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      Hi there, please introduce yourself and let people know where you are located. Connect with others from your state and area, this will get the assemblies up and running quickly. Please share your stories and journey, this is an introduction for People as we, the People, join together and build the new Commonwealth of Australia.

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      Hi everyone, We are Mukunda and Judgie. We started this website after 9 years of research, and in 2018 following the steps outlined by Judge Anna in her Post, 928 http://annavonreitz.com/basicforms.pdf, we corrected the record, and returned to the Land and Soil jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Australia, unincorporated.

      We live 100% Off Grid, in our small newly established community on the Sunshine Coast. We have had many amazing people here over the years, most notably Santos Bonacci. In fact Santos was a catalyst in the terrorist attack we had here in 2015, as he was in breech of a Victorian Court Order, see here an interview done with Judgie about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7H82JGp-EA&t=5s We both say, if they had knocked on the door rather than smash it in, like they did, we might not have gone down this road, but in light of what the pedo protecting politicians are all doing now, we were always going to push back against this treason one way or another.

      For us it is about knowing who you are, and what you are not. It’s about being the creators of our lives and not a slave to a system that is indeed, hell bent on harming us, our sons and daughters, and brother and sisters. It is about returning to a jurisdiction we belong in, rather than drowned in a jurisdiction of legalese and foreign entities. It’s about building the new Commonwealth of Australia, while the old foreign, occupying, corporate Australian Government withers and dies from neglect. We have a big job to do, and can’t do it without you. Please share the website with as many Aussies as you can, so the seat of power returns to “We the People” as we build our independent Commonwealth of Australia together.

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        Ian Passmore

        Hi folks thank you very much for everything that you are doing and what you stand for. My name is Ian Passmore from north west New South Wales. I am keen to get out of the roman maritime law jurisdiction as I know what it stands for but its a big job for me as I need my truck license, truck rego and stuff so I can’t swop over till I find a way around that and mortgage accounts as I know what they would do to me if I had a foot in each jurisdiction. Anyy advises there would be much appreciated. On another thing I have been following the new alternative way to run the country. QMS please have a look at it and contact the guys setting it up as its guys like you that need to have a hand in setting it up with what you are doing here . Have our own money and banking system and back to land soil jurisdiction. Please let me know as I really think its important that all this comes together if we are genuinely concerned about our future this new way to run the country is a must if we are to avoid the U N one world government.

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      :Denis-Peter: N/A

      Seems you try to put forward a reply and its ignored?
      so whats the go. is it really here to help the people?
      or just a test site?
      as we do need an Australian site.

      and I forgot to mention I dont see the post I did yesterday?

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      :Denis-Peter: N/A

      Hello, I am :Denis-Peter: I reside in Queensland in a small township call benarkin, on the range SE queensland 4314
      I refer to myself as a living man, I am involved at present with Div5, about to do a Adverse claim, on the BC, I have already claimed the fiction name, through the international common law court, as well as my live birth, I have also by Deed, claimed my inherent right to one (1) share in the Commonwealth of Australia, that stands as unrebutted and recorded also on the International Common Law court, I have Invoked the power of attorney, and about to place on the record on the International common Law court, I have drawn up a Constitution for my living estate, which also is recorded, with the international common law court,
      Now I am her with interest in what I can do here, but need Australian templates not American, to take this step.
      I was hesitant at first as a Mike Holt has an agenda going creating assemblies ( https://commonlaw.earth/ )that are nothing like what is planned here, as all his member’s he gets under the guise of being the common law court of earth, (that could not be further from the truth), being just a great ego trip, with no results, as these members still carry their fiction name, so are still in peril.

      Please tell me you are not part of that group.

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        G’day, This Forum is a new addition to the website so some minor issues may still need ironing out as they come up. For all new threads, they will needed to be approved before going live for all to see, just to keep the shills/trolls in check…we’ve already had a cyber Attack on the site.

        Also a little background on us, we are simple folk who live on the land, so there can sometimes be a delay in responding to emails and forum threads, however we endeavour to answer questions in a timely 24 hour fashion, so please email again if you do not receive a reply after this time, sometimes things can go astray, but certainly not by design.

        We do not have anything, nor will have anything to do with the Common Law Courts. Mukunda did 3 interviews with Mike Holt over a year ago, all based on what Judge Anna and the American States Assembly’s are doing, and also worked out that he is on a very different path.
        So we are definitely not part of that group.

        In Lak’esh
        Muki and Judgie
        All Rights Reserved.

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      Hello all, I am Donna and currently live in Mackay Queensland. I only discovered Muki and this website a few days ago and am also new to the concept of reconveying back to the land.

      I have the templates and it still feels quite overwhelming reading through them. I’m sure I’ll gain more clarity the more I read them. While I might be new to the concept, I think it has always been my destiny as freedom is my highest value. It feels like truth to me, a homecoming and I am super keen to go through the process.

      I have a few questions which I hope it’s ok to ask in this thread.

      1) I thought I read somewhere in this forum but am unable to find the post again, is there another option if I don’t have the 2 witnesses who have known me for 7 years?

      2) In all the paperwork I see it written about being permanently domiciled in a specific state. My partner and I are in the process of selling everything and becoming nomadic travellers. Would this lifestyle be troublesome for a living woman?

