How They Worked It

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By Anna Von Reitz

Recent days have brought the focus steadily to bear on the British claim to have had a legitimate British Territorial Protectorate here since the 1860’s.

Most Americans would be astounded by that news. It wasn’t published at the time and it surely hasn’t been published since then. No, it’s all been under a “cloak of secrecy”.

We say they have been illegally occupying our land and soil and using our own paid-for military forces to do it since the 1860’s. We say that they have acted in gross Breach of Trust and in violation of their commercial service contracts for a hundred and sixty years.

They say that this is the result of the “absence” of our government, and that we have been in an “interminable interregnum” ever since— what they misrepresent— as The American Civil War.

We say—-how would they know anything about our government? It’s foreign to them. We don’t follow their practices or their law on our land. We have no obligation to fit their expectations. We made that clear in 1776.

We say that there is no evidence that any actual war was ever declared, but plenty of evidence that the illegal Mercenary Conflict referenced as The American Civil War was started and promoted by Undeclared Foreign Agents working a fraud and substitution scheme against their Employers.

There is plenty of evidence that no Congress in this country ever declared any civil war. There is plenty of evidence that Abraham Lincoln acted as the “President” of a foreign British Crown corporation merely calling itself “the United States of America, Incorporated” and was never The President of The United States of America. There is also evidence that the resulting illegal Mercenary Conflict was resolved so far as our Land Jurisdiction is concerned, by a Public Contract issued by Lincoln’s Successor, Andrew Johnson.

Admiralty and Maritime Law are the forms of law that the Brits generally stand under in international jurisdiction, but unlike the Brits, the Americans conduct our courts under American Common Law and Public Law known as United States Statutes at Large.

Also unlike the Brits and denizens of the Holy Roman Empire, Americans don’t acquire citizenship obligations at birth. Americans have to freely choose to serve their government, or not, as adults.
We have no lifetime obligation to continue that service.

The vast bulk of Federal Code (over 90% of it) is ostensibly meant to apply to British Territorial U.S. Citizens and just as generally speaking, is not supposed to apply to us, the American General Public, at all.

In the confusion that followed the end of armed hostilities in the so-called American Civil War, the U.S. (Territorial) Congress established an otherwise unauthorized and illegal Military District Court System, beginning in May of 1865.

The Territorial Congress set up ten such Military Districts in eleven States of the Union, and proceeded to run these infamous “Carpetbagger Courts”— the so-called District Courts — as private collection agencies operated under color of law.

Each such District was placed under the supervision of a General of the Union Army of at least Brigadier rank. The Perpetrators claimed that this was necessary as an “emergency measure” though there is no provision for any such “emergency powers” anywhere in any of our agreements with our Subcontractors.

These British Territorial (Military) District Courts were used to illegally collect “war reparations” from Municipal citizens of the United States — Federal Civil Service workers and Negroes in the beginning — who fought with the Southern Confederacy. This was illegal because the “war” wasn’t a war, it was itself an illegal Mercenary Conflict, and because no Peace Treaty mandating reparations exists.

This has resulted in illegal confiscation, plundering and pillaging, in Gross Breach of Trust by Undeclared Foreign Agents (Bar Attorneys) working as Privateers.

These (Military) District Courts were then and are now illegally confiscating private property under color of law and plundering illegally constructed individual UCC Contract Trusts gratuitously defined as Municipal citizens of the United States under Federal Code Title 28, using the infamous “Diversity of Citizenship Clause”.

Under the actual Federal Constitutions there is no provision for the establishment of any permanent or semi-permanent system of Military Districts anywhere in The United States.

The District Government is supposed to be limited to the District of Columbia and the Municipal Government is supposed to be limited to the physical confines of the capitol city, Washington, DC.

Since 1922, the “governmental services corporations” responsible for all this fraud and graft have been profiting themselves by unlawful conversion— that is, by impersonating their employers, and then human trafficking the resulting “franchises” offshore, into their own watery jurisdiction.

