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      Warm greetings to our Aussie Family, please find any networking info regarding South Australia, and paste it in here. Then if you’d be so kind as to email us the old thread and we’ll delete it. Many thanks for any assistance.

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      Darren Palumbo

      Hi Mukidas,

      Doesn’t seem to be much happening here in SA. Can you give me some guidance on how to get things going here. I know I can get some friends involve here.

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        G’day Darren,

        Agreed, South Australia has been a little slow to start off.
        Are you aware that SA is the copyright name of a privately owned, bankrupt corporation?

        Feel free to invite your friends to peruse Mukunda’s Blog for at least an hour or two, then head for the “newbie” thread.


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      Darren Palumbo

      I’ll get started with friends and family in the next week or so. I will make a donation and subscribe to get my documents underway this week. Haven’t done so yet because I dont have paypal but we do at work.
      one question, I have a Pty Ltd business that is owned by three people. My self my brother and a friend. Will I be able to re-convey the business if my brother and I re-convey but my friend does not?

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        You’d have to get your friends written consent within your lawful paperwork.

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        Ash Rowbottom

        howdy Darren, have you happened to find a surveyor to do a metes and bounds survey in SA? ive rang quite a few with no luck as yet

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          Hi Darren and Ash, Have either of you found a surveyor that’s capable of doing the work?

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      Another SA here.

      I think you will find one of the main reasons many aren’t seen here, is the public sharing then targeting from openly showing divergence from main stream control.
      What do I mean by this? This forum and participants is openly available for police, government interests and global interests to add individuals to their database of terrorists. These databases are real and are being formed at ‘light speed’.

      What could be done? This forum could be available for viewing to members only through admin settings. At least there might be some vetting process. We are in a situation of self survival and self preservation, those left with any intelligence will not openly expose themselves to harm by posting their intentions on a public forum.

      You may abject to the above and find it extreme, but tyranny is increasing by the hour now.

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        Time for lions not pussy cats!

        There is nothing illegal, unlawful or immoral about peaceably assembling.

        We’ll die on our feet thank you very much, as living on our knees is not an option.

        Anyone not on a government watch list by now, should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves!

        “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.” – Thomas Paine

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          I can appreciate that, but some of have children to protect, I have no real concerns regarding myself and fight where I can, it is my children I am guiding and protecting, to knowingly place them in harms way is no better than the tryants.

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            I hear what you’re saying Cog,

            All Law is contract Law when it comes to the quasi UCC UNIDROIT Government.

            To register means ‘to give away’, so if you’ve ‘given away your children’ as “property” to a privately owned and rapacious bankrupt government that has a massive financial incentive in your child’s cestui a que Trust, which they can’t access in its entirety until your child is literally dead, how would you consider that “protection”? Do you feel safer now that you’ve ‘given away’ your children to bankrupt tyrants?

            The parents of 24,000 children who chose to ‘give them away’, sat idly by and watched them get marched off to a football stadium where they were forcibly injected; 3 children died on the spot and hundreds if not thousands displayed immediate adverse reactions. Do you sincerely think that these parents are doing a good job of ‘guiding and protecting’?

            Maybe most of these gulled parents have had their backs firmly pushed against the wall financially, where they are now using schools AKA Indoctrination Camps, as child minders while they scurry around trying to keep food on their tables and a roof over their head.

            If a matriculated student is unaware of the imperative difference between a ‘name and an appellation’ or the difference between a ‘signature and an autograph’, they’ve just had 12 plus years of their life coercively stolen, and are looking at a life of abhorrent subjugation! Would you consider this good parenting, ‘guidance and protection’ also?

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      Peter Rowland

      Hi to all you real sa crew ! My name is Pete and very new to this site, I knew about the birth certificate fraud a few years ago now realising everyone must change immediately ! I live in beautiful Seacliff park and Paris creek. Any contact from sa crew will find a friend indeed! Will be fantastic to finally talk to real people ! All the best Pete

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      Hello to all my fellow South Australians. I’ve only come across this web site recently although had heard about the “STRAWMAN” probably 20 years ago. Lots of reading and a steep learning curve to get everything together to start the process of Conveying (for me) and Re-Conveying for my wife. It would be great to connect with others on this journey in South Australia, we live in the north eastern suburbs of Adelaide. Regards, Duncan

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      Hey all,
      We are running regular CASA National webinars kicking off this Thursday at 6pm AEST. To gain access you will need to send an email to with the subject line “Thursday Webinar” to be added to the invite list.

      We will be familiarising ourselves with “Jural Assembly Handbook” and also relevant Banking literature that comes to light. We would also like to open up to Questions if we get time, so please place those in this thread

      Please note the webinar will go for 1 hour and we will aim to maintain that strict time limit. Again, we will answer questions as and when we can.

      Look forward to seeing those of you who can make it there.

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      Liberty Tadus

      South Australia State Member here,
      Very keen to connect with others in this region vicinity of Adelaide.
      Agreed, things seem to be very quiet here in South Australia State (please don’t call it the corporate name of SA).
      Get in touch if you are local and keen to exchange information, experience, assistance on reclaiming your sovereignty.

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      Hi Liberty,
      I would like to touch base whether it be online or off, and discuss anything related.

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        Liberty Tadus

        Hi Cog,
        Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry it has taken so long to reply.
        I’ll email you directly on what I think is your email address.
        I’m fully aware and sympathetic to your concerns mentioned in this thread.
        I’m sure this is being monitored as well.

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      Liberty Tadus

      Has anyone re/conveyed in South Australia State?

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      Hello Liberty and Peter, we are in the adelaide hills area, would appreciate making contact offline.

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      Liberty Tadus

      Hi counting10,

      Sent you an email.

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      Hi Liberty,

      Apologies for not getting back sooner. I always seem to have trouble logging in here, add to that not allowed to update email address from the old one which has been blocked by ‘the tryant system’.

      I honestly do not know how I can get in touch with you as any details posted here become permanent across the internet.

      Will keep racking my brains for solutions.

      I have set up a throw away email address if you want to touch base. cog1111 at proton dot me

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      Liberty Tadus

      Fantastic Cog,

      Will email you.

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      Hi Liberty,

      Did you just email me?

      Anyone reading this open forum could impersonate you so just checking. If you reply here, the email has a higher chance of being legit.


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