Clearing the Bank Hurdle – The Basics:Corporate Overview

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By Judge Anna

This past week we announced the formation of The Global Family Bank and its wholly owned commercial bank subsidiary, The Global Family Bank of Commerce. 
These two banks function in two different jurisdictions.  
The Global Family Bank is an International Trade Bank.  The Global Family Bank of Commerce is a commercial bank, but because it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Global Family Bank, it functions under Public Law by default.  
This is the way all our banks and banking institutions are supposed to be organized, but over the course of the past century, the commercial banks escaped the oversight of the international trade banks. 
As a direct result, the commercial banks have had a free-for-all era of unbridled criminality, because they were left unaccountable to the Public Law— and that circumstance has cost everyone dearly, on a worldwide basis. 
In re-instituting the Bilateral Banking System, we are correcting this situation.  Everyone worldwide is invited to join us in restoring the lawful banking system, because as it stands, nobody is safe.  Not the largest corporation.  Not the smallest savings account.  It’s time to change that. 
So let’s begin. 
International Trade Banks are banks set up and set aside to serve living people.  Commercial banks are set up to serve corporations, and specifically, incorporated businesses. 
However, there are two kinds of corporations — and therein lies both the lynchpin and the rub and the solution to this problem. 
We can have a business that is corporate (a Lawful Person) which is not incorporated (a Legal Person).  
Think of it as a spectrum: unincorporated, corporate, incorporated. 
International Trade Banks serve unincorporated and corporate entities. 
Commercial Banks serve corporate and incorporated entities. 
See the overlap?  
Corporate entities can use the services of either kind of bank, which means that the ideal business structure is to be corporate, but unincorporated — unless, of course, your particular business is one of the relatively few that need bankruptcy protection. 
So what do we mean by “corporate but not incorporated”? 
Most Mom and Pop business enterprises are corporate, but not formally incorporated.  
They have a business name, like “Joe’s Hamburger Shop”—which means that they are an entity separate from Joe, the Owner, but they are not registered with any State of State organization, and they don’t have a Board of Directors, they don’t have a President, Secretary, and Treasurer, they don’t have regulatory reporting requirements, and they are, generally speaking, just normal small businesses providing goods and services to their communities.  
Such businesses are Lawful Persons, standing under the Public Law.  They are the natural patrons of International Trade Banks, along with their owners, but they can easily do business with incorporated entities and commercial banks, too.  
Their corporate-but-unincorporated nature allows them the full spectrum of banking services without the onerous obligations and losses of ownership interest implied by incorporation. 
During the nineteenth century, unincorporated small businesses and people doing business under their own Proper Name, were all understood to be engaged in international trade and were all protected from the predatory commercial banks and their incorporated patrons by an invisible shield.  
Think of a two lane road, with the yellow line down the middle— trade banks on one side of the road, commercial banks on the other. 
Incorporated entities can, generally speaking, play fast and loose, because at the end of the day, they and their shareholders have been granted a certain form of indemnity — bankruptcy protection, at public expense. 
This practice of incorporation began with Royal Charters — privileges extended to Defense Contractors, who otherwise couldn’t stay in business. Incorporation, licenses, and Letters of Marque were used to “legalize” unlawful or dangerous activities.
Companies engaged in manufacturing things like gunpowder and guns and nitroglycerin and dynamite, or in the modern day, vaccines —- products that involve great risks to the public, and which inevitably provoke lawsuits, had to be protected along with their shareholders or they would simply not exist. 
So a special class of privileged businesses, incorporated businesses, grew up in tandem with normal corporate business enterprises — and these incorporated businesses enjoyed various advantages and disadvantages.  For one, the privilege of bankruptcy made them accountable to strict regulation by the entity giving them a charter.  For another, incorporation required giving away ownership interest in the enterprise itself.  As a creature of the government, it became the government’s property asset. 
Now, imagine the commercial banks, which grew up to serve this special privileged class of businesses?  Realizing that the natural clientele of such banks are all owned and regulated to a greater or lesser extent by government entities?  This is how commercial banks became government banks, at the same time as the governments themselves were being reduced to function as mere incorporated “governmental services providers”.  
This set-up has allowed government-owned incorporated businesses and the commercial banks serving them to run wild, engage in all sorts of dangerous and immoral and even criminal activities with impunity.  It has also allowed these incorporated “government interest”  entities to unfairly compete with other business enterprises. 
Thus, we, the unsuspecting people of the world, have been funding our own demise and by cherishing these sources of evil as being necessary evils have promoted the proliferation of violence, warfare, disease, and recklessness in the name of “defense preparedness” and, of course, more profit and power for the government, which turns out to be just another corporation glutting itself at the cost of our lives and our resources. 
Backing out of this situation requires broad spectrum reform and public understanding of the problems involved. 
First and foremost we must reconsider giving promoters of evil activities privileges that allow them to pursue evil ends without risk to themselves. 
We must re-think the very premise of licenses, insurance, incorporation, and “government” corporations. 
After all, who died and left Monsanto– or Bayer, Inc. —  as an immortal god, privileged to create and distribute poisons of all kinds without a care in the world?   And who created a special form of bank, equally privileged and secured against loss, to serve these monsters?  
The same politicians who have been sopping up campaign donations from these entities ever since they (the same politicians) allowed corporations to make direct campaign donations.  
This same cycle of corruption has led to collusion between big corporate interests and people running the governmental services corporations “for” us, with the result that defense contractors and big pharma have been given licenses to kill, murder, and maim by politicians who are either psychopaths themselves, or who are so stupid they have to be prompted to breathe. 
And in all cases, the public, that means you and I — suffer. 
The current situation is a case in point.  Our money was used to support the Wuhan Lab and the research going on there.  Our patent system was used to protect the end result and to profit the perpetrators.  Our medical care professionals were used as “Uniformed Officers” — an unrecognized army in our midst — to lie to and harm millions of innocent people.  
Now, the purveyors of this disgusting breach of public trust are selling billions of dollars worth of phony vaccines to the self-interested governmental services corporations and the innocent among us don’t even realize that they are bearing the cost of all this, but are becoming the intended victims of this “warfare”, too. 
We have no choice but to put an end to the practices of licensing, incorporation, public-cost bankruptcy protection, public ownership of corporations, and the abuse of the so-called “corporate veil”. — which is a revolution in reverse. 
To accomplish this transition back to sanity requires a step-by-step approach and the cooperation and support of all thinking people worldwide.  
The restoration and final reconstruction of the American Government is one part of this.  A broad public understanding of the problem(s) involved, is another. 
The enforcement of Public Law is another.  The awakening of the American People is another.  And the restructuring of banking operations is another.