This process was initiated via the registration of babies under the Shepherd-Townsend Act and should never have been applied to American babies at all, but again, using their corporate policy of cloaked silence and therefore, non-disclosure, they used their civilian “Uniformed Officers” as defined under Federal Code Title XXXVII and XI to do the dirty work of Unlawful Conversion.

Blackstone’s Commentaries very clearly describe the British practice of conscripting civilians to act as “Uniformed Officers” and describes two such classes of officers — Medical Doctors and Attorneys. The Medical Doctors uniformly outrank the Attorneys.

The paperwork used to register the babies as British Territorial “Persons” and Franchises of the British Crown is signed by two Witnesses, the clueless Mother acting without benefit of disclosure, and the Medical Doctor who attests that the baby is a “U.S. Citizen”. This attestation by a Superior Officer then provides the Attorneys with all the excuse they need to seize upon the “cargo” and register a copyright of the victim’s Proper Name as a chattel franchise belonging to the British Crown.

In our research, very few American Physicians who have been “licensed” as Medical Doctors have had any inkling of the evil they have been perpetuating; most have been completely unaware of the way their signatures have been used to excuse and implement this crime, which is recognized as a capital crime under both the Hague and Geneva Conventions, as well as more generally, under Public and International Law.

Those of you who are familiar with cattle rustling will recognize this as people rustling — changing the brand from American to British Territorial.

Unlawful conversion, personage, barratry, purloined “witness” from a clueless Superior Officer operating under conditions of non-disclosure, all have been systematically used to mischaracterize and rob and abuse average Americans under color of law in (Military) District Courts that should not exist and which have operated as implements of international crime for over a hundred and fifty years.

This entire circumstance also allowed the Perpetrators to evade their obligations under the actual Federal Constitutions, because misidentifying Americans as U.S. Citizens or citizens of the (Municipal) United States, either one, strips them of their Constitutional Guarantees and property rights.

It’s clear that a small group of highly skilled international attorneys set this scheme up and they planned ahead for the Medical Doctors to take the fall for them, when and if the details of this outrage came to light.

This was all done some years before the Tribunals at Nuremberg concluded that “following orders” was no excuse for crimes of genocide and armed theft against civilians.

Additional insight into how they, the Perpetrators, have worked this criminal scheme, can be observed in much more modern times.

Immediately after the destruction of the buildings at the World Trade Center, and the disappearance of the gold earmarked to pay off the Brady Bonds, and Donald Rumsfeld’s announcement (the prior day) that the Department of Defense had “lost” six trillion dollars, the Municpal Congress and Territorial Congress jointly endorsed the “Authorization to Use Military Force” otherwise known as the “AUMF”.

Obviously, this tome was written well in advance and was ready to go, providing additional circumstantial evidence that the September 11th debacle was pre-planned as a smokescreen for criminal activities on our shores and also an excuse for criminal military actions abroad.

So let’s look at this “AUMF” and the “Security Cooperation Authorities” it established. The worst of it can be found codified at Sections 127(e) and 333 of Title 10.

The New York University School of Law Brennan Center for Justice has just released a scathing report proving that the Department of Justice has been covertly allowed to wage illegal wars.

Read “Secret War: How the U.S. Uses Partnerships and Proxy Forces to Wage War Under the Radar”.

And note, that, once again, the DOJ Attorneys are at the bottom of the dogpile, acting as the Teflon Flak Jacket of the British Crown Corporation(s) responsible for all these atrocities.

The “Security Cooperation Authorities” created under the AUMF are essentially acting as storefronts for the DOD/DoD — proxies being used to fight wars in the same way that “Agencies” have been used to promote crime against Americans on our own shores.

Let’s run through a couple domestic examples of this.

The Federal Reserve Board of Governors made an illegal demand that all American cars and trucks be registered so that they could exercise the resulting ownership interest and use our cars and trucks as chattel to back their debts. They had to legalize this illegal demand by providing remedy and exemption, so they published Regulation Z. However, the DOT doesn’t see Regulation Z published in its version of the Federal Code, and their Subcontractors, the DMV and now, the private subcontractor, UMV, are certainly not aware of any remedy owed to the Public.

