Final Reply to John Curren Chapman III

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By Anna von Reitz

Mankind is given to delusions.
People, generally speaking, have a hard time telling the difference between fact and fiction.
A tree is a fact. A fish is a fact. A man is a fact.
A corporation is a fiction. Corporations are mental constructs. They don’t actually exist and are not part of the natural created world. They have no substance.
The Unum Sanctum Trust is a fiction. It was made up by Pope Boniface in 1302, which is a long time ago, but it doesn’t matter how long ago a fiction was created. It’s still fiction, first, last, and always.
If I take a book down off the shelf and tell you, “Hey, this is a good novel. You ought to read it.” — you understand that it is a work of fiction. The characters are all made up out of thin air. The action described never happened. If it refers to an actual time and place, it’s only to create a framework for the fantasy.
The Unam Sanctum Trust is exactly such a fantasy, and no matter how much people may have believed in it, it remains a fantasy by definition. It’s a corporation, like any other trust.
Corporations include trusts, cooperatives, foundations, and a wide range of other “business models” —- and they are all fictional. None of them have standing in the actual world.
John, I hate to break it to you, but you did not create the Universe, so you do not own it.
If you think you own the Unum Sanctum Trust, you are claiming to own a fiction — but you didn’t create that, either, and as it is a fiction, it has no substance outside your head.
Law of Kinds, John.
So, also, you don’t own me or anyone else. You don’t own their souls. You don’t own their land.
And any claim you make otherwise, is fiction— that is, a fantasy. A lie.
You and your cohorts have been called out for believing self-evident nonsense, and all you can do is stomp around like petulant small children, saying, “But it’s real!” — when it’s not.