“Dajjal” — A Union From Hell

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By Anna von Reitz

This is not the first time I have heard about Dajjal — a word from the land of nightmares, but this thread from medical services worker in Britain gives a solid (and typical) personal account of the way these criminal organizations work and the part that predictive programming and hypnosis and blackmail and payoffs play in these so-called Unions and Societies and Associations. 
They pick you and target you, according to your skills and position and even your IQ.  They have, for example, over 7 million pages of data on me, and several people who are experts on the subject of me.  When I was young, they targeted me, too, but like my husband, they ultimately labelled me “Unadaptable” —-which means that we are not susceptible to hypnosis. 
And tend to be rowdy when provoked. 
Must’ve been wild Angels, wild Angels…. Honey, what else could it be? 
Here’s an unintentional Four Corners synopsis clipped from Bernard Nolan’s tweetings: 
“Dajjal is an informally organized group of people (Terrorist Organization, Crime Syndicate) with a top down structure. Many media workers are involved; it was Kay Burley who tried to recruit me twenty or so years ago, to implement their four point plan.  It also compromises politicians from all parties, financiers….. and is ultimately a US Military Plan.” 
And don’t forget doctors and healthcare workers.  
Read Bernard’s on the ground account of the way these Terror Cells recruit, operate, and grow behind an illusion of being important and special and promise-threats of recruits becoming part of the in-crowd and receiving special perks and protections.  
Like any gang or mob, these Terror Cells are operating in small towns as well as large cities, scooping up the ignorant, disenfranchised, impoverished, and alienated people and using them to gain a foothold…..get the dirty work done, and then, will blame their early supporters and execute them as scapegoats, because, well, that’s all they are in the minds of these elitist criminals.  
Just like the political Brown Shirts were done in by Hitler’s military SS, this is a pattern that repeats and repeats and repeats itself. The Persians who supported Alexander were the first to be murdered.  
The Clueless Left, the braindead Progressives, have been easy pickings for these cads.  Parroting their pitiful taglines, these pathetic hacks who couldn’t run real life grocery stores (and admitted it on national television) were placed in position as playing pieces.  And now, they are set up to pay with their lives for going along with it, because their deaths will allow the actual treasonous monsters to survive, unrecognized as the Source of the Problem, because they appear as the heroes with the Solution to the Problem they created and caused. 
Hegelian Dialectic in High Dudgeon. 
Bankers and journalists and doctors and teachers and nurses and politicians down to the school board level will be accused of treason by the very men responsible — the ones who plotted the crimes and implemented and funded them behind the scenes — will sit in judgement over their victims, who will be confused and say, “But, I thought this was a US Military plan…..?” on their way to the guillotines already lined up by the thousands. 
Of course, DOD planned all this, and of course, DOD has to have a boatload of handy, clueless scapegoats ready to hang — because otherwise, it would be a lot of high level  DOD necks stretching the nooses, instead of Trina, the Night Nurse at Bumefford Hospital, who was doing as she was told, “just following orders”. 
Where have we heard that before, people?  Wasn’t it from the concentration camp capos and Hitler’s Lesser Guard?  “Just following orders….” 
And they were scapegoats, too, left to hang at Nuremberg for the sins of the squalid Pretenders lounging about at Balmoral, sipping tea and organizing “Hunting Parties” where they slaughtered innocent animals by the thousands and the “Queen” stood in blood up to her knees. 
All you Dajjal Members out there, grow a brain.  The word is out, the door cannot be shut.  DOD has planned all this many years in advance, mobilized the murder, done all these evil, criminal things to millions of people —- and now, guess who gets to swing for it? 
There are other mindless drudges out there “just following orders” who are going to pick you up and take you to some awful place offshore and brag about hanging you — for the crimes of their Masters.  
Your deaths will create a smokescreen to deflect suspicion away from the far more purposeful Perpetrators who supplied you with the poisons, who profited from their sale, who collected the Life Force Value Annuities, who plied you with donations and cash, drugs and whores and rebates and unearned “career accelerations” and who fed you the lead stories and the grants and kickbacks and professional awards and glowing Peer Reviews and contracts galore. 
You took the bait. You are in the trap.  Fauci’s Code Name is Fatted Calf.