The Cloud of Do-Gooding

By Anna Von Reitz

3033. The Cloud of Do-Gooding

Remember that I told you the Devil will use your virtues as well as your vices to overcome you?  
The purported (though not actual) reason for the Civil War was supposed to be to end slavery and all the evils associated with it.  Alas, millions of people were killed, maimed, and reduced to beggary, but slavery remained.  In fact, it became enshrined as the Fourteenth Amendment of The Constitution of the United States of America (Inc.) and has expanded exponentially over the last hundred years. 
So what was presented as a Good Cause turned out to be an Evil Cause. 
The same thing happened in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and throughout what used to be the British Commonwealth.  Colonialism of all kinds suffered a hit to its reputation especially after India gained its independence just after the Second World War, and this continued into the 1960’s throughout Africa and much of Asia, with “colonial mischief” wrecking havoc and causing “localized war” on an ongoing basis. (Just remember the Belgian Congo.) 
So, suddenly, everyone was against Colonialism.  And the old British Commonwealth system had to be sacked along with the rest of it.  
This end of the Commonwealth was touted as triumph over the evils of Colonialism.  But because the people in the Commonwealth countries weren’t told diddly-poo-poo about what this really meant in practical terms, no new government was organized and the former Commonwealth countries became quasi-military Protectorates, waiting for the day when independent governments would form. 
Similar to us, Americans, not finishing the Reconstruction because we were deliberately given the impression it was already done, the hapless people of the former Commonwealth have continued to operate on the assumption that a Commonwealth government exists, long after it was replaced by a Territorial Government Protectorate, operating as Australia, Inc. 
In both cases, Good Causes — the end of slavery and the end of colonialism — were invoked as the reason for disasterous (and profitable) changes in the governments all our countries are owed.  And in both cases, what purportedly started out as something good, devolved into something bad.  
Instead of having responsible and accountable representative governments, we and the former Commonwealth countries, have all devolved into Territorial “military protectorates” that fund themselves by pillaging and which are accountable to nobody and nothing but other military protectorates. 
Technically, none of this is legal.  Technically, it has all been accomplished by fraud, force, and non-disclosure. A handful of corrupt military and civil authorities in each case gained positions of trust via deceit and misrepresentation, and the rest is a very spotty history in which the guilty parties blame their victims. 
But, they will tell Aussies and Canadians alike, why are you complaining? 
You’ve had the opportunity to form an independent government for fifty years, but you’ve sat on your butts and left it to a military protectorate to manage things. It’s your fault if you don’t like living in a giant military compound. 
And the same thing to you stupid Americans, too.  You’ve had almost a hundred and sixty years to figure this out, and you are still standing there like steers in a slaughterhouse.  
All you have to do is declare your political status, form your Assemblies, and finish the Reconstruction of your own government.  Then we’d have no excuse to impose a military protectorate….. 
Oh, wait.  You’ve always had a competent international government in place?  Your Federation of States?   It’s not always in Session?  Say, what?  And all your declared citizenry are populating your States again?  After 160 years?  
Oh, bollux. 
So, the people of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all the other nations that were once part of the British Commonwealth system need to step up and form their independent, sovereign governments for the first time and exercise that right provided for upon the dissolution of the Commonwealth. 
And the Americans need to finish the Reconstruction that has been left hanging since their Civil War, but in the meantime, their unincorporated Federation of States is taking care of business and calling the States of the Union into Session.  
Who knows, with some awareness and thought, we may yet achieve the long-sought benefits of ending slavery and ending colonialism, both.