Indemnity Bonds for mankind or Insurance for Persons?

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      Click to access indemnitybondandcourtprocess.pdf

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      Thanks for sharing this one Muki. I’ve been reading it over and over for some weeks now, but I’m no closer to comprehending how Indemnity Bonds may work here in AUSTRALIA at the practical daily level.

      For example: to insure the contents of one’s house or to rely upon US based Indemnity Bonds or assume the risk as with everything living…

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      Muki would you kindly explain your views on travelling un-insured and what would happen in the case of accident or injury.

      My interpretation (that should be discussed here in detail) is that we as the living authority assume all responsibilities and risks of our actions. Should an accident be an honest mistake then no criminal action could be taken against us in their admiralty law courts. No claim for settlement could be made. On the other hand, if evidence exists that the accident or injury was the result of negligence or wilful intent then naturally there could be a criminal case under the Common Law. This is only natural and just.

      Thank you for considering all this.


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        Thanks Mumpreneur. I’m still no closer to comprehending how it all works, nor how day to day matters are addressed other than ‘live a free man’.

        Anna’s post certainly gives us no clues either, as she mentions the bond then launches into a lengthy court process. This is at odds with the advice from CASA to quote

        “…stay out of their courts…”.

        Hoping this will spark further discussion and not just another dead end topic.

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        We have a Barrister looking into this topic, so as to create a safe path forward for us to financially protect ourselves and those in our community. Be assured that I’ll post all remedy’s, everywhere!

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