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Join us and start repopulating the Land and Soil Jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Australia.  As each of us return, we populate the Assemblies so we can then hold de jure elections, and get our country back in the hands of the People, where it belongs.  This subscription list will also serve as a roll for the Assembly.  We’re at the onset of unravelling unconscionable fraud that bound us 60 years ago, this process takes time and resources, the Commonwealth of Australia People being the most precious resource.  As the State Assemblies are created with returning Commonwealth of Australia Nationals, reconveying and conveying back to the Land and Soil jurisdiction, we will reach critical mass fairly quickly and be able to facilitate ID and Private Non-Commercial plates for your automobile to travel as the American States Assembly are already successfully doing.   

Judge Anna has informed us regarding Australia, “Once you are on your feet and beginning to feel more confident it gets easier, and in the meantime, you can lean on us to record your declarations of political status internationally and issue state credentials for you according to your specifications.” 

This also means that, as you are “coming home” you will need to contact your State Assembly and check in by signing a one page Declaration and providing them with birth records and two Witness Testimonies affirming your identity and the place where you were born. This will also enable you to obtain a State-issued Travel ID and private property plates for your car and other products that you may wish to have as educational aids for others. The steps outlined by Judge Anna, here and also on her blog here , are tried and true.  When you know who you are, and what you are not, this truth is the foundation of your freedom and is to be grabbed with both hands.

Welcome, the home fires are still burning, supper’s on the table and we have a big job ahead of us, so let’s get the tools we need to get this job done. Time to reclaim our Nation from the undesirables and their private mercenary forces, who have set up a private occupying service utility club at the expense of the People and worse, our sons and daughters.

If you would like us to prepopulate the templates with your details, ask us about the Data Merge System, with Notary ready documents.

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