Dear Shelby — Modern Warfare

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You need to spend fifty years as I have before you will reliably discern the Truth almost “at a glance”, and will have to learn all the means that the Masters of Deceit employ to “debunk” this and “debunk” that, when really, their only aim is to mislead for their own advantage. They have zero interest in the  Truth.  

My heart went out to you when you told the story of your own attorney Father and your subsequent separation from him. He got caught up in the steamy culture of the Bar Associations, where Truth is not the object at any time — only “the appearance” of Justice.  I wonder if, to this day, he ever realized what his commitment to deceit has ultimately cost him.  And you. 
I have researched the matter and I know that what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was NOT an atomic blast by definition.  The only place on Earth that shows the actual, verifiable signs of an atomic blast is at Sodom and Gomorrah.  There, you will observe the lingering radioactivity and the glass plate “shield” underlying the surface sand and dust that has accumulated in the centuries afterward. 
God acts in Truth and that Truth is established in fact.   His Angels didn’t tell Lot, “Hey, we are going to rain down an atomic blast and wipe these cities from the face of the Earth.” —- they just told him to get hiking and don’t look back.  All these thousands of years later, the Geiger Counters go bezerk at those town sites, and if you dig down a couple feet you hit the glass shield. 
All the rest of the Bushwah is designed to “redefine” and “relabel” and “explain”, but the plain fact is as stated — no atomic bombs were used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  If they had been, the ground would still be smoking and the area would be uninhabitable for 60,000 years and the robots we sent in there to study the impacts would be measuring the depth of the melted sand.  We were lied to. 
They may have used any number of other advanced technologies that may have resulted in local elevation of radioactivity and ionic displacement.  My own best theory involves the use of metallic ion incendiary bombs that would produce a similar external appearance without leaving behind the lasting radioactivity and the glass shield, but, however you cut it. by definition, whatever hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki was not an atomic bomb and we, the Public, were both lied to and terrorized by the “threat of atomic warfare” under conditions of deceit.   
This is part of a far greater pattern of lies and deceit being told to the Public by our own employees, leaving us unable to accurately or fairly determine what is going on in the world.  Most commonly, when we dig down, we find that they were simply covering their own butts.  For example, “What did you spend all this money on, if it didn’t actually produce an atomic bomb?”  
This would also lead to other questions —- why are all these nuclear arsenal sites standing vacated all over this country, and why is it that the computer systems used to service the remaining sites haven’t been upgraded since MS-DOS?   
Smell a rat, yet?  The plain fact is that to the extent ICBMs might still be useful as tactical weapons, they’ve been replaced by scalar weaponry for at least forty years.  The latest rage in military circles are gravimetric weapons, which cause changes in physical phenomena like weight and displacement, and dematerialization programs that interfere with atomic and subatomic bonds between atoms in molecules, allowing programmers to “edit out” things as large as a cathedral or as small as a mouse, and geoengineering weapons that predictably alter weather patterns and terraforming programs that can sink part of entire continents and set off volcanoes, and scalar “slice and dice” technologies that can locate any three dimensional space and disrupt electrical circuits within that space to cause “instant death” of any animals within that defined space. 
Are you beginning to understand why messy bombs that ruin the real estate are not of any great importance anymore?  And why everyone’s attention has been focused on mirages, non-threats, so that the madmen in charge could more readily work on what they were actually interested in?  Which is and has always been more and better ways to kill people. 
Think about that.  Think about what our society has spent its money on.  Think about the crazed lunatics, the real-life Dr. Strangeloves, who have benefited themselves from this Bad Choice?   Think about the even crazier CIA and FBI and DHS and NHS and DIA and DARPA and, and, and —all these secret society agencies— that have been tasked with masking and defending all this insanity?  
Think of the men and women who have been functioning as for-hire cheap mercenaries being misled to believe that they were serving the “cause of freedom” when this county hasn’t in fact mounted a lawful soldiery since before the Civil War?  Imagine their disappointment when they realize that they have been lied to, too, and if they had walked down the street to General Alphonse’s Murder For Hire, Inc. shop, they could have earned eight (8) times the money, and had better health and life insurance, too?  
Right now, the Schmucks are trying to soften us up and “depopulate” us, including all the Service Members, because they have signed a real estate deal in our names of course, and without any flaming authority to do any such thing, to give up large portions of the Earth’s surface.  The rest of us who remain after “the cleansing” are all supposed to live in reservation-style internment camps in remote places, and produce the goods in factory settings for the elite.  
And you thought the Chinese were crazy for building all those new cities in the Gobi Desert? 
Right now, they are brazenly trying to kill off their quota for 2022 in Shanghai. 
And you, my friend, need to stiffen up and go beyond the confused and analytically driven state you are in, because while you are distracted with trying to tunnel your way through mountains of deliberately obscured and twisted information, and while your attention is fixed on trying to comprehend why anyone would do what they have done, they are making progress toward their ends and you are not making progress toward yours.  
Your purpose is to shore up light and truth and life.  Your purpose is to say, “Hey, we want joy!”  Your purpose is to stand in the doorway and block it and say, “No, we don’t give our permission to these cretins to destroy everything and remake it in their image.”  
You don’t need to know every little step of everything THEY are planning.  What you need to know is that their agenda is death-driven, and our agenda is life-driven.  That’s really all you have got to know and you have to know that down to the depths of your soul.  Once you know that much, you will know which side you are on and why.  It will become apparent what is true and what is a lie.