Here, Paul, is a summation of the situation from its inception to today. 

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By Anna von Reitz

Part One: 

Important Civil War News for All Americans: The Circumstance
After the gross hostilities of the Civil War ended in April of 1865, the Union soldiery adopted what they called the “cloak of secrecy” and instituted the Grand Army of the Republic as a veteran’s network to maintain a quasi-civilian standing Army throughout the country. This network still exists today as what people are calling “the White Hats” and “the Alliance”.
They are the ones who have actually been running this country — mostly into the dirt — since 1863.
They’ve justified their activities in terms of “national emergency” and other “necessities” and have broken and evaded the constitutional requirements that obligate them to take their orders from the actual civilian government of this country and also the prohibitions against maintaining and billeting armed forces within the States of the Union.
Knowing this, we called upon the GAR to return to active duty and accept their constitutional obligations. None of their officers ever resigned their commissions and all their senior Non-Coms are still active and still in touch with the rest of the men that were part of their individual units, so that at a moment’s notice, these modern day Minutemen can be summoned back to serve.
They did this because no actual peace treaties were signed ending the American Civil War.
They invoked international law to do this, which in such a circumstance, allows the former combatants a right of self-defense during an Armistice or other pause in the hostilities. This is called a “state of war” and this is what we’ve been living under for 160 years.
Never mind that the Civil War was actually an illegal mercenary “Conflict” like Vietnam and so, could have no lawful Declaration of War and logically, no Peace Treaties to end it.
This is exactly what we find in the historical records.
Lincoln declared a state of war and ordered the attack on Fort Sumter, but as every school child knows, only Congress can declare a war. And afterward, we find the surrender of Lee’s Army and an Armistice Agreement and three Public Proclamations of Peace made by President Johnson. No peace treaties were issued by or among the Several States or, more to the point, their States-of-States, which were the actual Combatants.
Please note that the “States of States” are often confused with actual States of the Union, because of the practice of calling these “Confederate States” — both North and South—“States” when in fact they exist only on paper and have no physical dimensions at all.
More to follow…
Part Two:
Important Civil War News for All Americans: Today
In seeking to end “the state of war” that our Employees created and to reinstate the actual government of this country requires a number of epiphanies and corrections quite apart from any solutions being offered by the military— whether it’s the active duty military or the hidden Shadow Government of the GAR.
First, we must recognize what has actually happened and where we are and who is in charge. We must admit that the American train came off the trolley 160 years ago.
Second, we must realize that all members of the military are by definition U.S. Citizens and they are obligated by that political status to act as British Territorial Subjects owing allegiance to the British Monarch.
Third, their political status as U.S. Citizens means that they cannot act as American State Citizens.
Fourth, their inability to act as American State Citizens means that they cannot make decisions for the States of the Union and cannot, for example, reconstruct the American Federal Republic.
Fifth, the most that the military can do is to create a new British Territorial Federal Republic and call it “a” Federal Republic.
Sixth, the political status of the military also requires them to operate under Federal Code, including the United States Code of Military Justice; and, as British Territorial Citizenry, they don’t have access to any Constitutional Guarantees.
Seventh, the political status of the military limits them to residing in “States of States” which are British Territorial corporations operating in foreign legal jurisdictions, thus they can “legally but not lawfully” reside in a British Territorial State of Illinois, but they cannot actually live in Illinois, the physically defined State of the Union.
Eighth, these States of States are called Confederate States and over time people have lapsed into calling them “States”, but it is important to realize that the States of States in operation now are not American States of States — they are British Territorial businesses ostensibly conducting business “for” the States of the Union in our purported absence — and they are not actual States, much less sovereign States of the Union.
Ninth, this state of war that we have been living in for the last 160 years can never end without action by Americans who are competent to act as State Citizens declaring the peace among the Several States of the Union and ordering their Employees to stand down — and this has been accomplished:
Tenth, there is no longer any legitimate basis, lawful or legal, for anyone to maintain the idea that a state of war exists in this country, no basis for any presumption of enmity or conferring any “Enemy Combatant” status on anyone or anything— and then using that as an excuse to confiscate their assets or suborn them into compliance with foreign citizenship obligations.
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Part Three:
Important Civil War News for All Americans: Tomorrow
Over time the complex system of quasi-military control of this country created by the “state of war” has been utterly corrupted and has broken down; present day inheritors of this system never knew the American Government as a complete, functioning reality, and they were not taught anything about it in the British Territorial-sponsored Public Schools.
The tradition of teaching both American History and United States History in tandem quietly ceased in 1976, when then-President of the United States of America, Incorporated, Jimmy Carter, sought to set aside our sovereign American Government by donating our states and state offices to the United Nations. See the International Organizations Immunity Act to see how Carter attempted to wash his hands of responsibility for this, and at the same time, hold the United Nations harmless for accepting his offer.
Jimmy Carter was our Employee; he had no authority to surrender our sovereignty “for” us.
He sought to operate America as a permanent British Territory populated by the U.S. Citizens — all Subjects of the Queen and chattel properties used as collateral by the United States of America, Incorporated. In pursuit of this, he sold all the Municipal CITIZENS to the IMF, as additional collateral backing his plan.
While the quasi-military government “presumed” that anyone who wasn’t in the military was an Enemy Combatant, they arbitrarily conferred Municipal citizenship of the United States on everyone else, without the victim’s knowledge or consent. This is a conundrum yet to be corrected, as millions of American civilians were deliberately misidentified as Municipal citizens of the United States and treated as Enemy Combatants and otherwise impersonated and abused.
Most recently, these military elements have conspired with other military organizations worldwide to steal private family trust assets to fund their own world government.
These lawless acts of theft, tyranny and treason against the national governments of the world are being promoted as something wonderful and good, when in effect, all they have done is to steal a lot of private assets under False Pretenses, and are now about to make themselves out as heroes for doing so.
We, Americans, are the Donors of the Trusts they have seized upon. The D’Avila Family Trust belongs to the D’Avila Family. The control of the St. Germain Trust belongs first and foremost to the Saint Germain Family Donors and must be administered as an American Common Law Trust for the purposes stipulated by the Trust Indenture.
The only way for the Generals and Admirals to make any of this right and go forward into the future with a clean slate is to admit that these funds don’t belong to any Enemy Combatants and never did belong to any Enemy Combatants. They belong to us, individual American civilians.
Their QFS System and its funky Company Store crypto currency is just another rendition of the Federal Reserve System wearing different colored spots. It serves the same purpose of controlling the civilians and feeding their own civilian assets back to them as “rewards”.
Put another way, they steal the apples from the farmers, then take credit for this crime, and command control of the distribution of the apples.
How is this any different from Communism or Fascism, either one?
It’s not. The only difference is that this regime is being imposed by criminal elements of the military and the agencies spawned by the quasi-military government, instead of arising naturally as a political movement.