pay the bills of the British Empire? The answer to that question came in 1933: slavery.

This was announced by FDR in his First Inaugural Address— but again, in such veiled terms of art that the General Populace would never recognize his use of the word “consecration” in its religious context, nor his invocation of a “holy cause” either.

What he was telling us, was that the Brits were selling the Municipal citizens of the United States back to the Pope — a message that went over the heads of the audience then, and still does today.

Among those Municipal citizens of the United States were all the United States Corporations that had been formed from 1870 to 1930, a “translation” which was arranged by another bit of legalese known as “the diversity of citizenship clause”, which redefined and expanded the meaning of “US citizen” to include corporations.

This, too, is more international fraud, because the 1870 Corporations Act was fraudulent on the face of it. All corporations formed in this country ever since have been formed in our names, but without the authority to exercise our sovereign right to charter corporations. Thus, all the corporations and corporate “citizens”, too, revert to our ownership, and once again, the Brits and Papists were busy buying, selling, and trading upon assets that never belonged to them, and exercising authorities never assigned to them.

Via the 1933 “New Deal” between our two foreign federal subcontractors, the Pope, acting in his secular guise as Pontiff, acquired Legal Title to all the US Corporations as well as the living, breathing Municipal citizenry — the former plantation slaves, their progeny, the Federal Civil Servants, their dependents, and also any political asylum or welfare seekers.

Legal Title to people? That sounds like slavery, doesn’t it? And so it is.

One of the gobsmackers well-hidden from rank and file Americans is that the Municipal Government never abolished slavery, and the Territorial Government enshrined slavery as a permanent part of its corporate “constitution” via the Bill of Attainder which they published as the Fourteenth Amendment.

In the years leading up to this, the excuse for it was that it was just a cozy little deal between the British King and the Pope designed to collect war reparations; after the 1930-33 round of bankruptcies, a new era of “glorious collusion” opened up, in which the Municipal (Papist) and Territorial (British) Subcontractors agreed among themselves to join forces under The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States.

The Municipal citizens of the United States had always been considered assets of the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) —property and chattel thereof. And this was allowed because the Municipal Government acting as the independent, international city-state of Washington, DC, allowed slavery. After 1920, the Brits got in on the act, doing the same basic thing by redefining their own indentured servants, the British U.S. Citizens, as Dual Citizens of the Municipal Government. The game was on. They simply entrapped all the unwary Americans, redefined everyone as a Dual Federal Citizen, and split the take.

The British courts prosecute the victims as Municipal citizens, and the Municipal COURTS prosecute them as British Territorial U.S. Citizens. This Double-Ended Impersonation scheme is a crime of fraud and personation being employed on an unimaginable scale.

The Municipal Government got the Equitable Title to the new slaves, and the British Government got the Legal Title, which they handed over to Westminster for administration.

The Americans who were never told a word about any of this, sailed on unaware of all the flagrant lies being told about them and about their purportedly “absent” government.

Via this constructive fraud and political identity theft scheme, the Proper Names of millions of Americans were latched upon under conditions of deceit and non- disclosure, and copyrighted by the British Crown Corporation.

One of the principal parts of the scheme was to back the currency system using the labor and intellectual property of the Americans, including the fiat Federal Reserve Notes. The removal of the silver and gold standards then allowed a free hand for commodity rigging — including the ability to rig the money commodities themselves.

As noted yesterday, you can’t commit a crime of commodity rigging, if the values of all commodities are unknown for lack of a standard.

Another principal part of this fraud was to seize upon the private property and assets of the Americans under the pretense that they were Municipal citizens of the United States — criminals and “prizes” subject to the Fourteenth Amendment. Without our government acting to record the political status of our people, the Brits were free to “presume” what they liked — and so they did — liberally presuming that every American they saw was a Municipal citizen of the United States and subjecting them to the foreign law of their King’s Equity, meaning that everything belongs to the King and the privateers he employs as Hired Jurists are entitled to a cut of the profits.

In truth and in fact this is a gross Breach of Trust, International Treaty, and commercial contract, a contract from which the British Principals have continued to benefit themselves and claim authority from — the actual Territorial Constitution: The Constitution of the United States of America.

This famous agreement is the Supreme Law of the Land, which all British “sailors”

–including those who wear wigs — are obligated to honor, yet they have been in violation of Article VI, Article IV, and Amendment XI with regard to their treatment of Americans for decades, and they have evaded their obligations by deliberate falsification of records, forced enrollments, unconscionable contracts, and other illegal activities on our shores.

Here’s an example of the viewpoint and assumptions of the British BAR Privateers forwarded to me this morning from a BAR Attorney in Tennessee:

“You may try to void all debts but I have the pirate booty, and that is in estate furtura en absentia abstracto and therefore is outside the realm of reason. All currency is gold and no fiat money accepted as it is worthless and should be forwarded with haste to avoid the intemperate stain of the U.S. illegal tender.

Your offer is now half revoked and half revived with the revived portion transferred to the real person in being, Bill Lee, and not the false de jure person Governor Bill Lee.

This is done with all appurtenances and hereditaments there and two belonging or in any way pertaining into the said trustee, it’s successors or assignees and fee simple forever.”

So let’s examine this piece of self-interested doggerel offered by an actual Privateer engaged in his “trade” on our soil in contravention of Treaty, Constitution, and Commercial Contract.

Who is he privateering for? For the Governor of Tennessee but, in his private


The Privateer has no respect for the Office, that is, the Person, of “Governor Bill Lee” but instead insists that the interest in the estate that he has latched onto vests in Bill Lee in his private capacity as a “real” (that is, “royal”) “person-in- being” — in other words, as a Subject of the Queen.

So, ultimately, he’s a British Privateer working for the Queen, and funneling the Queen’s share of the illegal takings through Bill Lee, a British Subject, who just happens to occupy the Governor’s Office in Tennessee.

If pushed, Mr. Bill will explain that he’s, well, the Territorial Governor and that the Territorial Government is “standing in” for us while we, Americans, are supposedly Missing in Action, Absent, in Interregnum. until now, when you can clearly see that we are wide awake and very much present and accounted for.

This whole scenario painted by the Privateer makes no sense at all, until you remember that the Territorial U.S. Congress acting on February 2, 1871, Third Session, Chapters 62, 63, 64, 65

claimed to be the “successor” of all “United States corporations” and the property of all said corporations. And then combine that with the information provided above, concerning the inclusion of corporations as citizenry of the United States under the so-called Diversity Clause.

Here is what happens in actual life the British Territorial thugs operating under

color of law, grab a clueless American off the street, press-gang him on paper, remove him to international jurisdiction, impersonate him as a corporation, and define that corporation as a Municipal citizen of the United States so that they can claim to own “him” as property a slave.

They made so much money doing this that in 1921, they institutionalized it, so that they started stealing our identities while we are still babies in our cribs and applying the same roster of criminal acts to us– kidnapping, press-ganging, impersonation, unlawful conversion, and enslavement.

Governor Bill is a Brit Subject occupying an American “de jure” office, just like a cuckoo bird occupying a nest that doesn’t belong to him. Put simply, he’s the Bag Man for the Queen and has no right or reason to be occupying an American Public Office. He’s impersonating an American Governor, and that is a crime under our Public Law.

And the same pattern repeats in all the other States.

The Privateer member of the British Bar is feeding Bill Lee the loot (minus a hefty reward commission for himself, of course) obtained from prosecuting the innocent American Populace under these absurd and vicious constructive fraud schemes and calling his Boss, Bill Lee, the trustee.

Trustee of what?

He’s the trustee of the British Territorial Foreign Situs Trust that they created in the name of “John Allen Parker” an American baby, in order to impersonate that American baby, and subject him under British law in contravention of The Constitution of the United States of America.

They’ve been busily kidnapping, press-ganging, and removing American babies from their native land and soil, with nobody being the wiser. The fraud, identity theft, and impersonation is all accomplished on paper without the victim’s knowledge, participation or knowing consent.

The same little Gravy Train is happening in all the other States and has been since 1868. These men and women are all engaged in criminal acts in contravention of our Public Law and International Law, too.

Next, let’s look at the Latin phrases and claims that the Privateer makes about the “pirate booty”.

The Latin quoted by the Privateer is from a commentary by Thomas Aquinas on Galatians 3:13, which is in turn describing how Christ set us free from the curse of the Law by becoming accursed himself. It’s a backhanded apology for acting as the devil’s henchman and dealing in lies and accusing the American victim of

being a pirate (Municipal citizen of the United States) while engaging in piracy himself.

More generally, he, the British Bar Attorney, operating as a Privateer under Color of Law on our shores is referring to “Durante Absentia” a Latin phrase meaning “during absence” and refers to the administration of an estate in the absence of an executor. And this is connected to the purported absence of our government, which has been here, defrauded and misinformed by our employees, the entire time.

All Americans and their estates are naturally outside the jurisdiction of the British courts, so they drag the impersonated American estate into their jurisdiction by the illegal and unlawful means described above.

They then appoint one of their own court officers as an administrator durante absentia and pillage the foreign estate in the absence of the actual, lawful executor. This is the land-version of salvage at sea, which is why he refers to the “pirate booty”.

The Privateer has been appointed to act as administrator durante absentia, by a state-of-state “court” and based on this authority assumed under color of law, he pretends to have the power of life and death over his American slave and ownership of all the American assets and he does this in front of a living man who is actually his Employer, a man who is owed his good faith and service, and this is done, moreover, while standing on the land and soil of this country, in violation of our Constitutions, and while pretending that our government is “absent”.

Finally, note that the Privateer is attempting to solicit a bribe purportedly payable to Bill Lee via a CashAp transaction, and advocating this, even though it’s “worthless” and not “currency” to avoid the “taint” of U.S. dollars.

This is especially offensive and ironic, not only because of the bribery, but because the British Territorial Government is responsible for purloining the gold and silver belonging to Americans and moving it all offshore to locations in the Philippines, Indonesia, and elsewhere for “safekeeping” — and also responsible, therefore, for denying Americans access to their own precious metals and preventing the issuance of both a commodity-backed monetary standard and a precious metals backed currency.

This is being reported to The International Court of Justice for prosecution of the rogue governments promoting this Great Fraud, the corporations implementing it, and for the specific investigation of William Byron Lee, also known as Bill Lee of Franklin, Tennessee, and as Governor Bill Lee, and the Madison County Court in Tennessee which is, self-evidently, engaged in human trafficking, personage, barratry, and other crimes including usurpation against the lawful government of Tennessee and The Tennessee Assembly which is now in Session. Also for prosecution of the Administrators Durante Absentia appointed by the Madison County Court — all of whom are acting as Executors de Son Tort, all of whom are acting as unlicensed privateers and undeclared Foreign Agents on our shores.

This is only one particularly galling example of human trafficking, personage crimes and barratry, improper probate administration, probate fraud, pillaging, inland piracy, conspiracy against the constitutions of this country, evasion of contractual obligations, bad faith, fraud, racketeering under color of law, illegal mercenary activities on our soil, impersonation of American Public Officials, usurpation, unlawful conversion, violation of The Constitution of the United States of America, Article VI, IV, and Amendment XI, trespass upon our land and soil, armed robbery under color of law, impersonation of lawful court officials, and violation of both the Geneva and Hague Conventions.

The filthy mis-administration of these courts by the British Crown and by the Municipal United States must be brought to an end, together with the False Legal Presumptions promoted by these secondary subcontractors. The Principals must be held to account and our assets must be returned to our own control without further misunderstanding or excuse. We rely upon the goodwill of the court and the international community to prevail upon the rogue interests responsible.

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice — 11 April 2021 — Blood Money 5

By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday we described the particulars of the fraud and Breach of Trust that has been committed against every American by their own employees— a fraud and Breach of Trust that ultimately results in Americans being mischaracterized as things and treated as slaves by people who are literally taking their paychecks out of our pockets.

We are not alone. Many other countries are faced with the same dilemma. The servants have styled themselves the masters and used the instruments of government and the privileges of government to enrich and empower themselves, at the expense of those they are hired to protect.

They even entertain the fantasy that their resources are not confined to the present generation, and that they have the power to indebt their employer’s children far into the future.

This fraud and Breach of Trust has been created and implemented by the Government of Westminster and the Inns of Court organizations located in the Inner City of London and the members of the Temple Bar.

Our American tradition is to tolerate religions and to offer religious freedom to all. We do not believe in governmental interference in religious matters, but when an occult religion causes its members to snatch children for use as sacrifices and harvests their blood to create addictive drugs, a line must be drawn and action taken. When they use sophistry to create an entire culture built on lies, and try to enforce their fantasy on others, it is time to act.

It is perhaps strange to think that such an ancient and profane religion has gained ground in the halls of academia, in the world governments, and in the professions, but this religion pretends to offer what many people in these occupations want — enlightenment, wealth, and political power. So they are drawn in, like moths to flame and nowhere is this more apparent than in the legal profession and the Inner City of London, which has served not only as the center of the worldwide money cult, but also the last official bastion of the Temple of Baphomet.

When evaluating the current circumstance we must observe that there is a long association of the legal profession with this religion going back to ancient times. The Galli were priests of this religion who came to Rome via Turkey in the Second Century B.C.E. and promptly became tax collectors for Rome. They were distinguished by their hooded black robes and by bleaching their hair white, a tradition carried on by British Barristers who wear black robes and white wigs to this day.

The black robes were also adopted by the Inquisition.

As recently as last century, apprentice attorneys in Scotland were called “devils” and received professional-level instruction on how to lie.

This religion also has a long association with sailors and the sea, and it was always popular among pirates. It’s practice by sailors and pirates led to it being dispersed worldwide, and it has continued to have a following in the ranks of the world’s Naval Forces to this hour. .Adherents of this cult have greatly influenced the Law of Admiralty — “for behold, Satan is cast down into the sea” — and British Maritime Law, too.

Given this history it is easier to see why the first social and cultural institutions to be undermined and misdirected by the followers of this cult are the courts, the banks, and the Navy. The same thing happened in Babylon, Greece, Persia, Carthage, Rome, Phoenicia, Spain, and now England and throughout the English- speaking world.

In every case, the same plot-line is followed and the attack comes from the same sources — the lawyers, bankers, and naval officers, who are supposed to be serving the nations they are in fact plundering. When they have pushed things too far and the backlash is coming, they move on like parasites to the next host nation — in this case, to China.

It’s time to haul this darkness out into the light — the actual light — and deal with it in the open, once and for all, so that all the people of the world can finally recognize what The Problem is, and deal with it. We believe that once this is done, the Bogey Man will be revealed as nothing more than a coordinated effort by criminals to gain wealth and power, not much more sophisticated than any other garden variety fraud scheme, simply carried out on a vast scale and owed an equally vast international response.

We have already explained how the Federal Reserve Note was created as a “blood money” currency based on the labor and intellectual property rights of living people, and we have touched upon part of the reason why the mostly British Masterminds in charge of the Great Fraud both removed our American gold and silver from our shores and deliberately undermined the commodity-based monetary standards so as to expedite risk-free commodity rigging opportunities for the governments, agencies, and financial institutions involved.

Now that you can see how the “land of the free” was converted into the “land of the slaves” by guile and Breach of Trust by the Government of Westminster and its minions, the many members of the “legal societies” and Hired Jurists employed by the British Monarch, all acting under the influence of the old Babylonian money cult — you can also see the pattern of abuse and motives giving rise to the tragedy unfolding on our Southern Border.

This crisis should be of eminent concern to the court and to the people of the world, if only because it so tragically demonstrates the end result of commercial self-interest co-mingling with governmental policies, and all resulting in death, chaos, and destruction for innocent living people.

The Municipal Corporation implementing the policies of the Municipal Government of the United States is designed to create overwhelming and “eternal” debt on purpose. It creates this debt by never actually paying its bills, and instead advancing itself through the abuse of credit and issuance of currency based on the credit of others.

To keep this scam running requires that they either constantly increase the number of new “citizens” they can latch onto as property, or constantly decrease the number of their current priority creditors— those same citizens acting in their private capacity as mechanics, farmers, school teachers, and so on.

You will remember that in the example given yesterday, one of the actual Privateers responsible for implementing this system, admitted that the “Person” of Governor Bill Lee was despised as a debtor and non-entity, but the royal Subject, Bill Lee, was the creditor — that is, the Queen was the creditor in his mind.

However, the Queen —in this country— is a service provider and trustee, not the sovereign in whom all rights, titles, and interests are vested. That role belongs to the American States and People, who have been deliberately defrauded and impersonated in gross Breach of Trust and violation of Commercial Contract, by the Queen’s Government and the Government of Westminster working hand-in- hand, with support and collusion since 1937 by the Vatican City State and Municipal United States Government.

Cast your eyes now to the Southern Border of The United States — not “the” United States, which has no border. More than a million people in Central and South America are on the move, and most of them think that they are coming to America, the land of freedom and milk and honey, where there is food for everyone and everyone has their own house and a car but when they get here, they are greeted instead by “the US” a filthy, misdirected, corrupt, profit-

driven “governmental services provider” intent on capturing their living flesh and registering them and their assets as property belonging to The Company.

That’s why Joe Biden has an “Open Doors Policy”.

It has nothing to do with offering these people an opportunity for a better life and it certainly has nothing to do with freedom. It has to do with the per capita “value gain” of rebranding a Honduran as a citizen of the United States. Our cows are prime property and get top dollar in the marketplace— Honduran cows not so much, but rebrand them and pass them off as American cows, and they are suddenly worth hundreds of times more than they were on the other side of the border.

Simple economics, but false advertising, and all as illegal, immoral, and unlawful as any level of Hell.

We call upon The International Court of Justice and all the other assembled nations of the world to look —- really look at what is going on here. A self-interested European commercial corporation pretending to be our government is “opening up” our Southern Border to expedite the human trafficking and enslavement of potentially millions of people.

That is what is actually going on here, and it is all being done under conditions of non-disclosure and fraud. If those people from Mexico and Central America had any idea that they were being solicited to act as debt slaves, would they come here and send thousands of their innocent children through the noxious polluted waters of the Rio Grande, thinking that they are sending them to a better life?

While purportedly standing tall for “human rights” the lesser courts of Europe acting as non-judicial tribunals, have all gone along with plans to forcibly vaccinate the entire population of European countries an action which will in a few short years lead to the deaths of millions of Europeans who have the right to expect good faith service from their Hired Jurists, but those same Jurists are being misdirected by the scum in Westminster and Rome and Vatican City, Bern and Monaco and “DC” who are trying to juggle the books once again.

Remember, to keep their Uber Ponzi Scheme going, they have to constantly recruit new “citizens”, seize the assets of these innocent people, “securitize” these assets, and use these assets as collateral backing their own credit. The process is no different than the identity theft and unjust enrichment practiced by a credit card hacker. And if they can’t lie, cheat, steal, defraud, impersonate, and traffic enough people into their scheme, it all falls apart.

Then they are obliged to fall back to Plan B, and start another World War and kill off millions of their creditors, which Joe Biden and his Media Conspirators are pumping up in the background, too. It’s not enough to maim and poison and sterilize people via nanotech, they are trying to prepare the American Public for war against China, war against Iraq, war against Ukraine.

And for what? Bad ideas come home to roost?

It is past time for all of this to stop and for the Perpetrators to be brought to justice. The actual Government of the American States and People is alive and well despite the self-interested lies of our federal subcontractors and their instrumentalities which are being run as commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services.

All corporations formed in this country since 1870 have been improperly formed and as they have been formed in our names and via the unauthorized exercise of our sovereign ability to charter such organizations, their correction and administration and ownership does ultimately fall to us and we are willing to make the necessary corrections but we are at a loss to deal with the colluding corporations that have been formed outside of this country and those which exist as trans-national corporations, which are operating within our borders as criminal enterprises.

We rely upon the High Courts to recognize the clear and present danger that these criminal activities and the organizations supporting them cause, and we have accordingly addressed The International Court of Justice, the Vatican Chancery Court, and the Court of the Lord High Steward to investigate, prosecute, and correct those corporations operating in international and global venues, that have engaged in the unlawful securitization of living flesh, in human trafficking and unlawful conversion of assets, impersonation and barratry, and all the other evils that accompany the Double-Ended Impersonation Scheme which has been employed to create the worldwide appearance of insurmountable debt which is owed, largely but not entirely, to the American People in the form of pre-paid credit.

We call upon the other nations that stand in need of debt amnesty and forgiveness to lift their heads and rally and realize that we only contribute to this criminality by allowing ourselves to be manipulated into wars that profit the same Vermin responsible for this. This is not about politics, religion or race; it is strictly and explicitly about organized crime and criminal activities taking place in international jurisdiction crimes and activities that require international action

to stop and to address.

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice — Blood Money 6 –The Military Quandary

By Anna Von Reitz

The military is having trouble discerning who they actually work for — the Pope, the Queen, the Lord Mayor, or us?

The answer is surprisingly complex, but it all boils down to: they ultimately work for us.

The Queen and Lord Mayor have inserted themselves in the middle and taken control by acting as their Paymaster in our purported “absence”, which is why SERCO, Inc., a British Corporation associated with MI6 and the “Senior Executive Service” — SES, has been cutting their checks.

Please note that the U.S. Territorial Government was never granted any authority to do this, and it has been done under pretext of “emergency powers” that don’t exist.

Please also notice that with our appearance and coming into Session, there is no excuse for continued Territorial over-reach and assumption of control of any function not specifically delegated to them under their constitutional agreement. We have objected to the Queen and Lord Mayor exercising control over our military payroll and have also objected to them assuming free access to our credit for purposes never agreed to, while failing to honor their contractual obligations in other regards — such as securing our Southern Border, which clearly is their responsibility.

Of course, there is the issue that without fulfilling their obligations, they are not only in Breach of Trust, but in Breach of Commercial Service Contract, which places the default and the cost of all this firmly on them, and which also means that they have to meet the military payroll out of their own funds and show themselves as the brutes and bullies behind “American” aggression and the “US” military the whole time.

Essentially, they have been using our troops and sailors as mercenaries, using our natural resources and land assets to fund their war-mongering for profit, and using a “presumed” custodial interest in our assets to do it.

Now we are back and our actual American Government is in Session, and all of this so-called “mischief” has been unearthed and documented, much to our displeasure.

We doubt very much that the rest of the world will be happy with the prospect of them continuing this same game via the misuse and abuse of the Chinese people as cheap mercenaries.

The discovery of their mis-administration and criminal activities in this country and “on behalf” of this country — purportedly makes their overtures to China to become the world’s new policemen for them and their corporations a more apparent clear and present danger to all concerned.

We are all faced with the prospect of the military here being out of a job, our country being betrayed in front of the rest of the world (including our Allies in Russia) and everyone being bullied and beat up by Chinese instead of “American” troops all at the behest of the British Crown Corp, the UN Corp, and the Queen.

So, if the military, both the old DOD and the Territorial contingent, wish to have jobs and purposes in the future, they need to realize who they work for: the American States and People. And they need to come home and talk to their actual employers.

And the Queen and the Lord Mayor need to have some of their more nefarious profit-making and coercion mechanisms examined by the rest of the world, just as the other nations examined their perfidy in India and forced them to make correction and function within the Public Law and the International Law which allows the existence and functioning of their corporations.

It’s more than past time for the Pope, who in the end, is responsible for this entire boondoggle, to examine the treaties allowing the Inner City of London to exist and also the incorporation franchise that allows the British Crown Corp and the UN Corp (founded by Vichy French war criminals) to exist.

And as for the Pope and both the administration of the Municipal Government and the former Commonwealth Government being administered as a “temporary” Territorial Government here, in Australia, in Britain, in Ireland, in Scotland, in Wales, in Canada, in New Zealand, and elsewhere please note the following laws pertaining to the parish law, which is synonymous with the district law of the District of Columbia, and the institution of their “District Assemblies” which are being improperly substituted for our State Assemblies, and usurping upon our authority and function.

Godwin v. Lunon, 1771 Va. LEXIS 1: “Act of Assembly 1748, copied from Act of 1705 — Jurisdiction of the General Court — Ecclesiastical visitation and deprivation are no parts of the “office” of an ecclesiastical judge “

Bear in mind that “districts” equal “parishes” and that Municipal Magistrates, that is, ecclesiastical judges operating in Municipal Districts have been used to seize upon and confiscate the assets of their American Employers, at the same time as former-Commonwealth but now Territorial District Judges have done the same thing in “United States” District Courts.

The Pope and the Queen/Lord Mayor have been abusing the Ecclesiastical Courts to commit inland piracy against their clueless American Employers and right under the noses of our military the entire time that this has been going on.

3 Burn’s Ecclesiastical Law, 58.

Penalties of a premunire — forfeiture of properly — for outlawry resulting in perpetual imprisonment of the “person” which results in a Bill of Attainder like the so-called “Fourteenth Amendment” which is outlawed with respect to all Americans in this country by Title IV of both The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America have been liberally applied to Americans in Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract by these same “district” courts and their officers.

See Outlawry for Felony — 1 US 86 (1784) 16 R.S. 2 Temporal cognisance/temporal law.

