Jurisdiction from Sign in America Course

By Anna von Reitz

JURISDIC’TION, noun [Latin jurisdictio; jus, juris, law, and dictio, from dico, to pronounce.]

1. The legal power of authority of doing justice in cases of complaint; the power of executing the laws and distributing justice. Thus we speak of certain suits or actions, or the cognizance of certain crimes being within the jurisdiction of a court, that is, within the limits of their authority or commission. Inferior courts have jurisdiction of debt and trespass, or of smaller offenses; the supreme courts have jurisdiction of treason, murder, and other high crimes. jurisdiction is secular or ecclesiastical.

2. Power of governing or legislating. The legislature of one state can exercise no jurisdiction in another.

3. The power or right of exercising authority. Nations claim exclusive jurisdiction on the sea, to the extent of a marine league from the main land or shore.

4. The limit within which power may be exercised. Jurisdiction, in its most general sense, is the power to make, declare or apply the law; when confined to the judiciary department, it is what we denominate the judicial power, the right of administering justice through the laws, by the means which the laws have provided for that purpose. jurisdiction is limited to place or territory, to persons, or to particular subjects.


Jurisdictions Article #1553

It is of paramount importance for everyone involved in the State Jural Assemblies to understand the basics of jurisdiction. A jurisdiction is “invoked” or “claimed” as a result of the:
(1) subject matter and
(2) capacity of the parties involved in a dispute.

A squabble over access to sea lanes between two naval vessels is obviously an admiralty issue, while a controversy over cow pasturage between two unincorporated farms in New Jersey is obviously a soil jurisdiction issue.

There are three basic jurisdictions possible — air, land, and sea, and three basic capacities, unincorporated, corporate, and incorporated, in which we may function, so a total of nine (9) different basic combinations.

In addition to this, there are two sub-sections to each of the basic jurisdictions and different kinds of law attached to each.

The Air Jurisdiction is divided into ecclesiastical (Pope) and municipal law (Pontiff). The Sea Jurisdiction (British Monarch/Britannic Majesty) is divided into maritime (aka “civil law” or “commercial law”) and admiralty (martial law). The Land is divided into public and private law, or as they are more popularly known, common and statutory law.

Fortunately for you, you only need to be able to pinpoint and manage the two jurisdictions that you are responsible for (soil and land) and be able to direct your employees regarding how you want the rest of the business of your country handled (maritime and admiralty and municipal affairs).

Because our Forefathers established a “Secular State” and “separation between church and state” and “freedom of religion”, the Jurisdiction of the Air is limited to Municipal Jurisdiction, which was confined to the ten miles square of the District of Columbia — and never intended to usurp beyond the Municipality of Washington, DC — though it has.

The three original Constitution(s) — Federal (1787), Territorial (1789) and Municipal(1790) established a National Will with regard to the administration of the Sea and Air Jurisdictions by our employees.

Please note that though the Constitutions provided them — our employees — with structures, corporate offices, rules, and service contracts, all of the functions of the resulting “Federal Government” are foreign to the land and soil jurisdiction that you and your State Jural Assemblies are heir to.

Please also note from the nomenclature, that the Parties to the Constitutions establishing them — We, the People — are members of the State Jural Assemblies. Your State Jural Assemblies are responsible for enforcing the contracts thus established.

You are the Guardians of the Peace and the Enforcers of the Constitutions. Nobody else can do it and without your firm guidance, your employees —left to their own devices for 150 years– – are in La-La Land.

The jurisdiction that is natural to living people is that of the national soil (people, counties, The United States) and international land (People, State, The United States of America). This is the realm of the State Jural Assemblies.

Because soil and land are attached to each other, qualification in the State Jural Assembly also qualifies you as part of your county jural assembly and vice versa, so that both the land and the soil jurisdictions are “populated” when you qualify as a Juror and join. That is, you are able and qualified to serve either the soil jurisdiction or the land jurisdiction, depending on which hat you put on and which court you serve.

Please note, especially, that your “State” and “County” Courts exist in a totally different jurisdiction than the “State of State” Courts and their corporate franchises operating “as” County Courts.

You are operating on the “land and soil” of your State, addressing the issues that impact the living American people and their assets. You are invoking and enforcing the Public Law, including the Constitutions.

They” the “U.S. Citizens” are operating in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea as part of an incorporated Territorial State of State franchise or in the foreign global jurisdiction of the air as an incorporated Municipal STATE OF STATE franchise. They are addressing the affairs and assets of legal fiction “Persons”. They are enforcing the private law of their corporations on their employees and shareholders and franchises.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that their courts are your courts. They aren’t. These foreign courts are for the most part occupying courthouses that you bought and paid for, but they are like a baseball team occupying a public park.

