Correspondence with Anna

Warm greetings Judge Anna.

This correspondence (The Cloud of Do-Gooding) has somewhat rocked our world, as we’ve re-conveyed our Property, DNA, Cars, Trade Names, everything, to the Territorial  Government back in 2018.

Judgie’s beside herself, as we’re leading everyone astray.

Are we able to rectify this immediately? if so, how could we re-convey to an entity that doesn’t exist at this exact moment in time?

The words extreme vulnerability are barreling through our minds at this moment, meaning, we’ll have to shift focus to our own documentation, before we try and put the mask on anyone else on this doomed airplane.

Redo all Affidavits?

Any input would be very much appreciated,

Muki and Judgie

Anna’s reply – 

No, everyone goes through this process– your intent was to follow our process to return to the land and soil, but in the case of Australia, the land and soil jurisdiction was under the trusteeship of the British Monarch and later, after the Commonwealth was dissolved, under the trusteeship of the British Territorial Government.  

So what you stepped back to was the original Commonwealth Trust administered by the British Monarch.  You have every right to do this, assuming that your family was in Australia prior to about 1965.   However, the greater good is to be achieved by joining together to exercise the right you were granted to form a sovereign and independent Australian Government. 
Similar to us, someone must take the responsibility to summon and assemble the equivalent of your State Assemblies.  And since there is no history of any such “Summoning Authority” in Australia, you don’t have to worry about establishing one or meeting any requirements.  
A small group of Australians simply has to act upon their “Public Duty Upon the Dissolution of the British Commonwealth”  and develop a simple Declaration of Political Status for Australians who wish to live in a free country.  Once they have proven their identity and place of birth and signed their Declaration of Policial Status and recorded it as a natural-born Australian owed all right, title and interest in  their Province and in Australia as a whole geographically defined and recognized independent country and sovereign nation, you are ready to take the next step and form for example, The Queensland Assembly.  
It may seem like an “impossible” task and an improbable one as well, but the fact is that it only takes two such Australians from each Province to form such an Assembly, and once the various Assemblies begin to get set up, it becomes easier and easier to communicate with each other and conduct Roll Call Votes and start the process of self-governance.  You don’t have to have a Continental Congress right away, but ultimately, you’ll all get together and hammer out a Declaration of Australian Independence. That will be followed by some kind of Federation of Australian Assemblies allowing you to act together as a whole country. 
Once you are on your feet and beginning to feel more confident it gets easier, and in the meantime, you can lean on us to record your declarations of political status internationally and issue state credentials for you according to your specifications. 
The British Territorial Government run by the British Crown is already under the gun because of our actions and will not be able to do anything to people acting as their Employers as long as you are all  properly declaring your political status as peaceful and law-abiding Australians.  
You will have us out in front, God help us, showing the way forward out of this morass.