Act of Assembly 1661 – Act of 1696

The parishioners are indeed the “Persons” ordered to furnish the money– that is, the Municipal citizens of the United States and US CORPORATIONS denoted as “citizens” under the diversity of citizenship clause but the erection of the parishes, that is, districts, and the gift of a salary or stipend, or in other words, the foundation and endowment of “the church”, is the Act of the Legislature —- meaning the foreign state-of-state legislature in this case.

They direct an “officer” in this case, a Hired Jurist or Agent, as in IRS Agent,

operating under color of law — to levy sixteen thousand pounds of tobacco (in this Act) on the titheable — that is, taxable “Persons” of the parish/district. As soon as this money is converted and in hand, it become the money of the public. See Act of 1711, c. 2, (1829 edition).

Camp v. Lockwood, 1 US 393, Pennsylvania, 1788 Restitution of Estates and

properties already confiscated as a result of The War of Independence:

As to the Restitution of Estates already confiscated, it is not required by treaty of peace between the United States — that is the Company and Great Britain to be done, even as to real British Subjects.

(HN3) A Treaty is just as much a law of the Land as an Act of Congress.

So, property confiscated prior to 1783 does not need to be returned to the prior owners, even if those owners were British Subjects, because the Treaty of Paris concluded in 1783 between the Municipal “United States” and the British King did not include any such provision as part of the settlement.

Crane v Reeder, 25 Michigan 303 (1872) under Jay’s Treaty of 1794: a Delinquent subject is an attainted traitor, referring back to the obligation of the British Subjects and Municipal subjects to pay war reparations.

332 Michigan 237 — a bill of attainder is a legislative, also known as a police

act— which comes under the authority of Article 1 Courts which inflict punishment without judicial trial.

As you can see by reading the so-called Fourteenth Amendment to the “constitution” published by the Scottish commercial corporation usurping upon our Good Name and Identity in 1868 and operating as The United States of America, Incorporated, the Municipal citizenry of the United States were subjected to exactly such a foreign Bill of Attainder.

The problem is that the Pope’s two incorporated instrumentalities have colluded together to deliberately misidentify Americans as Municipal citizens, and have knowingly prosecuted them as such under False Legal Presumptions in his own parish/district courts, despite the fact that Article IV of both The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America explicitly forbids this activity on our soil.

As more confirmation of this, you will note the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure published by these courts stipulate an “an appearance of justice” — not actual justice, so that this becomes an admission that these courts have knowingly been operating under color of law on our soil, in violation of our treaties and our Public Law and our Constitutions allowing these purveyors of “essential government services” on our soil.

Jackson v Sands, 2 Johns.Cas. 267 (1801) (HN6) regarding Immediate (meaning Instant Action) attainders by legislative acts. See also, Jackson v Vatlin, 2 Johns. 248 (1807) and Act of Attainder October 22, 1779 and Act of May 22, 1722 Subsection 8, 1 Dall.185 establishing Commissioners of Forfeitures.

Ware v Hylton, 3 US 199, (1796)

(HN5) Confiscation Laws of 1777 — Two citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia (Wards of the Commonwealth being administered by the British Crown Government) were not indebted to a Subject of Great Britain where the eminent domain of Virginia was confined to “internal affairs” and the property of the debt was not within the limits of its territory. Territory refers to the Territorial Government domain.

(HN7) Justice is the right to reimburse the expense of an unjust war. See also Settlement at the Appomattox Courthouse in 1886.

The various rules that allow Bills of Attainder to be issued by foreign governments against their own foreign citizenry living in this country or against the citizenry of other foreign service providers living in this country based on treaties, don’t apply to Americans.

In fact, Americans are specifically exempt and excluded from and protected from such Bills of Attainder by Article IV of both The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America and nonetheless, the two instrumentalities of the Pope and the Queen/Lord Mayor, have knowingly colluded against their employers in Gross Breach of Trust, Treaty, and Service Contract to “latch” onto millions of Americans and purposefully mischaracterized them to be subject to such Bills of Attainder and subject to two kinds of Ecclesiastical parish/district courts for the purpose of defrauding them, confiscating their property assets under False Legal Presumptions, human trafficking them into foreign jurisdictions and allowing foreign courts to mis-address them to expedite these known international crimes of personage, barratry, inland piracy, press- ganging, conspiracy to evade their constitutional obligations, and unlawful conversion of assets.

All the above definitions and case citations are important, as well as the two “federal” Constitutions cited, to form a correct picture of the circumstance that the criminals used to take advantage of their Employers under color of law and in violation of both the Hague and Geneva Conventions.

Simply by establishing unconscionable “birth registrations” and registrations of other private property while acting under color of law, the criminals responsible could unjustly enrich themselves in the same way that any identify thief does in this case, by impersonating their victims as foreign citizenry subject to Bills of Attainder, pretending a subject matter jurisdiction based on this fraud in the victim’s assets, then using the purloined assets as collateral for issuance of credit, running up debts in the names of the victims, and then using coercive force to collect the phony debt from the victims in their foreign parish/district courts.

While these courts and foreign governments have always had the right to establish Bills of Attainder on their own citizenry and the citizenry of foreign governments under treaties, they are specifically and explicitly forbidden to apply any such legislative measures to Americans.

Rather than abide by this simple constitutional mandate, they have deliberately entrapped their employers in adhesion contracts of various kinds while acting under color of law “as” the government acting under delegated power, and have thus presumed upon their American employers and misaddressed them,

shanghaied them into foreign jurisdictions, and subjected them to foreign courts when no such action was ever necessary and cannot be justified.

The Perpetrators of this vicious scheme will argue that they were faced with an “emergency” and had to claim and exercise “emergency powers” because the American State-of-State organizations and the Federal Republic were both inoperable after the Civil War, but the actual States of the Union and their unincorporated Federation of States were not involved in the Civil War and were perfectly intact in 1865.

The Public here was simply never informed by traitors occupying seats in the Territorial U.S. Congress, and the then-State Assemblies were deliberately misinformed and coerced to create new State-of-State Constitutions that allowed British Territorial business organizations to slide like cuckoo-birds into a nest that never belonged to them, and to assume service contracts and positions of control that were never knowingly and with full disclosure granted to them by the American States and People.

They only succeeded in this subterfuge against their employers via the use of constructive fraud, semantic deceits based on similar names, and mis-applying their delegated powers of government under color of law.

No “emergency” ever existed in fact, as the Federation of States is the Delegator of all the powers delegated under all Federal Constitutions, and those powers that were left hanging by the collapse of the Confederation providing oversight to the American Federal Republic reverted to the Federation by Operation of Law. All that needed to happen in 1865 is for the Employers, the American States and People, to be fully informed by their Employees.

We could have all been spared the Spanish American War, the First World War, the Second World War, and innumerable war-for-profit conflicts including Korea and Vietnam, Iraq I and II, and so much more pillaging, grief, and suffering, if our Employees had simply done their duty by us and the Principals responsible for the misdirection of those Employees had honorably discharged their treaty and contractual obligations to us.

So now we come before the nations of the world and the people of the world and the High Courts established to deal with such matters, and we ask for the unified and universal action required to restrain rogue corporations and Principals operating crime syndicates in our midst.

We sue for the peaceable return of all our purloined assets, including the Labor Bonds that were used to falsely indebt our people and which establish both the US Debt and, on the flip side, the American National Credit. We sue for the peaceable return and release of all foreign titles taken to our land and our land assets by the Queen and the British Crown. We sue for the return of our purloined state offices from the United Nations Organization, noting that Jimmy Carter could not give them what was never his to give. We sue for the return of our Title IV Flag entrusted to the British Territorial United States. We sue for the return of control and non-custodial ownership of our gold and silver which was removed “offshore” for safekeeping beginning in the 1870’s. We sue for the instant and immediate cessation of all commercial warfare on our shores being promulgated by any corporation chartered by any nation at all, including those chartered “for” us in abuse of our sovereign powers. We sue for the international recognition which is ours by Nature, and for the peaceful resolution of these issues.

The International Court of Justice, the Vatican Chancery Court, and the Court of the Lord High Steward are all invoked.

If we, the defenders and keepers of all actual law, and the people of the nations of the world, stand together for justice and for peace, there is no office accorded to Man or Human which can prevail against the will of the living. Let us all choose to act in the only moment that does exist, that moment called “now”– and let us act in our common defense against charlatans, liars, con men, bullies, and other species of banal criminals who seek to attain by guile what they cannot wrest by force of arms or moral persuasion.

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice — Blood Money 7

By Anna Von Reitz

People often assume that the “fiat” currencies are worthless and not backed by actual assets, but they are.

These currencies are backed by the value of labor, services, patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property. We call them “blood money” because they derive their value from the attributes of living people, from our energy, our skills, our labor, our inventions, our performances, our talents, etc.

So, everyone needs to stop this idea that the fiat currencies are worthless. The truth is that they are of great value. The further truth is that they were constructed via the use of deceit and fraud to capture their value.

People did not knowingly and willingly line up and agree to donate these assets of theirs for the benefit of any corporation in the business of providing them with governmental services, and therefore did not enter into a “private tax agreement” with the Holy See or the Vatican or any other entity including the REPUBLIC OF ITALY. That is the rub.

At this point, the Perpetrators of this scheme to “latch onto” the value of our intellectual and energetic property assets have racked up a huge deficit, as they took advantage of the credit they established for themselves based on our intellectual and energetic property assets, and never paid anything back.

The way that a Debt/Credit Monetary System is supposed to work is as a Zero Sum System. When you exchange a debt in the form of a promissory note (fiat money) for actual goods or services, you immediately establish an answering credit in the same amount.

Think about what happens when you give your friend, Alphonse, a promise to pay for a plate of food. He receives your promise to pay, and you receive the food. It’s a “zero sum” transaction, as both elements, the promise and the food, are assumed to be of equal value or you wouldn’t make the trade.

Of course, in real life, this “voluntary” trade of goods and services for paper promises to pay in the future is often coerced via the use of Legal Tender Laws, which were imposed throughout most of the world in the 1930’s. We forget that the USA, Inc., was not the only major “national corporation” to go bankrupt at the same time. The G5 were all in the same boat and went bankrupt by treaty which was arranged at the Geneva Conventions of 1930 and signed off on in May of that year. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the American Delegate who signed off on behalf of the USA, Inc.

Legal Tender Laws abuse the powers of government to force people to accept debt notes in lieu of any actual payment for their goods and services. Legal Tender Laws are fundamentally coercive and illegal, which is why those same governments all had to provide remedy for those of us who would not voluntarily accept this unequal exchange. In America, we have to “denominate” our financial transactions to be done in “lawful money” or we are presumed to agree with the Federal Reserve plan and to “pledge” ourselves and our assets in its support.

None of this was ever explained to anyone. No explicit instructions about how this is supposed to work or what you need to do to escape these evils is ever given.

Through induced ignorance, millions of people are thus defrauded for the benefit of who? The bankers, the attorneys who set up this system, and most of all, the Robber Barons and corporations including the governmental services corporations, that hatched this scheme.

In such a system, the energy and power of the entire country is funneled to benefit the corporations by giving them tax breaks and transferring their debts onto the backs of the common people. The banks, meanwhile, are allowed to continue to operate, as is the REPUBLIC OF ITALY —- as noted as bankrupt entities, so that they have no risk or accountability for their part in this criminal madness. Their debts and liability, too, are simply passed off and on to the same “voluntary” taxpayers.

At the point that the taxpayers get seriously annoyed and revolt, there is a problem, but if it’s just a few people they may be jailed under the false presumption that they pledged themselves and their assets in support of the fiat currency and are contractually obligated to pay or, if they are well-enough connected, they may simply be shown the remedy provided to excuse this practice in the first place, patted on the head, and sent home.

Essentially, they buy off the rich and famous by providing remedy under “Non- Disclosure Agreements” and keep the sheeple enslaved as “voluntary taxpayers”. In this way, the rich naturally get richer, and the poor get poorer, simply because the rich and knowledgeable don’t pay taxes and don’t keep fiat money in their accounts even though they appear to do so. Only the bank knows which clients denominate their transactions in lawful money and which ones don’t.

Now that you know the short history of this travesty, which has been implemented worldwide, you are prepared for the rest of the story.

This “system” and I use that word in the slang meaning of “criminal racket” — has been running more or less smoothly for almost a hundred years. Generations of trusting, innocent people in countries worldwide, have been targeted as the marks and presumed to be volunteer taxpayers, because after all, though they may have grumbled and questioned things, they didn’t avail themselves of the remedy and denominate their banking transactions as “lawful money”.

To a judge in one of the Ecclesiastical Courts they’ve foisted off on us, this appears to be a moral fault. You pledged your assets to this system and agreed to pay by acquiescence and failure to properly denominate your bank transactions as lawful money and now you are complaining and refusing to pay? Of course, you are guilty in their view, and you are equally clueless. You have no idea that any of this crap is going on and no way to rebut it, either.

The Pope volunteered all the Municipal citizenry of this country as debt slaves, parishioners obligated to pay war reparations owed to the British King after the American Civil War. Then, in the 1930’s. the British King’s Subjects in this country were similarly obligated to act as indentured “bonded” servants for the same purposes— and to pay war reparations resulting from the First World War. And both the Pope and the King conveniently “conferred” their foreign citizenship obligations on the clueless Americans, who were left in the dark and targeted as the scapegoats of the war-mongers.

There is, after all, no way of knowing or telling a person’s political affiliations simply by looking at them. An American looks like a Municipal citizen of the United States or a British Territorial U.S. Citizen as much as he looks like an American. So, our Papist and British Territorial employees set up registration mills on our shores, and falsely registered us all first as British Territorial U.S. Citizens and second as Municipal CITIZENS — that is, as US CORPORATIONS included as Municipal citizenry under the infamous “diversity of citizenship” clause.

Presto, change-o! Millions of Americans ( and Italians, Germans, Canadians, Irish, Japanese ) were unlawfully converted into foreign Persons/PERSONS under color

of law.

These are gross commercial crimes and crimes of mercenary “war” being committed on our shores (and throughout the world) in contravention of both the Geneva and Hague Conventions, but if nobody complains well, who’s the wiser?

Those who implemented this system aren’t going to tell anyone what they did, are they? Those who have otherwise benefited from it and who stand under non- disclosure agreements, can’t tell so it is only those who are alert enough to read the tea leaves who are left to raise the alarm. The alarm has been raised. Now the rest of the story this system has been operating for almost 100 years. An absolutely massive debt has been built up by “the” US INC. and “the” USA, Inc. and all the other corporations that have benefited from this system. That debt is owed to the American People and all the other people worldwide, who have been coerced and defrauded and treated “as” Municipal and Territorial citizens under False Legal Presumptions in the form of pre-paid credit. In this country, the US Debt is the American National Credit.

Who is going to pay it? It’s already pre-paid, by us, by our parents, by our grandparents, by our great-grandparents.

At this point, the payback is just a change in accounting. The debtors have to be recognized as the creditors. And new currency has to be issued.

Instead of trading debt, you trade in credit that has already been pre-paid, just like a pre-paid credit card. And as that credit was accrued via the payment of actual goods and services, nobody can complain and say that it isn’t “asset backed”.

Think of it this way — they attempted to indebt generations of people who don’t even exist yet, and to lay the debts of the present on our future progeny while forgetting about what they owe to the past generations.

We, standing in the present, are able to put a stop to the self-interested madness and call the cards. We have done so.

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice – Blood Money 8 – Man or Thing?

By Anna Von Reitz

We wanted to begin this discussion with the reasons why it is always wrong for a man to be equated with a thing, even a thing as familiar and accepted as a name. Man stands above all things on Earth, and if we are to believe ancient scripture, our purpose here is to be caretakers of each other and of the planet.

It’s a pretty simple custodial job with lots of perks, but we still manage to bung it up. After stumbling around for a long time and not reaching any good conclusions about our own behavior, we were given ten simple laws to obey, and couldn’t manage that much.

Then, in an effort to reset things, we were given a hands-on example of what we could and should be and the standard of law was further simplified to only two

basic things: love your Creator and love each other, and we are good to go.

Now, these are simple concepts any baby can understand, but such is the perversity of our species that ego enters in, we start thinking about me, me, me, and before we know it, chaos erupts, and we are left with a situation like the one presented today.

Men have schemed to reduce other men to the level of inanimate things and sought to redefine living flesh as corporations, which could then be bought, sold, traded and manipulated at will.

This was done in a two-step process which reduced living people Americans and

Englishmen and many others around the world and redefined them first as

“persons”, and then, secondly, self-gratuitously redefined “persons” to mean “corporations”.

In this way and with deliberate animosity, living people were unlawfully and immorally converted, and their names were used to represent “persons” — both foreign Indentured Servants subject to bondage, and Municipal corporations of various sorts.

These changes in the definition attached to common words, and especially to Proper Names, have served the cause of evil and fraud throughout the world and resulted in the abuse of literally billions of living men and women over the course of the past century and a half.

The Perpetrators of this scheme are perennially found to be spouting words such as, “It’s for the Greater Good.” and “Sacrifices must be made for the Greater Good.”— while hypocritically lining their own pockets.

Make no mistake, the practices of “securitization” and “monetization” that are currently run rife in the world are all illegal, and are the result of legalizing gambling — specifically, allowing private insurance to exist.

The current scam got its start with the Dutch East India Company in the very early 1700’s —and what is known as The Bottomry Bonds Scandal. The Company insured non-existent ships and cargo, collected the money when these were “lost at sea”, and promptly disappeared over the horizon, never to be seen again.

Today, we see a reprise of this same scheme, in which non-existent Special Purpose Vehicles and Cestui Que Vie Trusts and Public Utilities and other “derivatives” have been named after living people. These things have been bonded, insured, assigned values, and used as collateral for loans to governmental services corporations operating “as” governments, without really being governments.

In our case, for example, our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, was initially misrepresented as The United States of America, Incorporated — a Scottish commercial corporation chartered in 1868. Later, we suffered misrepresentation by the US, INC, U.S. CORP, USA, INC, USA, Inc., and so on.

The same thing has occurred throughout the world.

And the end result is the proliferation of things purportedly “standing for” living men and women, without their knowledge or consent, and all supposedly having value and being “insured” as having value. Just like The Bottomry Bonds Scandal, these “ships” do not exist and the insurance policies are vacated as a result.

Once again, The Company proposes to defraud everyone concerned and disappear over the horizon, seeking refuge in China.

We say that it is more than past time for this criminality to stop. Men are not things.

If the insurance industry cannot be better managed and regulated than this, it needs to be outlawed again.

The insurance pay off, in “Life Force Value Annuities” in the amount of $950 Trillion Dollars, was delivered to Prince Philip by the GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA in April of 2017, three days before the Prince stepped down from his public duties and entered private life again.

This money was purportedly supposed to pay off the bonds enslaving the people of the British Isles and former Commonwealth Nations— including all the improper bonds established on Americans who are not and never were wards of the British King despite rumors and assumptions about our “missing” government.

Instead, The Company has reinvested vast amounts of money in China and rat- holed the rest, leaving the victims of this impersonation scheme — the living people having the same or similar names — to pick up the tab.

We are now in physical possession of the labor bonds used to perpetuate this madness. These bonds represent an estimated one pentillion dollars worth of debt owed by the non-existent corporations, and which is, on the flip-side, also representative of one pentillion dollars worth of credit owed to the victims of this scheme.

As you can see, the $950 Trillion insurance, even if it were properly applied to service the debt, does not begin to cover it — with the result that all the corporations on Earth, including the bogus ones named after us— are insolvent.

Now, either the truth is that we are each, individually, and collectively, of unimaginable value —and are owed all the pre-paid credit we need to live and thrive and survive and fulfill our destiny as caretakers of each other and of the planet, or, this is just another huge criminal boondoggle brought to us by the leadership of The Company— which needs to be recognized as a pirate operation— and shut down whether its in China or The United States or Bern, Switzerland.

Looking at the pretty pieces of paper used to promote all this, all neatly alphabetized, all representing such unimaginable debt on one side of the ledger and such unimaginable wealth on the other side of the same ledger, gives rise to philosophical rumination about The Truth.

Who among us, when faced with the death of a loved one, or even the death of a beloved pet, hasn’t known The Truth?

Life is the greatest gift and greatest value there is. And man is the measure of all value on Earth. Without man, there is no market for commodities to buy and sell. Without man, there is no need for highways, feedlots, hospitals or drugstore chains. In fact, without man, there is no value –in a market sense– to anything on Earth.

So what is the standard of value, if not mankind itself? Who gives “value” to everything else?

As we face this great crisis, and everyone ducks and runs, and tries to hide from this denouement, chiseling and fighting and betting on this commodity or that, imagining destruction we have a better solution.

To begin with, all the bankrupt corporations must undergo examination, to determine if they are engaged in money laundering or other criminal activity, including holding criminal patents or withholding patents which are designed to prevent the development of new or competing technologies.

All the commercial corporations must either be liquidated or obliged to adopt lawful purposes language and conversion to B Corporation status. No corporations that exist merely to make profit for shareholders can be allowed to continue. That is not a socially profitable goal in and of itself and does not deserve the benefits of incorporation.

As a condition of accepting their debts and ending their insolvency, the corporations agree universally to willingly and without rancor pay their debts to individual people, as stipulated in the settlement of the 1933-34 bankruptcy enactments in The United States, which exempt people from corporate taxes and bills associated with corporate public services and fees, including mortgages which will be paid monthly using pre-paid credit on account and gradually phased out altogether in this country, utility bills, property taxes, income taxes imposed on non-federal, non-dependent people, college loans, needful commercial loans and other billings addressed to Municipal PERSONS.

The corporations will be repaid for their compliance with tax credits. Our present program, Sign-In America, will be expanded and networked to provide relief to all those who qualify as either birthright or legally naturalized Americans, and similar programs will be made available worldwide to repatriate pre-paid credit in a practical and non-destructive way.

As for England, the Queen of Great Britain, Her Royal Majesty (on the Seven Seas), and Etc., etc., etc. and the British Crown Corporation: we are holding the bonds for over 1.2 billion British indentured bondservants, most of whom are not British and not bondservants. We assume that the Life Force Value Annuities received by Prince Philip were set up to provide for the sunsetting of these accounts and the release of the bonds affecting these individuals. And that is what it needs to be applied to, not more adventurism in China.

We suggest that Her Majesty’s Government consider the many benefits there are to simply being honest and doing one’s part in the world. It’s bad enough that we’ve all had to go through the past without dragging the past squabbles into the future.

To the Governments of Great Britain and Westminster, we say lay down your arms, and don’t presume that your sins must be atoned for with blood. Stop being afraid and trying to promote the idea that gold is the only standard of value. In this discussion we have demonstrated that mankind is the only standard of value, as living men and women give value to all things. That includes the men and women of the British Isles, whose wit and sagacity and cultural accomplishments can overcome the difficulties of these present times.

With the banks made whole again, there is no reason that the actual depositors cannot be honored, and no reason that currencies based on commodities cannot be re-established, and that a world currency based on our pre-paid credit cannot be established, too.

In such a world, all things have value, but mankind most of all, must reign supreme over all the things of this world and be most valuable indeed, beyond price. In such a world as we hope to establish with the approval of all concerned, the only way for a national currency to gain value will be by reinvesting in the people and the natural resources of that nation, and the only way for the world pre-paid currency to gain value will be by the collective efforts of many nations to improve the lives and skills of their people, the health of the natural world they are heir to, and the sea that lovingly surrounds them.

So we say to the court of nations and specifically to the Queen and the Lord Mayor

— lay down your arms. Cease and desist from these delusions of necessity and be at peace. There is no war in America. There is only a misdirected set of commercial corporations operating on two sets of mutually exclusive False Presumptions, battling with each other and causing harm to their employers for no sane reason.

There is no schism between labor and gold as standards of value. Both labor and gold and every other commodity belong to one master, and that master is not Baphomet. We, the living people of the world, are the masters of all labor and give value to all commodities, so there is no sense in arguing and fighting over payments in gold versus payments in labor — nor is there any reason to resist giving credit where it is so undeniably due.

We ask in the presence of the High Courts that the Government of Westminster cease and desist and be restrained from its commercial war on our shores, and that it be required to redirect its operations in America to fulfill its peacetime duties under our peacetime flag, and that it agrees to honor its obligations to the United States defined as The United States in business, to maintain “perpetual amity” and friendship.

Peace among all these commercial factions is long overdue and as the Priority Creditors we demand their instant settlement and return to their peacetime occupations as a condition of their release from debt.

This peace declaration condition requiring the Principals to be at peace also applies equally to the banks and public service organizations that are employed as instrumentalities of the Principals. If they wish to be forgiven their debts, they must agree to similarly forgive others and be at peace.

The Life Force Value Annuities, referring to the $950 trillion dollars collected by Prince Philip, must be employed to set off the debts accrued against the so-called corporate indenture accounts and used to set free the Americans and other people of the former Commonwealth, who in fact are not dependents of the Queen and not obligated to bond themselves in her service.