Your courts have a pre-eminent right to use these facilities, and part of what remains to be resolved is for your State Jural Assembly — once it is fully populated and organized and you have qualified your Electors (not “Voters”) and you have held your elections to fill your Offices — is to inform the State of State Governor that you are in full operation and wish to occupy your own State Buildings, including Courthouses, again.

At first, there may be friction against this idea, but the ultimately, the State of State Courts and their personnel have no choice but to shift over and let you make use of the Public Facilities. This is because you are running the actual Public Courts.

It is also a necessity, because without a State, they have no State of State. Even if their “State of State” corporation is organized under the auspices of a foreign country, as they currently are, they cannot define themselves “of” a non-existent State.

So they need you to maintain the land and soil jurisdiction States as much as you need them to honor and obey the provisions of the Constitutions that authorize their existence.

With your courts operating and invoking jurisdiction, a situation like the nightmare that the Bundy family went through over “grazing rights” cannot occur. Why? Because the BLM is only a care-taker of the soil and land resources of the Western States, and the Bundys — assuming that they declare their birthright political status — are “recognizable” as the actual Landlords that the BLM works for.

The nightmare of the Foreclosure Mills goes away, too, because the foreign Territorial Courts and Municipal COURTS no longer have any trust property to administer. The land trusts dissolve upon the arrival of the people back home on the land and soil of their States and all their “personal” trusts held under false presumptions are also converted and re-flagged as “persons” belonging to Americans, not “U.S. Citizens” or “Citizens of the United States”.

The jurisdiction of the people/People on the land and soil of their States is absolute, unincorporated, and sovereign. The unincorporated County and State Court Juries established by your unincorporated County and State Jural Assemblies have the ability to nullify any corporate statute, rule, or regulation, any “Federal Code” and can keep these foreign statutes and codes from being applied to any of the people of this country.With your courts operating and invoking jurisdiction, a situation like the nightmare that the Bundy family went through over “grazing rights” cannot occur. Why? Because the BLM is only a care-taker of the soil and land resources of the Western States, and the Bundys — assuming that they declare their birthright political status — are “recognizable” as the actual Landlords that the BLM works for.


Land and Soil Article #1548

The soil is defined as the top six inches of the land. The soil jurisdiction is our national jurisdiction, while the land underlying it is our attached international land jurisdiction. Because the two are inextricably combined, we speak of “the land and soil” of our States.

All Americans start their lives as “state nationals”, a political status known as “jus soli” or “man of the soil”. We have no citizenship — that is, no obligation to serve any government. Instead, what we acquire at birth is our nationality. We are considered virginians, or ohioans or wisconsinites depending on where we are born.

At the level of soil jurisdiction our states are also written without any capital letters: virginia, ohio, wisconsin. These states are members of the original union of states known as The United States formed July 1,1776, published and declared July 4, 1776. As a practical matter, because soil is joined to land, we usually refer only to their “combined estate” of “land and soil” represented internationally by the States: Virginia, Ohio, Texas, et alia. And we refer to ourselves as Virginians, Ohioans, Texans, and so on.

These States thus offer and include four different possible political statuses: (1) state nationals, (2) state citizens, (3) State Nationals, and (4) State Citizens.

If we wish to operate our states as nations, we drop back to our soil jurisdiction and operate as member states of The United States formed July 1, 1776, published and declared July 4, 1776.

If we wish to operate our states as international entities, we operate our land jurisdiction States and operate as member States of The United States of America.

Both The United States and The United States of America are unincorporated entities. Together with their respective member states/States, they represent the “soil” and the “land” of this country.

It has been many years since the people of this country operated their soil jurisdiction states and The United States as “state citizens” and “one of the people”, though there is no doubt that they have every right to do so. It is also rare for anyone to claim their original “jus soli” non-citizen capacity, but not totally unknown.

For our purposes at hand, we need to zero in on our States — Virginia, Ohio, Minnesota, et alia. These exist and operate in the International Jurisdiction of the Land.

We may operate as State Nationals or as State Citizens, both considered to be part of the “People” inhabiting the State.

A State National owes no obligation to serve the State Government. State Citizens accept the voluntary duty to serve their State Government.

The fundamental unelected voluntary Office underlying the authority of our States is that of Juror, a Member of the State Jural Assembly.

A State National and State Citizen may both claim to be “Virginians” or “Minnesotans”, but one — the State National — has no official capacity and no particular duty to serve their State.

State Citizens, including the Jurors making up the State Jural Assembly, do owe a duty to the State Government according to the Office they have accepted or been elected to serve.

By joining the State Jural Assembly you are agreeing to serve as a Juror and act in the capacity of a State Citizen. This “Jury Duty” is the fundamental building block underlying the Public and Organic Law of this country.


