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      Just checking that even if we had paid 30 + years of taxation into the “government” system does this qualify for us to have shown we have “earned” the Jobseeker payments that we receive?? And can then reconvey or is it only a aged pension this applies to?

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      Hi Melissa, I moved your question to a new thread.

      Jobseeker is a benefit whereas age pension is entitlement as I understand it so one would not be entitled to jobseeker once reconvyed. Make sense?

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        thankyou for replying. Where does it state it is a benefit and not an allowance? is this in the Social security policy document somewhere? I am just trying to ascertain this in writing so I have not overlooked something. All I see online is “payment” or as it was called Newstart “Allowance”. Can’t see benefit other than overseas referring to this term. Thankyou

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          G’day Melissa,

          Newstart certainly is a benefit, that’s provided to eligible serfs to help them back into the workforce as Taxpaying Persons. Uncontracted/ reconveyed Nationals would never be eligible for this benefit, as it’s strictly Legal Persons only.

          Best to seek employment in a sector that’s starving with workforce shortages, such as Organic Farmers, as they are screaming for staff, and would happily make a Good Faith Agreement with you, to work for them.

          Doing this would see you keep 100% of your earnings, without being taxed, which will leave you well ahead of your colleagues. This will advance your foothold in the workforce, and path the way for your chosen career.

          This is only one example.


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      Thanks Mukidas, I guess everyone is different, and not to be argumentative. For example worked full time for almost 35 years in Finance and now on sickness benefits..I am not a fit and healthy 18 year old, nor is my partner of 55. Both of us worked for decades, lost jobs that we had due to jabs, and now circumstances change. So this is Jobseeker as no such thing as sickness allowance anymore.

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