We ask that the corporations of the world be served Notice of Insolvency and that these conditions and instructions be fully discussed and amiably agreed to, and that all nations recognize that the American Peacetime Flag is being flown by the actual government of this country.

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice — Blood Money 9 — 800 Years of This

By Anna Von Reitz

Strangely, it’s likely that nobody reading this has ever been paid for their work, unless perhaps, they bartered their labor for a meal or a car or some other material good. Or they may have lived in Wyoming, where they still used American Silver Dollars to buy groceries as recently as the 1980’s, and may still do in some small towns.

All that most people have ever received for their goods and their services is an

I.O.U. from the corporations responsible for this circumstance: Federal Reserve Notes. Euros. Or some other form of Blood Money.

We were prepared to look at this situation going all the way back to the 1860’s and the so-called American Civil War, but imagine our shock when we took possession of the Bearer Bonds that were used to generate and issue the Labor Contracts (Miller Act in The United States, similar legislation elsewhere) —and bearing in mind that we haven’t “accepted” anything yet and won’t without conditions we realized that the debt has been running in the background like a computer virus, for over 800 years.

There hasn’t been a Jubilee in over 800 years.

There has been, instead, a stubborn and ultimately self-defeating refusal on the part of Monarchs and business operations chartered by the various sovereign Principals to actually pay their workers for their labor and an endless reiteration of one side of the economic equation refusing to pay their debts to the other.

Thus far, two World Wars and innumerable lesser conflicts have resulted in many of the victims of this gross injustice — the actual Priority Creditors being murdered by the millions, and the guilty corporations responsible for this profiting themselves in multiple ways from the loss of all these lives.

Let us examine the ways in which these corporations profit themselves from the murder of their creditors who are often also their employers:

  1. Most obviously, they don’t have to pay back debts owed to dead men, and given the way they have set things up in generation-skipping trusts, they don’t have to pay the victim’s children, either. Since the dead are dead and the living skipped over, the grandchildren are left clueless that any inheritance exists, and the corporate predators simply claim the victim’s estate and all the earnings from it as abandoned property.


  2. The corporations come in and claim all the abandoned homes and land left over from their wars and benefit themselves by using the receipts as collateral for loans;

  1. They use the loans to clean up the mess that they’ve created, then charge the victim’s children and grandchildren for the cost of the loans and their own “services” for cleaning up the mess;

  1. They insure the victims and collect the life insurance, or, as it is, “the life force value annuities” that they have raised off the dead;

  1. They take the profit they made from murdering their creditors and select a new place on the globe where they can do the same thing, over and over and over.

This has been going on in an institutionalized way since the English Civil War, and in a less organized way, it has been promoted under the Commonwealth System, all the way back to King John.

And here we are, calling an end to it.

The key to ending this abusive corruption and this cycle of perpetual war is to deprive the corporations of their profit motives. There is no sense in people fighting each other. Instead of killing each other and enriching these corporations, it’s time that we, the living, made the corporations feel the ax at their roots, instead.

The following patents are mostly US-held property interests that serve criminal purposes with respect to our civilian population, and which do not have significantly beneficial applications to justify their existence; we are therefore, outlawing these patents and similar patents, and seizing them in our charter interest.

These offending patents are aimed at controlling specific people and by extension, human populations, via various control signals and hypnosis and other “mind control” behavior modification routines.

These patents aim at violating the Universal Law of Free Will and are the first of many to be expunged which permit corporations to profit from criminal activities and protect those activities without regard for the Public Good.

US20050079474A1 US20070052536A1 US2070084473A1 US20100021874A1 US3014477A US3060795A US3278676A US3393279A US3563246A US3629521A US3712292A US3884218A US3951134A US4124943A US4315502A US4395600A US4699153A US4717343A US4777529A US4834701A US4858612A US4877027A US5134484A US5134484A US5151080A US5159703A US5170381A US5221962A US5224864A US5245666A US5270800A US5319735A US5330414A US5356368A US5392788A US5507291A US5774088A

Similar patents related to the present virus boondoggle will also be expunged as analysis of Patent Office records continues.

It has come to our attention that the perpetrators of this purposefully engineered virus “emergency” hope to benefit themselves by claiming the estates of the victims, including the physical bodies of the victims, by establishing cellular-level patent claims resulting from the injection of engineered mRNA and mRNA and DNA complexes.

These claims have already been outlawed in this country, but an even more dire process is engaged.

At least some of the perpetrators of the current vaccination promotion have aimed at sterilizing large numbers of people and yes, murdering large numbers of people, by injuring and sidelining their natural generalized immune system antibodies— and leaving the victims open to runaway infection by any passing pathogen or even a coronavirus variant non-specific to the protein code targeted by the misnamed and misrepresented “vaccines”.

This criminal scheme appears not only to serve the aforementioned purposes of killing large numbers of creditors of these corporations and reducing the population — a goal of the Nazi Eugenics movement since the 1920’s — but also to expedite the claim process against the personal estates of the victims by making them sign a financial statement prior to receiving the “vaccine”.

Let us demonstrate for the courts how this works.

Joseph Allen Clark, a man in his fifties, who is unaware of his actual estate holdings, is asked to complete a financial statement. He looks around at his possessions in the terms that he is familiar with, and concludes that his net worth is $528,000.00. Having made this— as it turns out, false determination, and having signed it, this is taken as evidence.

He receives the injection and a few months later dies of opportunistic bacterial pneumonia which kills him because his natural generalized immune system response has been suppressed by the “vaccine” injected into his system with malice aforethought.

His actual net worth is $42,004,560,087.09.

The Perpetrators of this nightmare come in, present his signed financial statement, the court pays off the $528,000.00 he “claimed” — and awards the remainder to the criminal corporations that have engineered this entire circumstance as abandoned estate assets.

And what other choice do the courts have?

The High Courts of the World are called upon to honor and enforce our Liquidation Order seizing the assets and contracts of these criminal governmental services corporations and all those corporations which are in any way associated with this criminality, including the World Health Organization, Inc., the CDC, Inc., the NIH, Inc., the Pirbright Institute, Inc., the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Inc., Pfizer, Inc., and others to be named, which have demonstrably participated in this shameful betrayal and murder accompli of innocent people for purposes of fraud, unjust enrichment, and avoidance of their own debts and material obligations.

Although much of the patent mischief has occurred in our global Municipal Jurisdiction, as a result of misadministration by SERCO, Inc., a British enterprise conglomerate which has also wrongly been allowed to serve as Paymaster of our Armed Forces, we find that the focus of the virus plan and undeclared biological warfare ultimately attached to it, is from Europe, not the US, and not America.

The bulk of the harm being done is centered in the European Union countries, including Great Britain as such, as this plan took shape long before any move to BREXIT— where the pharmaceutical companies have shared the recipe for their vaccine among numerous nations and not required any patent registration or serial number for the end product at all. This leads not only to chaos and lack of product control, but also to a complete breakdown of accountability for the results.

The millions of Europeans who can expect to die from a multitude of conditions resulting from the violent suppression of their natural immune system will have nobody to blame and no recourse to claim compensation, thanks to trusting what they have, in good faith, thought was their government— but which was in fact nothing but a grossly self-interested and criminally mismanaged interlocking trust directorate operating commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services.

And all of this insanity is attached to what? The “national debts” that these same corporations recklessly ran up as charges against their clueless employers. They’ve finally run out of head room. The numbers have become so astronomical compared to the actual “book” assets of the entire planet that nobody in their right mind can comprehend the incipient damage that these monsters have done, or the long term consequences absent another miracle of forgiveness.

Left to their own devices, all they could come up with was an evil and almost childish media-driven fraud scheme, to do what they have always done kill their creditors and claim their creditor’s assets as abandoned property, and pay themselves for this so-called service. Again. The whole virus, vaccination, immuno-suppression scheme is only a little more sophisticated plot, all designed to play to the same ends.

If left to run its course, it will play out over the same number of years as a traditional war, and yield the same results without, however, invoking the dangers of a nuclear or scalar holocaust for the planet as a whole.

We propose to intervene, to not let this artificial plague develop, and to hold the corporations that have done this responsible. Take their profit motives from them. Punish their Officers and Board Members. Put the boot where the boot belongs.

We call upon the High Courts of the World to put an end to this 800-year rampage of criminal malfeasance, misrepresentation, and mis-administration, and to also to organize and begin an appropriate and necessary and long overdue re-education of Jurists worldwide.

Things could not have gone this far astray and become as alienated from actual life as they have, without the willing participation of the denizens of the Inner City of London, the Temple Bar, and the Inns of Court in these crimes and usurpations against the living people.

Although this is a private international matter, we wish to be assured and to have reasonable proof that the Hired Jurists and the legal profession as a whole, have been brought back into line and made aware of their actual jurisdictional limitations and their obligations to the living people of the world.

Additional Issues for the International Court of Justice — Blood Money 10 — Commodity Rigging

By Anna Von Reitz

It will come as a shock to many, but everything traded in this world is based on commodities. Labor is a commodity. Currencies are commodities. And despite a great deal of false advertising, all currencies including the Federal Reserve Notes, are asset-backed.

It will also come as a shock that we have been using “digital accounts” since the 1930’s — and all “money of account” has been created by the account holders themselves in a closed system of domestic legal tender.

Whatever the currencies have been and however they have been traded as cash commodities, so far as the banks are concerned, these external “tokens” are converted into digital currency tokens and entered as digits (therefore, “digital”) on ledgers.

Once entered on a bank ledger, these “representations” become both a liability for the bank and an endlessly fungible and malleable source of new currency credits. That is to say, that a “digit” on a bank ledger can mean almost anything. And can be credited as almost anything, too.

A digit can be a ruble. It can be a yen. It can represent labor or gold or oil or steers in a feedlot. It’s all the same to the digits. This is where the power of denomination comes in.

The people who are the source of all these digits have the power to define the digits for the bank via their endorsement, but they seldom do. And the bank doesn’t ask, because the bank would rather have the latitude to define the digits however they see fit.

Thus, in America, the remedy to the debt-slavery system that gives rise to the labor-backed Federal Reserve Notes, is to properly “denominate” the digits going into and coming out of your accounts as “lawful money”. This then allows people to escape the debt-slavery model and forces the banks — at least on paper – to actually discharge the debt represented by the Federal Reserve (Promissory) Notes.

That is, instead of allowing the debt to endlessly expand, the banks are required to “redefine” the digits and decrease the “national debt” by the redeemed amount, when you denominate your deposits as lawful money.

Unfortunately, almost no one existing outside the Beltway of Washington, DC, was ever told a word about this cozy contrivance, and as a result people did not know how to access the remedy and didn’t know how to endorse their checks or how to denominate funds so as to reduce the so-called National Debt a sin by omission and act of self-interested non-disclosure on the part of those offering the remedy that eventually and arbitrarily allowed the US National Debt to balloon to over $25 trillion dollars.

Although it may not immediately jump off the page, this is the largest commodity rigging scheme in history, and the commodity being rigged on a stupendously large scale, is labor.

It was at this point that we raised our hands and said, “But what about the equal National Credit?”

In a Debt/Credit monetary system all transactions are in fact zero-sum. The creation of a debt also creates an equal and answering credit.

So, no “National Debt” is possible, unless the answering “National Credit” is not being applied. This is as true in America as it is in Greece or Cambodia.

The digits accounting for the National Debt were being religiously accounted for; we even had a large neon-style ticker tape counter in Times Square, showing the second-by-second growth of the National Debt.

Not a whisper about the National Credit. What happened to all those answering digits?

They were being sequestered, siphoned off, and pooled in gigantic investment slush funds, used to buy majority interests in the Fortune 500 companies in America and eventually to dominate the stock markets worldwide, and also to buy large, large quantities of foreign currency.

And all of this served to rig– first the labor market — and through this initial fraud, the rigging of all other commodities, including international currencies. The so- called “Economic Stabilization Fund” acquired enough of nearly every National Currency to control it.

Once that was accomplished, any National Currency could be destroyed at will, either by hyperinflation or deflation, simply by dumping large amounts of that currency into the market (inflation) or deliberately taking it out of circulation (deflation).

How, the court may ask, is this possible? Commodity rigging is illegal.

So it is, except that once you remove both the gold and the silver standard, there is no recognized “standard commodity” and it becomes impossible to establish the value of any other commodity.

If there is no known recognizable standard for commodity value, it’s impossible to say that the commodity prices are rigged. Thus, commodity rigging becomes “legal”.

We now observe the actual reason that the gold standard had to go, and the criminal motivation behind that removal.

The ability to rig all commodity markets and all commodity prices and to artificially restrict access to commodities, including those needed to sustain life — water and food and shelter — has been the Unholy Grail of Merchants since time began, and in this century, in this country, it was finally achieved, except that none of it actually belongs to the Perpetrators of this scheme.

They have bought, sold, and traded upon the assets of others, using the pretext that they “represent” us, when in fact they don’t represent us and have no granted authority to do any of these things in our names.

One of the princes in Europe gave the Rothschilds assets on loan with a contract for a specific rate of return and date of repayment. They seized upon his assets, invested them, and paid him his expected return — keeping the rest of the profit for themselves.

And that is all it took to spawn the history of banking as we have known it.

The bankers and other corporate beneficiaries of all these schemes have assiduously seized upon assets belonging to the living people, have bought, sold, and traded these assets “for” us, and manipulated the outcomes to benefit themselves at our expense.

Now the day of reckoning arrives and we find a quintillion dollars-worth of unpaid labor bonds, our gold and silver purloined and stored “offshore” for “safekeeping”, controlling interests in virtually all productive capacity in every economic sector being held “in our names”, and unimaginably large Slush Funds, most of them being managed as combined pension fund associations which are organized, apparently, to ensure liquidity of these funds 350 years into the future, while quibbling and denying a comfortable retirement to retirees who are alive right now.

It is this underlying worldwide commodity rigging scheme that is the Sacred Cash Cow around which all the wagons are circled— and while it is comforting to know that our public employees will be able to count on their pensions centuries from now, we do not consider that a reasonable definition of “the Public Good” here and now.

And while this same commodity rigging scheme may warm the cockles of the hearts of those who have engineered it, a future determined by a meritocracy of crooks who have undermined and evaded the plainly stated Public Law in order to acquire all this wealth, is something that the rest of us object to.

No matter how brilliant or motivated they may be, a crook is still a crook, and unjust enrichment is still as unjust. Our laws against commodity rigging, including currency commodity rigging, exist for a reason. This country is not, as some would claim, a nation of brigands.

We have suffered as a result of these out-of-control corporations along with the rest of the world, and so we invite the High Courts to support us in the exercise of our sovereign imperative to declare the peace, end enslavement, balance the books, restore a lawful monetary system, return pre-paid credit owed to the people of the world, reform the corporations, dismantle the illegal commodity rigging scheme that has served to artificially impose the Doctrine of Scarcity, and educate everyone concerning the responsibilities that go with the freedoms that all men and women are heir to.

We do not object at all to free discussion and future planning initiatives. We earnestly hope that the truly meritorious thinkers and inventors among us can be promoted and will be, without political prejudice.

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice — Blood Money 11 – Counterfeiting

By Anna Von Reitz

One way to look at the current situation is that we have taken possession of the Labor Bonds issued “in our names” by the DTC, which represented “the US Debt”, and which on the flip side, from our perspective, establishes the American Credit. Those of who have been following the logic already know that it is impossible for such a debt to exist without the equal generation of credit.

Each existing Federal Reserve Note of any denomination has a Serial Number and that Serial Number is attached specifically to the life estate of an American. The Labor Bonds were the basis of the issuance of that currency as a debt owed by the Municipal United States — and that debt continues until it is offset.

The only way to offset it, is for it to be “redeemed”.

Someone has to walk into a bank and exchange it for our new currency, which will be based on spending down the pre-paid credit. That is, the new currency will be a credit certificate, not a debt note. As the new bills go into circulation, the debt is naturally “retired” and the old Federal Reserve Notes are destroyed.

We plan on doing something very simple — leaving the President’s faces on the bills so that people are not too startled by the change, and replacing the reverse side image of the currency with our American Bison symbol. The exchange rate will be one for one, so that nobody feels cheated.

As this currency is backed with pre-paid credit there is no longer any implication of debt incurred by the user, and as it is being issued by the actual government and not a consortium of private banks, it will be a fully secured public script.

The effect of the offset on the world economy and the average American family, both, will be swift and positive, but also gradual enough to avert chaos. There will be no need to worry about rushing to exchange Federal Reserve Notes for American Certificates.

There remain numerous concerns, and among them, one of the chief concerns is counterfeiting and failure to dispose of redeemed Federal Reserve Notes.

Mr. Obama set up a worldwide counterfeiting operation based in China, Thailand, and various other foreign countries, and actually sent our printing presses, specialty papers and inks, and engraving plates to these countries so that they could print their own supplies of “Federal Reserve Notes” at will.

Of course, the Serial Numbers are faked and/or duplicated, but otherwise these bills look absolutely authentic. This presents the specter of having an endless supply of “new” debt notes that these foreign enterprises can present for exchange against our Credit Certificates and significantly increases the cost of detection and disposal.

We propose that those responsible for this situation, the Queen’s Government and the Government of Westminster, be held accountable— and that we should be reimbursed for these counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes along with the cost of detecting and disposing of them. This particular problem, like so much else, would not exist except for their choices and actions.

Furthermore, the disposal of redeemed Federal Reserve Notes cannot be entrusted to the usual parties — the Secret Service Treasury Agents and Federal Reserve Banks, since the temptation would be to recirculate the bills instead of destroying them. We should be reimbursed for the entire cost of setting up our own double-or triple-walled disposal system.

Federal Reserve Notes have been used as the domestic currency of this country as part of the administration of the monetary system by the U.S. Military since 1913. As the Territorial Congress is not authorized to issue money and is obliged to function on credit only, a debt-credit system had to be adopted with the Municipal United States and its citizenry held to be the Debtors and the Americans targeted as the Creditors, with the Territorial U.S. Citizens left cozily in the middle as the ultimate Arbiters.

Of course, nobody told us, the Americans, about any of this.

The various purported changes in our political status created by unconscionable contracts and registration processes foisted off on us as babies were undisclosed and used to redefine Americans as Federal Dual Citizens — deemed to be obligated both as Territorial U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States — in other words, our erstwhile foreign employees redefined us as anything and everything but what we actually are: the “long lost” Americans.

And now, like the American Bison and the American Chestnut Tree, we are back home.

Approximately half of our purloined estate has been returned to us by the Pope; this is not exactly a favor, as the relief of the American Credit being applied also means the offset of the Municipal Debt — and while that releases Americans from bondage, there remains the issue that most of us were not actually Municipal citizenry to begin with and never were.

We didn’t owe any “war reparations” and were stuck for it anyway.

The ownership of the Municipal Corporations and the Territorial State of State Corporations that have been chartered “in our names” must also be settled.

As this was all predicated on a Cestui Que Vie basis following the Second World War, we propose that all those corporations be returned to American control and re-chartered under our Public Law, without any debt or encumbrance attached. We are being approached on all sides by conventional commercial bankers hungry for corporate Medium Term Notes, thinking that our Labor Bonds are bonds that they can re-issue as monetized securities. They still aren’t wrapping their heads around the concept that these bonds have already been issued and are matured and will be gradually cashed out.

Think of Savings Bonds. They are issued, they are kept for a specific period of time, they mature at a final value, they are cashed out. The Labor Bonds are similar. They are issued, they mature, they are cashed out as Bearer Bonds. So there is no further securitization or monetization involved.

None would be possible anyway, as our Public Law forbids the securitization of living flesh a fact that will shortly be brought home for those who have “presumed” to trade upon our land assets as if they belonged to a foreign nation. The Double-Ended Impersonation Scheme that has kept Americans enslaved to foreign governments since the end of the so-called Civil War, is at an end. The international banking community will have to readjust its thinking, its practices, and its assumptions of debt to fit the facts. And so will the courts.

The pertinent Maxim of Law impacting both the Roman Civil Law and the Law of Admiralty is: “Fictio cedit veritati; fictio juris non est, ubi veritatis.” — Fiction yields to truth; where truth is, fiction of law does not exist.

Between them, the Queen’s Government and the Government of Westminster owe us, the Americans, the return of all the land titles they “presumed” to exist on the basis of their unconscionable registration processes, and their “assumptions” about our individual political statuses and also the return of all our purloined

and removed gold and silver assets, which the U.S. Navy began to transport offshore in the 1880’s for “safekeeping” in the Philippines, Indonesia, and other Ports of Call.

This offshoring and cashiering of our gold and silver reserves has prevented the re-establishment of sane commodity value standards throughout the world and has expedited the lawless and unaccountable commodity rigging, including the manipulation of international currency commodities, that we have already discussed.

It is apparent to any thinking man that this entire criminal boondoggle which has occurred in Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Service Contract, is more than sufficient cause for the High Courts in International and Global Jurisdiction to take action in our favor and to require the return of all our purloined assets, including our Title IV Flag, which was loaned to our Treaty Partners for their use in the discharge of their Delegated Powers that is, Duties, for which they have been well-compensated and which was “lost” to pirates during the year 2000

vacating of the United States Municipal Capitol.

If we loan our lawn mower to our employee so that he can mow our lawn, and a robber takes it, it is still our lawn mower.

The pertinent Maxim of Law is: “Possession by pirates does not change ownership.”

In the same way, our Title IV Flag has been seized upon by pirates and is subject to recapture under both Law Merchant and Admiralty Law. We understand that the pirate in question, a Mr. Russell Gould, went to the Vatican and “cut a deal” claiming that he was the rightful owner of our Title IV Flag.

We strenuously object to these agreements made in our presumed absence and dispense with them as the actual owners of the flag in question. We consider this another form of counterfeiting and attempted identity theft, which must be universally opposed.

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice — Blood Money 12 — Pride of Place

By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, 22nd of April 2021, the House of the U.S. Congress – the British- affiliated Territorial Congress, passed House Resolution 51, entitled: “To provide for the admission of the State of Washington, D.C., into the Union.”

The Resolution was presented as a Bill and it was voted upon as an enactment of Law applicable to the Territorial Government and its citizenry, not as an amendment to The Constitution of the United States of America.

This is important because such an action would require a constitutional amendment and it would need to be approved by the actual State Governments now assembled and in Session.

Neither did this Resolution receive the two-thirds (2/3rds) of the Votes cast as mandated by Article V of the Federal Constitutions. This is important for obvious reasons.

The District of Columbia is a creation of the original Federal Constitution passed in 1787, which also provided that the Federal Congress should provide for its governance and act as a plenary oligarchy with respect to its administration:

To exercise exclusive jurisdiction in all cases whatsoever, over such district …. as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of government of the United States ….” Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.

The Members of the Congress have no ability to alter or amend this provision of the original Constitution with an enactment of private Laws; and also, the actual American Government now in Session has absolutely no obligation to enroll or accept the District of Columbia as a State.

This is important because while the Congress rules as a plenary oligarchy over the District of Columbia, their authority is strictly limited. They can dictate what the District of Columbia desires—for example, to become a State of the Union, but they cannot mandate the acceptance of their dictates by the actual States of the Union.

The District of Columbia was created by land cession granted by the States of Maryland and Virginia in the year of 1790. The purpose of this land cession—a special purpose land grant– was defined within the Residence Act of 1790, 1 Stat. 130 described as: “An Act for establishing the temporary and permanent seat of the Government of the United States.”

Apart from this use, there is no grant of land provided for nor any reason for the District of Columbia to exist. By Operation of Law, if it does not serve this defined purpose, the land reverts to the actual owners, Maryland and Virginia, and once again, becomes part of those States.

As the Congress of 1790 defined the purpose of this cession of lands as being for the establishment of the Seat of Government of the United States, no future governments have the authority to change the terms of the land use, nor any authority to take possession of that land for the purpose of establishing any additional States of the Union.

The most that the members of the Territorial Congress could do upon the dissolution of their international independent city state — would be to honorably retrocession the land back to Maryland and Virginia, provided that the actual States accepted the land back. This provision is important, because land that is subject to retrocession may be polluted or otherwise damaged, and the States have the right to inspect the premises and decide the terms upon which they may accept it back.

As the District of Columbia was, moreover, created by the combining of lands from two distinct States of the Union, the action proposed — to arbitrarily take lands belonging to these States and combining these lands without the express consent of the Legislatures of these States — their State Assemblies — is beyond the powers of any U.S. Congress.

Maryland and Virginia gave cession of the land underlying the District of Columba for a specific purpose; these States of the Union never severed their jurisdiction over those lands. They merely gave up their authority to legislate over cases arising within the boundaries of the District of Columbia. This is important as it concludes that the independence of the District of Columbia is as an inchoate state, not an actual State.

Please also observe that the grant of what amounts to a perpetual land use permit by the States of Maryland and Virginia does not provide for any other use of that land — such as the actions taken to create an independent international city-state known as the Municipality of Washington, DC.

Such a use of the land as the headquarters of an independent international city- state was never allowed by nor contemplated by Maryland or Virginia when making the cession, and the development of the Washington, DC, Municipal city- state must be viewed as an unconstitutional and non-contractual usurpation against the actual expressed intent of the land cession provided by our States.

