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Contracts of Corporations Must Be Lawful or The Corporations Are Illegal

By Judge Anna

 More than fifty countries, including “the” US under Trump, signed a contract giving Pfizer, Inc., “substitute executive power”.   In other words, these foreign corporations in the business of providing essential government services, signed over their executive powers to one of the vaccine producers — if you can imagine that.  Fortunately for all of us, none of these foreign commercial corporations have any power to sign over our executive power to Pfizer or anyone else.  They may have all shot themselves in the foot and been paid off to do it, but Pfizer, Inc., needs to understand exactly what it bought — and did not buy.  It bought control of the bankrupt US, INC.  Whoopee-ding. It bought control of the bankrupt AUSTRALIA.  Another Whoopee! It bought control of the bankrupt UK.  Hoop-la!  But we, the living people, hold Pfizer’s charter — and all their executives — in our hands.   They made the deal with us a long time before they made any deals with the UN CORP and so, in all three jurisdictions, their contracts to act as a substitute executive power for all these bankrupt corporations means nothing. We will shortly have a report on where Pfizer is headquartered and which State of the Union is responsible for letting them operate in this country, and all those officials responsible for its bad behavior will be notified by the actual authorities concerning its dismantling and liquidation and the arrest of its Board Members.  Meantime, a brief note to Pfizer, Inc. stockholders: sell now!