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By Anna von Reitz

It’s impossible for any business to be both incorporated and private at the same time.  This is an oxymoron like “sovereign citizen” and “secular religion” — “private incorporation” is impossible for the same reason: these are all mutually exclusive terms.   When you incorporate your private business, your private business becomes a public business.  That is how the State of Missouri or STATE OF TEXAS or any of these other yahoo organizations gains a controlling interest in your business and the right to regulate and tax you and interfere in your operations and seize your assets.   You gave them a controlling interest in your formerly private business and you gave it away for free.  In exchange for abdicating the ownership of your business, you secured bankruptcy protection at public expense.  That’s it.  And even that bankruptcy protection is subject to removal if you are caught doing anything fraudulent or otherwise unlawful or illegal.  This removal of bankruptcy protection is called “piercing the veil” — and it means that you are back on the hook for the actions and debts of the incorporated business, just as you would have been if you had saved yourself from all the unnecessary complications and losses of control and ownership interest that occur when you incorporate anything.  Two huge Federal Corporations, the USA, Inc and the US, INC, one a British Crown Corporation and one a Municipal Corporation, respectively, have been busily telling everyone (through their Undeclared Foreign Agents working as Bar Attorneys) to incorporate, incorporate, incorporate!   Why?  Because when you register your business as a corporation operating in their jurisdiction, you are handing them everything you worked for and you are doing this for free.  You are handing them the ability to tax and regulate you and seize upon the assets of your business as collateral backing the parent corporation’s debts.   Your formerly private business is entered as a Federal Franchise — just like a Wendy’s “franchise” or a Burger King “franchise” and it then falls subject to the foreign  law and the regulations of the parent corporation you registered your business with.   And it is no longer “private” in any respect, because all those “Federal Corporations” ultimately belong to the Public.   Just ask yourself — who pays for your bankruptcy, if your company has to go bankrupt?  The Public.  Joe Average.   Mom and Pop back home.   They take it in the shorts, so ultimately, they are the ones who own you.  Your parent corporation operating as the State of Whatever is no more responsible or accountable than you are.  You are all riding on the Public Ticket, and you are all 100% public owned businesses as a result.   And you are all subject to the Public Law as a result.  Recently, I have heard otherwise well-educated people claiming that their incorporated businesses are “private” and so, they can ignore the Constitutions and they can trample people’s rights, and they can refuse service and blah, blah, blah —– but they can’t.   Because they aren’t private businesses anymore.  The moment they incorporate and come under the Public Umbrella, all those rights and prerogatives disappear.   So, tell Facebook what we told them.  And PayPal.  And Monsanto.  And Pfizer.   We own you.   You are incorporated as a franchise of one of our Subcontractors, and those Subcontractors have been busily incorporating everyone “in our names” —- so guess what?   We accepted all the corporations and nationalized them, which officially brings them under the Public Law and leaves no room for doubt or discretion or interpretation.   All US, INC. and USA, Inc. corporations, including all the franchises, are public assets that belong to the American Public.  So when they tell you that they can force you to wear a mask as a condition of entering “their store” or get a vaccination before you can go to “their” school, or give up any asset or right that you are heir to as a condition of doing business with them, ask them if their business is incorporated and if so, where it is registered?   And start bringing on your claims and your enforcement actions.