Please also note that the District of Columbia is not a possession of land by the United States, but is a grant of land use by the States of Maryland and Virginia, and as such, is neither a territory nor other property that may be disposed of by the Territorial Congress under the authority of Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2. The creation of States is not an action congruent with the disposal of lands.

In this as in so many other actions undertaken by our erstwhile Territorial Employees, they arrogantly over-reach the limits of any natural or granted authority and attempt to dictate the prerogatives owed to others.

While we most earnestly desire the understanding and support of the other nations of the world and are united in our desire to see a peaceful transition of power and asset control back to the actual American Government, this present action by the Territorial Congress is emblematic of the ignorant, reckless, and misguided misadministration this country has suffered at the hands of our paid employees.

They appear not to understand the basics of law and history, nor the limits of their delegated “powers”. They and the Principals using them as an instrumentality are constantly trespassing upon us in violation of our treaties and commercial service contracts, promoting criminal impersonation schemes, “voting” themselves raises and emoluments out of the Public Purse, and committing crimes of various and sundry natures on our shores without any provocation by their loyal and long- suffering Employers.

To say that their behavior has been wrong-headed and misdirected in Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Service Contract is mild; in the course of conducting their mercenary war against each other, they have played both ends against the middle—their actual Employers. Despite having been given explicit and repeated Due Process informing them of their dereliction of duty and also the criminal aspects of their misadministration, they have continued to presume upon us and to promote self-interested conflict on our shores. They have continued to evidence a deplorable lack of respect for the Public Law, and International Law, too.

It is apparent that both of these organizations and their attendant Municipal Corporations are ultimately owned and operated by the Holy See, which through the organs of the British Crown Corporation on one hand, and the Vatican City Government on the other, has unjustly enriched itself and the colluding British Government as well as the American-born Bad Actors who have usurped upon their Employers in Breach of Trust.

We have, for example, been able to track the receipts from the so-called Birth Certificate Bonds — actually Clearinghouse Certificates — from the Bank of New York Mellon to the Vatican Bank to the Bank of Canada and the rest going to the Federal Reserve Banks involved in this criminal fiasco predicated on the Roman Civil Law and the continued practice, under that law, of both peonage and enslavement.

That this scheme and others like it, including their present pretension of “power” to declare the District of Columbia a State of the Union, have been allowed to flourish under the storefronts provided by such institutions as the Roman Catholic Church and the United Nations organization, is a testament to the enduring and arbitrarily coercive power of money and the temptations of falsehood.

We have in recent days demonstrated that all the various courts in this country, except for our own, have been operated as identifiable commercial enterprises secretively engaged in privateering and the collection of war reparations from people who have been at peace since 1814. We have also demonstrated that all the various “District Courts” operating in this country are in fact Parish Courts operating secretively under ecclesiastical law, popularly known as “The Spanish Law of the Inquisition”, that has nothing whatsoever to do with our General Public.

We have ourselves had to repeatedly and in Public rebuff the incorporated Roman Catholic Church to inform the respective Archbishops that we are not members of any incorporated church and we have also had to serve similar Notice of Non- Membership and Non- Participation on the various political parties – Republican, Democratic, Independent, and so on —that presume that we are members of their organizations and that we are voluntarily participating in their devious substitution of private corporate “elections” for actual Public Elections.

For those of us in a position to appreciate the irony, this is precisely what started the first American Revolution: Americans being forced to pay for the British expenses of fighting The Seven Years War which ran from 1756 to 1763, and which is deceptively called The French and Indian War in this country. That, and our resistance to the King’s Equity Law, a venal admixture of British Common Law and Admiralty Law serving as a sugar-coating for legalized banditry by the British Royals.

Imagine our dismay and disgust to return to our shores, having never knowingly, willingly, or voluntarily vacated them —to discover that our States have been mothballed as State Trusts operated “for” us by foreign Employees, and our People have been press-ganged in diverse World Wars and Mercenary Conflicts, and our babies have been misidentified as British Territorial Persons and trafficked offshore, where their “infant decedent estates” have been created and administered under The Spanish Law of the Inquisition.

What possible insanity is this, and what excuse may the other Principals guilty of defrauding our country offer? When did the Americans fail to support the Pope in any humanitarian effort? Did we not offer the Roman Catholic Church a safe refuge of religious freedom on our shores? When did we tax the Church on its extensive holdings? At what point and upon what cause did our actual Government ever deserve such disservice at the hands of the Roman Catholic Clergy?

As for the Governments of the Queen and Westminster, where would they be without the Americans saving their bacon in two World Wars and endless other Mercenary Conflict squabbles that the British Crown Corporation and its affiliates like BlackRock, Inc., and yes, the UN CORP, too, have engaged in for profit?

Our honorable soldiery has been misled and our Armed Forces have been misused as cheap mercenaries, a fate that is now being brokered and transferred to the Chinese military.

Our international land jurisdiction as well as our jurisdiction within the international jurisdiction of the sea and in global commerce, has been trespassed upon and commandeered by our own Employees under the direction of the Queen, the Government of Westminster, and ultimately, the Holy See.

This has been done in violation of both the Geneva Conventions and the Hague Conventions.

And now they propose to clothe themselves with the protections of an American State of the Union, without our permission?

As neither a Territory nor a Possession of the United States, the respective corporations, their Officers, and the citizenry of the District of Columbia are homeless, stateless, and purposeless unless they immediately yield to the Public Law of this country and our long-published Law of the Land.

A nation-wide educational effort is being made at this time to fully disclose the various political statuses available to Americans and the responsibilities of each kind of citizenry, so that people may freely and with conscious will choose and exercise their political status options.

We express our undying thanks to our Senior American Researchers, who wish to remain unknown, but who have contributed so long and faithfully to this effort.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary The United States of America

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice — Blood Money 13 – One Compact

By Anna Von Reitz

The genesis of America as a modern nation lies in the far distant past when the hardy sea-faring people of the Normandy coast known as Armoricans, a tribal nation within the Kingdom of Gaul, began trading with the Natives of what is now known as Nova Scotia and the Northeastern United States for furs. This trade was established and recorded in Roman times and continued unabated for at least 600 years, most recently evidenced by the French and Indian Fur Trade we still read about in our history books.

It is from the Armoricans that America inherits its name and so far as European colonization and government goes, it is with the Government of Gaul that it all begins. Gaul is the ancient Roman name for France and it was under the Kingdom of Gaul that the original Armorican trade in furs began. The Belle Chers are the equally ancient and dominant tribal nation of Gaul and the chieftain-kings of Normandy, including the land and blood of the Armoricans.

So in fact the first European claims concerning this country result from the Armorican Fur Trade and the very name of this country — America — is a British transliteration of Armorican.

As the tribal chieftains of Gaul, the Belle Chers and their nations own all of France and their peoples also populate and own the Kingdoms of Aragon and Castille in Spain, and the Kingdom of Powys in Central England.

From Powys these European tribal chieftains migrated to America in 1608. They have remained in this country and populated it ever since. Those who came to this country were independent sovereigns in their own right as a result of The Settlement of the Norman Conquest in 1087 A.D. and kinsmen of William of Normandy, of the same family and lineage.

James Clinton Belcher — Belcher being the British transliteration of Belle Cher — is the chieftain of the Belle Chers in America. His ancestral name in France is Guilleroi de Armentrois du Lac and the honorable history of his House of Belle Garde in Northern France is well-known. It is his Coat of Arms that forms the basis of the Great Seals of both the United States and the United States of America.

Thus by both name and shield, and by history of service of his ancestor William Belcher of Connecticut in the Continental Army and afterward, the history of America on land and sea is inextricably connected to France as well as Spain and England, and by dust and by blood they make One Compact via the hand of the Clan Chieftain of the Belle Chers, who has summoned the actual States of this country into Session.

All of the jurisdictions of the law, national, international and global, all the local forms of law engaged in by our country and our countrymen, come together in One Compact.

Article VI Section 2 of all three Federal Constitutions fully admits that Treaty is the highest form of law among nations and that all treaties are honored including those concluded prior to the settlement of The War of Independence; the new American Government assumed all treaty debts, obligations, and contracts.

This allows us to be sure that this country functions in all respects in a single unbroken Compact and our knowledge and physical presence guarantees that that Compact has never been vacated at any time; thus, bono vacantia does not apply and ownership interest in this country is not limited to those Principals present in 1776, but includes a far more venerable heritage.

The Mayflower Compact signed November 11th of 1620 according to the Julian Calendar forms the first public declaration of law brought forward by the English settlers coming to these shores, but even prior to that, the British-lineage Belchers had established their own Testament and Declaration of Law in 1608, when they arrived in Boston, Massachusetts and began building the Old South Church.

Both of these foundations are international treaties established by sovereign Principals, inherited under Article VI, Section 2. Both pre-date the earliest known treaties with North American Indian tribes: they predate The Treaty of Fort Pitt, also known as the Treaty with the Delawares, by over a hundred and fifty years.

Likewise, our Seat of Government and General Post Office for The United States of America comes by Treaty with the Belle Chers in Spain in 1702, and has been established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, since 1732. To this day, The United States of America is not a member of the Universal Postal Union, and maintains its own separate service and private postal designations. James Clinton Belcher is the American Post Master on the land and the American Postmaster on the sea by International Treaty and inheritance pre-dating The War of Independence. This is the foundational Postal Treaty that connects our country to postal services on an international and private basis.

The United States Post Office by contrast was established by Benjamin Franklin in 1778 and also located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to serve the United States bureaucracy, and the citizenry of the United States including the Native American Tribes subscribing to Roman Civil Law and Municipal citizenship. The USPS is a member of the Universal Postal Union and operates in global commerce.

Both of these Postal Treaties are vital to the proper functioning of our country as a member of the community of nations, and both must be honored and regulated according to our published treaties and constitutional agreements.

When we re-issued our Sovereign Letters Patent on 4th November of 2015 according to the Gregorian Calendar, we served the Principals and International Courts with our action as The United States of America– our unincorporated Federation of States; when we issued the Joint Sovereign Letters Patent on 6th November 2015 according to the Gregorian Calendar, we established a Treaty of Peace between ourselves and the Native American nations of the United States.

Never again will Native Americans suffer the atrocities and alienation from the land and soil that they have suffered for the last 150 years.

All these actions, all these agreements on air, land, and sea, make for peace and for plenty for all people; they are treaties stretching into the distant past and into the freedom of the future, woven into one tapestry of living history memorialized, One Compact of Law which belongs to everyone.

We call upon the High Courts of every jurisdiction to bow to the logic and the history, the signs and the symbols and names which cannot be erased, the noble purposes and intentions that have inspired us for centuries, and the end of the spiritual war which has been based on the delusion of separateness.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary The United States of America

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice — Blood Money 14 – English

By Anna Von Reitz


Please note that English is the official language of this country. The language conventions of Roman Civil Law do not normally pertain to our communications with the High Courts and should not be assumed to have meaning apart from the context of commercial subjects. .

We wish you to observe that The United States is the name of this country, not “the” United States, a name applied to the Municipal United States Government and its various corporations which have been established in our names without any granted authority to do so.

This results in a situation in which we have been presumed to be the owners and operators of these corporations and have been held accountable for their debts, when in fact they have been operated in our purported absence by our foreign Federal Subcontractors.

These same Subcontractors have used our money, our assets, our charter powers and our names without our agreement, knowledge, or consent, to create these corporations. Now they want to pretend that they own them, but in fact, the use of our charter powers, names, money, and our assumption of their debts through multiple bankruptcies prove that all of the corporations appearing to belong to both the United States Municipal Government and its STATE OF STATE franchises, and all those corporations chartered by the Territorial Government and its State of State franchises belong to The United States and are subject to the direct powers and international jurisdiction of The United States of America, our Federation of unincorporated States.

All emergency powers claimed and used by both the Municipal United States and the Territorial United States are usurpations in the absence of law or contract and are null and void from inception.

We have made provision for lawful purposes language to be adopted by these corporations and for them to stand under validated and migrated charters; the only other solution to this problem is the liquidation of these US and USA Corporations and their franchises.

It has also come to our attention that efforts are being made by these criminal enterprises to monetize the Labor Bonds referenced in our earlier correspondence, and that this activity is being pursued in Puerto Rico.

We are in possession of the bonds but we have not accepted them for commercial purposes.

Let us underline this with a broad brush: securitization and monetization of labor is both illegal and unlawful and any entity, bank, level of government, agency, or personnel caught doing any such thing are all subject to immediate arrest for bank fraud, treason, and enslavement.

Securitization and monetization of labor has been illegal worldwide since 1926. The Bearer Bonds that have cured are the unique property of The United States of America — our unincorporated Federation of States, and the people in whose names these bonds appear. Any trade, transfer, collection, transport, or monetization of these, our assets, by any bank in the world, will be grounds for the immediate liquidation of that bank, the arrest of its officers and board of directors, and the imprisonment of any agency personnel involved in such activities.

Our Public Law overstands all forms of legislation and private law. Period. Both the Municipal and Territorial Governments are bound by our Public Law throughout The United States including actions pursued in our Territories and Possessions.

All interference in the administration of our assets by us, coming from all and any purported representatives, must cease and be recognized for what it is — crime and criminal obstruction.

We call for the immediate retraining of all US Marshals, all FBI Agents, all Municipal Agencies, and all Territorial Officers.

Those Labor Bonds are private assets and anyone caught trading in them or pretending to trade in them on our behalf is breaking the Public Law of this country and is in violation of the international conventions against both peonage and slavery.

We are issuing this INTERNATIONAL CRIME BULLETIN AND FRAUD ALERT to all Municipal and Territorial personnel, especially those stationed in Puerto Rico, and we are presenting the immediate need for a worldwide mandatory protective injunction to the High Courts responsible.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary The United States of America

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice — Blood Money 15 – Our Employees

By Anna Von Reitz

Our particular kind of government allows for one State Assembly in each State of the Union. This is the sovereign and unincorporated State in each case. Together, these States by custom and for their mutual self-interest, delegate certain of their international and global powers to The United State of America. Both The United States and The United States of America being referenced are unincorporated entities employed as instrumentalities by the fifty (50) sovereign States of the Union.

As of the first of October 2020 the pre-Civil War State Assemblies voted unanimously to enroll the western Territorial States created under the Northwest Ordinance since 1860 and chosen to make enrollment effective with the date and time that these states entered Territorial Statehood.

All fifty (50) States of the Union are populated, all fifty (50) State Assemblies are in Session, and all members of these Assemblies are properly declared and publicly recorded birthright Americans. All fifty (50) are fully empowered, enrolled, and endowed with equal powers.

Our State Assemblies are lawful, unincorporated, and have standing as sovereign states under national, international, and global law.

Our paid Federal Employees who are by definition District Persons/PERSONS have been running around behind us, trying to put together District Assemblies populated by District Personnel, because they are struggling under the misapprehension that we need Confederate States, that is, States of States, to function in international trade and global commerce.

This is not the case. The incapacity of the Confederation and the incapacity of the Federal Republic are both moot issues in the face of the actual Federation of States.

Our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, which is the source of all the delegated powers in international and global jurisdictions, is completely competent to function in both international trade and global commerce without any representation or grant of agency. Indeed, our Federation did exactly that for a period of five years and has the option of doing so now — and has availed itself of that option.

Both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States must stand down and cease and desist from all efforts to impersonate us, to interject themselves as our agents, or to otherwise pretend to be us or represent us apart from their clearly enumerated constitutional obligations.

The Principals responsible for these organizations are required by Treaty and Commercial Contract to cease and desist attempts to latch our assets, traffic our assets, securitize our assets or in any other way pretend authorities never vouchsafed to them.

The Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor together with their respective Governments, have no authority or occasion to impersonate us, substitute themselves and their citizenry for us, or to conduct business for us; as we are present and accounted for and taking care of our own affairs.

We have served Public Notice and Due Process of these facts to these Principals and throughout the International Community, and we are addressing The International Court of Justice, Vatican Chancery Court, and the Court of the Lord High Steward in affirmation of these truths.

No man and no nation should be deceived further by any semantic deceit seeking to misrepresent The United States of America as an incorporated entity, nor seeking to impersonate our States of the Union as State Trusts, nor otherwise attempting to pass off foreign Persons as Americans and pretending that their foreign District Assemblies are in any way required to exist for any emergency purpose nor pretend that District Assemblies are competent to replace the actual State Assemblies.

In all cases, circumstances, and jurisdictions, our State Assemblies are the only sovereign governmental entities on this continent; any other kind of assembly composed of foreign persons, is self-evidently posturing upon our strictly limited delegated authorities and trying to assume the powers of our State Assemblies without any vested authority to do so.

In fact, the existence of District Assemblies on our soil was never contractually agreed to, and their operations have caused a considerable amount of disruption, fraud, and confusion. These “assemblies” of foreign persons on our shores have indiscriminately welcomed non-Federal Employees and conscripted our people without full disclosure as well as latching upon our Given Names and presuming against our self-evident nationality via unconscionable registration processes and adhesion contracts all of which we disallow.

We wish it to be universally known and fully acknowledged that the Americans are home, and in truth, the vast proportion of us never left. Any pretensions by our Federal Government Subcontractors or their incorporated instrumentalities otherwise, must be recognized as self-interested prevarication amounting to constructive fraud and purposeful deceit being pursued in the cause of unjust enrichment.

The sum total of any powers ever delegated to any of our Federal Subcontractors or secondarily entrusted by them against their Honor– to agency personnel, are matters of Public Record established more than two hundred years ago.

No, we have not all adopted any form of Federal citizenship; no, we have not agreed to employment or dependency; no, we have not agreed to enfranchisement; no, we have not recognized any emergency powers; no, we have not vacated our government; no, we have not yielded any legislative power to our paid employees and their dependents except for those legislative powers allowed within the District of Columbia as already discussed.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary The United States of America

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice — Blood Money 16 — The RV

By Anna Von Reitz

There can be no legal or lawful Revaluation of Currency in the presence of a completely rigged system controlling both trade and commerce connected to currency commodities.

Dealing with this issue requires dealing with the wholesale commodity price manipulations and rigged market conditions that have already been noted and discussed. Any “RV” — revaluation of currencies scheme occurring under these conditions is a scam by definition, because at best it is an arbitrary negotiated price index having no necessary connection to the market or reality.

We have yet to face the facts imposed by the existence of the Exchange Stabilization Fund and the ability of this fund to inflate or deflate the value of independently produced national currencies at will. This coercive power is removed from markets and consumers and driven almost exclusively by political mandate and western corporate Public Policy.

The euphemistically named Exchange Stabilization Fund guarantees that a USA- led hegemony will dominate world currency markets from now on, until and unless it is universally acknowledged that commodity rigging, including currency commodity rigging, fosters unnatural market conditions in which lies and arbitrary prejudices consume both commodities and lives.

We have yet to nail down and admit and honestly evaluate the vastness of the precious metals resources of this planet, both already mined assets and assets in the ground. We don’t actually have a farthing-in-the-wind estimate of how much gold or silver or platinum already exists in mined and refined condition, much less how much is already catalogued as estimated in-ground assets. We haven’t admitted to the new technologies that exist which are capable of extracting everything from gold mined from sand and sea water, to plastics recaptured from the air.

Nor have we begun to fathom the value of rare earth minerals like molybdenum and cobalt — much less the costs of mining, refining, and cleaning up the often poisonous detritus of harvesting these increasingly important resources.

Most distressingly, we have not dealt with the value of life’s necessities — pure and abundant water, arable and fertile farmland, healthy river and sea ecosystems, and all the other “commodities” that become increasingly valuable as pollution, scientific ignorance, and population stress take their toll.

We consider these things to be the most valuable of all commodities, but we do not suggest that they be brokered and bought and sold by commercial entities on stock markets. We suggest that their value be recognized and that investment in these commodities should be built into any sane world economic system and should be a primary focus and concern of every national government.

We suggest that open-hearted and transparent investment in these life-sustaining resources of our planet should be rewarded by increased value of each national currency and of a new worldwide currency that also gains value based on improvements made to the natural resources and labor force of each and every country.

Only by enacting this currency system where profit is a reward for positive change can we refocus our nations away from the competitive, combative, selfish, power- seeking models of the past, and arrive at a vision of global teamwork and cooperation tied to profit-making for both national and global good promoted through individual enterprise and creative inspiration.

We have had enough arms races and space races and technology races. What we need is to put aside such childish, competitive, and destructive games and pull together with full force to cherish, preserve, clean, and care for the Earth, to invest in our families, our cultures, and our people.

We need to truly value what we love, not what we hate. The choice between guns and butter is a false choice. All we really need to do is set a sane standard of value and enforce it with logic and true self-interest.

The same forces that drive world markets now can be harnessed to positive values the same way that they have been harnessed to negative values. The choice is ours.

We believe that rewarding reckless consumption only breeds more of the same, and short-sighted profit-mongering and the arbitrary and coercive “pegging” of commodity values — including currency commodity values — against nothing more than self-interested Public Policies promoted by commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services, is insane.

If money is to be held as a valid representation of value, then we must be clear about what is truly valuable and not in any money-grubbing, profit-driven sense of the word, but in terms of value-to-life and value-to-quality-of-life for everyone on this planet.

So, The Company goes to Zimbabwe, and strong-arms local leaders into selling out all the mineral wealth of the country. This is assumed to increase the value of the national currency and currency speculators rush to “run it up” into the stratosphere. The original sell-out leaders get cold feet and are removed. New puppets are installed. The people riot when they find out what is going on.

Thousands are killed. News of this is suppressed. Fat slobs in London wipe the gravy off their chins and pat the BBC on the head. Good dog. Nothing to see here.

Just move along.

That is the way things have been for many years, but for self-evident reasons, this is not the way for us to continue.

When Lord Sassoon bites his lip and stutters, famously, that “only 1,500 tonnes of gold have been mined in the history of the world” we have to ask which world he has been living in.

Obviously, his world is profoundly disconnected from reality — which is precisely the evil that we see all around us, every day, in every way, we are living in a kingdom of lies and violence and self-destructive idiocy for no valid reason but illusory profit-making.

Ask yourselves, if energy is neither created nor destroyed, and matter is only an expression of energy, what possible gain or loss is there? Evidently, all true value lies in how we structure things and what we value.

We do have eyes, ears, brains, and the sense that God gave us. We presume that we are meant to use these assets to improve upon and use and enjoy and share all the rest.

Our Creator is not a deadbeat Dad.

Every nation on this planet has everything needed to build a good life for its people and for the Earth as a whole.

The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, is the actual legal and lawful owner of all American assets in international trade and global commerce—assets that must be accounted for and deployed. If there is going to be a revaluation of world currencies, our so-called legacy trust assets and half a billion American silver dollars each pegged against approximately $55,000.00 worth of Territorial U.S. Debt must be accounted for.

If not, any “RV” is just another capricious, dishonest, arbitrary and ultimately meaningless exercise designed to implement a continuing Public Policy of Corporate Feudalism —which is increasingly and dangerously disconnected from life and love.

We have required the return and possession of the Labor Bonds that were issued in our names. We also require the return and possession of the gold and silver assets cashiered by the British-run Territorial U.S. Government.

For the good of the whole world, the Holy See, the British Monarchy, and the Lord Mayor must return the purloined American assets to the lawful American Government and stop trying to interfere and circumvent our control of our own assets.

We return this to the High Courts responsible, together with our determination that Feudalism was a miserable form of government except for the very few and Corporate Feudalism if allowed to progress further, will be worse. Whereupon we object to any continuing legal presumptions being made against us by our Treaty Partners and fellow-Principals, and any further delay, obstruction, or meddling in our direct administration of our assets.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary The United States of America

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice — Blood Money 17 — The Bond System

By Anna Von Reitz

Before publishing this, I want people to fully grasp the fact that bonds are associated with “bondage” — which always requires “performance”. So bonds impose a form of servitude. Always. Bonds are not a good thing.

So when people get all excited and talk about the “value of bonds” what they are actually talking about is the value of someone’s performance — their labor, their talents, their intellectual property— being exchanged for money for a period of years, and their obligation to perform upon the terms of those bonds.

When you are sold into bondage, someone gets a pay off and that someone is typically not you. You get the performance part of the deal only.

Many of you have read about the practice of “indentured servitude” — a process by which people “bound themselves” to serve in a particular capacity for a number of years, typically seven (7) years, to pay off a debt. Many people came to this country as indentured servants (bonded servants) and worked off their debt and became free men.

Even slaves could, given the right opportunities and conditions, find means to earn “extra” money, and buy themselves out of slavery.

It is impossible to bond an American against their will, but we remain “free” to bond ourselves, which we have been “presumed” to do, as a result of the Birth Certification and underlying Registration process.

To be exact, the Perpetrators claim that our Mothers freely and voluntarily gave us up as Wards of the State-of-State British Crown Franchise operating our State Government “for” us. On an “emergency” basis, of course.

