By Judge Anna

Anyone who is eligible to be recognized as an American State National is eligible to serve as a Coordinator and step up and volunteer to help your State through the assembling process.  There is no mystique about it.   Everyone now serving as a Coordinator heard the call, saw the need for their State to get organized, went through the training and vetting process, and got approved to act as a Coordinator.  You can, too.    In many populous States and even Counties, there is a need for Coordinators, and all these Coordinators are in-state volunteers.  That is, all Coordinators are native to their State and not operating in any foreign capacity.   The Coordinators are members of your State Assembly who hold the blueprint so that you can build your Assembly structures correctly. The Coordinators have direct contact with the Federation when you need answers to questions and support of various kinds throughout this process.  We have a Vetting Committee for Coordinators at the Federation level to make sure that good solid people are filling these positions.  Teri Sahm heads up the Vetting Committee and it’s her job, within the limits of good sense, to fill Coordinator positions and get the State Assemblies stood up ASAP.   Every Coordinator presently working in the field came through this vetting process and got their approvals from Teri, so any Tall Tales about Teri scheming against individual Coordinators is just so much ungrateful horse hooey.   The only Coordinators who need to worry about Teri (or me) are those who don’t do their jobs or try to “redefine things” in a way that is dangerous or detrimental to the work we are all trying to get done.  Coordinators and Assembly leaders need to know that Assembly Militias are strictly limited to operating within the physical borders of their State— and obey that limitation. (The reason Texas was dissolved.)  Coordinators and Assembly leaders need to know that every State of the Union is a Member of the Federation of States and every Member of the Federation of States is a State of the Union; the two are one, just as the land and soil are forever joined. (The reason California was dissolved.) Coordinators and Assembly leaders need to know that the paperwork is a necessary part of establishing and qualifying the membership of the Assembly and ensuring that the Assembly has lawful standing to act.  (The reason  Michigan was dissolved.)  Coordinators and Assembly leaders need to know when they are being set up  by Federal Agencies and obey when the Federation warns them to stop doing something that they are doing. (The reason Utah was dissolved.) Our purpose is to exercise our guaranteed right to self-govern, to do so lawfully and peacefully, to restore our American Government to its full form and function, to uphold our Public Duty and Public Law, to enforce our constitutional guarantees, to bring each and every one of the State Assemblies into full Session and functionality, to reconstruct those portions of our government that have been missing or inoperable ever since the Civil War.   We aren’t here to start something new.  We are here to restore and rebuild what should have always been.