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By Anna von Reitz

I wrote an article a week or two ago about “Keeping Your Mind” —- meaning, keeping control of your own mind and being sure that you are thinking your own thoughts and not just drifting along like a filter-feeder ingesting whatever the media throws out.  If you stop a moment and think about it, you will realize that every response that you have, every belief that you hold, begins in your mind.  Thought gives rise to feeling which gives rise to action.  Slavery begins in the mind.  It begins with the subtle and sometimes not so subtle demands that other people, “Authority Figures”, make on you as a child, and this process only continues as an adult.   You have to do things thus-and-so because Mommy says so, and when we are very young and learning the ropes, such discipline is necessary for your own safety and to teach you how to get along in the world.   By age five, teachers take over that role, and after High School, Trade School or College, or the Military, the Boss or Drill Sergeant takes over that role.  All your life, you have someone telling you how to think and what to do.  If you conform to this model, you might as well be an automaton, taking orders, fulfilling orders, getting your little allotment of “corn” and then doing the same thing the next day.   This is not natural.  It’s not what we need to build fulfilling lives, but of all the damage that this “model” of existence does, the very worst impact is that it cripples our minds.  It reduces us to being dependent on other people’s decisions and other people’s authority, so that we never find our own will and our own authority.   We can never live as free men and women under conditions like these.  We are not free, because our minds are not free.   When I was growing up, everyone had a calendar you could set your watch by.  There was, in effect, a list of milestones that everyone had to meet.  At sixteen you got a Driver’s License, at eighteen you graduated from High School, at twenty-two you graduated from college, and God Forbid if you didn’t then find a job, get married, and start having children immediately after that.  The Clock was always ticking and someone else set all the alarms.  Imagine the consternation I caused when I showed no interest in getting married straight out of college?  When I wrinkled my nose and said, “Why do I have to follow someone else’s time clock?” —everyone I knew rolled their eyes toward heaven.   I meandered around for another ten years and when I did finally fall in love and settle down, it was with a man sixteen years older than me.   Everyone was aghast!  You are marrying an old  man?  One old enough, technically, to be your Father?  He will die decades before you!  You will be alone!  He’s an artist!  You’ll starve!   I wasn’t following the script.  I was following my own mind and heart.  And I was happy and we were successful and despite all the nay-sayers, here we are, decades later.  Ironically, all my friends who married men their own ages are widows now.   I had both feet firmly planted, knew the odds, accepted them, and went forward anyhow—- because I knew my own mind.  I knew what I valued.  I knew I’d rather live in a tent with Jim Belcher than in a palace with anyone else.   When we turn marriage into a commercial transaction, it becomes a commercial relationship.  According to the State-of-State organizations that “license” marriages among their slaves, a marriage is a Joint Venture, in which the State-of-State shares a controlling interest and ownership of all the “products”.   This is how they claim the right to distribute your property in a divorce, and decide who gets custody of the children—- by redefining “marriage” as a business Joint Venture.   It should be apparent that licensing of marriages is an outrageous concept, bearing in mind that a license is a permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal.   Since when did marriage become illegal?  And for whom?   For slaves and former slaves in the wake of the Civil War.   Are you a slave?  Do you define your marital relationship as a business venture?  Are your children “products” and “inventory”?   All the State-of-State organizations and Courts in this country deserve to have the stuffing kicked out of them, for this sin if nothing else.   You can now record, not register, your marriage —and have a public record of the event, without getting a license and without entering into a privileged undisclosed Joint Venture with the Devil.  You won’t be able to get insurance for your marriage and incorporated employers won’t recognize it, but if you don’t intend to give a “share” of your estate including a share of your children away to these Monsters, it is what it is.  Their stamp of approval on your “business plan” isn’t required by your Creator, and it certainly shouldn’t be required by your fellow man, either.  It is long overdue for the people of this country and this world to rise up and tell our Public Servants where to stuff their licensing  requirements — especially any “licenses” related to the most sacred relationship we have.