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      Lori Kelly

      Currently completing paperwork, and following discussion on New South Wales meeting on Tuesday, am posting query on the forum.
      Have researched and believe Anna’s personal example show that you can reconvey to the name you are actually using. My situation is that it is anecdotal rather than through deed poll. Story is – when my parents were naming me, which was always going to be Lori, in-laws had their say, ‘you can’t call her that it’s a boys name’.So parents promptly put Lorelle Annette on all registrations, and proceeded to shorten to Lori. As a living woman, have always been known as Lori. Only the bogus registrations have Lorelle. My paperwork is including all variations, including Lorelle, Lori, maiden and married names, etc. What I really want this process to do is bring me back to the land with the name Lori (middle name is Annette, which I realise also needs to be included) so would be Lori Annette. From other posts and replies, the name/s that are being reconveyed are in the documents where needed, and then I just autograph the way I choose to be known, i.e. Lori Kelly. It is innerstanding where to use the name I want to reconvey to, and where to use the corporation/s versions.
      Link is to a screenshot of born state reconveyance document as I think it should be completed in this instance. Any help appreciated.!AjGd5bZUt9JNgYlnouYDPV6B28ZbZw

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