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By Anna von Reitz

No, I am not a difficult person and I am not difficult to get along with. I am a typical Great-Grandma. All I want to do is to clean the house and get things back in order, so that all my kids can have a decent life.Simple enough.Maybe we will even have a Family Reunion and everyone will figure out that we are related to each other.And nobody is any better or different or “more equal” — contrary to the British Idea.I am an American, and by that I mean part of the population of that portion of North America known variously as The United States when referring to the National Soil Jurisdiction, and as The United States of America when referring to our country in International or Global Jurisdiction.However, in terms of my Nationality, I am more properly known as a Wisconsinite.Like all other Americans, I obtain my nationality from my State of the Union.Nationality has nothing to do with citizenship and carries with it no obligations of citizenship.Citizenship by its very nature implies an obligation to serve a government.In America, the government serves the people, not the other way around.So, I acquire no citizenship simply by being born in this country.That’s the way it is and the way it has been since 1776.There are people, Tories and Catholics, who accept citizenship obligations to their foreign governments from birth. Catholics are slaves of the Pope as long as they are Catholics. Brits are indentured servants of the Queen as long as they are Brits.That’s their problem so far as the rest of us are concerned. It has nothing to do with us and it should not be made an issue. Choice of political affiliation is sacrosanct, a fundamental right.If I receive a regular and sufficient employment paycheck from any government, then I have an obligation to serve it as a condition of employment.As an American, I have to respect the Constitutional agreements made by the American States, but, by-and-large, unless I freely decide to engage in “federally regulated” activities, the only part of the Constitutions that apply to me are the Guarantees embodied by The Bill of Rights.And that’s the way it is, folks. It’s going to take one helluva bloody war to change it, so I suggest that the Pope and the Queen and the Lord Mayor and the Secretary-General accept the peace and instruct their loyal citizenry to play fair from now on.They know what the contract says as well as we do.