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      Liberty Tadus

      Hi Muki,

      I have some questions (might be suitable for a brand new / existing thread on how to deal with banks but specifically mortgages):

      I have recently been served with papers from a lawyer that are on behalf of my bank. They are to do with my mortgage because I was denied the right to work by my employer for 6 months because I refused to take the experimental death job. I have not serviced the loan for this period but I am now back at work and earning again.

      I am aware that all mortgages are fraudulent (together with all banks, all governments, income tax etc etc) and although I could start shoveling my hard earned money into my mortgage again, I really don’t want to (I don’t want to be complicit in any fraud).

      The letter surprisingly is NOT a windowed envelope and is addressed to me in my full name with NO capitalisation used, which I find odd. You would have expected the usual tricks of windowed envelope and name/surname in capitals.

      FYI, I have NOT re/conveyed myself or my property yet. I fear with any possible proceedings instigated against me that it might be too late????

      Any advice as to how to handle this, please?
      Can I stall the bank/lawyers/court until such a time that I am reconveyed?
      Is there a way to hanldle this to make them back off or buy me time?

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      If you go to this link and scroll down to “Frequently Purchased Together” you find a set of 3, highly recommended Law Bibles, written by David E. Robinson. These are quite affordable, quick, easy reading reference books, designed to guide you through this exact situation;

      You’ll be able to clobber these books in a day, and do it with a highlighter in your hand, and mark out as you read any relative information.

      Also, that envelope will likely have the address in all caps, which renders the envelope Uttered as Poisonous Glossa, thus “misaddressed”.

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      jarrad :dwyer

      Yes. There’s no way they’ve written the entire name and address correctly..
      Send it back.

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      Simon Gregurke

      G’day Muki,
      I have the template that Judgie sent me to fill out and send to my banks with my docs of reconveyance but the question is what actually happens from then on? By this I mean are my mortgages absolved or what happens? I would like to think that the money we have already paid comes back to us and the rest of the debt it wiped as it’s in all caps. This may be wishful thinking but your input would be appreciated.

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        Hi Simon

        Could you please put the link of the template that Judgie sent you


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          Hello Simon or Marina,

          Anyone manage to get the Link for the template that Judgie gave to Simon to send back to the banks.
          Would appreciate if someone can post it here please or email.

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        G’day Simon,

        Your Mortgage won’t be discharged until the Global Family Bank is completely Liquid.

        All Reconveyed Nationals will have their Mortgage’s paid in full once the funds start flowing on America.

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      Simon Gregurke

      Hi Marina
      It’s in Word format and I can’t work out how to add it to this forum. I can email to you if want to supply me with your email address? It may even be on the files section of Mega. If not send Judgie an email and I’m sure she’ll be happy to flick it across


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      G’day Liberty,

      Unfortunately, until the funds start flowing from the Global Family Bank, you’re obliged to keep paying the ‘Protection Money’, if you want to keep the home.

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      Muki, I was watching a video by Bill Turner (New Zealand) and he was saying one can write back with a counter offer on interest rate rises. Is that correct?

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        That certainly sounds about right, Mumprenuer.

        Every action in administrative law, is usually an offer in one form or another, which can be negotiated, declined or accepted.

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