Millions of Americans know that this is total bunk and that our Mothers were never given full disclosure and that these innocent women were railroaded into signing these papers under color of law and in breach of trust, but that little fact is lurking like a Great White Shark, just under the surface of their system.

According to them, our Mothers signed us up and we continued to “voluntarily” participate when we reached the age of majority. The fact that the purported contract was signed when we were just babies and therefore totally “unconscionable” to us, and never disclosed to our Mothers, either, is another point that the Perpetrators neglect to admit.

Thus, we have been “self enslaved” under foreign and undisclosed contracting processes promoted by our public employees, who have sold us into both slavery as Municipal citizens of the United States, and as indentured servants presumed to be British Territorial U.S. Citizens.

So now that you know that bonds are not good things and that you only get the bad end of the stick, let’s take a look at an actual Birth Certificate ACCOUNT— mine.

The STATE OF WISCONSIN BIRTH CERTIFICATE shows that a “female”, that is, a “daughter of Adam” was physically born on June 6, 1956, and the initial certificate was issued by Dr. Kenneth F. Manz, M.D., actually, the attending physician, on June 27, 1956. It was received by the Office of the Registrar (from Dr. Manz) on June 28, 1956, and I was “unlawfully converted” into a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and Indentured “Person” on June 28, 1956. All this registration work was done via a Municipal Corporation doing business as the WISCONSIN STATE BOARD OF HEALTH.

Remember that “Wisconsin State” is the State Trust the rats established after the Civil War “for” us, to manage our property “for” us in our “absence” — even though we hadn’t gone anywhere.


So, the doctor was the Undeclared Foreign Agent “claiming” me as property belonging to the Queen and the British Crown Corporation franchise running both the Wisconsin State (Trust) and the State of Wisconsin “for” me. And not a word was said to my Mother, or, for that matter, to me, when I reached the age of majority.

The initial bond has been rolled over several times in the course of my life, so the original “bond” shows as a File Number: 148-56-XXXX. The first set of numbers identifies the British Crown Corporation franchise and the “56” identifies the year, and the XXXX — which is also numeric, but I am not publishing— identifies the exact record that entered “me” into their system.

A more recent version of the document shows an eight-digit Bond Number in red ink at the bottom of the certificate. This is an IMF Bond Number; the United Nations has held these bonds since Jimmy Carter so generously donated them in 1980, as one of his last, thank God, acts as President.

Now, this is purportedly, a “private contract”, something that my Mother and later, I, entered into knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily — a supposition that everyone reading this knows is pure bunk. We were simply never told anything about these cozy unilateral, undisclosed, and for my part, unconscionable contracts, being entered into “for” me by “Uniformed” Federal Officers.

Doctors are conscripted under Federal Code Title XXXVII, so while my Mother was paying for a private physician, Dr. Manz was acting as an M.D. and signed the certificate as such. He took me into “custody” and sold me into indentured servitude benefiting the USA, Inc., and he very broadly presumed that I was an unwanted bastard child, abandoned “on the battlefield” of an illegal mercenary war being carried out in secret by my own public employees 91 years after the American Civil War actually ceased. You can’t make this stuff up.

Now, what happens to little Anna Maria? The living girl goes on and lives and grows up. The British Territorial “Person” berthed by this illicit registration process, is moved to the District of Columbia, where “she” is registered again by the Department of Commerce as a “Special Purpose Vehicle” doing business as a corporation franchise of the Municipal United States Government: ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER.

While the British Person carrying my Proper Name is just an indentured servant, the Municipal PERSON is a slave, both of whom have to buy their way out of their servitude every step of the way, because at the end of that day, they owe everything to the State Trust, where “I” am actually “lodged” and which they

manage “for” me.

Okay? Are you able to follow along here? They seize upon me as a baby in my cradle, include me as property belonging to the Wisconsin State (Trust), which they then commandeer and manage “for” me in my “absence”. After this initial act of misrepresentation and kidnapping and unlawful conversion of my nationality and political status, they remove the resulting British “Person” they have named after me to the District of Columbia.

Once in the District of Columbia, they incorporate an additional Municipal Corporation named “ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER” as a Cestui Que Vie ESTATE Trust, and they begin spinning off “derivatives” other commercial corporation franchises that are all “Special Purpose Vehicles” presumed to be engaged in various public commercial capacities. So, we have, for example, their current scapegoat, ANNA M RIEZINGER, a bankrupt Puerto Rican Electrical Company franchise.

These Municipal franchise CORPORATIONS are all promptly bundled up and transported offshore to Puerto Rico (or more recently, the Mariana Islands) where they are graciously administered as Church properties, under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.

Now you know how and why the IRS is so effective as a debt collector of your “voluntary” Federal Income Taxes, whether or not you are a Federal Employee or Dependent.

Let’s examine the actual “books” using my BC account as a totally typical example of what is in fact owed to an average American versus what is owed by that same American in the aggregate. This is a recent — April 2021– look at “my” account.

You will see that it is organized as “BC FRONT CUSIPS” and “BC BACK EE SERIES PAPER BOND CUSIP” numbers.


FPURX x 3 Cusip: 316345107 Amount: 475 Million

FSELX Cusip: 316390863 Amount: 5,833.64 x 1,000,000.00= 5,833,640,000

FTRNX Cusip: 3164231025 Amount: 3,281.00 x 1,000,000.00= 3,281,000,000

FDESX Cusip: 316127109 Amount: 2,731.59 x 1,000,000.00= 2,731,590,000

Altogether, they are holding $12,321,230,000.00 in the Wisconsin State (Trust) for me, but all this Pre-paid Credit is, conveniently, blocked. It was pre-paid by my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents and by me, too, but I can’t access it. Remember my “Person” has been unlawfully converted into a British Territorial Person, and until I “return” from “over the seas”, this account belongs to an American and is “unclaimed” property. So the Perpetrators of this scheme use it as an investment capital Slush Fund instead of using it to benefit me or my family or even my country.

Now, let’s look at the “debt side” of the account. Here we see the “back side” of the account, and we see that Federal Reserve Notes of the EEOOO80771 Series have been issued in MY NAME, as public debts. So, “I” that is, the Municipal PERSON(S) they have created “in my name” owe $50,360,000.00 in debt.

This is what they are always promoting and attempting to collect from the DEBTOR and using as the excuse to confiscate the property of living Americans and to harass them in Municipal COURTS and claiming that these PERSONS owe all sorts of taxes and other debts when in fact, all these debts are owed by the organizations promoting this enormous fraud and money laundering scheme on the backs of the American people.


5,036.00 x 10,000 for denomination 50,360,000.00

The actual tally when the books are balanced is that these Vermin owed me:

$12,270,870,000.00 as of the day we pulled the record.

And they are still trying to pretend that I, or at least, various Municipal PERSONS named after me, owe them money for all this “service” and they are proposing to steal my house, entitle themselves to my home, arrest me whenever they please, and, if necessary to free themselves of their insurmountable debts, they propose to “sacrifice” their property that is, to kill us all, in order to get rid of their Priority Creditors. Hmmmmm.

Well, we have a better idea. We have come home and proven and declared our birthright political status as Americans, owed every penny of our State Trusts. We are the actual landlords, and they are the tenants. It’s time to balance the books.

Please bear in mind that this does not mean that you or I are suddenly going to be in possession of “gozillions” of dollars with no stipulations or responsibilities; that’s not what it means at all. What it means is that we and our State and our ancestors are owed a tremendous amount of pre-paid credit that needs to be gradually paid down, so as to maintain the value of our currency throughout the world, improve our lives, set us free from harassment from our own employees, and promote a safe, clean, sane and truthful world in which all children can grow up happily and achieve their dreams, a world in which all families and all nations are respected.

We cherish the many cultures and nations, the colorful diversity of life, and all its forms, and we utterly reject any model of Corporate Feudalism that certain bankers and other scum have advocated. Norwegians won’t be inundated with displaced Muslims from Iraq anymore. Neither will there be wars that murder and leave people homeless, promoted by thieves and mental incompetents.

What this means on an individual level, is that you, plain old Joe Q. American, should never see another tax bill of any kind again. Or suffer any potholes. You should never have to quibble over a “land title” belonging to a British version of yourself. You should never see another public utility bill of any kind in your lifetime. You should never be misaddressed by any foreign “federal” officer or foreign “State of State” Court or Law Enforcement Officer. You should never have to worry about a medical bill, the cost of medicine, a college debt, or buying a new car when you need one. Ever.

And bear in mind, this is just the “sort out” of the Birth Certificate Bonds. Other bonds were placed on your weary backs as well.

You are the richest people on Earth, even though you have been treated as slaves in your own country for 158 years.

It’s time for this abysmal nonsense to end.

The Americans have seen through the deceit and the Roman Civil Law demands the removal of the fraud and its results, to return our land and our Good Names and our pre-paid credit and everything else that is legitimately ours.

We have also seen through the inland piracy practiced against us by the Queen’s Government and the Lords of the Admiralty. The Law of the Sea maintains that “Possession by pirates does not change ownership.” and so, we have reclaimed all our property— our purloined gold and silver, our Good Name, our copyrights, our trademarks, our patents, our public buildings, our land patents, our post offices, all of it.

As it turns out, we also own most of Western Europe, which has been badly bungled, too. Contrary to fears that we will enslave the populace or repossess property, we propose to free everyone concerned and return each man to his own place with his own property intact. The principles of war do not apply.

We will consider this a true Jubilee, the first in over 800 years, and the Creditors will gradually and sensibly release all the debts and hold the living people harmless, so long as everyone keeps their heads together and proceeds in an orderly fashion.

There will be no UN Death Squads on our shores, no Chinese Troops on our nickel, no false claims in commerce misapplied to anyone— and no more continued pretense of mercenary war on our shores.

Instead, those who have been harmed by this pernicious system will be made whole and enabled to live free and secure and dignified lives. Everyone will be educated and fully informed and enabled to take responsibility for their own lives as self-governing beings, and anyone seeking to enslave, bringing false claims in commerce, impersonating anyone, or playing any of these loathsome games on our turf will be recognized as a criminal, arrested, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Public Law.

This is our Will as the actual Government of this country, and our employees of every stripe, are fully obligated to obey and the High Courts are all obligated to enforce from the top down as we enforce from the bottom up.

We believe that this little expose using my account as an example of what is totally typical, more than adequately demonstrates not only the existence of our “Exemption Accounts” but locates them, and also explains the mechanisms used to establish and misdirect this system, so as to misidentify and enslave the actual Creditors.

Instead of owing anyone for the use of Federal Reserve Notes, I am owed for the use of Federal Reserve Notes issued against my good name and credit. Any debts owed by any corporate PERSON named after me utterly pale in comparison to what I am owed, so that I, and millions of other Americans, are without question, owed the Mutual Offset Credit Exemption Exchanges that were stipulated in 1933- 34, and our feckless foreign Employees need to organize themselves to issue the Exemption Credits.

We suggest an overhaul of the “Internal Revenue Service” and the “IRS” to coordinate their activities with the Treasury and expedite the opening of our Exemption Accounts as each American “returns” home to the land and soil of our beloved country and re-establishes their identity as an American.

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice — Blood Money 18 — Hollywood East

By Anna Von Reitz

I am now given to understand that the “Arise America” Tour being popularized by Robert David Steele and Sasha Stone is actually being funded by the shadowy Bush-connected “We, the People” organization, and that their overtures to the American State Assemblies to financially support and participate in their Tour is an effort to co-opt our efforts.

We weren’t told that “We, the People” was involved.

Instead of it being an opportunity to bring the truth out, it’s a means to associate themselves and their organization with us. But just enough to lend themselves our legitimacy.

The problem with “We, the People” is that they are the wrong “People”.

The only People who are Parties to the Constitutions and enabled to enforce them are the State Citizens, as is shown by our earlier information published as Blood Money 17 — The Bond System.

Those operating the “We, the People” organization are in fact Territorial U.S. Citizens and they are clinging stubbornly to that political status.


Because they want to “represent” us, and deny our ability to present ourselves

—-with no agency granted to them.

After all, impersonating us as British Territorial U.S. Citizens is how they got their foot in the door, how they managed to act in Breach of Trust and latch onto our Good Names and Persons to benefit their Queen and their Pope in the first place. This is what we call “Hollywood East”.

Virtually all these people are literally Actors — some of them very Bad Actors, indeed.

They are the ones who stage False Flags all over this country, the same Jokers who conduct business as “Acts” of Congress — literally, acts as in stage play acts. Most of them have been deluded to think that they are doing something great, something necessary, a “sacred cause” — when in fact, all they are doing is promoting a phony, illegal, commercial mercenary “war” and pillaging their country and their countrymen to do it.

Who was John Wilkes Booth? An actor.

Who was Abraham Lincoln? A Bar Attorney acting as “a” President, not “The President”.

Who was Ronald Reagan? Another actor. Jimmy Carter, too.

The Walker-Bushes and Carter-Roosevelts are all Rockefellers, too. That’s why virtually all the “Presidents” are related to each other, and operate under false names.

Like Ulysses S. Grant or “US Grant” ahem, whose actual name was just plain old Hiram Grant from Ohio.

Take a good look at Joe Biden and compare to Jeb Bush or former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. See the resemblance? Now add in Ulysses S. Grant. And Patty Hearst.

Compare JFK (a Carter) to Jimmy Carter…..

Now compare both of them to Donald Trump and Theodore Roosevelt.

Theodore Roosevelt’s Bull Moose Party ran under the slogan, “A Square Deal All Around.” Teddy was a Republican.

And Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Democratic Party slogan ran under “The New Deal”. Franklin, his cousin, was a Democrat.

And neither one of them were ever The President of The United States of America. Starting with Abraham Lincoln, they were, and they are, all actors. All men and women pretending to be what they are not. All imposters.

And we are the people they are playing. In all senses of that word.

Without us, they have no standing at all, no ability to commandeer our assets, no firm identity, no property, no political status of their own, no “power” except the strictly enumerated delegated powers they are supposed to be exercising “for” us in “good faith”.

Their entire political status is created by the Federal Constitutions, and without those Constitutions, they are stateless, homeless, and lacking any purpose— which is why they make such a cult out of preserving and defending the “Constitution” at all costs.

They have impersonated Americans for so long that some of them actually believe that they are us, and they do this because this is the only way that they can seize power over us and our assets by pretending to be us and pretending to be our lawful government.

That, however, is something they can never attain, no matter how many times they claim to be, “We, the People”. They may be “a” people, but no, not “the” People being referenced by that famous phrase.

So it is time to set aside these repugnant and criminal games, face the facts, admit who pays the bills, and which ones of us actually function as Americans, not U.S. Citizens and not Municipal CITIZENS, either.

The Father of All Lies guides their actions, but the Father of All Truth guides ours. They pretend to be “We, the People” but never paid a dime toward the fulfillment of that contract. They pretend to “represent” us, but we have no need for their services; we are competent to present ourselves, directly, and in our true and Lawful Persons.

Let the records of the High Courts show that we appeared in our true form in the Court of Heaven, and that we appear now as Lawful Persons standing on the land of our country.

All beneficial interest in America is owed to us, and we do not allow our foreign employees or their dependents to substitute themselves for us, manage our private lives for us, or otherwise commandeer our Persons, cashier our assets in trusts, or waive our inheritance for their benefit.

While we initially welcomed the olive branch and the offer to join in and support the Arise America Tour, we realize that once again, this was no genuine effort to support actual Americans, create actual peace or settle anything. It’s just another attempt to co-opt what is legitimate by association.

It’s too bad for all concerned, but no, we won’t be participating in nor supporting the Arise America Tour, and we turn the High Courts’ attention to the issue of impersonation in all its senses. These people don’t stop with impersonating us on paper, they actually take to the streets and attempt to pull the same thing in the flesh. They pretend to be our Agents, when they are not. They pretend to be our Trustees, when they are not.

And they even pretend to be us, literally, when they are not.

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice — Blood Money 19 – Bank Fraud

By Anna Von Reitz

Not only have the so-called individual accounts never been balanced and the credit made available — not even to pay public debts for the actual Creditors — but bank operations have been deregulated and left without oversight to such an alarming degree that the entire industry is detached from reality. Literally.

The Mutually Assured Destruction quid pro quo and bank labor/function distribution routed through the Octagon Group holding company is a nightmare and no matter how fast they spin the hamster wheel or how many hamsters are added to it, the basic problems simply remain and get bigger.

Both the insurance industry and the practice of “fractional reserve banking” which allows the banks to loan out 7 to 10 times the amount that they are holding as capitalization represent legalized gambling.

The insurance racket plays the probabilities of an event happening, and with the banks, that “event” is the probability of depositors all wanting their deposits back on any given day—a bank run, or, simply having a “margin crisis” which is a limited bank run, that forces them to borrow short term funding from other banks.

As the banks are all bankrupt entities themselves, they have no motivation not to gamble. They can’t be held accountable.

Even if there is a bank run by depositors and the banks are left with both pockets turned inside out, they can shrug and say, “We’ve been bankrupt since 1933.

What do you expect us to do about it?”

They are bullet-proof against any claim a depositor can make, and they know this, so they have no motive to protect depositors and depositors are left with the ugly demand, “You want bank services or not?”

The initial problem — the over-extension of credit far beyond the assets of the bank– becomes compounded as the banks seek to leverage their interest margins on each loan transaction and spin the wheel faster, faster, faster.

It’s oddly like the difference between simple interest and compound interest. The banks increase the number of loans and the speed of the loan transactions to, in effect, extract more interest and do it faster and more efficiently. Interest accruals that used to be collected at the end of each day are now collected by the second.

The AI System that makes this possible doesn’t evaluate the transactions, it simply aims to maximize the loan deposits and the interest accruing to the deposits, because the interest on deposits is the bank’s funding.

Many Americans don’t know that Congress is loaning every cent to the banks to fund every loan, and Congress is extracting the funds from us to do it. They are literally loaning us our own money and then charging us interest on it— and if that is not a con game, what is?

When the bank approves a home loan for $300,000.00 they go to the Federal Reserve and request it to deposit the whole amount of the loan— which it does. The Federal Reserve in turn goes to Congress and requests Congress to deposit the amount they just extended to the bank. Congress goes to your trust funds and extracts the entire amount of the loan from your assets, then makes the banks responsible for collecting it back, plus interest.

The banks and their insurance companies do so with great gusto, as evidenced by the millions of foreclosures and cruel evictions that happen every year.

The banks have nothing to lose with respect to depositors, thanks to the perpetual bankruptcy scheme, but the Federal Reserve can shut them down, and so can their insurance companies. Those two masters have to be served — forget any regard for the depositors, who are actually the people funding this whole bizarre charade, the living people who are the funders and employers of the banks, the Federal Reserve, the Congress, and the “Fund Managers” busily investing our assets “for” us.

In all typical foreclosure cases, the bank is foreclosing on the actual source of the funding it loaned.

The bank owes the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve owes the Congress, and the Congress owes the “Borrower” for this “loan”.

Congress doesn’t recognize us as the source of all that yummy prepaid credit, because they long ago deliberately misidentified us as U.S. Citizens, and reported that we were “lost at sea presumed dead” as Americans.

And it is as Americans that we inherit everything.

The entire situation with the banks and the Congress reads like a Grade B Movie script, where the heirs of a large estate are bundled up by their disloyal house servants, put in a leaky boat, and set sail on the tide, while the duplicitous servants report them missing and themselves left standing as the only apparent heirs to the castle.

The solutions require common sense and very little else.

Bankrupt banks must not be allowed to continue their operations. They have to be liquidated and turned over to new, hopefully more honest and adept management.

Depositor’s interests must be honored and protected.

Strict new banking regulations and oversight mechanisms must be put in place. Unlawful securitization and monetization of labor must cease and all those bonds must be discharged and settled.

The banks and insurance companies must then be held feet first to the fire and used to back flush , to force the recognition of the actual Funders of all these loan transactions the American people, who have been deliberately misidentified as the Borrowers instead of the Creditors-in-Fact.

You will remember from the discussion about my account, my Municipal “PERSON” owed fifty million dollars-worth of debt in the form of EE Series Federal Reserve Notes, but my long-lost American “PERSON” a CESTUI QUE VIE trust, was owed over $12 billion dollars in pre-paid credit, socked away in “trust funds” which I can’t access because I have been deliberately misidentified and mischaracterized and impersonated by the same persons benefiting themselves from the misuse and abuse of my assets my own employees, and the members of Congress purportedly representing me.

Shall we make it perfectly clear that these Jokers do not represent me, nor do they legitimately represent millions upon millions of other Americans, whose assets they have similarly commandeered and cashiered in Gross Breach of Trust, under color of law, under conditions of non-disclosure, semantic deceit, and constructive fraud and this has all been done by people who are taking their paychecks from

our pockets.

This has been done at the direction of all the Popes since 1860, all the British Monarchs since 1860, and all the Lord Mayors of London since 1860. It must also be admitted that this gross abuse could not have occurred without the agreement and cooperation of the members of the Territorial U.S. Congress and members of the Municipal Congress.

They have used America as a resource dump, as a source of cheap mercenaries, and as a giant Slush Fund for their immoral, unlawful, and illegal activities here and throughout the world.

Putting a definitive end to this situation would certainly help the actual Americans, but it would be of great benefit to the entire rest of the world, too, because these same criminal political elements, the banks and attorneys allied with them, and the insurance corporations that back them, have sought to engender perpetual war for profit throughout the entire planet.

Even now, they are scuffing around trying to get something started. For everyone’s security and safety, on a worldwide basis, these Perpetrators must be exposed together with the criminal mechanisms they have used to secure these results.

These abuses must be stopped in America and not allowed to renew and self- perpetuate again in China. This ancient source of war, chaos, and disruption must be recognized for what it is a profane and idolatrous religion devoted to deceit,

Mammon, and death. It shall not pass.

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -Blood Money 20 –Abuse of Contracts

By Anna Von Reitz

Our contract standards have been well-known and published for over four hundred years, indeed, throughout the entire time period spanned by the European colonization of this continent; therefore, we have no explanation, except for criminal intent on the part of the British Monarchs and Lord Mayors, for the sudden and inappropriate proliferation of Maritime contracting processes being extended onto the land and soil jurisdiction of our country.

As a brief review: The American Civil War wasn’t technically a war. It was a Mercenary Conflict, like the far more recent conflict in Vietnam. It was not fought by the actual States nor by our Federation of States. It was fought by the State of State organizations, like The State of New York. that were members of the Confederation.

Thus, all the entities that mustered men out to fight in the Civil War were actually “Confederate States”, both North and South. This fact was obscured by calling the Northern Confederation “the Union” and the Southern Confederation the “Confederate States of America”.

Abraham Lincoln never acted as the actual President of this country. He was not eligible to do so thanks to the Titles of Nobility Amendment passed in 1819.

Instead, he served as a Territorial President. This Bait and Switch fraud, substituting “the” President of “the” United States of America for The President of The United States of America has cost our country dearly.

The American Civil War was never declared by any Act of Congress. It was never ended by any Peace Treaty issued by any competent power.

Mr. Lincoln’s lack of authority to begin the so-called war made it an illegal action from the start, and the similar lack of authority to end the conflict by his replacement, President Andrew Johnson, made it a complete unlawful and illegal fiasco.

The abuse of contracts began shortly after the end of armed hostilities.

While it is agreed worldwide that we all have the unbridled right to establish and perform under the constraints of contracts and covenants and compacts and agreements and treaties of various kinds executed in their appropriate jurisdictions, the sudden proliferation and inducement of Maritime contracts and practices and standards on our land and soil appears to arise from a mistaken presumption that our American Government was absent or in interregnum simply because it was not in Session.

A Government, in Mr. Lincoln’s words, “of, for, and by the People” does not just disappear over the horizon, or collapse with the death of a Monarch or other Head of State. We’ve been here the entire time, and though bewildered and confused initially by the deceits of our Subcontractors and Employees, we are nonetheless competent to enforce our Treaties under International and Global Law and uphold our Public Law.

Our Public Law includes our contracting standards which require at a minimum:

  1. Full disclosure of the Parties, their identity, their capacity, their intent, and the terms of the agreement in simple unobscured language;

  2. a meeting of the minds — a requirement that precludes contracts with minors, incompetents, and unconscionable contracts of all kinds;

  3. wet-ink signatures by at least two Parties — which precludes all unilateral contracts;

  4. equitable consideration — which precludes lop-sided contracts in which one Party receives grossly unequal benefit at the expense of the other Party;

  5. freedom from force or coercion — which precludes contracts signed under force or influence of authority presented under color of law;

  6. no undisclosed Third Party contracts — which precludes the inclusion of undeclared Silent Partners, and all contracts entered into on behalf of living people who are otherwise competent, by Third Parties.

These are our well-known, long-established basic contracting requirements and our Employees have no known valid reason for applying any other standard to us or within our borders, yet as we have demonstrated, they have presumed upon us and proliferated an endless list of improper adhesion contracts in foreign jurisdictions, have seized upon our Good Names as presumed Wards of their illegally and unlawfully substituted State-of-State organizations, copyrighted our Good Names as property belonging to the British Crown Corporation, and they have done all of this in secret while taking their paychecks from our pockets.