So, those who are supposed to provide service to us are left totally unaware of the remedy we are owed, and when we request remedy, they laugh at us. The total effect is that we are denied remedy that we are owed, by Subcontractors of Subcontractors who are deliberately left in the dark. The Federal Reserve acquires an ownership in our cars and trucks via forced registration and nobody is the wiser — almost.

The Proxies, DOT/DMV/UMV, are left not knowing what is going on, so they can’t be blamed for denying or not providing remedy for the crime, which remains “unabated”.

They do the same thing with our babies by registering them as Crown Property. The hospitals and Medical Doctors are left ignorant of what they are doing, and the Mother’s are certainly not given disclosure. The victim is too young to remember anything. As a result, the remedy, hidden as a one-liner in Federal Code Title XII, 95 (a), is not only totally obscured and left unsupported by any published process, no normal person would be motivated to look for the remedy to a crime they are unaware of.

Again, we find the same pattern — the Medical Doctors are being used as ignorant proxies to implement the crime, and the hospitals operating as incorporated franchises of the parent corporations are acting as partners –knowingly or unknowingly. And the victims are left in the dark, both regarding the crime and the remedy.

So, now, let’s look at the non-domestic application of the same modus operandi in the AUMF.

Foreign organizations like ISIS and Hezbollah and the PLO, are hired or deliberately created as proxies and funded to do the bidding of the Vermin; they are left in ignorance and often as the Fall Guys, the convenient Scapegoats who do the Dirty Work for the DOJ and are blamed for what these endlessly criminal commercial corporations do.

It’s an open question as to whether or not the DOJ itself is being left in the dark, as another layer of Scapegoat.

As a result, the DOJ is currently engaged or has been recently engaged in covert war operations in: Iraq, Cameroun, Egypt, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania, Somalia, Niger, Nigeria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Yemen, and Libya — and the American Public is none the wiser.

What, you say? Our tax dollars are being commandeered to pay for all this and we are “at war” —- commercial mercenary war, that is — in all these much smaller countries? And the Department of Justice is running all this crap? Just like the CIA? Yes.

One can only surmise that the DOJ has taken over the role formerly played by the CIA, and the CIA has been merged with SERCO.

The excuse given by the members of the renegade Territorial and/or Municipal Congress is that these actions are too small to meet “statutory reporting requirements” — requirements which they set for themselves — which means these cretins are engaging in illegal commercial mercenary warfare “in our names” and using our money and our resources, our sons and daughters, for their own corporate profits, and they are using proxies and other “Security Cooperation Authorities” to keep their own hands clean and unaccountable.

All of this, absolutely all of it, bottom to top and side to side, is crime-for-profit.

This has nothing to do with any form of law, though it has plenty to do with the purposeful misapplication of law. It has nothing to do with political tensions, nothing to do with race or religion. It has nothing to do with any “national interest” or any “security concern”. It is plain old-fashioned conspiratorial crime, piratical plundering and looting exercised on a vast scale, so vast and from such unexpected sources, nobody could easily comprehend it.

The purveyors of law have been used as the purveyors of crime. The purveyors of medicine and health have been converted into purveyors of illness and death. The guardians of the public’s trust have been reduced to mean-spirited, ugly little criminals in suits, claiming powers they do not have and authorities they do not have any right to exercise. Our public elections have been replaced with private corporate shareholder elections. Even our Sheriffs and the local police have been reduced to private, for-hire “law enforcement agents” in fear for their lives and their jobs if they uphold our Constitution and the guarantees that the people of this country are owed.

Most of all, our Armed Forces, sworn to protect us and paid by us to protect us against all enemies both foreign and domestic, have been reduced to cheap commercial mercenaries, at the beck and call of Drug Lords, Child Traffickers, Smugglers, International Arms Dealers, Oil Companies, Mining Operations, Foreign Potentates, and any petty criminal who stumbles their way into Congress.