Indemnity Bond and Court Process

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Judge Anna Von Reitz

 1105. The Indemnity Bond and Court Process — Step by Step

In order to conduct business across “state” borders— which we all do — we have to either function in private or public capacity.  

If you are a public corporation and functioning in the realm of international commerce, you are insured by your parent corporation as a franchisee.  

If you are a private “person” functioning in the realm of international trade, you are indemnified by your country and its assets. 

Notice the words:  “Commerce” versus “International Trade”.   “Insurance” versus “Indemnity bond”. Two different jurisdictions.  Two different political statuses. Two different forms of business transactions.  Two different forms of insurance. 

Commerce is business between incorporated entities. 

Trade is business involving unincorporated businesses. 

When you engage in Trade you use your Trade Name — “John Michael Doe”.  

Trade is internationally protected.  

Commerce is not.  

We claimed back your country and your assets for you and issued a state-by-state indemnity bond.  This allows you to operate as a “private person” engaged in international trade and nobody can say otherwise.

  It is part of the rebuttal “proof” that you are not operating in any public capacity and not subject to statutory or municipal law.  

When you walk into a court and present certified copies of your Deed Re-conveying your Trade Name to the land and soil jurisdiction and your Certificate of Assumed Name(s) and your Indemnity Bond Number, for example, RA 393427640 US – California, and your Revocation of all Powers of Attorney –you have delivered a crushing series of evidences and pre-recorded “motions”. 

A “deed” is a motion in the public court record. 

You walk in and while standing outside the Bar that separates the Judge, etc., from the gallery, wait for your name to be called and when it is, make sure that the court recorder is recording, then stand up and say, “I am here in the matter of  YOUR NAME and I invoke trial by record and Public Law.”   

Then you lay down the Birth Certificate and say, “Your Honor, this Birth Certificate was issued in my name in error.  I have reached the age of majority and I do not elect to be franchised.”  (Boom.) 

And you lay down your Deed of Re-conveyance and the Diagram of the Fraud, showing that your “missing Trade Name” is at the center of this issue and you say, “As this diagram and this public Deed of Re-Conveyance shows, I was presumed to be lost but now am found alive and standing on the land and soil of my birthright. I am the original Possessor and Entitlement Holder of the missing Trade Name and I am owed all beneficial reversionary trust interest in it and in any derivatives thereof.” (Boom, Boom.) 

Then you lay down your Certificate of Assumed Name(s) and you say, ” As this recorded Certificate of Assumed Name shows, I have seized control of all Assumed Names related to my Trade Name and corrected their domicile, too, as of the dates shown.”  (Boom, Boom, Boom.) 

Then you lay down your Private Registered Indemnity Bond number and you say,  “I and my vessels are all  private persons engaged in peaceful international trade and any other presumption is made in error.  Here is the indemnity bond on file with the United States Treasury, demonstrating our private capacity.” (Boom, Boom, Boom. Boom.) 

Then you lay down your Revocation of all Powers of Attorney and you say, “This is my revocation of all Powers of Attorney.  I am the only attorney-in-fact and I object to any and all other presumptions of this court and its officers.”  (Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom. Boom.) 

Then you say:  “Does the Court Administrator wish to examine the records?”  If the judge says yes or nods, hand the paperwork over the Bar to the Bailiff to carry to the judge. 

While they are shuffling around or if they decline seeing the paperwork, say: “I serve Notice on this court that I am tax exempt and that all vessels related to my name are tax pre-paid.  

I serve Notice on this court  that I am owed The Law of Peace in all military venues. 

I serve Notice on this court that my Vessels are all permanently domiciled on the land and soil of ______________.  (California, Nevada, etc.) 

I serve Notice on this court that my Vessels are owed the General Session Law and Public Law and are not subject to any private statutory or municipal law administered by this court. 

Pause a moment, then say: 

I wish for the complete elimination of all claims and dismissal of all charges related to this matter —with prejudice. 

I wish to be compensated by the prosecutor in the amount of five thousand dollars for this trespass upon my person.  (Can be more, if you have been severely bothered or incurred more expense than just the trip to court.)

 I wish for the Court Administrator to properly discipline court personnel to prohibit the bringing of such false claims in the future.” 

And now, I am leaving this foreign vessel in dry dock and I do not expect to be further misaddressed.” 

Give the judge a good long stare and look around.  

Then turn on your heel and exit without stopping to answer any further questions, without looking back, and certainly without paying any attention to anything or anyone short of a direct physical attempt to stop you —- which would result in a constitutional level complaint against the court under Article IV, Sections 1 and 2.  

It’s time that you all learned how to stand up for yourselves against these bullies and also how to help defend each other.  

Anyone can appear as a Counselor at Law to assist you. In fact, the more Witnesses you can bring with you, the better.  There is no need to stand up when the Judge enters the courtroom, because they are acting as a court administrator and they are not carrying a copy of the Bible, which is the whole reason that people ever stood up when judges entered courtrooms in this country. 

I hope, pray and trust that giving you all a blow-by-blow example of how to use the indemnity bond in a court case you can all finally see its function and the reason it is important as evidence that you are functioning properly in a private capacity.