Grasping the Fraud Worked Against You

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By Anna von Reitz

Americans can’t make claims against British insurance policies.
Is everyone clear on that point?
An American named “James Allen Brown” has no business making a claim against an insurance policy taken out to protect the estate of a Brit who also happens to be named “James Allen Brown”.
That is so obvious, so mundane, so apparent– that nobody has to argue over it, right?
So all the Americans who have been instructed to file claims against “their bond” are advised that that isn’t “your bond” —-and also stop dabbling around with a criminal foreign insurance fraud scheme you are only beginning to grasp.
The only thing you can gain by chasing after the Pope’s gold bond, is being branded as an insurance cheat or as an accomplice to The Great Fraud. That’s why we don’t teach you anything about this. This is why you aren’t encouraged to learn all about foreign systems of law.
People are too often both greedy and ignorant. Their endless quest for money leads them to the trap and they don’t have enough sense to recognize it for what it is.
Many people in the Patriot Movement benefited — to a point — from listening to Winston Shrout and what he taught us about the world of commercial law, but he was just as unprepared as everyone else to deal with the actual situation that has developed over the course of 160 years.
This is not a simple snare.
The insurance annuities fraud scheme worked by the British Government and the Vatican involves infringing upon your Given Name and your Family Trademark — your Surname — and redefining it as the name of a British Person.
Of course, that British Person is a Subject of the Queen, and is subject to her Territorial Law, relegating “him” to the status of a Ward of the State and an Indentured Servant. By definition, such a British Person is incompetent and unable to handle their own affairs, so the Queen takes possession of him and all his assets.
How convenient, no?
The Vatican then posts a gold bond to insure that this British Person will come to no harm as a result of the Vatican’s use of “his” name to create yet another Legal Fiction PERSON — which can take the form of a Cestui Que Vie Trust, a Public Transmitting Utility, or a Special Purpose Vehicle, or, or, or whatever CORPORATION IDENTITY the Pope’s Boyz can dream up and foist off on people.
All these Municipal PERSONS are slaves and they are all deep in debt and they are all guilty and pre-determined criminals. In Evil-Speak, all these phony CORPORATIONS are “derivatives”.
Obviously, nobody who is an American and standing as an American, has any right to make a claim against the Pope’s insurance bond, right? That insurance bond isn’t for you. It’s for a British Person who is a Subject of the Queen — who just happened to steal your name and identity and everything you own.
And even that British Person can’t make a claim against the Pope’s bond, because he’s a Ward of the State. The Queen or one of her Tax Collectors (Bar Members) would have to make the claim, and then, the receipts would all belong to the Queen, not the victim.
If you, the American, should object, the Queen and the Pope will claim that none of this has anything to do with you —– except that it does, because you are the one caught in the middle, the one being impersonated and misaddressed and losing everything you own because of them and their malicious criminal court system.
It’s a criminal court, okay. Just not in the sense that you think of it.
Most of us, Americans, have had our Proper Names seized upon and converted into names for —first British— and then later, Municipal Cestui Que Vie Trusts.
Beginning in 2015, Obummer changed the rules because the game was getting too hot to handle. The Cestui Que Vie Trusts have been dissolved and replaced with Public Transmitting Utilities named after us, so some very young people missed out on the Cestui Que Vie Trust Scam.
MARK JOSEPH AMUNDSON = Municipal CESTUI QUE VIE TRUST Mark Joseph Amundson = purported British Territorial Cestui Que Vie Trust and the fact that “Mark Joseph Amundson” is actually the Proper Name of an American Principal isn’t supposed to see the light of day.
MARK J AMUNDSON = Municipal PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITY Mark J Amundson = purported British Public Transmitting Utility and the fact that “Mark J Amundson” is actually the “Initialized” Name of an American Principal is never supposed to be admitted.
It’s a scheme. A fraud. An impersonation and identity theft —and ultimately, credit theft –racket. It’s a con that got its first run in the aftermath of The Great Fire of London, was promptly followed up with the Bottomry Bonds Scandal of 1702, and got pulled out of the Box of Antique Tricks in the British Attic after WWII to enable the Vermin to feast upon the assets of their Friends and Allies.
They had already pulled a similar Substitution Scheme during the American Civil War, misrepresenting their British Territorial “President” as the American President and unlawfully converting all the honorable American soldiers into foreign mercenaries employed by State-of-State organizations.
They pulled another such Substitution Scheme during World War I. According to them and their public record, every single American who fought in World War I was actually a British Territorial U.S. Citizen. They were all illegitimate bastard children –all abandoned by their destitute mothers on the bogus Civil War battlefield — which hadn’t seen a battle in 70-plus years at the time.
By the time the Second World War rolled around, it was time to go Full Monty, so the Vermin claimed to own all the Americans as slaves — see the Buck Act of 1940 and the Miller Act, too.
Of course, they couldn’t legally or lawfully do this to their Employers, so they created the Legal Fiction British Persons and the phony Municipal CORPORATIONS — and used these to misaddress and entrap their American victims, instead.
I can just imagine some tweedy little Vermin saying, “Technically, it’s legal.”
But in this country, it has to be lawful.
Notice the endless cavalcade of fanciful lies to suit any occasion. You’re a Brit. No, you’re an American. No, you’re a slave belonging to the Pope. No, you’re a Public Transmitting Utility! No, no, you are a Special Purpose Vehicle ….. No, you’re a Genetically Modified Organism….. No, you are a Carbon Dioxide Producer…. as if you were in the Biz of producing Carbon Dioxide.
Time to wake up and shame the Devil. Time, too, for all the sentient people left on Earth to get organized and use the Sword of Truth.
Make it your Mission in Life to educate everyone and expose the Liars at every turn. And don’t be misled or get yourselves entrapped by any of their Flim-Flam. We are too close to the end of their story for that.