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      Banking update from this weeks Judge Anna Webinar; ‘As it turns out, the corporate CIA have gone and purchased the Chinese Central Bank from the CCP, (which is why the Chinese can’t get their cash at the moment), and in turn, used the Chinese Central Bank to purchase the Central Bank of the Philippines, in order to try and purloin the peoples Gold’. This is where the Chinese Elders and their gold supply stories originate; CIA! This BS is what’s holding up the flow of funds for everyone.

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      Yvette Donner

      Thanks for the Update

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      Commonwealth of Australia States Assembly, [25/08/2022 8:49 AM]
      Super exciting update! We’ve just held a meeting with the International Family Bank’s, elected Steward, who’s confirmed that Terra Australis will be up and running within the coming days for all reconveyed Nationals to start transferring their funds into the “International Trade Bank” for living, loving men and women!

      Commonwealth of Australia States Assembly, [25/08/2022 8:50 AM]
      We will also start populating the International Land Recording Service (LRS) in the coming days, with all reconveyed National’s, details!

      Commonwealth of Australia States Assembly, [25/08/2022 8:53 AM]
      OK, this is MASSIVE, so we need all your input please, as we’re going to put this to a Telegram Vote. The American Banking Steward has asked us to decide on the name that we’re going to call the International Trade Bank, as well as the name for our international Commerce Bank. Please start flooding this post with your suggestions, and we’ll put them to the vote within the next day or two. Please consider introducing something the Originals would appreciate, too.

      Commonwealth of Australia States Assembly, [25/08/2022 11:30 AM]
      We have now joined forces with an Original Elder Lawman, who’s ‘read most of Judge Anna’s writings, and is so confident in her work, he’s decided to move in with us and join this exciting journey!’ “Giringyaa (pronounced phonetically, Girin Gaia; meaning “well-being”) is his choice for the Trade Bank, and is awaiting Spirit Guide to inform him of a name to offer for for the Commerce Bank.

      Commonwealth of Australia States Assembly, [25/08/2022 1:37 PM]
      , [25/08/2022 8:53 AM]
      Hi guys, just a thought. Because you have quite a number of people status corrected and coming on board

      , [25/08/2022 8:54 AM]
      You can determine how the Blue Dot Banking system is set up for Terra Australis

      , [25/08/2022 8:54 AM]
      So there won’t be just one Blue Dot Bank…Ireland chose to do regions so The Beaghmore International Trade Bank is in Ulster Province just as the first sister bank

      , [25/08/2022 8:55 AM]
      So you guys can determine if you want to have banks in counties, or regions and then populate those regions/counties and each would be eligible to open a Blue Dot Bank for that region.

      , [25/08/2022 8:55 AM]
      If you want to go more slowly, we’ll open your first bank…get your feet wet, and then you can open other regions/counties depending on how you want to organize

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      Kind greetings one and all. Just a heads up to the thousands that are now fully reconveyed with the CASA documentation, we’ll require you to send us your 3 Public Newspaper Notices declaring your reconveyance back to the Land and Soil jurisdiction, before we can upload your reconveyance paperwork to the International Land Recording service (LRS), then open your International Trade Banking Account. As we now all know, only living, loving, men and women can access the Trade banking system, as it’s off limits to Usufruct Persons. Please add our email details to Mega as it’s the easiest way to share big files. Please also forward your Notarised Documents via Mega, so we can store offline, ready for the LRS.

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      G’day guys!

      It’s been a massive day regarding the Banking, so I’m going to report todays progression in several posts.

      Fist and foremost, the Americans cancelled our scheduled Webinar at the last minute, which isn’t all bad, as they’ve decided to bypass the meet and greet the Aussie Banking Team, and we’re rescheduling for the “Induction”, which will double up with the meet and greet. Now that this is the case, we’ll be meeting the entire American Induction Team straight up, which will streamline this process. We’re organising this meeting to take place in the next 72 hours.

      We worked as a team of ten today and it went very smoothly, so we made the most of it and have been diligently working on an awesome Cheat Sheet/ Dummies Guide, to help all the newcomers though the initial stage’s of the reconveyance process. This is nearly ready, and we’re sure you guys will be happy with the end result!

      After some serious consideration, and having the Original Elder Lore Man here with us, we all decided that neither Terra Australis nor Giringyaa would be suitable in the international realm, thus spent a considerable amount of time considering many other options. Below are the chosen names of the two banks that all ten of us voted on, and all came to a 100% agreement, so if you don’t like it, there will have to be a vote on this at a much later date.

      “Dreamtime Trade Bank” is the name chosen for our Trade Bank. The name chosen for the Commerce Bank, is “Red Earth People’s Bank”.

      More updates on the way.

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      Hi Muki
      I would have liked Barramundi or Goanna as the names of the banks (hard to catch but good times if you do)

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