Such outrageous Gross Breach of Trust and violation of Commercial Contract, on such a vast scale, has never happened in the history of the world —but it needs to end and end now. We are not discussing anything unknown or novel; all the circumstances and practices exposed are already well-recognized crimes of a garden variety sort, simply exercised on a vast scale.

The impersonation of Americans as British Territorial U.S. Citizens and the resulting unlawful conversion of their political status and conscription of their assets and their credit is no different than the identity theft that occurs when a credit card hacker impersonates the actual cardholder.

None of the contracts used to create this situation are valid in any respect. None of the conversions of American babies to U.S. Citizen status are valid. These circumstances, described throughout our communications with the High Courts, are all results of fraud and piracy based on abuse of contract by Subcontractors who owe us Good Faith and service.

Another form of abuse of contract has been used to create corporations in the names of The United States and The United States of America.

This fraud infringing upon our sovereign ability to charter corporations took place in 1870, but as a crime of fraud has no statute of limitations, it follows that all the corporations that have been formed under the Corporations Act of 1870 have not been chartered by any sovereign government and are in fact stateless and without indemnification — unless we adopt them.

We, as the only lawful and still-standing Government of this country operating in International Jurisdiction, are the only Owners and Operators of these corporations by default: they have been formed in our Names, derived from our names, funded with our assets and credit, and we have been held responsible for their losses in bankruptcy through repeated iterations of bankruptcies, so that we are unquestionably the Creditors and Parties of Interest and actual Owners of all these corporations and their franchises.

Yet, all these same corporations have been operating under the Law of the Sea instead of the Law of the Land, and have not been subject to us and our Public Law as a result. They have been administered by the British Monarchs and the Government of Westminster under the direction of the Lord Mayor of London, instead, and all aspects of these purloined corporation assets have been construed to operate exclusively under Admiralty and Maritime Jurisdiction; unlawful so-called “Special Admiralty” provisions have been legislatively enacted by our Employees to provide for their felonious extension onto the land.

As a result, the corporations that we have paid for and which have been chartered in our names and under our purported authority since 1870, have been outside our control and operating without our Public Law, despite the fact that these corporations are sailing under our Great Seals and we are being held responsible for the preservation of their shareholders and their bankruptcy protections, too.

As the actual owners of these legal fictions we have announced a one (1) year amnesty period which began in February 2021 for these same corporations to add acceptable lawful purposes language to their Articles of Incorporation and for these corporations to accept administration under our Public Law.

Otherwise, they must be liquidated and the proceeds returned to us as recompense for the losses suffered as a result of multiple so-called “national bankruptcies” charged off against our credit and paid for by our people.

We are the Priority Creditors and Receivers of all these incorporated entities which have been chartered in our names and on our shores and the return of control of these assets is owed to us by the so-called “U.S. Trustees” who have assumed a Public Trust Interest which is non-existent and proven to be non-existent by our Presence in the High Courts and our properly constructed State Assemblies being in Session.

We wish for immediate and unrestricted control of our own Admiralty Courts and the return of direct controlling interest in all those corporations formed in our names and chartered under our auspices since 1870. During transition, these corporations are to be held accountable to both Admiralty Law at sea and to our Public Law on the land. Cooperation between the U.S. Marshals Service and the Continental Marshals Services commissioned by our American Government is a required element of recoupment and necessary for the preservation of peace.

We read with dismay that 72 living people have been killed in disputes over improper demands by our Subcontractors seeking to seize and confiscate guns and other armaments from people who are in fact Americans, and who are in fact owed all guarantees of the Federal Constitutions without exception.

This trespass upon our population by misdirected Public Employees and the Commercial Corporations employing them in our names and these innocent

deaths are at the feet of the Principals responsible for this ongoing travesty — the British Monarch, the Lord Mayor of London, and the Pope.

Until such time as all the people of our country are fully informed and enabled to make rational choices about their political status, we wish everyone to be Held Harmless and accorded all those rights and interests protected by the original Federal Constitution of 1787, and also the re-institution of Equal Civil Rights which have been suspended for Federal workers and dependents.

As the so-called Naked Owners of all these corporations, we are directing them and those responsible for their administration to obey the Public Law and forsake all and any activities predicated on the assumption that any form of war is ongoing in any jurisdiction — national, international, or global related to our


by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary The United States of America

Additional Issues for The Court of International Justice — Blood Money 21 – Land

By Anna Von Reitz

In addition to all those other issues of international importance thus far raised by our efforts, perhaps no issue is more deeply felt than the issue of land ownership, which should not even be under discussion.

It is very well-established that land in this country belongs to the States and the people who live in those States. There is no arcane definition applied to “people”

— all living Americans and naturalized U.S. Citizens who adopt a State of the Union as their permanent house, home, and domicile —regardless of race, creed, color or religion are people in our view, and they enjoy all the same rights and opportunities, including the right to possess land and soil parcels and hold them in their own right.

No other form of land ownership, except for formal set asides to allow for Federal use of land, has ever been allowed or anticipated. It is to be noted that in order for the Federal Government to have and use land in this country, it must: (1) be for constitutionally mandated purposes, and (2) must be formally ceded by the State Legislature.

The only other form of Federal occupation of land in this country is allowed to the Territorial Government under the provisions of The Northwest Ordinance, which provides for the Territorial Government to assume a custodial interest until such time as new land acquisitions are enrolled as States of the Union.

In the first instance, the use of land for Federal purposes mandated by their constitutional duties, such as the establishment of military bases and arsenals, post offices, and similar service centers, we find that these have greatly proliferated and have been established without the permission of the actual State Legislatures.

Instead, Territorial State-of-State Legislatures have been allocating themselves the use of vast tracts of our land for purposes never envisioned by any constitutional process nor demanded by their duty, including the establishment of land-grant universities, parks, and health spas, internment camps imposed on our Native People, huge railroad and highway corridors and utility easements, and the establishment of “Special Purpose” land trusts, which are meant to promote the support of one or more public services, such as the Mental Health Trust in Alaska.

The bulk of this development, both good and bad, has taken place and been authorized by people having no actual ability to authorize anything related to our land assets.

In the second case, Territorial Government custodial interest under The Northwest Ordinance— entire “Territorial States” have been created and foisted off on the public as States of the Union, when in fact, these so-called Western States, have been until very recently in a perpetual limbo, under Federal Occupation, and unable to legally or lawfully proceed beyond that status.

One of the first issues to be addressed by our State Assemblies once we had all fifty States assembled, was the enrollment of these Western States by Roll Call Vote of the States that were in existence as of 1860; as a result, these Territorial “States” have finally been enrolled as States of the Union as of the first of October in the year 2020.

We are only beginning to address the rest of the housekeeping necessary to receive back and dispose of land interests that have been left hanging, but we have precluded the sale of the Queen’s tribute interest in our in-ground gold assets to China and we have taken other urgent actions to maintain our safety and asset bases.

All the various threats and evils that have grown up around the use, and sometimes the abuse, of our land resources under Territorial custodianship, have arisen under the influence of the deliberately promoted international presumption that our American Government was missing, absent, or in some kind of perpetual interregnum simply because it was not in continuous Session.

Our Federal Subcontractors and erstwhile Treaty Partners have proposed to not only take inappropriate custodial and public trust interest in our land assets, but have proposed to dispose of our land assets “for” us. Recent attempts at this have included the sale of our infrastructure to foreign investors, our uranium to Russian mining interests, the port of Long Beach, California, to the Chinese, for example, and ongoing discussions to give title to land belonging to our States to the so- called Indigenous Nations using old treaties that were made with foreign governments (England, France, Germany, etc.) prior to The War of Independence as an excuse.

This last proposal is a direct threat to our national security and peace being made by foreign powers that have Treaties with us that they must honor— and which we are here to enforce.

This proposed settlement of our land interests in favor of the Indigenous tribes deserves our comment and opposition on several points.

First, the intermarriage of European and Indigenous peoples began almost upon the first contact, so that treaty by blood was established especially with French Armorican traders centuries before The War of Independence, and that process of intermarriage has continued both with Europeans and among the various diverse native populations, so that today there are very few individuals, if any, who can pass a DNA test and claim to be of any one tribe or lineage.

This calls into question the very concept of “indigenous” people, as do other points shortly to be discussed, and in fact, before we momentarily leave this topic, one of the native leaders, Michael Young, was required by the proponents of this scheme to prove that he had genetic markers going back to Egypt, which is a long way from New York.

We are presented with the Truth — that there is only one Family of Man and we are all ultimately part of it, and we all derive our inheritance of land through that one ancestry. This is explained eloquently by the Bible in Genesis 1: 26-28. The land is the inheritance of all the progeny of Adam — that is, all of us who are destined to live and to die upon the land and soil of the Earth.

This same Truth is also part of Native American Wisdom — which teaches us that we do not own the land, the land owns us. We come from the Earth and we return to the Earth according to Native thought, so how is it that we presume to rule over the Earth?

This is again reprized by the Bible — “for dust thou art, and to dust returneth”. These simple observations have been held to be the Truth worldwide by peoples as diverse as the Scandinavians and the Dogons, Pacific Islanders and yes, by German philosophers who had eyes to see the simple facts of our condition and origins.

This is why in the course of our jurisprudence we consider men and land animals to be land assets, and not assets of the sea.

By this greater Truth, all people are “indigenous” to the land that formed them as their Motherland, and it is a certain fact that we will all return to the land after death. Even the drowned sailor comes to rest on the comforting breast of the sea floor.

Thus, it cannot be argued that anyone is estranged from the Earth by any foreign lineage or provenance, or granted any special title or relationship to the Earth, either. We are all indigenous with respect to the land of our birth, from which we were all formed, regardless of such things as racial make-up, or cultural differences.

Second, this entire discussion on the part of our own Treaty Partners and would-be Executors of our estates— if we were in fact “dead” in the political sense –is rendered that much more ridiculous and divisive by the discussions revolving around The Doctrine of Discovery, which has finally been abandoned, and deservedly so.

This Doctrine held that land could be claimed by any of the European Monarchs, whose Subjects happened to stumble upon it and go through the agreed upon rituals to claim it “in the name of ” whichever Monarch they happened to represent. It was by this process that this entire continent and most of South America and Africa also, were claimed by European Colonialists and their various investor groups. The ridiculous and self-interested nature of this entire process and basis for claiming land ownership was finally reviewed and tossed out on its ear, but for some reason, we are still wrestling with it with respect to the so-called Indigenous Nations.

At some point, perhaps millions of years ago, members of the Homo sapiens tribe placed footprints upon this continent, as with all other continents, and thereby discovered it. If we are going to throw out the Doctrine of Discovery, it hardly matters if the discovery in question happened in 1492 A.D. or 10,000,000 B.C.E. If the Doctrine of Discovery is nonsense, and we are prepared to agree that it is, then the Doctrine of Discovery must be expunged in sum total as a basis for establishing land ownership interests, and the “discovery” of America by Native Tribes in 12,000 B.C.E. is just as moot as any fumbling made by the passengers aboard the Mayflower.

So let us all stop jockeying around trying to find on one hand, an easy way to dispose of a noisome political problem, and on the other, an inconvenient debt — and admit the simple truths attached to all these issues.

Our country has been misrepresented for decades and preyed upon by our European Allies and Treaty Partners, who are in fact our Subcontractors with respect to everything that has gone on here. They have no more right or authority to dispose of our land than we have right or authority to dispose of theirs.

As for the rights and interests of the Native Peoples in this country, we are all “native” to it at this point, and we, our American Government, have never been at war with them and never caused them any harm. All such abuses have been carried out by the U.S. Territorial Government.

The Trail of Tears? That was the U.S. Government. The blankets infected with Smallpox? That was the U.S. Government. The Reservations? That was the U.S. Government. The racial and cultural genocide? That was the U.S. Government.

The same Queen’s Government that privately calls all Americans “mongrels” and which maintains a caste-like class system in their own countries brought the same prejudices to work with them. As an American Raj, they have decimated and ruthlessly subjugated and alienated the Native People of this continent for over 150 years, and they have done it — like so much else — in our names, but the shame of this does not accrue to us, but to our erring Subcontractors who now propose to cure the ills that they have created at our expense.

We propose that they pay their own Butcher’s Bill and be recognized, belatedly, for what they have done here.

We also propose that everyone concerned realize that our land mass is already under Treaty Agreement and that the Treaties recognizing the sovereignty of our States — which all people share and inhabit with equal rights — are paramount and necessary to the peace and prosperity of all of the victims of all this abuse.

Any scheme that proposes to give all the land of this country to twelve percent of the population is doomed to end in war and more genocide and it does not take great genius to come to this conclusion.

Perhaps worst of all, such an action would not serve any cause of justice.

The actual harm done to Native Americans was done by a foreign government and cannot be repaid in any sense by redistributing assets that in fact belong to all Americans. If the Queen and the British Crown wish to atone for their sins, they can start by ceasing and desisting from all efforts to pay their debts with someone else’s land and money.

Finally, there is the issue of so-called property taxes and land titles. Both of these practices are foreign to our country and should not exist here.

This is yet another travesty arising from the misrepresentation and deliberate misidentification of Americans as both British Territorial U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States.

Unknown even to most British Citizens, their own land rights were long ago stolen from 90% of them via similar misrepresentation, either as willing “franchises” of the UK Government, or as incompetent wards of the Commonwealth. Either way, their own government conspired against them to deprive them of their land and to secure their land for use as collateral in exactly the same way that they have contrived the same scheme in America, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, too.

The same double-ended impersonation scheme was used throughout and to the same exact ends: conscription of people — in effect, press ganging and peonage or enslavement, and confiscation of private property to pay for public debts.

This was done despite worldwide prohibitions against both slavery and peonage agreed to by these same governments in 1926 during their tenure as members of the League of Nations. They have deliberately sought to evade these Treaty obligations by shifting the venue of their governmental operations to the air and the sea jurisdictions.

This is just another legal dodge and contrivance which would have us believing that everyone in our country, in Canada, in New Zealand, in Australia and elsewhere throughout the purportedly former Commonwealth is either a government employee or a government dependent in some other sense.

To accomplish this illegal, unlawful, and immoral double-ended impersonation scheme, the proponents have arbitrarily “conferred” U.S. Citizenship and Municipal “citizenship” of the United States on people, together with the obligations associated with those citizenships, without the knowledge or consent or full disclosure to the victims of this unhinged activity.

A similar run-around is being attempted right now by various Native American Tribes, which are busily trying to convert “honorary” tribal memberships into actual tribal citizenships with attendant obligations.

We have all had enough of that sort of misrepresentation and unilateral contracting process to last several lifetimes and call upon the international community to put a stop to this ridiculous activity and the claims resulting from it all across the board, past, present, and future, in all jurisdictions of the law.

People must be allowed the dignity to know and choose their own political status according to what is best for them, and they must be given full disclosure of the consequences of their choices. This business of having someone point at me, for example, and claim that I am a Catholic or a Winnebago or a U.S. Citizen, and then proceed to hold me accountable for their presumptions, has to end— especially when I am in fact an avowed and declared American, a Wisconsinite by birth, with a firmly recorded public identity, and no affiliation with any incorporated Church or Tribe.

This impersonation epidemic has peculiar impacts on land ownership as demonstrated in this country, but also as repeated in many other nations of the former but still unsettled British Commonwealth, where the British Territorial Government has usurped authority and occupied these lands in a reprise of what was engineered here in The United States.

In the case of the former Commonwealth Nations, the Commonwealth ended without instruction or assistance. It was simply announced and without any great fanfare, the social contracts that people depended on for generations were broken without their knowledge or consent. The Queen’s Government appeared to continue on unabated, but in fact, after a pause, resumed as a provisional Territorial Government, a military junta that was installed while waiting for the Australians, Canadians and others to form their own independent governments —- a task that the people in these countries did not undertake, because they were never told that such action was necessary.

This is an exact repeat of what happened in this country, wherein Americans were lulled asleep and given the impression that the Post-Civil War Reconstruction had already been accomplished and no action on their part was necessary.

As this circumstance presents itself with respect to land ownership, all land that was originally held by grant and public patent, was “seized upon” by the Queen’s Territorial Officers and held in trust; all land was subsequently entitled, and land titles — new descriptions of land assets were issued under copyright belonging to the British Crown.

The Free Holders were reduced to the status of Tenants, while the Queen’s Territorial Government quietly usurped the interests of the sovereignty and property assets of Americans and many other nations around the world via this same basic deceit.

In The United States this unlawful conversion was promoted under the presumption of a Public Trust Interest that was invoked in 1933 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt upon the bankruptcy of the Roman Catholic Municipal Corporation doing business as “the” United States of America Incorporated.

Suddenly, American Farmers were presented with new land titles and various new schemes of describing their land. The traditional metes and bounds and Cartesian geographic definitions that had served us well for centuries were progressively removed in favor of new labels and definitions which pretended to magically convert the same plot of ground into something brand new and copyrighted by foreign powers operating secretively in the international jurisdiction of the sea — not the land jurisdiction at all.

We have found places in Britain that are basically unchanged since the Stone Age burdened down with up to six different titles, all representing different layers of sea-going “government”, all imposed under color of law, and all exacting obligations never approved by any living land owner.

In America, our people were similarly victimized and had these foreign titles foisted off on them together with the legal presumption that they were U.S. Citizens, without explanation and then exercised under color of law.

Having been unlawfully converted via fiat of Legal Presumption into U.S. Citizens these same Americans were presumed to be Subjects of the Queen, and Wards of the Territorial State-of-State organizations that had been substituted for our own American State of State Organizations on an “emergency basis” after the Civil War.

With one stroke, our lands were “presumed” then to be lands belonging to the Queen, as the land of all British Subjects vests in the Monarch and millions of Americans were also presumed to be disinherited Tenants on their own land. Left completely uninformed about these developments, the victims of these international crimes labored onward, deceived into believing that these actions were being undertaken by their lawful government, and accepting them under this condition of deceit. At the same time, the Queen’s Territorial Government presumed the right to demand “property taxes” from the newly defined Tenants, and under the influence of this gargantuan constructive fraud, millions of Americans began paying property taxes on their own land.

This was taken as evidence that they agreed and supported this scheme much as the Julliard v. Green case discusses the presumption of evidence that they supported the Federal Reserve scheme, too when in fact there was no appreciable public discussion of any of these measures undertaken “for” us by the Queen’s Government, the Government of Westminster, and the Popes, and for lack of disclosure and discussion, no presumption of conscionable contract possible.

And all of this was done merely under the presumption that our American Government was “absent” and that our absence created a Public Trust Interest for the Queen, the Lord Mayor, and the Popes.

We were never absent deluded for a time, yes, by our Subcontractors who owed

us Good Faith Service and their Treaty obligations, but not ultimately. We are wide awake and present and presenting ourselves to these the High Courts of the world and to the full force of international public opinion.

Our land, like our soil interests, remains vested in our States of the Union and in the American people living upon the land and soil of this country. No legitimate Public Trust Interest can be alleged against our lawful government by any foreign government, much less by the Principals bound by Treaty and Constitution to honor their limitations and obligations with respect to us and our nation.

The losses and indignities, the thefts and misadministration, the fraud, lawlessness, plundering and pillaging under color of law, the endless mercenary “wars” for profit engaged in by these Principals and their incorporated instrumentalities ensconced on our shores are more than adequate proof of both incompetence and criminality which we abhor.

None of this has been done at our direction nor with our support. We have been the victims of a national-level constructive fraud and identity theft, engineered by our own Federal employees being misdirected by foreign Principals who owe us Good Faith and Service. This fraud has been implemented via a double-ended impersonation scheme seeking to confer foreign citizenship obligations upon us by fiat. This unlawful conversion of our presumed political status has then allowed for wholesale theft of our land assets and their misadministration at the hands of the Queen and the British Crown and ultimately, the Popes, who have retained ownership of both the US, INC. corporations and the USA, Inc. corporations by delegation.

This venal identity theft has resulted in our country being blamed for the lawlessness and viciousness of the British Crown, which by rights, should be utterly condemned and liquidated as the source of endless crime ever since its inception. No single entity in the history of the world, including the Roman Empire, has compounded a more disastrous or wider-ranging list of invasions, criminal occupations, swindles, insurance frauds, impersonation and barratry schemes (as in the present instance), commodity rigging schemes, monopolies, wars for profit, and racketeering schemes than the British Crown during its 600-year aegis, all culminating in this disaster which is attempting a reprise of crimes including:

  1. The Justinian Deception using Dog Latin as a means to defraud and degrade living people a 1500 year-old fraud scheme employed by the Roman Emperor

Justinian and now enjoying an attempted revival as so-called Parse Syntax. English is our Official Language and the sooner everyone recognizes that fact, the better;

  1. A repeat of the 1300 and 1500 and 1700 Disappearing Acts in which the Templars, the Phoenicians, and the Dutch East India Company all vanished from the face of the Earth or in this case, decamp to China.

That these charlatans have been enabled to escape justice for 600 years in the full face of the destruction they have caused and the lies they have told is due evidence of their skill; and, unfortunately, also evidence of the gullibility of the rest of the world. They need to be tracked down, apprehended, and their “Secret Societies” exposed once and for all. Those who worship the Father of All Lies and venerate snakes, aka, dragons, in Temples, need to face the fury of the Primal Creator and now is the appropriate time.

So far as we have been able to determine, all the banks need to be placed under new management, and ninety percent of all the lawyers on Earth need to be re- educated and taught the basics of actual Law.

The Chinese People need to be advised that they are the next targets.

The High Courts need to take determined and concerted action to return the assets owed to the actual owners and to punish those responsible for these egregious fraud schemes carried out against the land jurisdiction governments worldwide.

It isn’t only the Americans caught in this same nasty spider web of lies and deceits and false Public Trust Interests and interlocking trust directorates, and it isn’t the Americans responsible for all the bullying and war-mongering and injustice, either. Those who are responsible would be well-advised to withdraw their claims and deceits, and return to their own jurisdiction, leaving the land assets in the possession of the lawful owners of record.

And blessed be the peacemakers.

by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary The United States of America

Additional Issues for The Court of International Justice — Blood Money 22 — The Great Reset and Old Dictionaries

By Anna Von Reitz

Observe the meaning of “re-set” as revealed by the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary:’SET, noun In Scots law, the receiving and harboring of an outlaw or a criminal.

And then also observe the meaning of “Scots” —which has only a passing relationship with Scotland: Black’s 2nd 1910 tells us that a Scot is a TAX.

Therefore getting off Scot Free means that you aren’t being taxed. And a bit more digging reveals that a “Scot” is specifically the kind of tax mentioned in the Exclusion Clause of Lincoln’s National Banking Law.

They can only be referring to the corporations being released from the debts that they have owed all of us since the Civil War. So, quite apart from the common meaning of “reset” which everyone assumes, the more arcane meaning is that the tax outlaws (including certain generation skipping trusts) are being welcomed with open arms and allowed to profit from their ill-gotten gains — a free-for-all for the corporations, not for people, and amnesty for all the criminals who took our gold and our Cestui que Vie trusts offshore to expedite their pillaging of our resources.

So are we in favor of The Great Reset? No, we are not.

We have specifically requested and required that our assets be removed from The Great Slush Pile and held harmless from The Great Reset. We have also specifically requested and required— that as these guilty corporations have all been created in our names and we have been held accountable for their deceitful abuse of our credit through multiple prior bankruptcies, there can be no doubt that we own all of these corporations — they must all stand under the Public Law of the Land, and failing that, they must all be dissolved.

Any possible “misunderstanding” of which “Public Law” is being referenced, is exactly what is being clawed at by US SENATOR LISA MURKOWSKI and others as they desperately try to advance the idea that the Law of the Sea is what we mean when we demand that these corporations stand under the Public Law.

No, what we mean is that all corporations operating in our names and under our charters must obey the Law of the Land while on the land and cannot be presumed to operate under the Law of the Sea while on the land. No “Special Admiralty” allowed. Finally, we also preclude the application of Municipal Law outside the environs of the District of Columbia and do not provide for the redefinition of the District of Columbia as any kind of “state” — Territorial or otherwise.

All these semantic legal deceits must end and we must all come to our senses again. We have provided for a simple means for every corporation chartered under the US or USA to comply, and if they don’t comply, that is simply more proof that they are willful renegades engaged in criminal enterprises which are owed no quarter and no support from the Public.

We do not stand as sureties and we will not act as Guarantors for any such organizations.

The new Municipal Corporation doesn’t have a contract with us and it follows that none of its officers have contracts, either. This includes Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and all the other Actors. Whatever actions they take and whatever costs they incur are the responsibility of the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor and their application must be limited to their domain within the District of Columbia and applied only to actual Municipal citizens of the United States. These Principals also remain responsible for the proper functioning of all their operations.

The Constitutions are in full force and effect for Americans and all limitations and obligations are also in full force and effect for Federal Government corporations and their employees.

