From the Office of the Fiduciary — Question and Answer 1

By Anna von Reitz

1. How can we go back two hundred years to research and recoup assets, both public and private?
The crime of fraud has no statute of limitation. If fraud has been used to disinherit someone or claim assets belonging to them (private interest) or to their country (public interest) or used to persuade them to take action detrimental to themselves, or used to obscure their ownership interests, we can go back as far as it takes to determine the source of the fraud and return the assets where they belong.
2. How come Ferdinand Marcos has been such a central figure and authority, if he was only a hired attorney for Severino Sta Romano and a Trustee for American gold stored in the Philippines?
Marcos was a co-signer on many accounts and held an honorable and important position, but that position was still limited by the definitions and relationships involved. As an attorney he had no personal interest in Severino’s accounts. As a Trustee, he had no personal interest in the American gold entrusted to the Government of the Philippines.
Toward the end of his life, Marcos took several actions that his positions could not justify. He could not appoint Anthony Martin as Successor without permission from the Donors/Heirs. He could not hand out possessor interests in Severino’s assets or American assets to his relatives. He could not empower the Committee of 300 in a capacity that he did not possess himself. He couldn’t claim 192,000 metric tons of gold as an attorney’s fee. He couldn’t use assets belonging to other people and nations to recreate a mythical Maharlika Kingdom in the Philippines.
Of all the actions Marcos took to try to resolve the situation he found himself in, the only legally and lawfully sound action he took came when he did pass on a private General Power of Attorney and Signatory Authority to his eldest son, William V. Morales. This provided a continuance of service that has been of crucial importance in terms of securing important records and verifying records and helped to manage accounts for a number of years.
3. What happened in December of 2008 that was so devastating?
Basically, the Donors requested an accounting of the debt, which is their right and responsibility to ask once in a while. The calculation took over two years. When it finally hit, the computer system coughed and died—- and we learned that, even at that time, tens of thousands of dollars of debt notes were pegged against every American Silver Dollar.
Last time I checked, there were $55,000.00 worth of fiat Federal Reserve Notes issued against every actual American Silver Dollar in circulation — that is, 55,000 to one. It’s important to realize that this number started out at one to one in 1934, and this is a measure of just how ruthlessly the USD has been devalued by the spending and policies of Washington, DC bureaucrats.
Of course, it’s our American dollar which is the non-speculative currency underpinning the world economy, and which is the actual Reserve Currency, not their USD, but how many people know that?
The Donors believe that a form of Bait and Switch Fraud has been practiced by the US, Incorporated and the USA, Incorporated, by presenting their private script, the so-called Federal Reserve Note, as if it was an actual American dollar —-and trading upon that false impression. This is like pretending that a picture of an apple is an apple.
Trusting innocent people and investors traded their Silver Dollars for paper I.O.U.s and not only did they not receive any return on this purported “investment” in the foreign legal tender, they were misrepresented as shareholders and franchisees of these venal corporations and forced to pay off the debts of these phony baloney operators when they went bankrupt.
The Donors objected. The enormity of the derivative debt load was expanding exponentially to its present hyperinflated estimate of two quadrillion dollars. The Committee of 300 shut down the physical asset accounts to prevent looting. Fourteen years later, we are finally dealing with the situation in a positive way.
4. Who ARE you?
I wish I had a good answer for that, but I am still on a journey of discovery myself. I was never told who I was, never taught anything about my family, It turns out that Reitzenstein is a very old name and it basically means, “Rollingstone”. We were masters of banking and diplomacy and war in the Hapsburg Empire, then moved north to Berlin and Prussia where we resumed similar positions under the nickname “vom und zu Stein” — a form of “Rollingstone” again. It turns out that one of my ancestors ran the first German Central Bank created by Frederick the Great in 1766, The Royal Bank of Berlin— and no, we are not Jewish. The suffix appellation that many Jewish bankers took, as in “Goldstein”, was because they worked as bankers for us. So, much to my surprise, this is work that I appear to have an inherited affinity for, much as a Dachshund knows how to hunt badgers even before it knows what a badger is. Or maybe this is just what happens when you take a natural mathematician and force them to study law and religion and history for many years.
5. How did you become the Fiduciary for The United States of America?
Being a Fiduciary is a Public Government Office, and theoretically, you should all have many such Public Fiduciaries working on your behalf, but when I woke up and figured out what was going on, the last of the American Fiduciaries were dying off and they didn’t know what to do to rebuild the Public Government and preserve their offices for future generations, because the knowledge of jurisdictions had been lost.
A true Public Fiduciary is a specialized banker working in the jurisdiction of land and soil where all durable assets exist; it is hands-on work, something that you learn by doing, more like a trade or a craft than a profession, so in addition to the work itself, I am tasked with teaching many others to serve.
I know some will be asking — what do I mean by “Public Government”? The Public Government is the Government you think you have, but which in fact has been usurped by commercial corporations acting as governmental service providers. All over the world, the Public Governments have been “suspended” and the officials entrusted with your care and the protection of your country have sunk into lawlessness and profiteering against their own employers.


When the Public Government Offices are vacated, the corporate interlopers sneak in and take over, which results in what I call “Corporate Feudalism” — an evil that must be resisted at all costs. This is why you must educate yourselves and earn the freedom you are heir to, by doing the work it requires.