California At It Again?

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By Anna Von Reitz

California has a simple task: hold elections for a number of Assembly offices.

Explicit simple instructions regarding this task have been written down numerous times and hours upon hours have been required to discuss something that is really no more difficult than following a recipe.

The problem is that certain persons in The California Assembly think that they are Big Cheese and don’t have to do the work to
conduct a proper election of officers.

They think this —even after I have told them that if they don’t do their elections correctly their candidates will not be properly seated and nothing these people do will have authority or standing.

That’s pretty blunt, obvious, and motivational, isn’t it?

You have to conduct elections and do them right or your officers won’t be recognizable as officers.

Each State Assembly is a building block of the lawful government and must follow the rules regarding Due Process of Elections.

Otherwise you might as well have Jack Sparrow and the orangutans in the San Diego Zoo running things.

Otherwise there is no need to change things at all, because the present “government” is already lawless.

Why go through the effort to restore our lawful government, if you don’t want to operate in a lawful fashion?

So all those people in California who have been twisting and turning and trying to avoid the due process of elections need to leave and go on down the street to the District Assembly of their choice.

Those organizations are becoming famous worldwide for rigged, dishonest, irregular elections so don’t wait. Just leave and go where you fit in.

No need for acrimony. The California Assembly is a Lawful Body Politic, not a “Legal Society”. The rest of us are not here to recreate the same old evils. We are here to restore our actual Government and do it without any misunderstanding or obstruction.

Notice the word, “Restore”. We aren’t creating something new here. We are restoring the government we owe ourselves.. We have inherited methods and definitions and Law to live up to. We have established means of doing things like elections— time honored and practical means we adhere to willingly and for good reason.

So we don’t want to hear the whining and sniveling and arguing and snarling over processes that are already long- established. We want to see responsible Americans standing up like Big Boys and Girls—- getting the work done and done the right way.

And if anyone in California feels that they aren’t up to the simple task of conducting a proper election, you might as well leave and go home and wait for the world to end or the Second Coming of Trump. Those who are serious about this endeavor have better things to do than argue endlessly with you over your “feelings” and “beliefs”.

Americans believe in fair well-regulated elections that are unbiased and cast by secret paper balloting. We all maintain that elections are decided by the Electors, not Committees pre-selecting candidates. And none of us have time to argue about any of these tenets.

If this is not your cup of tea, by all means go elsewhere.