We regret that it is necessary for us to say so in public, in the forum of The International Court of Justice, and to thus air a great deal of dirty laundry, reveal mistaken identities, and settle questions that have too long been left unanswered, but over the course of the past decades, the spiderweb has grown to such enormous proportions and the criminality and corruption has spread to such an alarming extent, that we must admit the incompetence and/or criminality of our public employees and would-be representatives.

It is under this unfortunate set of circumstances which we find ourselves compelled to address the rest of the world community and also to address The Court of International Justice regarding this criminal misadministration and misinterpretation of both our delegated powers and our standards of international law, respectively. It also falls to us to reveal that a similar cat-and-mouse-game has been played by the self-interested commercial corporations operated as governmental services organizations against the lawful governments of many other countries, too, all of which have been surreptitiously occupied by mercenaries operating under color of law, similar to the Raj in India.

This outbreak of Corporate Feudalism, a social illness more to be feared than either Colonialism (which it imitates to a large degree) or Feudalism itself, can only be attributed to the Roman Curia, the Pope, the British Monarch, and the Lord Mayor of London, all operating in Breach of Trust and Contract.

Please note: the Americans were deceived into thinking that the necessary Reconstruction of their American Government had already occurred, therefore, they never took action on a matter that they were told was concluded. Their purported lapse and lack of action was then used as the excuse to impose a Territorial Government in our purported “absence” — when in fact the actual Delegator of the several “powers” entrusted to the Federal Republic and the Territorial Government, too, has been here the entire time.

This all set up a constructive fraud cloaked in secrecy, in which a Territorial (Military) Government was empowered to, in effect, occupy the land and soil of its employers under the terms of the Geneva Conventions, resulting in a perpetual “state of war” being engendered in this peaceful country, and in Americans being alternately mistaken for enemy combatants, POWs, or civilian wards of their own Territorial Government.

A similar ruse and further semantic deceits were used to similarly occupy all the former Commonwealth countries. The end of the Commonwealth arrangement was very quietly announced, so that the people of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other former Commonwealth nations were deprived of their constitutions, but never made aware of their obligation to form new governments for themselves.

The failure of the Australians, Canadians and other peoples to act upon this unknown opportunity then resulted in the British Territorial Government similarly occupying their land and soil under exactly similar provisions to what had already occurred in America.

Thus, the free people of both America and the former British Commonwealth were enslaved by their own public servants and occupied by their own armed forces— and all via means of fraud and omission in breach of trust.

The Queen still speaks of the “British Commonwealth Nations” but they are only “British” in the sense of ethnicity and the fact that the Pope’s Commonwealths are being administered by the military British Territorial Government (their own version of the Raj in India) while the civil government is administered by foreign corporate mercenaries in breach of trust. All this has occurred under the false front of the Geneva Conventions being applicable to the situation, when in fact, all those “foreign” occupation forces should have never been deployed, nor paid for using the victim’s funds; this is a Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Service Contract, with respect to all the populations being impacted.

We could wish that this secretive encroachment upon the land jurisdiction by commercial corporations was isolated to fraud against Americans and Brits by their own public servants and international trustees, but no, it has not stopped there and has quietly usurped the positions of virtually all land jurisdiction governments, worldwide.

This presents us, and The Court of International Justice, with a spectral world in which the creation — that is, corporations — are thought to be greater than the creators, in violation of common sense and Maxim of Law, both.

We assert that those who issue corporate charters are greater than those receiving such charters by definition, and that those who guarantee and underwrite the operations of corporations are again, greater than any corporation thus protected can be—again, by definition, and, finally, those issuing the charter and acting as the Guarantor, are also more endowed with ownership interest in these corporations than any shareholder.

So even though the Corporations Act of 1870 was fraud on the face of it, the various corporations chartered were chartered in our names, presumed to be placed under our authority, and paid for with our blood and our money, which provides us with the actual and factual ownership interest and right of possession.

We have claimed ownership of all corporations, both US CORPORATIONS and USA Corporations, that have been chartered “in our names” since 1870; we have paid for them through multiple rounds of bankruptcy and they belong to us as chattel property. As the owners and Guarantors in international jurisdiction, we insist that all these corporations abide by our published Law of the Land while conducting business, duties, or other operations in our country.

All the complicit Boards of Directors of all US and USA incorporated entities are being served Notice through these public actions, together with their Principals: Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.

By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary The United States of America

Additional Issues for the International Court of Justice — Blood Money 23 — Treaties and Obligations

By Anna Von Reitz

It stands that Treaties are the Highest Law and that the United States is committed to this principal, as evidenced by 1 Statute-at-Large 37; therefore there can be no disagreement or lack of performance with regard to matters of standing Treaty owed to the people of any nation, and no ignorance of Matrimonial Treaties — that is, Treaties sealed by the Marriage of Principal Heirs in ages past, between the French Armorican Chieftains and the tribal nations of the Americas. These alliances are in fact established in the blood and exist in every State of the Union.

We are attaching a digital unsigned copy of the Declaration of Flag issued in 2017, which clears up a lot of misunderstandings and which was sent as a wet-ink signed copy to all Parties including the Vatican Chancery Court, The International Court of Justice and the United Nations at that time.

JPEGS of the date and signature pages are also attached, making it a complete documentary record.

Rumors are now circulating that the Western United States has been sold to China in an attempt to pay off US DEBT to China.

Need we say that “the US” cannot sell what does not belong to it?

Our money and our assets were employed in gaining the land and soil assets of those states, not the Holy See’s and not the Queen’s, either. Our Seals were affixed to the paperwork, too.

It behooves the Vatican Chancery Court to intercede and move the responsibility for the debt where it belongs, and to void the sale.

If we owe the Chinese anything, which is doubtful, we have the means to pay it and do not propose to sell them any of our land and soil.

As of the last day of September 2020, all the Territorial States in the Western United States including Alaska and Hawaii were formally enrolled as States of the Union and taken out of Territorial status by the Roll Call Vote of the assembled States of the Union that were enrolled prior to the American Civil War.

And as the attached documents prove and this transmission also proves, we were not silent or acquiescing to the arrangements being made “for” us in any purported “absence”.

Our claims to North America are not dependent on any petty commercial ventures occurring in the distant past. Our claims are based on the Treaties of Trieste and Camlan.

The Treaty of Trieste (Treaty of Three Lives) is also sometimes called The First Treaty. It set up the recognition of the three jurisdictions of law — air, land, and sea and provided for the peaceful settlement of controversies arising in all three jurisdictions. This Treaty was settled in France and established by a laying on of hands by the participants which included my Husband’s ancestors and my ancestors, too.

The intent of the Treaty of Trieste was to prevent exactly the kind of usurpation of one jurisdiction over another that has occurred here and now, wherein the watery jurisdiction of the British Monarch’s domain has been enabled and allowed to slosh over the continental mass of many nations with no regard for law or treaty. The same can be said for the further allowance of the Municipal air jurisdiction seeking to dominate both the land and the sea.

My Husband and I are both grandfathered into the Treaty of Trieste and are here to enforce it in the sight of the Holy See, which has all the records necessary to confirm the lineage of the Irish and Scottish Kings, the true Kings of England, the true Kings of France, the true Kings of Spain, and the attendant Treaty of the Kings of Authority, which we are also heirs to.

It is no secret to the Holy See that the violation of the Holy Vows of Matrimony resulted in the severance of treaties merging the Kingdoms of Ireland, Wales, Powys (England) and Gaul early in the Sixth Century.

Gaul, at that time, already included the land mass of The United States as a Christian country and nation, thanks to the earlier intermarriage of Armorican Chieftains (French Normans) with Native Americans. Our tribal people, the sea- faring Armoricans, gave their name to this westerly continent as can easily be seen.

“America” is a British phonetic transliteration of “Armorican”, so it is readily admitted both by name and by history that this continent and the people on it, are allied by the blood with France long before any such affiliation claimed by England.

The Treaty of Camlan provided that the lands of Powys and Wales were forever ceded to the King of Gaul, his heirs, descendants, and assigns — his son, Guilleroi du Lac. It was signed and sealed in 540 A.D. in the presence of the Pope and was seen as an important step forward for the Christianization and stabilization of the British Isles at the time, so we doubt that the Holy See has quite forgotten the French footholds that gained its safety and its entrance to the British Isles.

It is precisely the enforcement of this Treaty of Camlan by William of Normandy (and the back-sliding of the British) that caused the Norman Conquest, another part of history that is being conveniently ignored as if it never happened.

For the interest and action of the Holy See and the United Nations and every instrumentality thereof, William of Normandy forever precluded the possibility of there ever being a true British Monarch again, via The Settlement of the Norman Conquest upon his death in 1087 A.D.

William of Normandy scrupulously catalogued every scrap, down to the single goat, of the property assets of England — and upon his death, he bequeathed separate kingdoms to his loyal Barons as “sovereigns in their own right”. From that moment on, there were and have been many “kings of England” . In truth, it was the signature of those many kings appearing on the Magna Carta, only appearing to be French Barons in France, that has given that document, The Magna Carta, the Force of Law.

King John was deliberately given no land at all. His grandson, who signed the Magna Carta, became the Overseer of the Pope’s Commonwealth lands in England, and to this day, that has been the source of all his descendant’s claims to have any “kingship” at all in England or anywhere else.

My Husband and I are both heirs of all the Treaties and Treaties by Marriage referenced above, inheritors of sovereignty resulting from this Settlement of the Norman Conquest, and though we do not like to embarrass anyone, the failure to enforce the above referenced Treaties and Settlements has brought the entire world to the brink of economic and social collapse.

Please observe that the Belle Chers (Belchers in England) Coat of Arms established as a sovereign coat of arms (in England) and a barony coat of arms (in France) was and is part and parcel of the Royal House of the King of Gaul, and closely related to the Kings and Princes of Aragon which shares the unique vertical striped shield that was adapted to the use of The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States.

There can be no mistaking the relationships of these symbols and trademarks, nor the authority over land grants possessed by both the House of Aragon and the House of Du Lac.

Thus, there is no right, rhyme, or reason why the Holy See should allow its Overseers of the Commonwealth to presume upon the jurisdictions of the land and soil upheld by The Treaty of Trieste, The Treaty of Camlan, The Norman Conquest, The Settlement of the Norman Conquest, The Magna Carta, The Supreme Declaration of Independence of the Colonies of the United States of America, and our victories in no less than two (2) World Wars.

We remind the Holy See that we have never sought war, but never been defeated in war of any kind in any jurisdiction.

We are here demanding a complete review of these circumstances and their immediate correction. The sea must return to its natural bounds, and the land must be upheld; the jurisdiction of the air must be content with its own vast domain and administer it properly without complaint, for the representatives of the Holy See were also present and parties to The Treaty of Trieste.

China must be properly advised that China was not dealing with the actual government of this country and our land assets are not available to pay for the debts of the United States Municipal Corporation. We propose a complete fiscal audit of the transactions involved in the development of any purported debt owed to China, as there can be no actual debt accrued in a debt-credit system.

So far as we can observe, American labor paid for Chinese goods, the Chinese spent the Blood Money, and now want to double-dip and demand commodity asset payment, too. The extent of any such alleged payment owed by this nation would be determined by the stipulated expenses allowed as a result of the exercise of our delegated powers.

We also request and require the return of control of all our gold and silver and platinum and other precious metals assets so that we can settle all and any valid debts we may have worldwide and thus avoid any possible conflagration on our shores or anywhere else.

by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary The United States of America

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice — Blood Money 24 — Other Kinds of Blood Money

By Anna Von Reitz

We are admittedly unable to determine who first came up with the idea of using the vast cave systems that naturally occur in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and Indonesia for the purpose of storing gold, we can only attest that this happened in the distant past, and was in full operation during the Roman Empire.

Along with the gold storage came gold-related businesses—banking, smelting, hallmarking, assaying, jewelry, shipping, security services, and so on, which flourished, and along with the gold trade came the jewels trade. Jewels from India, Burma, Thailand, and Africa found their way to the Filipino and Indonesian gold storage and processing centers.

Thus, we are talking about a highly complex, interlocking, well-established industry that has been functioning for centuries prior to this, and which is central to the world’s storage of gold and use of gold for all sorts of purposes– as a commodity standard, as a means of international exchange, as an industrial material, as collateral for credit, and as the raw material to create fine jewelry.

These facts which are not generally well-known in the western world account for the involvement of such personalities as Ferdinand Marcos and President Sukarno in the history of our money.

The official story that everyone is trying to sell is that in the final days of the Communist Chinese takeover of China, the Nationalist Chinese Government supported by the never-really-identified Dragon Family, sent seven warships laden with Chinese gold to America and placed it on deposit for safekeeping.

That part of the story is true enough, at least insofar as the fact that a large amount of Chinese-owned gold was placed on deposit in certain US Banks, most particularly the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This same gold was the subject of a 2011 court suit brought by Mr. Neil Keenan, on behalf of the current Chinese Government.

It seems that the New York Fed never paid the interest owed on the Chinese gold deposit, and the Chinese Government wanted at least some reasonable accommodation for payment of interest and recognition of the debt.

Instead of agreeing to that, the New York Fed used the excuse that the original depositor, the Nationalist Chinese Government, no longer existed and had no representation, and so all the Chinese gold on deposit was “abandoned” property and had been used to create the Global Collateral Accounts, to be used for humanitarian development projects worldwide.

The Chinese were not impressed with this theft-by-any-other-name, and neither were we. The central fact that this gold ultimately belongs to the Chinese people regardless of the government in charge, got glossed over with legalistic arguments and technicalities, with the effect that nothing good has come of it.

The so-called Global Collateral Accounts have not been used for philanthropy and the gold has not been returned to the owners.

As interesting as this situation is, and the Robinhood-style public benefit scheme resulting from it, let us observe that seven warships of gold is just a drop in the bucket compared to actual world gold reserves, and all the attention focused on this political and moral stand-off is a red herring akin to the attention focused on “budgeted” money squabbles versus all the “non-budgeted” money that corporate governments commandeer, rat-hole, slush fund, and otherwise hide from public view.

So let’s dispense with tales about the lost Chinese gold, and the mythic Dragon Family, and the Global Collateral Accounts, and that whole storyline it’s a distraction from what is actually important.

Gold is a peculiar substance. It has, in effect, its own DNA. The ultimate provenance of any lump of gold on Earth can be determined with a high degree of accuracy, and when you use this natural “Source Code”, it turns out that the vast bulk of all the gold in the world comes from the Americas North and South, and from Africa, too.

If the bulk of gold on Earth truly belongs to anyone, it belongs to the native people who were the original owners of it, the same native people who were enslaved and forced to labor in both gold and silver mines with a shocking loss of life. It’s estimated that on average, twenty Native Americans died to extract one ounce of silver. Nobody knows how many Africans similarly perished.

Think about what makes these metals so very precious and you will find yet another meaning for the phrase “blood money” and perhaps even develop a healthy abhorrence for all the pretty little coins stamped with the faces of evil men and the emblems of evil institutions.

In the 1850’s The United States of America was caught up in the trade of gold and silver like every other nation on Earth, and naturally, it had its stockpiles of both gold and silver as a requirement of that trade. After the Civil War, under the auspices of what we call “The Scottish Interloper” a Scottish commercial corporation doing business as The United States of America, Incorporated our gold was quietly shipped to the Philippines for “safekeeping”.

The U.S. Navy was responsible for the transport. Both the shipping certificates from the United States and the receipts for the flats from the Philippines still exist. At about the same time that this was going on, the Territorial U.S. Congress arranged to buy the landmass of the Philippine Islands using our money to do it. Those records also remain.

There was nothing so remarkable about this in terms of worldwide practices– literally miles of caves in the Philippines were already being used for the purpose of gold storage and had been used for that purpose for centuries. What is remarkable about it is that the American People were kept completely in the dark about this transport and emptying of their coffers.

Our gold was cashiered away in the Philippines without our knowledge or consent under the presumptions and provisions of Abraham Lincoln’s General Order 100, the first ever Executive Order, issued in March of 1863. This Executive Order was issued in Lincoln’s capacity as Commander-in-Chief and is otherwise known as the Lieber Code, which has since morphed into the Hague Conventions.

Among other things, the Lieber Code made the U.S. Army responsible for safeguarding our money.

Fifty years later, in the throes of yet another banker-created catastrophe, the U.S. Congress passed a little-noted Act creating an “independent government for the Philippines” in 1934. This was done so that the newly “independent” Government of the Philippines could act as the Trustee for our gold reserves stored in the Philippines.

And that is how Ferdinand Marcos and President Sukarno and all the rest of these men got involved in our business and in making decisions about our gold.

Please bear in mind that the landmass of the Philippines still belongs to The United States of America, independent government or not.

It is against this backdrop that the invasion of the Philippines by the Japanese in World War II must be viewed. Douglas MacArthur presided over the worst military defeat in our country’s history, mainly because the Philippines had been a sacred cow for generations, similar to Switzerland, because of its role as a gold storage facility for many other nations. Nobody expected the Japanese to attack it.

When they did, the Japanese seized the gold horde, including the gold belonging to The United States of America, and quickly began transporting the gold back to Japan and throughout Polynesia and the Asian Subcontinent. It was at this point that our gold and the gold of many other nations was dubbed “Yamashita’s Gold” — named after the Japanese General who plundered the gold horde during the Second World War.

Of course, the Japanese knew the gold horde was there. They had significant quantities of their own gold stored in the Philippines and in Indonesia and even the Middle East. There is even some indication that the heist was an inside job, actually planned by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration and the British OSS. The seizure of the gold in the Philippines by the Japanese provided a handy excuse to siphon off and “disappear” other gold reserves. They could claim that the Japanese took it, whereabouts unknown.

All this double-dealing and deceit and collusion with the enemy was eventually paid back, but it would be ten long years before things were more or less recouped and back in place in the Philippines.

President Kennedy went to the Philippines shortly before his death to discuss the recouped American gold reserves still stored in the Philippines and still standing under the Trusteeship of the Government of the Philippines. The plan endorsed by both Kennedy and Sukarno was to use the gold horde as the collateral backing a new gold-backed U.S. Treasury Note.

All this history is discussed in a veiled way throughout the Green Hilton Agreement and the Bilateral Minefields Agreement, but has never once been brought forward to the American people and the actual Federation of States to whom the gold belongs and to whom the landmass of the Philippines belongs. Obviously, we need to be at the table when the other nations discuss the idea that our government is “absent” and “in interregnum” and that, at least potentially, there is an excuse to claim that our gold reserves stored throughout the world are “abandoned” similar to the New York Fed’s excuses to the Chinese Government.

This is to fully inform you members of The International Court of Justice, the Vatican Chancery Court, the Court of the Lord High Steward, the banks, and everyone else, that we are indeed present and holding everyone to account, including the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor of London, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, and all Officers attached to the USA, Inc., the US, INC., the UN CORP, and the United Nations organization.

Not only are our gold and silver reserves not abandoned, they are explicitly claimed by us under two strong attachments and as part of our international notices, claims, and assignments:

First, the bulk of the gold and silver under discussion derives from North and South America –as demonstrated by its molecular DNA– and was mined via the slave labor of indigenous people in our country, and other countries within our Hemisphere. Even if the end product was claimed as spoils of war and transported throughout the world by the Spanish, the labor and the sacrifices of our indigenous civilian population are owed.

Second, as our country acquired massive gold and silver reserves, both, as a result of being a producer of gold and silver and in the process of international trade, The United States of America is owed the return and control of all those gold and silver reserves cashiered in the Philippines and distributed throughout the world under the auspices of the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy acting “on our behalf” since 1863.

It’s more than past time for those resources to return to civilian control and for all pretensions and excuses of war and legalistic arguments to cease.

It is also time to set aside all disposal agreements entered into on our behalf by the Kings and Queens, Popes, and Lord Mayors, who merely assumed emergency powers that were never granted and that are mere legal presumptions standing in the way of the truth.

The truth is that all powers delegated to the original Confederation of States and the States of America — also known as the Federal Republic — returned to the Delegators of those powers upon the first disability of these instrumentalities to perform. This happened by Operation of Law, and no formal action on our parts was ever required to receive back our own powers.

The further truth is that the other Principals involved in this debacle acted in Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Services Contract, trespassed on our land and soil as our Employees, commandeered assets and custodial powers never granted to them, failed their due diligence and duty to support our actual Government in time of need, and there can be no excuse for this circumstance.

These guilty Principals and their Undeclared Foreign Agents have continued to sail under our flags and seals, to charge us for their services, and to exercise our delegated powers while acting as privateers and pirates against our interests.

They have impersonated us, committed barratry against us, acted under color of law for over 150 years, pillaged and plundered our resources—including our gold and silver— press-ganged and conscripted our people as cheap mercenaries, engaged in war for profit schemes in our names, and by our estimation, have broken almost every major international law and convention on Earth.

We have asked the Popes to permanently liquidate the Municipal Corporations used as the instrumentalities for this fraud and abuse, and to deprive those responsible of any further privilege to form new commercial corporations. Without these measures, the same old game continues like a revolving door, with one corporation being bankrupted or liquidated, and another similarly named entity being created by the same guilty parties to perform as purported Successors to the same contracts and duties that they have violated before.

Right now, “President” Joe Biden is attempting to pull this same sleight of hand again, and to present a new Municipal Corporation as the Successor to the bankrupted UNITED STATES entity. We have served Notice to his would-be administration, to the Public, to the International Community, and now, to the High Courts that Mr. Biden and his Corporation don’t have a contract with us. This in no way impairs our constitutional contracts with the other Principals, nor does it change their obligation to us.

This circumstance simply means that we are not assuming a Successor contract with the new Municipal Corporations; we are doing this explicitly, for Cause, and in the sight of the True God.

We wish for our natural resources, our historical assets including our gold and silver, our employees, and our natural prerogatives as sovereign powers to be returned to our peaceful civilian government’s control and for all pretensions of war and emergency and military occupation to immediately cease.

Additional Issues for The Court of International Justice — Blood Money 25 — Legacy Trusts

By Anna Von Reitz

Among the more odious excuses that we have heard from the criminally-minded among us is the excuse that people have “died” to their inherent political status and “voluntarily” adopted both political statuses and conditions which were never disclosed to them. Despite this, we are not deceived and do not fail to object.

Let it come to the Notice of all Justices and Magistrates that the creation of GMO Humanoids by the injection of foreign genetically engineered mRNA has already been outlawed in this country as of January 1, 2020 and that this continuing assault against humanity must be brought to an abrupt and permanent halt.

Nobody who has accepted these injections was given full disclosure. In fact, they were deliberately deceived by WHO and other complicit criminal organizations that collaborated to change the meaning of “vaccine” to include an experimental genetic engineering protocol harmful to human life.

Those responsible are below the benchmark of sanity and they must all be rounded up and held accountable without regard for nationality or political status. Each and every corporation functioning as a national government is responsible for the harm they have caused their employers.

This includes the deliberate spreading of false information and propaganda. The Media franchises of these so-called National Corporations must be prosecuted as accomplices and the Medical Doctors who have allowed and promoted this genocide as defined by Territorial Law — see 18 USC 1091 — must be held accountable.

The banks and commercial corporations that have sought to benefit themselves by claiming that people are rendered Genetically Modified Organisms by this heinous injection process, and as such, are patented property, subject to disposal must be liquidated. Immediately. Summarily.

This excuse by which they seek to legalize genocide must be recognized for what it is. — a heinous and unjustifiable excuse, unlawful, immoral, and illegal to the core.

These outrages must be answered decisively and swiftly and without any further misinterpretation of civil law.

Despite any upheaval or confusion caused by The American Civil War, the First World War, or the Second World War or any self-serving legal definitions offered by the Perpetrators of these crimes against humanity — herein rebutted— the actual civil law pertaining to the estates of these people and their nature is already spelled out and has been for a thousand years:

Resoluto jure concedentis, resolvitur jus concessum: by the extinction of the right of the grantor, the right granted is extinguished.

Res nullius naturaliter fit primi occupantis: the property of no one naturally becomes that of the first occupant.

As we have observed, all right, title, and interest in our Delegated Powers and all property interests invested by delegation returned to the Delegator, our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, by Operation of Law — and that includes all custodial interest vested in or presumed to exist or to be exercised by any instrumentality of the Queen or the Pope — upon their bankruptcy.

As this is true for the nation as a whole, it is also true for the Lawful Persons of our nation.

Thus, for example, the loss of our Title IV Flag by a bankrupt instrumentality of the Pope returns that version of our flag to our custody, and not to the custody of any Third Party.

The bankruptcy of any instrumentality of the Queen has no impact upon the actual ownership of private property including property trusts belonging to Americans.

We call for immediate corrective action and determined disciplinary action against the British Crown Corporation and the Government of Westminster and the Roman Curia and their corporations in sum total for allowing these predatory, inhumane, and war-like practices and False Legal Presumptions to continue against their employers and failing that, we call for their immediate and permanent liquidation as corporations, and expulsion from the world community as organizations or governments of any kind.

