Terra Australis/Commonwealth of Australia, Blank Templates

List of Documents

For Reconveying/Conveying the man and/or woman, these are Notarised documents and the contents of Envelope 1 sent to yourself. Note when this envelope arrives back in the mail, make note of the date, this is the ‘Proclamation Date’, the day you can proclaim to have returned to the Land and Soil of Terra Australis, also known as the Commonwealth of Australia (unincorporated).

  1. Acknowledgement, Acceptance and Deed of Reconveyance/Conveyance (Aussie born/Foreign Born)
  2. Certificate of Assumed Name
  3. Act of Expatriation
  4. Cancellation of All Prior Powers of Attorney
  5. Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act Mandatory Notice
  6. DNA Notice of Paramount Claim
  7. Declaration of Political Status
  8. Witness Testimony Affirmation x 2 –  2 people who have known you for 7+ years sign this document, see video below.
  9. Living Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit specifically addressed to each respondent
  10. Notice of Fee Schedule specifically addressed to each respondent
For Reconveying/Conveying the man and/or woman’s marriage, sons and daughters, and property, these are Notarised documents and the contents of Envelope 2

  1. Marriage Deed
  2. Common Carry – is for a Gun Licence
  3. Deed of Land Recording (Replaces the Birth Certificate) – for children <21, >21 reconvey/convey themselves…However when reconveying a son or daughter,  Fathers and Mothers receive a Deed of Land Recording for each son and/or daughter, which in some cases will not be enough ID to retain licences, open bank accounts etc.
  4. Allonge – for property (also has Metes and Bounds survey attached)
  5. Deed of Reconveyance – for property
  6. Declaration of Permanent Homestead and Domicile – for property
  7. Public Notice and Testimony in the form of an Affidavit – for property

Accompanying documents for Envelope 1 and 2

  1. Recording Sheet – for envelope 1 send to yourself, also adding a copy of your birth certificate to Envelope 1 only.
  2. Certificate of Mailing – for Envelope 1 and 2, also specifically addressed to each respondent
  3. Notice to Respondent – specifically addressed to each respondent and sent with certified copies of the contents of Envelope 1 and 2
  4. Notice of Acceptance – specifically addressed to each respondent and sent 30 days after postage date of first respondents envelope.
For the Reconveyed/Conveyed man or woman to use, is a Notarised document and sent to anyone still mischaracterising them with legal fictions, sent with your 3 advertisements from your local newspaper.
  1. Notice of Acceptance of Reconveyance/Conveyance is the only document with a predecimal (<1966, unused) stamp.
Respondents – use a full name and physical address where possible. Respondents can include Attorney General (Federal and State), Treasury (Federal and State), Lord Mayor of the City of London, Birth, Death and Marriages, hospitals, doctors, schools, teachers, courts, police, banks, councils, etc..

Here is a Summary of the full process over minimum 3 months.

  1. Print documents that have been populated with your details, I will prepare the documents for your
  2. Notarise documents – Note ‘Remote Witnessing’ paperwork Robert can notarise online anywhere in this beautiful country, but it requires a special notary sign off.
  3. Make certified copies of the notarised originals
  4. Send 1st envelope with reconveyance/conveyance paperwork off to yourself.
  5. Receive this 1st envelope back, make note of the date, as this is your Proclamation Date, the day you the living man or woman returned to Land and Soil
  6. Send the 2nd envelope to yourself with original Marriage, Baby Deed and Property documents (Metes and Bounds Survey attached to Allonge) as applicable. Contact us for the Surveyor’s details, he can do a Metes and Bounds for anyone in Australia, it is not a registered survey it is for recording purposes only.
  7. When this 2nd envelope arrives back, keep both envelopes safe
  8. Put classified Advertisement into Legal Notices section of your local paper, 1 ad published over 3 months, 3 ads in total, buy 6 x copies of Newspapers on the day printed, so you can send with the Notice of Agreement and Reconveyance/Conveyance as required.  You may like to purchase more printed papers on the days your ad run, it is entirely up to you, its good to have extra copies.
  9. Send certified copies of the full set of documents (contents of envelope 1 and 2 except for the copy of your Birth Certificate, that goes only in the envelope you send to yourself) to 5/6 respondents and that day starts a 30 day rebuttal period,
  10. After the 30 days have passed, send your Notice of Agreement and we all agree and have tacit agreement.
  11. Wait for the 2nd and 3rd Notices to be printed in the Newspaper.
  12. Send Notice of Acceptance and Agreement with unused, predecimal stamp and copies of the 3 ads x 3 months. Used for Property, Businesses, Bank accounts, Births Deaths and Marriages, ATO, hospitals, schools, etc..the Respondent does not need to have received documents from Envelope 1 or 2, this is used if the system is using duress and forcing their legal fictions upon you.

The Documents

Please download the templates to suit your circumstances.  Fill in the red parts with your details and amend wording for single or for joint ownership of the property, and for any marriage and children.  Before printing, change to black except for the Deed of Land Recording (Baby Deed) this stays in Red. The forum is a great help for questions with the process also.

Please Note: If you have a name change, you will need to do another 1 x Act of Expatriation document for the name change eg JOHN DOE, so if you have no middle name.  If you do have a middle name, you will need to do 3 x Act of Expatriation documents for each name change JOHN DOE, JOHN A. DOE and JOHN ADAM DOE.  For example, if you have a middle name and were married twice and changed your name twice, you would have 9 X Oath of Expatriation Documents: 1 for your trade name (the name you were born with) and 2 for the married names.  

