Don’t Be Stupid, Please — About the 1934A Bonds

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By Anna vonReitz

I really am sick and tired and grumpy, so I will tell you what I think of all these silly people raising the roof and running around and claiming that I am in receipt of “counterfeit” 1934A Bearer Bonds, based on old court cases related to counterfeits of these instruments.
Chicken Little Lives!  
The Sky is Falling!  
It’s official!  
Somehow, there have been counterfeits of every kind of currency and every kind of stock and every kind of bond ever issued by any government or institution, but somehow people can’t put two and two together and figure out that to have a counterfeit, you also have to have an original? 
If there were no 1934 A Series Bearer Bonds, there would be no counterfeits, would there?   And if there were no originals there would be no posted and constantly updated values for these bonds at the U.S. Treasury, either—- which there are.  
More important, if there were no 1934 A Bonds, the Municipal Government wouldn’t owe us, Americans, hardly anything for their outright theft of our gold reserves and using our gold reserves in the Philippines as collateral for their debts in 1933 and 1934, would they?  How convenient for them, if we were stupid enough not to know what went on!  
Or, alternatively, if we were stupid enough to forget or to assume that those Bearer Bonds no longer exist. 
The same people equate their ignorance as the same as our presumed ignorance, but we have knowledge they don’t have.  We know the security features and provenance of the bonds we have cashed out.  We are standing here and waiting for the Treasury Officials to show up with even the ghost of a question on their minds. 
Tick….tick….tick…. they have been fully notified….. 
Sigh.  The same people think that banks and relief should be instantaneous.  And it’s not.  They think that justice should be quick and efficient.  No, it’s lazy and slow, instead. 
Extremely old sloths could move faster than justice in this country.  Believe me, I know.  And it’s the same story all over.  
And no, it’s not my fault.  It’s the way it is.  It’s the way we’ve ALLOWED it to be for decades. 
We’ve sat here and let our Public Employees perform or not perform and do just whatever they damned well pleased for so long that the entire concept of “job performance” and accountability for anything is completely foreign.  
I have lived through at least a dozen total Federal Government Shut Downs in my life, and my initial response remains my response to this day.   All I would miss is the Post Office.