Correct your Political Status

Once a donation is received, the Commonwealth of Australia documents to reconvey (Aussie Born)  or convey (non Aussie Born) back to the Land and Soil Jurisdiction will be emailed to you.   As with every document you put your name and signature/autograph on, please read it carefully, comprehend it, innerstand it (Understand means to stand under another authority), populate it with your details and re read it, sleep on it and then when you are ready, get them Notorised, with the certified copies to be put into a registered post envelope, and sent off, keeping original documents to send to yourself.  This is the registered envelope number that records the paperwork, the ones you send to everyone are part of Noticing them, not the actual Recording. 

We have attached the original American State Assembly paperwork here as a reference guide to the process, so you can start familiarising yourself with the model and see how the Australian paperwork evolved.  The Resources page also has some great downloadable information, please also look at Mukunda Blog for further information to help with the process.  This is where we have picked out relevant and vital information from Judge Anna’s blog in order to complete the process with the least amount of confusion

American State Assembly Documentation

 The Declaration of Political Status Document requires a raised embossed seal from the Notary (Assembly or Corporate) or Assembly Recording Secretary.The Declaration of Political Status Document is sent Registered Mail, green card return receipt form # 3811 to the Secretary of State for the Corporate United States, currently Mike Pompeo.

Cover Letter for Secretary Mike Pompeo!AlkIwquAy4EZsA8sS8R3ZgPQVF3W?e=qTBDhr


Declaration of Political Status Document!AlkIwquAy4EZszcUMAJhEfogWje5?e=bApgmk


Witness Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit!AlkIwquAy4EZnlfwbJxUz5BWQwck?e=T0P8Ju


Marriage Paperwork Template!AlkIwquAy4EZsBCq72DqBDlE42HG?e=33828h



American State Nationals and American State Citizens are not acting in Commerce when they travel, and therefore do not need commercial insurance policies unless you are a CDL holder.


Therefore, you will need to seek private insurance.  You can talk with your insurance agent to see if their company provides that type of coverage, or seek private insurance elsewhere.   

Baby Deed!6885&authkey=!AKqyZo84CRHx5HI

Baby Deed Cover Letter!6886&authkey=!AOujEJAn8md9HZk

Fee Schedule!AlkIwquAy4EZtj42-Mn-uHTJS6zH?e=pcuBen

The original 928 package

Deed of Reconveyance

Deed of Conveyance

Certificate of Assumed Name

Act of Expatriation JOHN DOE

Act of Expatriation JOHN M. DOE

Act of Expatriation JOHN MARK DOE

Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act

Cancellation of All Prior Powers of Attorney

DNA Paramount Claim

Recording Cover Sheet

Diagram of the Fraud (Optional)

Frequently Asked Questions (credit


The assemblies are the issuing authority?  We elect our notaries and can we use an ink stamp or does it have to be the embossed stamp?  What is the difference between a Recording Secretary and a Notary?


Yes, the Assemblies are the issuing authority. 

Can elect or appoint by a show of hands. 

Recording Secretary replaces State of State Notary functions and provides “Notarial Witness” for actual State functions— such as recording political status of members.  Should be noted in-house and on ID if the new Member of Record is a State National or State Citizen. 


If we are trying to bring a new state on the land & soil, do they have to go the corporate route, meaning corporate notary or should they go to a neighboring state assembly?


Neither — see above.  This can all be done in-house by the State Recording Secretary.  The only place that State of State Notaries might be used is on the two Witness statements verifying individual identity.  If the Witnesses come with the person — like parents applying for their child, there is no need for any State of State Notary at all. 

Remember that Notaries are part of the Roman Civil Law System and are meant to interface between the Law of the Sea and either the Law of the Land or the Roman Civil Law of the Air.  They are occupying a middleman position and serving as either Public Notaries (Land to sea) or Notary Publics (sea to air).  

Picture a spectrum:

Recording Secretary (Land) – Public Notary / Notary Public (sea) – PUBLIC NOTARY (air)

But if we are doing something entirely within our jurisdiction the Recording Secretary can do it all.


We will need to get Geneva Bibles:  1560 version or 1599?


Doesn’t matter which edition and remember we never ever take “oaths” only Good Faith affirmations.  Oaths are in the foreign jurisdiction of the sea and air—- though that may be changing, too, now that people realize that oaths of office are prohibited by the very Bible they are “swearing” upon! 

Question: So our Notaries are called Recording Secretaries?  In the Jural Assembly Handbook – it talks about Notaries.  Is there a land & Soil Jurisdiction Notary and if so, what is the function?


