I MUST Protest

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By Anna von Reitz

Richard Warren is teaching our people the same stuff that David Straight is teaching.  He is promoting the idea of a “Second Declaration of Independence” which will mean the loss of all we gained from the first go-around.  He is teaching that there exists in the present world a political status called “national of the United States” per 8 USC Chapter 12, when in fact, that political status is forever attached to our own inoperative Federal Republic. 
The Brits are trying for another Substitution Ruse, just like they used with Abraham Lincoln and the substitution of their States-of-States for our American States-of-States. 
This time they are trying to substitute Trump, the “President” of their British Crown Corporation doing business as “the” United States of America, Inc., for our American President holding The Office of The President of The United States of America. 
And they are trying to gin up their own version of our Federal Republic — a British Territorial “Federal” Republic, instead of an American Federal Republic. 
In my view, this is treasonous as well as being dishonest and deceitful. 
Everyone involved in it should be ashamed and check their sixes, because, unless you really are a Tory and really do work for Queen Elizabeth II, it means that you’ve been dumb enough to be fooled again by undeclared British Agents engaged in a confidence racket scheme against the interests of this country and its people.  
I will also note that the Queen is now giving away tons of fiat USD in an effort to say that she has paid her debts and rewarded her loyal (Tory) U.S. Citizens by “paying” them paper I.O.U.’s based on their own credit, in “equitable exchange” for their land and soil, businesses, and other material asset interests. 
Thus, she pays out paper based on your own credit in exchange for substance (your land and soil, body, home, gold and silver, etc.) and devalues the fiat USD at the same time, and all in purportedly “equitable consideration” for your assets.  The assets she and her henchmen obtain using this deceit are then cashiered in her Territorial National Trust, and America is transformed into a British Territory (aka, Colony) again. 
Is this what you want to teach others to do?  Then you should retire to a District Assembly and fulfill your evil intent, without any recourse to membership in an actual American Assembly.  Richard Warren’s “law classes” cannot be any part of our Assemblies for the reasons stated.  
Anna Maria