The National Jurisdiction: Soil #1568

For the American Government that we are heir to, there are 3 “unions” of various kinds of “states” that existed long prior to the creation of the Federal Government.

The United States — a union of soil jurisdiction “landed (e)states” formed by the former colonies via Unanimous Declaration issued July 1, 1776, published July 4, 1776. This is our “national jurisdiction”. Each state has defined geographical boundaries.

The United States of America – a federation of Land Jurisdiction States formed September 9, 1776 for the purpose of joint operations in international jurisdiction, including the international land and sea jurisdictions. This is our international jurisdiction. Each State has defined geographical boundaries.

The States of America — a confederation of inchoate “States of States” formed under The Articles of Confederation, March 1, 1781, for the purpose of conducting the business of the States in global commercial jurisdiction. These “Federal States of States” have no defined geographical boundaries and exist only on paper. (These are the “Missing” Federal States of States.)

The top six inches of the soil – This is your state’s national soil jurisdiction.

We call all the rest underneath the soil “the land”. The land is also shaped exactly like the outline of your State of the Union, but it is a much thicker layer, miles deep, and it forms your State’s international land jurisdiction.

Together we call this “the land and soil” of your State of the Union. The two jurisdictions — the national soil jurisdiction state and the international Land Jurisdiction State — are both geographically defined and both work together hand in glove.

So, what does the “national” soil jurisdiction of your State do and how does it operate?

The first thing it does is guarantee local control.

This is the level of the “state republics” and “republican states” guaranteed by the constitutional contracts.

The soil level states are seldom referenced in print, but when they are, they appear in all small letters: maine, virginia, florida, etc. These are the member states of The United States.

When we are born we all enter the world via the soil jurisdiction of our state, and are in the political status of a “man of the soil” known as “jus soli” or a “state national”.

This determines our basic nationality. We are, for example, “virginians” and because we are “virginians” we are also considered “Virginians”. This in turn identifies us as “Americans” for international purposes.

The basic dictum of the national soil jurisdiction is, “Harm none and be harmed none.”

The soil jurisdiction also includes surface water, so each state republic also has a republic of state attached to it, and for business purposes, you have “The Texas Republic” operating the soil jurisdiction of Texas and “The Republic of Texas” operating the surface water jurisdiction of Texas.

All of these entities are unincorporated and operate as unincorporated businesses. They are owned and operated by the people who are native to Texas and those who have been “naturalized”.

Naturalization at the State level is a process of having a home inside the borders of the State for at least a year and a day, without committing any felonies or taking public assistance, and firmly declaring on the public record your desire and intention (after meeting the basic requirements) to make that State your permanent home.

In the old days this was done by taking out three small ads in the local papers over a period of 90 days, and there is still no obstruction to doing this now.

However, operating the Soil and Land jurisdictions of our States of the Union requires us to forswear and expatriate from any other citizenship, including any federal citizenship.

Most Americans do not realize that they have been kidnapped on paper into a foreign jurisdiction and misidentified as either “United States Citizens” or “Citizens of the United States” or “US CITIZENS” almost from birth, a circumstance that keeps us from actually owning land and controlling our own assets.

In fact, most States of the Union became severely de-populated prior to this current effort, simply because people didn’t realize that they were the victims of unconscionable contracting activities by their own employees.

Coming home to the “land and soil” of your State means that you are eligible to inherit all that you have been deprived of, that you come under the Public Law, instead of any private “Statutory Law”, that you can exercise local control of your land and surface water resources, and that you can operate your “republican states” —that is, the national soil jurisdiction of your State of the Union, again.


The American Government #1560

So long as you see the advantage of doing so and educate yourselves and declare your birthright political status— and work with others of like-mind to restore the “land and soil” jurisdiction government owed to this country— there isn’t a power on Earth than can stop you from inheriting and controlling what is rightfully yours. Our American Government created the Federal Government.

That may be big news for some people reading this, because generations of Americans have been purposefully left in the dark and conditioned to glaze over when any topic of history is discussed — much to their detriment.

Our American Government precedes the existence of the Federal Government by over ten years and in part, by more than thirty years, and it far exceeds the Federal Government in authority, power, and standing. Even now.

By Maxim of Law, the creation is never greater than the creator.

Our American Government is meant to control and use the Federal Government as an “instrumentality” and that instrumentality was never meant to serve the interests of any foreign government.

The Constitutions were used to create all three branches of the Federal Government: Federal, Territorial, and Municipal. When you understand that fact you are prepared to hear, perhaps for the first time in your lives, that there are three (3) Constitutions, not one:

1. The actual Federal Constitution is: The Constitution for the united States of America.
2. The Territorial Constitution is: The Constitution of the United States of America.
3. The Municipal Constitution is: The Constitution of the United States.