We hereby provide Notice to The International Court of Justice, the Court of the Lord High Steward, and the Vatican Chancery Court, that all of this wrong-doing has occurred in the realm of commerce and has merely extended its reach into the territorial realm via constructive, so-called discretionary non-enforcement of the actual Public Law via another constructive fraud — the purported existence of Special Admiralty provisions allowing the usurpation of the jurisdiction of the sea upon the land.

There are no such provisions in our Treaties with these Principals.

The actual Public Law is not subject to discretionary enforcement by any employee, trustee, or representative. The Public Law is a mandatory enforcement obligation of all trustees, employees, administrators, officers, and officials pretending any authority or association with the actual Government of this country and is an obligation of all Principals under both The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America.

The above-described attempt to legalize genocide by these madmen is only the most recent example of their drive to mischaracterize living people and to thereby deprive and defraud them of their natural standing, so as to unlawfully seize upon their property assets and dispossess them as the natural owners of their Proper Names, bodies, businesses, and homes.

It is the responsibility of the Popes to immediately liquidate the offending corporations and return the purloined rights, titles, interests, and assets to the victims of these charlatans. The Roman Curia is in particular the organization responsible for the existence and definition of these corporations and is held to account for them.

As a result of earlier similar attempts to mischaracterize and defraud the living people by corporate entities, more than 5,000 so-called institutional Legacy Trusts holding most of the gold and silver and other assets of the world, have been presumed to exist and to belong to the Perpetrators of these schemes acting as “representatives” and “agents” of the actual owners — without the knowledge or permission of the actual owners.

These convenient institutional Executors de Son Tort are nonetheless guilty of all the errors, omissions, and unlawful standing of all such Persons, whether individuals or instrumentalities, institutions or Principals.

We call for the immediate return of all such Legacy Trusts to the actual owners and depositors, including the return of all such primary asset deposits — gold, silver, jewels, etc., owed to The United States of America and to all American depositors, without any pretense that they are or have been missing, whereabouts unknown.

The tax records of the Perpetrators of this scheme more than adequately demonstrate that the whereabouts of the actual owners, like the whereabouts of the actual heirs, have been known throughout this debacle, and have been deliberately obscured in order to promote fraud against the victims of these schemes.

All deposits of our assets on a worldwide basis are subject to our wishes and we wish for a full accounting from all the banks responsible.

With a worldwide corporation-sponsored genocide underway against the living people and with the Priority Creditors being mercilessly targeted by such international criminals as Anthony Fauci, M.D., and William Gates III, there is no time to be lost in lengthy deliberation by the High Courts.

We wish for the issuance of International Arrest Warrants for the immediate arrest of Dr. Anthony Fauci and William Gates, III, their collaborators, and associates, involved in this massive crime spree. We do not recognize any claim of contrary authority or non-participation by the United States or any of its corporations.

Both the Roman Civil Law and the Territorial Code are clearly stated, and there can be no doubt that these above-named Persons and Parties are in criminal violation of both.

Additional Issues for The Court of International Justice – Blood Money 26 — Land and Land Assets

By Anna Von Reitz

The word “real” means “royal”. So, “real estate” means “royal estate”. The phrase “real estate” shows us that the system of land ownership that we have unwittingly been participating in is foreign. Specifically, it’s British.

In the British system, all land ownership vests in the Monarch. The Monarch then gives a “title” to her loyal Subjects (who are wealthy enough to pay) who are then tenants on the Queen’s land with a leasehold on the property so long as they pay another thing that is foreign to America — property taxes.

Americans own their land by land grant or land patent, not according to foreign titles. Americans are landlords and owe no property taxes to the Queen. This is just one of many ample proofs that you have all been deliberately misidentified as British Territorial U.S. Citizens, and therefore, Subjects of the Queen.

This system of things was imposed in the 1930’s as part of FDR’s plan to pay off the debts of his Municipal Government. The British Territorial Government was allowed to issue titles against every speck of land in this country, even though in fact, British Territorial Citizens accounted for less than 10% of the population. Imagine that a Special Tax was passed against Americans of Russian descent, and as a result, everyone was redefined as Russian, to allow them to tax everyone “as if” they were all Russians?

That’s what happened in America in the 1930’s, and once again, we have FDR, the then-Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor of London to thank for this. Every American was “presumed” to be a Municipal citizen of the United States, which automatically defined them as a debtor responsible for the Municipal Corporation’s debts.

Municipal citizens of the United States were already pre-judged as being guilty and as Debtors under the bogus Territorial Corporation’s 14th Amendment, so once Municipal citizenship was “conferred” on everyone by the Municipal Congress, we were all presumed to be Municipal slaves and to be criminals and to be responsible for their debts.

The Queen’s Government then self-servingly also redefined us as British Territorial Citizens in order to collect this debt we never owed and to subject us to foreign British Commonwealth laws. Nobody told us about any of these cozy arrangements made by our erstwhile Public Servants to serve themselves. And they unlawfully converted our American System into a British Commonwealth Land Title System and stole title to our land regardless of whether we were “federal citizens” or not— all in Gross Breach of Trust, and under color of law.

So, what does it mean to be a “Real Estate Agent”? Ever heard the phrase “Foreign Agent”? As in “IRS Agent”? Or “FBI Agent”? Technically, all these people are in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, Public Law 75-583, which requires them to publish their status and register as Foreign Agents.

The same thing applies to “Real Estate Agents”. They are all Undeclared Foreign Agents, and 90% of these people have no clue that they are acting in any such capacity, much less do they know that they are acting against the actual government of this country by participating in these activities.

Virtually none of these people are registered as Foreign Agents, as the Public Law requires. And they get away with this, because the Public Law is not being enforced. And absolutely all of this outrageous Faux Pas is the fault of the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor, because while Joe Average on the street in America was totally unaware of any of this, they most certainly were fully aware of what they were doing, and they knew it was wrong.

They in fact knew that it was criminal, but they did it anyway, in Gross Criminal Breach of Trust and in violation of their constitutional contracts. As a result, generations of Americans have paid property taxes that they didn’t owe, and often enough, they have lost their land when various economic circumstances left them unable to pay such property taxes.

Now, of course, all of this is strictly illegal and unlawful. They got away with it because it was never discussed in public, so that only those Americans who seized upon their land patents and demanded exemption from property taxes received exemption.

Over time, ignorance and “common use” led to people accepting titles and paying property taxes that they didn’t owe, as if this was simply part of their government instead of being part of the foreign British Territorial Government usurping against us.

And now, the rats have unleashed a plague, trying to escape the consequences of their actions, like an octopus spewing octopus ink into the water to allow it to escape a predator. But be aware, if this entire charade is not brought to an abrupt and appropriate halt by the Pope and the Courts, there will be justice done.

Now we come back to the individual “licensed real estate agents”. The first question should be, why “licensed”? When did selling land and homes become a crime requiring a special dispensation— a license? It became a crime when the Queen’s Agents misidentified us and misidentified our land as anything belonging to them.

No American could lawfully participate in this, and British Commonwealth Citizens had to be licensed, because the Crown has to control them. Licensed Real Estate Agents are, therefore, Officers in the Queen’s Government, administering the lease-holds (that is, titles) that attach to the Queen’s land and other property interests. They are working for the Queen and they are Foreign Agents, even though 99% of them do not realize this.

We have recently had problems with other Agents of the Municipal Government, the FBI, also Undeclared Foreign Agents. They have been inquiring about Licensed Real Estate Agents who also happen to be Americans participating in our State Assemblies as State Citizens. Obviously, Real Estate Agents who are working for the Queen cannot at the same time act as State Citizens, a status that requires unique loyalty to the specific American State. As a State Citizen, you cannot have a job or license or conflict of interest obligating you to any other government. If you do, you can be prosecuted both by the Queen’s Government, and by the American Government, or worse, on behalf of the American Government.

We have recent indications that FBI Agents, who have also been improperly acting as Undeclared Foreign Agents in contravention of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, have been interfering with our State Assemblies and investigating the participation of Real Estate Agents in these organizations.

All licensed Real Estate Agents in America are faced with a hard choice: (1) continue working for the Queen and limit their participation in their State Assembly to the role of a State National, or (2) quit their licensed Foreign Agent activity and work as an American Land Patent Clerk for the Federation of States, in which case, they can choose to operate as a State National or as a State Citizen, either one.

As more Americans wake up to the inappropriate custodial claims of the Queen’s Government and the pernicious usurpation practiced against them and their lawful government, more and more Americans are not only restoring their own official political status, but they are seeking services to establish the Chain of Title back to the beginning of such presumptions, and then publishing their underlying land grants and United States Land Patents.

Only Americans can actually own land in this country, so Land Patents will not be transferrable to British Territorial or Municipal citizens of the United States, who must continue for the time being to have a lease-hold Title and consent to being donors to the respective foreign trusts during their condition of servitude.

As of the first of October in the year of 2020, all the Territorial “States” formed since the Civil War have been formally enrolled as States of the Union. There is no longer any basis to presume that our Government is in interregnum and no longer any basis for Territorial officials to presume a custodial interest in American property held within the borders of any State.

These are all matters of international law, treaties, and venerable contracts that effect the international land jurisdiction and which also impact various Agents working for the Queen’s Government and for the Pope’s Municipal interests. None of these people should be left “working in the dark” — left not knowing the nature of their employment, not even realizing that they are working for a foreign government, and not obeying the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

This includes not only Real Estate Agents, but Insurance Agents, FBI Agents, FEMA Agents, ATF Agents, Tax Agents of all sorts, U.S. Marshals, Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses, U.S. Patent Clerks and Bar Attorneys, –and various other licensed “professionals” –all of whom are acting as Foreign Agents, who have not been fully informed about their status as such and most of whom have not registered as Foreign Agents.

This lapse on the part of our Federal Subcontractors has resulted in numerous Federal Agencies being misdirected and their Personnel assuming powers never vouchsafed to them; the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice have been especially misinformed and have frequently abused and trespassed against their American Employers.

More recently, Medical Doctors and Registered Nurses have been prevailed upon by foreign government interests to participate in dangerous experimental medical procedures foisted off on the American Public as vaccines, when in fact, these serum injections are not vaccines, but are instead the introduction of foreign and damaging Messenger RNA which irreversibly changes the natural genome of the victims and damages their immune and reproductive systems.

This de facto attack on our Public Health by incorporated entities owned and operated by the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor of London must be stopped. The motives for it appear to be financial and specifically calculated to kill and sterilize the Priority Creditors of these same commercial corporations, and also possibly promoted to advance claims that the victims have been turned into Genetically Modified Organisms subject to patent claims.

We unequivocally and officially rejected and have outlawed all such repugnant commercial claims by any party or any incorporated entity seeking to create or own GMO humans since January 1, 2020. Anyone making such a claim will be denied and anyone enforcing such a claim will be subject to capital punishment under public and international law.

We must note that the vast majority of American physicians and nurses have never been informed of the fact that obtaining a Medical License changes their political status and involves being conscripted as a U.S. Citizen and subjected to the Queen’s Government as a Uniformed Officer defined under Title 37 of the Federal Code.

This lapse lacking full disclosure voids these contracts and has resulted in these people operating unknowingly as Foreign Agents on our shores, and in their being misdirected by corporate policy to take part in the above-mentioned repugnant activities wrecking damage upon their innocent Employers in violation of their pre- eminent commercial service contracts, which are the respective Federal Constitutions— and all in Gross Breach of Trust.

We must call upon the Principals and the High Courts to honor their obligations of full disclosure to their American Employees and to put an end to these trespasses and travesties and failures to obey the Public Law and the requirements of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

We must also call upon the same Parties to Cease and Desist all inappropriate interference and trespass, all imposition of private corporate Public Policy on members of the Public, and also to Cease and Desist the misrepresented and deliberately damaging mRNA experiments.

Despite elaborate attempts to prepare a complex exit strategy seeking to leave no one financially accountable for these injections, the Incorporated Entities and the governments responsible for their misadministration and oversight will be held accountable under our Public Law and under International Law as well.

We have already issued and provided international arrest warrants for Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates III, and other known conspirators.

We understand and note that not only the land, but the soil, belong to the people of this country, and that the living people are themselves assets of the land and soil jurisdictions. Any attack against them or their persons, any interference in the exercise of their prerogatives, any lapse of commercial contract performance, any overreach of merely presumed authority against the interests of the Public (such as claim of any granted authority related to individual or Public Health by foreign governments and corporations) are fully actionable.

We have similarly and correctly claimed all primary right, title, interest, patent, and claim to all Public Infrastructure in America, all roads, natural resources, mineral deposits, and other resources of the land and soil belonging to the American States and People.

We have conducted an audit and found that the great preponderance of debt is owed by our European Subcontractors, and that the only reason that it has ever appeared otherwise, is a self-interested accounting scam and failure to offset the respective debts.

Whereupon we call upon the other Principals and the High Courts to order the immediate offset of all Public Debts, so that the balance of the payments may be released and zeroed out, and everyone may be relieved of this ridiculous presumption of debt in the midst of plenty.

The interests of the land and soil jurisdiction are paramount and well-represented. Acts of Piracy by legal fictions are illusions among the demonic manifestations of this world, subject to the Seal of God. All Principals and particularly the Pope are well-aware of this fact and circumstance, which absolutely requires action by all the High Courts, all the High Justices, and all the Charter-holders involved— including the UN CORP and its derivatives and franchises.

We note that the Court of the Lord High Steward has returned its judgement and found the Crown and the Queen’s Government in error. It has in fact left the entirety of Great Britain and the Commonwealth under Judgement in the Biblical sense; the Lord High Steward, Lord Shrewsbury, the Highest Judicial Authority left representing the British Empire, has issued a scathing and exacting recitation of the failures of the British Government in sum total, resulting in the inexorable progression of plagues and damage inflicted on innocent people worldwide.

The Highest Court in England has yielded clear and compelling and irrevocable condemnation requiring action by the Queen and the Queen’s Government to correct and repent. We hold Lord Shrewsbury’s findings for examination and also his claim of jurisdictional authority under the present circumstance for the advisement of all world governments.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary The United States of America

Additional Issues for The Court of International Justice — Blood Money 27 — The Sanctity of Life

By Anna Von Reitz

It is indeed ironic that the head of the Roman Catholic Church, long the bastion of resistance to abortion and other life-denying and murderous practices, should be the ultimate owner and operator of the corporations engaged in the current worldwide genocide.

Those responsible attempt to condone this situation and this obvious conflict between doctrine and action, a hypocrisy beyond words, via the simple artifice of operating a Sacred Office and a Secular Office under one roof.

For centuries this was accomplished by having the Pope operate in the Sacred Office, and having the same man operate as the Roman Pontiff in the Secular Office. As of 2008, examination of this situation revealed that no man can serve two masters, and the decision was made to liquidate the Office of the Roman Pontiff and the underlying Roman Pontifex Trust as of 2011.

Wonderful, we all said, with a sigh of relief. Now, maybe the Church could get back to being a Church and the City of Rome and its sleazier adherents could slink off into the darkness where they belong.

No such luck. Instead, the separate offices were simply redefined a bit and shuffled around, and the duties split between two men, with the Pope Emeritus retaining the Ministerial Sacred Office, and a loyal Jesuit, obligated to obey the Pope in all things, tasked with all the nasty business and material affairs — the de facto office of the Roman Pontiff was passed on to Pope Francis.

Anyone familiar with the operations of the Roman Church was alarmed and not deceived by this shuffle dance. Oh, yes, they seemed to say. We got caught. So what? We’ll throw some dust and incense and a little smoke in the air and continue on.

We’ll use an innocent young woman from Chicago with the last name of Urban, and an “open assignment” to transfer the assets of the Pontifex Trust to JP Morgan, and use the proceeds to bulwark our favorite banks all over the world. Ha-ha-hee-hee.

We will pat the confused heir of the City of Rome (Urban) Trust on the head, without ever allowing her to read the Trust Indenture, and send her home to poverty and obscurity, while we skate on with our double-dealing and our chicanery unobserved and, apparently, accepted by the world.

Only it was observed and it wasn’t accepted without objection. We objected and we published our objection. Flat out, in public, for all the world to see.

Either our young American wasn’t a valid heir of the Roman Trust, or she was; and obviously, they agreed that she was, because they accepted her signature as their authority for the transfer of funds. They failed their due diligence and responsibility to fully disclose to an American standing on the land and soil of Texas. They pretended, knowingly, that she was a Municipal citizen of the United States, instead, and deprived her of her birthright in all respects.

And they benefited themselves and JP Morgan and BNP Paribas and Banco de Brazil, and so many other players without a backward glance, thinking that their deceit was sufficient to wash their hands and claim that they’d cleaned up their act when they hadn’t.

Similarly, the same players colluded to harvest the Life Force Value Annuities owed to the people of Mexico, “the” US, and Canada, and arranged to have the receipts transferred by the fictitious GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA to Prince Philip, who received $950 Trillion dollars and three days later announced his retirement from Public Life. How convenient.

Again, it did not pass unobserved and was not accepted without objection. We objected and we published our objections. The entire process of creating life insurance interests and insurance annuities based on the lives of innocent third parties and the value of their labor and ingenuity, takes the concept of legalized gambling beyond any pale, and subjects life itself to the rules of a dishonest casino. Where, after all, was any valid “insurable interest” granted to Prince Philip?

We objected a third time when British Territorial “President” Barack Obama provided foreign governments, including the Government of China, with official printing presses and supplies of custom paper and ink from the United States Mint and Bureau of Engraving, and so, opened the door to broad spectrum and uncontrolled foreign counterfeiting of the currency attributed to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA another foreign corporation, with the intent of foisting off all resulting costs and claims on the American States and People and our credit, as a debt to be “assumed”.

But again, we objected and we published our objections. We didn’t assume any such debts. Those debts and the resulting damage to our economy and our credit belong to the banks and the whackjob out-of-control governmental services corporations responsible for the transfer of the printing presses, engraving plates, papers, and inks.

The use of our money and our good name to purchase the landmass of the Philippine Islands, Alaska, and Hawaii is another example of our Subcontractors run wild, as is their subsequent misadministration of these properties “in our names” and their creation of a False Trust naming the purportedly independent Government of the Philippines as the Trustee of our gold reserves, when they continued to control the interest in the landmass of the Philippine Islands in our names.

How “independent” could the Government of the Philippines be, under such a circumstance?

And so, on and on it goes, a long. torpid, sordid, selfish, dishonest, criminal misuse and abuse of the purloined powers of our American Government and our assets in all jurisdictions, by the Popes, the British Monarchs, and the Lord Mayors, all playing Footsie with each other, and passing roles around like almond clusters, so that each could play “Good Cop” or “Bad Cop” as the situation might demand, and the Americans would take it in the shorts each and every time.

All this and so much more hypocrisy and Breach of Trust was expedited via the use of impersonation and here we get to the meat of this final pointed discussion

— the sanctity of life and the need to end the crimes of personage and barratry that expedited all of this, and the insurance industry that provided the motives for it.

These present evils entered the modern world with the establishment of the Mystery Company in Great Britain–which set up the quid pro quo for sharing out receipts of the scam, and found fruition following the Great Fire of London, with the establishment and use of Cestui Que Vie Trusts favoring the Government’s seizure of abandoned properties and the presumptive redefinition of living people as Public Trusts.

By 1702, these same tools of impersonation and Government advantage combined with incentives from crooked maritime insurance purveyors, which resulted in the Bottomry Bonds Scandal, in which non-existent ships and non- existent cargos of the Dutch East India Company were nonetheless insured, and the insurance collected upon.

By the handy trick of impersonation, the entirety of the Dutch East India Company and its Fleet disappeared, leaving the Temporal Earth and making a beeline across the Atlantic for diverse locations in New York, the Bahamas, and elsewhere —-and also leaving their investors and insurers to hold the proverbial bag.

Since then these same crimes of deceit have been allowed to flourish under the auspices of the Roman Civil Law wherever and whenever this form of law has been preserved, and in every case, a flourishing economy based on crime and on inland piracy has been the result.

And in every case, this law has been imposed via courts impersonating living people as things (crimes of personage), court officials bringing known false charges (crimes of barratry), and false injury claims (insurance fraud).

These three things appear together, consistently, over the course of the last four centuries: personage, barratry, and insurance fraud go together like peas, carrots, and potatoes. Despite repeated and disastrous acquaintance with these evils, we have failed to get rid of the plague and failed to remove the incentives for these crimes — both the incentives of the individuals involved and the incentives of the governments.

It always starts the same way, with officials in positions of trust — especially tariff and customs and tax and naval officers, being granted authority to act as privateers and earn commissions from recoupments and impounds on the land –leading to asset confiscation based on various spurious legal presumptions, and improper salvage operations at sea.

These crimes always start in international jurisdiction and naturally arise in international jurisdiction, because the international jurisdiction stands between the actual, factual realm and the totally theoretical realm — and it is here in the middle ground occupied by first degree Legal Fictions that the identities of the living can be obscured and “mistaken” — accidentally-on-purpose— and unlawfully converted into the identities of dead Legal Fictions, a process serving to benefit predatory malefactors.

As you can observe, the Bottomry Bonds Scandal involved ships, seagoing “vessels”– that were completely imaginary.

Today, we battle with a similar scam, in which completely imaginary persons are created, and used like voo-doo dolls or poppets, to imprison, impound, cashier, rob, defraud, deprive, enslave, traffic and murder living people without consequence for the criminals guilty of this onslaught of constructive and institutionalized fraud.

Today, we battle with a foreign conspiracy that systematically redefines living Americans as foreign citizens, and then proceeds to create not only corporate personas to impersonate those living Americans, but also a dizzying array of derivative personas, each gratuitously and arbitrarily defined as a different kind of incorporated entity: cestui que vie trusts, public transmitting utilities, public charitable trusts, special purpose vehicles, and so on, in endless proliferation, all designed to do one thing steal or otherwise benefit from the identity and assets

of the victims.

For Satan comes only to lie, to murder, to steal, and destroy.

These crimes of impersonation and barratry, and the insurance fraud schemes that accompany them, are nothing new. They are fully known, and they are just as damaging and destructive today as they were in 1609.

Those who do not remember the past may be condemned to relive it, but as we have adequately demonstrated, we have remembered the past and we have remembered who we are, and what we are owed as living people. There can be no pretension or excuse for continuing to misaddress us.

The International Court of Justice is uniquely situated to act in a variety of roles, as an Arbiter, as a Peacemaker, as a Comptroller, as a Prosecutor all within the

targeted international jurisdiction wherein these specific crimes have occurred and been allowed to flourish until they threaten to destroy all life and the identity of life on this planet.

The sum total effect of these impersonation schemes serves to unlawfully convert the identity of living men and women and to render them as things dead things, corporations, and legal fictions. These legal fictions function in ways and under rules that are totally foreign to living people.

We ask that The International Court of Justice and the other High Courts herein addressed act as Arbiters in the interests of peace and engage these numerous issues with Good Faith and Determination to put an end to the evils presented by these pernicious crimes of personage, barratry, and insurance fraud, which have resulted in misery, confusion, mercenary conflicts, unjust enrichment, enslavement, peonage, murder, kidnapping, unlawful conversion, inland piracy, human trafficking, and many other crimes over the course of the last four centuries.

It has often been remarked that the courts have no positive powers, but only the powers of restraint then let these courts provide a mighty and determining

rebuke and insightful permanent restraint upon the motivations of those criminals and criminal enterprises that have endeavored to mischaracterize and misidentify and impersonate the living as the dead, so as to benefit from their estates and purloin their credit and other assets, and exercise coercive power over living people via deceitful legal artifice.

Mankind has suffered for four hundred years under the lash of this institutionalized fraud scheme, and what the Bible calls “a strong delusion” but

neither we nor anyone reading this is deceived any longer.

To the High Courts of the Roman Civil Law take notice. We are not deceived

and in your own language “Fictio cedit veritati; fictio juris non est, ubi veritas.”

To the High Maritime and Admiralty Courts take notice: possession by pirates

does not change ownership.

The sanctity of life must be upheld, and the rights of individual living people must be enforced, and the bar between the living and the dead must be honored or nobody and nothing on this planet will be safe, there will be no peace, no sanity, and no end to poverty, ignorance, enslavement, peonage, and genocide.

The motivations of the gamblers must be taken away, and the merely presumed- to-exist insurable custodial interest of the British Crown must be firmly and permanently denied.

The courts of the international jurisdiction must be aroused to high dudgeon and motivated to protect their own credibility, honor, and competence, to put an end to this 400 year-old reign of terror brought to us via secretive insurance scams and profit-sharing schemes between governments, instrumentalities of governments, and corporations chartered by governments— all seeking to deprive, defraud, misidentify, and impersonate living people as dead things for purposes of coercion, barratry and unjust enrichment.

We’ve had 400 years of delusional double-speak, lies for profit, and abuse of the living for the sake of the dead; it is the duty of the international courts to bring these abuses to an end.

May the High Courts bear Witness to the Law and the Source of all Justice in this most urgent hour, and take up their roles to preserve life, to affirm life, and to protect life from the ravages of their respective foreign domains and may they act to re-establish firm and lasting boundaries again between the Kingdoms of the Living and the Kingdoms of the Dead.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary The United States of America