Call Me a Cynic

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By Anna Von Reitz

I am sorry. I am not buying any of it. I am not drinking any Kool-Aid. Not taking any fake “vaccines”. Not accepting any “tokens”.

Darlings, I look at this whole situation and it adds up to this— the Military is still in charge behind the scenes, as it has been since 1863.

That Military is directed by the leadership of a British Crown Corporation doing business as “the United States of America —- Inc.”. They are paid by a British Municipal Corporation Quartermaster run by retired spies, career bureaucrats, and political insiders—- SERCO, the so-called Senior Executive Service.

Did they let China and Italy hand their last corporate “Presidential Election” to Joe Biden? Of course, not. Did they confirm Biden’s election? Of course, not. Did they let Biden do much more than act as “President” of the new Municipal Corporation doing business as the “WHITE HOUSE OFFICE, INC”? Of course not.

So, Mr. Trump, their corporate President, remains in charge.

And how much of the suicide of the Democratic Party is scripted?

Everyone remembers the over 500 “Progressive” Riots and billions of dollars of public and private property damage in 2020.

How seriously can we take the single purported “January 6” Protest Riot when it was overall peaceful, only one person killed, a few injuries, and largely provoked by FBI infiltrators to boot.

Compared to the Democratic Party affiliated Summer of 2020 riots the so-called Capitol Riot was a complete Nothing burger.

Besides we know that any cruelty or neglect or crazy “charges” against the Protestors is the direct responsibility of the Members of the Congress, especially the Catholics, who are all culpable for any mistreatment of any American in Washington, DC. Why? Because they rule over that independent international city state as plenary oligarchs.

We went from being energy independent to selling off our strategic oil reserves to China, a nationwide diesel supply crisis, and record high fuel costs. What that about?

The oil companies win. China wins. The Democratic Party loses.

We went from flat-lined inflation to the worst inflation index in forty years. The Dems think they can stop inflation by spending vast sums into the market. Which is crazy. Once again, the Dems lose.

We went from taking control of our Southern Border to complete chaos. The Dems make themselves Good Fellows at the expense of all the southern Border States. But again, they lose.

And it turns out all those Sanctuary Cities don’t really want to provide sanctuary; they just want to talk about providing sanctuary. Dems lose.

The practices of cronyism reaches a new low and again, while the payola flows, the Democrats lose.

We go from a stable rising stock market to one that bounces up and down like a yo-yo. Again, the Dems lose. Bank of England starts auctioning bonds. Lloyds stops insuring new mortgages. Chairman of BOE tells everyone to sell off everything they’ve got in the stock market. Dems lose, lose, lose.

The whole Wuhan Virus thing was under the control of the Military. All of it. Including the military “deployment” of doctors and nurses as “Uniformed Officers” and the wild government-sponsored profiteering by Big Pharma and all the Players on record at the Patent Office. Again, the Dems lose, because the worst of the carnage occurs on their watch.

New mortgage applications are down 75% at the same time as the Federal Reserve drastically increases interest rates, making it absolutely sure that the entire real estate market implodes, craters, and dies probably for decades to come. The Dems take the blame.

This is only made more certain by the large number of deaths now occurring and massive long term medical problems inflicted on the people of this country who survive the “unsafe and ineffective vaccine”. They will be too busy paying for therapies from the same monsters who did this to them to buy a house. And, once again, the Dems take it in the shorts.

It’s all happening on their watch.

Local schools were once free to set their own curriculum, but all of a sudden are “required” to teach anal sex to five year-olds. Who is responsible for this? The Dems.

Crime runs rampant on the streets. Murder statistics triple and quadruple in big cities. With open borders the drug cartels pour in vast amounts of cocaine and new meth and barbiturate and opium “products” and who is to blame? The Dems.

The police are shamed and blamed and defunded. Thousands of men retire early or otherwise leave the Federal, State and Local law enforcement services. Assaults, rapes, robberies, and home invasions skyrocket. The Dems take responsibility. Again.

In the face of all this, the Dems seek to limit the right of Americans to own and use guns for self-defense , even when it’s clear from the crime statistics that you’d better protect yourselves because nobody else is going to. People just look at this and shake their heads and mutter, “Crazy goddamned Democrats… can’t think their way out of a paper bag!” And yes, the Dems get rear-ended again.

It just so happens that the Military has been able to drive the Jet Stream like a race car since the 1980’s, causing terrible droughts in some areas and Monsoon-like rains in others. They blame the evidence of their violations of the ENMOD Treaties on “Climate Change”.
The Dems play dumb and try to avoid the situation by blaming God for it, but it’s painfully clear that they have no effective disaster relief programs and hundreds of thousands of American families struggle to pick up the pieces of their lives, discovering that when push comes to shove the “government” is grossly incompetent and uncaring and unprepared to do anything worthwhile to help them. The Dems take the rap, again.

For no known reason, defying logic, the Dems try to “fight inflation” by spending three trillion dollars-worth of credit that doesn’t belong to them, and then Joe Biden hires 87,000 more Junior Woodchuck IRS Agents to go collect it from people who don’t owe a penny to the IRS.
Go figure who takes the blame for that? The Dems.

I mean, color me witless, but do we see a pattern emerging?
Who sold out the Democratic Party. If not the Democrats themselves?