Granna Beats the Dead Horse Again

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By Anna von Reitz
The Internal Revenue Code and the Motor Vehicle Code and all other Agency Codes and Administrative “laws” have been very recently struck down — again —  in Virginia v. EPA  by the U.S. Supreme Court, with reiteration of support for an almost century-old Tennessee Supreme Court case, Norton v. Shelby County. 
What people are misunderstanding — and this is a pernicious misunderstanding that is hard to root out — is that this has always been the actual law in this country.  This is nothing new.  
The way that our rights and prerogatives are being eroded is not by any fundamental change in the law.  It’s a fundamental change in your own individual political status that makes you subject or not subject to codes, rules, regulations, ordinances, mandates, and statutes. 
Think of it this way — if you are a Brit, you are subject to British Law, but if you are an American, you are subject to American Law.  That’s a no-brainer, right?  So the question is — are you a Brit or an American?  Which law applies to you?
In the same way, you could be a Municipal citizen of the United States and be subject to the laws of the Holy Roman Empire. Again, the question to be answered is — are you a Municipal HRE citizen, or a Brit, or an American?  Which law applies to you? 
They “presume” that you are a Municipal HRE citizen and they drag you into their British Court System and they subject you to their foreign laws, and if you have no proof otherwise, and you fail to object to their presumptions, they get away with it.  
Only the situation is even a bit more insidious than simply “mistaking” your nationality and which law pertains to you.  They actually deprive you of your standing as a man or woman, and reduce you to the level of being a “hue-man”. 
As an American standing under American Public Law as a man or woman, you are owed all the protections of the Constitutions, and all these wonderful old stare decisis court decisions like those provided by the Tennessee Supreme Court in Norton v. Shelby County and the County Court findings in First National Bank of Montgomery v. Jerome Daly — apply to you.  
But as a British Merchant Mariner, say, a Warrant Officer acting as a “Taxpayer” collecting for the Queen, you have no such rights or protections.  No, you are then merely a British Territorial “Person” and you stand under British Territorial Law, which offers no such protections.  
Even worse, if you are a Municipal citizen of the Holy Roman Empire, you are a slave owned by the Pope, and the law that applies to such “persons” is even more merciless and arbitrary. 
As I recently explained, these “Persons” are considered “Hue-mans” — and don’t have the rights or prerogatives of men and women.  Given that, it makes sense that they don’t have the protections of men and women, either, and don’t stand under the same laws as men and women.  
So, millions of Americans have been unjustly prosecuted as foreigners in their own country, illegally and immorally subjected to foreign laws by foreign courts that are supposed to be observing their “strictly limited jurisdiction” while in this country— and which are failing to do so. 
Well, the quick and dirty answer is that our own American Government wasn’t in Session, and our foreign subcontractors took it upon themselves to “presume” that our people were “stateless” and up for grabs.  
So, they proceeded to latch onto millions of Americans and create phony political status records (Birth Certificates) identifying each one of us (incorrectly) first as British Territorial Persons and then, later, (via secondary BIRTH CERTIFICATES) as Papist Municipal citizens of the United States, all operated as PERSONS— incorporated franchises of commercial corporations operated under our NAMES, without our knowledge or agreement.   
So long as we didn’t record and publish our Good Names and political status as Americans, they were free to “presume” whatever they liked about our political status and were free to prosecute us under whatever foreign law they chose.  
All that free-for-all is coming to a swift end and the courts and politicians responsible are being brought to account for it.  
They assumed a usufructuary relationship with each and every one of us and operated these foreign corporations “in our names” for their own benefit without our knowledge and agreement.  
They latched onto our property assets as collateral benefiting themselves and their corporations.  
They gratuitously misidentified us as the owners and operators of these foreign corporations operated in our Names or NAMES, and charged us for their taxes. 
They dragged these foreign Persons/PERSONS (which were named after us) into their equally foreign courts and prosecuted them under their foreign laws, and they pretended that we were “the same as” these foreign Persons/PERSONS — and all the while, we didn’t have a clue what they were doing or presuming about us.  
It was all done under a veil of secrecy and touted as an issue of “national security” — but for which “nation”?   Certainly not ours. 
And now comes the Judgment Day, the Day of Reckoning, when we charge them for their abusive Breach of Trust, their infringement on our Good Names and Trademarks, and all the unjust enrichment they secured for themselves via these abuses.  
Our American Government, homegrown and tatty as it is, is in Session.