I just explained it—  Public Notaries make the connect going back and forth from land to sea, Notary Publics make the connect from sea to air. 

But when an American walks in the door of a State Assembly he is 100% on land. 

The records-BC and Witness Testimony can come from any outside jurisdiction. 

So the Witnesses can come to the State Assembly and do the affirmation of identity on the spot with a Recording Secretary as Witness OR the Witnesses can be provided by paper statements witnessed by a Public Notary.  Either way. 

What’s so hard about this? 

On land, the State Recording Secretary stands above all Notaries and the signature of the State Recording Secretary replaces any need for other or additional Notary verification. 

So it is convenient for the State Recording Secretaries to function in place of Public Notaries — and that is perfectly okay to do whenever we are dealing with land jurisdiction business conducted by the State Assemblies. 

We just have to keep good records of exactly who was elected or appointed by show of hands, where, when, and for how long to serve as a State Recording Secretary.  

We will have to be able to go back and verify their signatures and office on documents twenty or fifty or a hundred years from now— so make sure that everyone grasps the importance of keeping good meeting minutes for the Assembly and especially taking note of all election processes. 


What about new states coming home to the land & soil.  Can they utilize a neighboring state’s Recording Secretary or do they implement under the last man standing rule?


No reason that any State Citizen can’t function as State Recording Secretary.  Two people constitutes an Assembly—- “where two or more are gathered”.


Well yes for 2 but if we have 1 people who has raised their hand, how can they complete the 1-pager?  For example Nebraska.  We have had only a coordinator for a year.   How would she complete the 1 pager?


As the State Recording Secretary.  No reason she can’t enter a vacated office and do the job as well as being a Coordinator.


How does a married woman print her name (or any other name change)  


If, for example a woman started out as “Melissa Anne Jackson” and that is what is shown on her Birth Certificate, and her married name is now “Melissa Anne Palmer” she would sign “Melissa Anne Palmer nee Jackson”  It doesn’t matter if she has been married additional times and had additional names in play.  For the purposes of this Declaration we need only connect her birth name to her present name. 


What do we do with States that have no Coordinator?  


I will advertise for volunteer State Recording Secretaries.  What I could really use help with is someone with graphic talent to create State Seals for those States. Glenn just did a crackerjack job with the Pennsylvania Assembly — hint, hint. 


How do we protect our children in the streamlined process?


Children will be protected by the Baby Land Deed.  Having that recorded before age 21 will protect them for life.  If the children are older, they will need to do their own paperwork.


What if I was born outside of the The United States of America?


There is a separate special Declaration for Immigrants that includes adoption of their State of the Union.  We are still working on this so it is not yet available.


I am a Federal Employee.  Am I able to correct my status?


We have a lot of American Federal Employees who are left at risk, too, and they need a different Declaration to maintain their State National status while employed by Federal entities..  This is a special variation of the 1779 Declaration that retains allegiance as a State National (not State Citizen—which requires unique allegiance to the State) while working in a Federal job.  This has not yet been released, but will be forthcoming.

How to Notarize

1179. Public Notary or Notary Public?

The people now serving as Notaries are all commissioned by “State of State” franchises and so, they normally function as Notary Publics in the international jurisdiction of the sea. 

The jurisdiction invoked is indicated by the “Notary Block” the separate portion of the document reserved for them. If it is Territorial United States jurisdiction being invoked, the Notary Block will show that the paperwork is taking place — for example, in the “State of Vermont” and “County of Claybourne”.  If it is Municipal United States jurisdiction, the Notary Block will show: “STATE OF VERMONT” and “COUNTY OF CLAYBOURNE”.   But if you want to invoke the land jurisdiction owed to your country, the Notary Block will show: “Vermont State” and “Claybourne County”. And, ideally, the Notary will be identified as a “Public Notary”

How to Autograph

For the One Pager, the only inputs required are the name of the State where they were born, and the name of the County and State where they currently live, plus the day, month, year, and their hand-printed signature, plus the participation of the Recording Secretary of the State Assembly (someone elected to fill that office) as Notarial Witness.  You can print Blue ink.  For all other documents, you should autograph your name in blue ink.  Be sure to include your copyright symbol after your name.  Don’t forget your red thumbprint seal.  When editing the templates, be sure to remove the word Seal from the document. 

The autograph should be:

by: First Middle Last© (red thumbprint should touch your autograph)

All Rights Reserved

Without Prejudice