The same would apply if you were adopted or simply changed your name.  All known names, nicknames, etc would be included in your Certificate of Assumed Name, Deed of Conveyance or Reconveyance, and Mandatory Notice.  You should also do a Cancellation of All Prior Powers of Attorney for each different name ie Adopted, Married, Changed names

  • You Reconvey to a Natural Born National to your Born state or your Adopted state (1 year and a day you must live in your adopted state), with your Mothers Power of Attorney if you have a Gun Licence, and without Mothers Power of Attorney when you do not have a Gun Licence.
  • You Convey as a Foreign Born and always to an Adopted statewith your Mothers Power of Attorney if you have a Gun Licence, and without Mothers Power of Attorney when you do not have a Gun Licence.

Here is the guidance from Anna on the Deed of Conveyance:

“They –the new immigrants– are starting out “at sea” in the international jurisdiction of the sea and are conveying themselves to our land jurisdiction for the first time, therefore they use blue ink.   When we re-convey  back to the land jurisdiction of our State we are giving Notice to the  sea jurisdiction authorities that we are back “home” on the land where  we started out, which is why we sign in red and record the paperwork.  We are native to these shores, not foreigners. We came from here and we are returning home— coming back after being shanghaied.  The new immigrants are foreigners coming from overseas for the first time ever.

Does it make sense that a person who goes on a sea voyage and then returns home is in a different position than a person who goes on a sea voyage and lands in a foreign country?  Okay, so we use red and new immigrants use blue  because we are starting out from different “places”.  We are native and  they are naturalized.   We come from this land and return to this land.  They come from over  the sea and come ashore here.  End of story.”

For all other documents, you should autograph your name in blue ink.  Be sure to include your copyright symbol after your name. Remember your red thumbprint seal. The autograph is:    by: First Middle Last© (red thumbprint should touch your autograph and family crest if you so choose)

It is best to each get your own standing on the Land and Soil by sending Envelope 1 with the living man/woman reconveyance/conveyance before you send Envelope 2 to reconvey your marriage, children, property and if applicable guns.  

The paperwork doesn’t expire, and the date the Notary witnesses your paperwork also has no effect on the Public Recording Number(PRN). If you don’t send envelope 1 and 2 to yourself, you never get a PRN – the RPP number from envelope 1 and 2 becomes this PRN after it is lodged into the mail system (public realm) and you receive it back. It is all on you ,as it is you who goes to the Post Office and sends the notarised originals to yourself; the day you receive this envelope back in the mail, is your ‘proclamation date’, the day you can proclaim to have returned to the land and soil…the rest of the process is correcting the public record.  

Remote Witnessing Documents

Wherever you live on Terra Australis, the Notary Robert will witness your documents via Zoom. Link below to download a guide to the process. Please only select the documents that have ‘Using Queensland Notary via Zoom‘ if you require this service from Robert, as his Notary sign off is different from the ‘State of State’ Notary Documents he is doing for Queenslanders. Alternatively we can prepopulate these documents for you, Notary ready, inquire via email. Please do not ask Robert to produce the documents, he witnesses them only, please produce the documents for yourself or arrange with us to create them for you.

The Notary sign off for Remote Witnessing is as follows, should you wish to adjust your own documents. 

Changing the bold to suit your needs

“Today I, a Commissioned Notary, met via video link with the living being known to me
to be John Adam Doe, and he affirmed this ‘Insert Document Name Here’ by signing it during the
virtual meeting, and I have subsequently witnessed their autograph remotely under
Part 6A of the Oaths Act 1867 (Queensland) by signing and affixing my seal.”

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928 Mandatory Notice

Each state has different ‘Notice of Liability’ laws please choose from the following and add to your document.

Queensland Criminal Code Act 1899 Sections 55, 60, 128, 245, 408C, 442G 514, 515 & 567(17)

Western Australia Criminal Code Act 1913 Section 55, 87, 95, 409, 512, 537, 737, & 6

New South Wales Crimes Act 1900 Sections 192B – 192H, 137 & the Civil Liability Act 2002

Northern Territory CRIMINAL CODE ACT 1983 Sections 43AN, 43AO, 43BO 232, 233, 234, 235, 236, 237, & 436

Victoria Crimes Act 1958 Sections 178, 321D, 321E, 321F, 178, 184(b), 314, 324 & 545

South Australia Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 Sections 5G, 270(1)(c), 16, 130, 131, 132, 133, 145, 148, & 267AA

Tasmania CRIMINAL CODE ACT 1924 Sections 2A, 6, 9, 70, 120, 197, 235, 236, 290, 291, 300 – 379, & 360

Australian Capital Territory Criminal Code 2002 Sections 12, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, & 38

Marriage Paperwork - Reconveying your marriage

Deed of Land Recording - for Reconveying your Sons and daughters, up to 21 y/o, after this they do the paperwork for themselves.

Notice to Respondent - Send with the Respondents envelopes

Notice of Acceptance of Mutually Agreed War Crimes - send 30 days after date of sending Respondents envelopes

Recording Sheet - for envelope you send to yourself only, adding a copy of your Birth Certificate to this envelope also.

Certificate of Mailing - for each envelope sent

Notice of Acceptance and Reconveyance/Conveyance