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      Karen Gray

      OK. I’m new to all this. Only just found out that my strawman birth certificate makes me someone’s property? (I’m not even sure how that works as I’m not up with all the legalese.) I would like to be a part of a non-owned society and able to make my own choices.

      As such, can anyone tell me what I need to do first and foremost? Do I reneg my birth certificate on grounds that someone else signed on my behalf without my consent? If so how is this done? Are there forms to fill out, legal processes etc.? How do I become a member of a free society as “wo-man” (free person) not “human being” (type of domesticated animal that can be owned)? How do we break free of the corporations?

      I really am a total newbie.


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      Hi Karen, there is so much to learn 🙂 the best way to do this is take your time to read as much as you can first.

      Start with the FAQ thread here and then the Newbie questions be warned it is loooong 🙂 and this is a bonus: https://commonwealthofaustraliastatesassembly.com/forums/topic/video-resources-reconveying-anna-von-reitz-updates/

      If you still have questions use the search top right of the forum to see if others have had similar questions if not, start a new thread.

      Once you are ready to re-convey go to the Join tab at the top and make a donation and the paperwork and instructions will be sent to you.

      Enjoy the journey 🙂

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      Rod Swift

      G’day, my wife and I are attempting to build up a bit of a step-by-step process to follow when we make the jump. I have a few questions that I’m yet to find answers in the forum. Presumably after we re-convey:
      * How do we fix or set up a Bank Account properly without MR/MS FICTION?
      * Can we still buy private health insurance as Medicare will be gone?
      * Do we simply de-register our car once we get DIY plates?
      * Do we just create passports? (Are there examples of this succeeding yet?)

      I know these questions are a few steps into the process and may have been answered elsewhere. I haven’t found the needles in the huge haystack yet. Given I don’t want to hurl us into such a significant change without a well considered and thought out plan I appreciate any help with these.

      Our, no doubt inaccurate, early rough draft notes/process so far in case its useful for anyone else…


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        Raya M

        Which state are you located?

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      Hi Rod, just moved your question to this thread. Love your mind map 🙂

      Please read the above comment to Karen, posted 13 September 2021 at 4:44 pm above.

      Once you receive the paperwork the next steps will become clearer for you, there is a lot to absorb.

      Hope that helps, let us know if you still have questions.


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      Ja Vi

      Hi folks,

      I’m currently researching the pros and cons of re-conveying my status back to land and have a question that a participant might be to help me with?

      I saw a Rumble video of Rohan Lorian talking about post luminary status and that all glossa documents such as Drivers Licence, Passport and even old school reports need to be returned back to the relative departments.
      Christopher James, of A Warrior Calls, has said on his show that he still holds a Driver Licence even though he has long ago changed his political standing from the Admiralty/Maritime system to being a man on the land.
      What is the difference between having the status of a man and being post luminary?

      Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated


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        Hi Ja Vi, welcome… there is a lot to learn so take a deep breath and deep dive. See the comments in the thread above 13 September 2021 at 4:44 pm. Also check out Muki’s blog and Annaa Von Reitz website enjoy the journey.

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      hi all
      i have found this from the Californian Assembly (just a disclaimer, we are re/conveying through the Commonwealth of Australia States Assembly and what i am posting is for educational purposes please do your own research) it has Anna von reitz book “You know something is wrong” as videos to start the journey “Returning Home” youtube site full of TASA/Anna’s VIDEOS https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi9t5k9q0T_dBsgo0y2GpXg/videos

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