      3) Is it possible for a living woman to co-habit with a partner who doesn’t reconvey or would you envision problems arising?

      And lastly 🙂
      4) Is there any chance you would consider doing regular Zoom calls (or something similar) where we could gather to work through the paperwork together?

      Much gratitude for the work you are sharing with us all.


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        G’day Donna,

        The Witness Testimony details being discussed of late are; Is one able to have Australians witness their ID from other parts of the country, using their local “Public Notary”? The answer to this question is yes. We confirmed this 2 days ago with one of our Queensland students, as his witness’s live on Victoria, so he merely sent them his scanned paperwork with his photo on it, and they then took it to their local “Public Notary” who apparently did a lot of grumbling about him never seeing such documents, but signed and stamped them anyway, as his reluctance has nothing to do with the actual facts of the matter.

        You guys advancing to a peripatetic lifestyle should be of no disadvantage, however, yes, you are both obliged to pin your loyalty to one particular state, so I’d seriously contemplate the state you choose, such as where you were born, or where you are likely to end up, which for most wold likely be somewhere around family or long time friends. Your home state can be changed if/when applicable.

        Your question regarding co-existing with a Legal Person who actively chooses their own Usufruct (use the fruit) subjugation is quite a popular question people ask. My answer to this would be, this will be a rather difficult struggle, simply because, as you fight for your freedoms your partner will inevitably fight for and justify their own subjugation with non nonsensical Cognitive Dissonant arguments, which is a very real prognosis that commonly accompanies Stockholm Syndrome. Even if one’s not religious, they are still obligated to understand their ecclesiastical contracts; Romans 2:11 For there is no respect of persons with God.

        Our visitors are asked to read 3 easy reading reference books, and before we know it, everyone’s on the same page.
        These books are, an American Affidavit of probable cause “You know Something is Wrong When” by Judge Anna Von Reitz.
        “Meet Your Strawman” by David E Robinson, and “The UCC Connection” by David E Robinson.

        We will be organising Australian state Assembly Zoominars once the Australian Land Recording System (LRS) is up and running in the next week or so.


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          Thank you so much for your reply Muki. I will look those books up. I eagerly await the Zoominars 🙂 Will you notify here or via email when they are a go?

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            I’ll definitely post in the site Forum when we start the Zoominar’s.
            I’m aiming to coincide the meetings with the LRS attachment as well as the ID system, which should be very soon.
            We’re at the mercy of the American Nationals who are also run off their feet.

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      Patricia Emmett

      Hi Judgie
      Thank you for sharing your story. What a horrific event to go through. Would love to hear the outcome of court and release.

      I would like to know of it is possible to reconvey if my husband is not interested in the process. Everything we own , land, house, banks are in both of our names.
      Have you heard of anyone else in this situation who has overcome and reconveyed?

      Thank you for being the people that you are. It is so refreshing and i am grateful.

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      Hi Everyone. I am Diri. I live an hour outside of Melbourne. On my property of 6 acres. Been homesteading 12 years and growing food for quite a while before. Prior to that, I spent just over 20 years working for the evil empire – the corporate world. Gained a lot of skills I now use for good. … I’ve been researching ‘what the hell is going on in the world’ for many years. I’d have to say this ‘law’ stuff is pretty dense for me and it is serious hard work to keep my eyes open while I’m reading it. When I first started looking into it it seemed like total woo woo! Could our lives really be so profoundly impacted by grammar?? By ‘paperwork’? The people explaining it seemed like total lunatics. I have very little interest in the things ‘made up’ by man – economics, politics, the law. My interest is in things ‘made up’ by divinity and the stuff of the natural world. Unfortunately of course there are evil men who have a great interest in these things they have made up and they are very good at using them to further their own material interests. So, alas, we must strive to understand these things too. Looking forward to ‘getting it’ a bit better and contributing in some positive way. Thanks to you folks for putting this all out there. Diri xo

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      Josephine Evans

      Hello All, I am Josie. I live in inner west of Sydney. I have learnt a lot about how the world really works in the last year and a half including the birth certificate con which has brought me to this page. It certainly has been a rollercoaster for me as the real evil which has been calling the shots in this world has become apparent to me. I have lost many people I thought were my friends and have met lots of new ones. I am wishing to reconvey my status to the land as a central part of reclaiming my power. Originally, I am from North West NSW. I am wanting to live in a real community with my boyfriend in the next six months preferably offgrid. I would like to link up with others who live near me so we can help each other with documents to reclaim our names. Thank you for your wonderful work Mukidas and Judgie.

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      Pamela Edwards

      Hi all
      I’m Pam, currently living in Brisbane and in the process of selling up, starting a community and moving off grid to either the hinterlands or tablelands, whichever the universe opens up for me. Dual civilian (I think I need to relinquish that) UK born, living on this beautiful island, that I call home, for over thirty years.
      I’ve always known things weren’t quite right but I didn’t know quite how much we were being lied too. I’ve been down so many rabbit holes the past eighteen months that I didn’t realize existed!
      Feeling very positive about the future and the Great Awakening we are in and I am already feeling the freedom of being a living woman.
      Not really sure what the next step is, I’ve donated and filled in the form on the site. Tomorrow is a day of focus on the next steps to freedom. Soooo much to learn!
      Feeling grateful to have found Muki and this group and looking forward to meeting more like minded living men and woman…

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