These entities were specifically created to exercise nineteen (19) of our own enumerated powers for us. That is to say, all branches of the Federal Government were created to act as subcontractors to do work for us in foreign jurisdictions, and to provide us and our States with stipulated services on a mutual basis.

The work to be done by the three branches of the Federal Government falls into three categories –
(1) the General Business of this country in the realm of International Commerce,
(2) the Military and Territorial Property Management Business which was farmed out to the British Territorial United States, and
(3) the Municipal Business which was left in the care of the Pope and the Holy Roman Empire.

Very little mention of our actual American Government is made in any of the Constitutions, for the simple reason that we and our American Government are not the subject of these venerable documents. The Constitutions each concern themselves with structurally setting up and delineating the rights and duties of a specific branch of the new Federal Government and say little or nothing about our pre-existing American Government which is doing the  set up.

We are referenced in the Preamble of each Federal Constitution as “We, thePeople”, and we are implied throughout the Bill of Rights Addendum. We appear strongly in Amendment X, and in tiny bits and pieces of almost apocryphal nature elsewhere, but “We” and our American Government are simply not the subject of the Constitutions.

For this reason, people who are looking to the Constitutions to provide information about our American Government are bound to be disappointed and the period of time and the documents related to our formal set-up are going to be outside the purview of such Seekers.

There are three principal jurisdictions of law that were defined and set up by the Holy See hundreds of years before the American Revolution: air, land, and sea.

Our American Government was set up on this pattern, too, with a separation of duties and functions according to air, land, and sea jurisdictions of the law.

First, the original colonies were redefined as landed estates and formed a union of these estates by Unanimous Declaration as of July 1, 1776 (published July 4, 1776) known as The United States.

Then, shortly thereafter, September 9, 1776, the estates created States for themselves–another level of governmental organization and another Union of these States called The United States of America.

Thus we have the people of the soil (county) jurisdiction populating their estates, for example, Virginia, and we have their union of soil jurisdiction states doing business as The United States. Each such state forms a separate nation of people living within its borders: Virginians, New Yorkers, and so on.

We have the same people operating in the international jurisdictions of land and sea (international capacity) as People and as States, for example, Pennsylvania, and we have their Union of States doing business as The United States of America.

Each State forms a separate Nation (for the purposes of international business) composed of the People living within its borders, and together they operate as The United States of America.

Thus, finally, we know who “We, the People” are: the living • population of the estates doing international business as States (separately) and as The United States of America (mutually). This is the level of American Government which gave rise to the three-branches of Federal Government and which defined the structure, duties, and obligations of the Parties under the Constitutions.

There was one other “union” of governmental units formed as part of the initial set up of our American Government — just as the (e)states created the States to function for them in the realm of international affairs on both land and sea, the States chartered incorporated “States of States” to function for them in the realm of global affairs and commerce —that is, business conducted between two incorporated entities.

The States thus formed their States of States to function for them in the global jurisdiction of the air and specifically, in the jurisdiction of International Commerce. This then created a union of States of States known as the States of America under The Articles of Confederation, effective March 1, 1781— more than six years prior to the adoption of any Constitution.

This, then, is the American Government which existed prior to any Constitution:

The United States — a union of geographically defined soil jurisdiction estates (states) formed by and deriving from the original colonies.

The United States of America — a Union of geographically defined States formed to serve the people and (e)states in the international jurisdictions of land and sea.

This is the original Federation of States

The States of America — a union of inchoate, chartered, and incorporated States of States formed by the States to serve the States and People of The United States of America in the global jurisdiction of commerce. Each “State of State” such as The State of New York is called a “Confederate State” and the Union they form is established under The Articles of Confederation. This is the original Confederacy or Confederation of States.

All of this was organized during the height of the Revolutionary War and long before the existence of any Constitutions. This is the American Government that created the Federal Government.

Please notice that two of the American Unions and their member states/States are geographically defined, actual and factual entities with borders, and physical assets.

The United States claims and controls the top six inches of soil. This is our National jurisdiction and the instrumentality responsible for it.

The United States of America claims and controls the land underlying the soil, as well as exercising the duties and rights owed to the States in the international jurisdiction of the sea. This is our International jurisdiction and the instrumentality responsible for it.

The third Union of States of States, known as the States of America, is composed of members like The State of New York, which are not defined geographically. They exist only on paper and are chartered by our States as incorporated entities engaged in International Commerce.

This is our Global jurisdiction and the instrumentality that is supposed to be responsible for it — but, thanks to legal chicanery and fraud following the so-called American Civil War — this Union of States of States has been moth-balled since 1868, and our American Government has been hobbled ever since.